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Sherman County – Timelines

Sherman County Timelines

Putting it all in chronological order is helpful in establishing context – who was doing what when with whom and why! As a working document, it provides space for further research. So dig in. Explore Sherman County’s firsts, learn more about the history of the Sherman County Fair, the national award winning Sherman County Historical Society, and travel through the county’s long list of milestones. 

Sherman County MilestonesSherman County FirstsSherman County Historical Society TimelineSherman County Fair Timeline

Parade in Wasco, OregonSherman County Milestones

The word Milestone has several different meanings, but all relate to where one is at a particular time or place. Sherman County’s milestones are events that occurred along the timeline of Sherman County’s existence. The first milestones were set before the county’s history began being recorded, so our timeline begins with the Native American Tribes of the Tenino and Wasco.

Did you know that in 1842 Oregon Trail emigrants began to pass through present-day Sherman County on the way to the Willamette Valley. Perhaps you have heard that the first murder trial in Sherman County, Oregon was in 1893. You will have to click the link to find out how it turned out!


Winter fun in Sherman County, OregonSherman County Firsts

Sherman County, Oregon has a long history of firsts, within the county itself as well as on a national level. Browse through the list of firsts. Imagine the life and times of these people and events that shaped Sherman County and it’s people.

For example, the first grain threshed was rye tramped out by horses at Jesse Eaton’s. The arbed wire fence was built from Barnum’s barn in Moro to Gordon Butte. Discover more Sherman County Firsts!


Sherman County Historical Museum, Moro, OregonSherman County Historical Society Timeline

The Sherman County Historical Society’s mission is to gather, preserve, research, interpret, and exhibit objects and materials related to Sherman County, Oregon.  The Society, which operates the Museum, was organized in 1945 and is members and volunteer driven. The Museum comprises 16,000 square feet and over 15,000 artifacts used in Native American families, Oregon Trail migration, rural households, churches, schools, businesses, livestock production, dry-land wheat farming and conservation, military units and patriotic efforts.


SHerman County Fair, Moro, OregonSherman County Fair Timeline

The Sherman County Fair began in 1909. The County negotiated for grounds adjacent to the Experiment Station on the hill above Moro and bought it from Eastern Oregon Land Company. The present day location opened in 1911.


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