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Middle Oregon Baptist Academy

The Middle Oregon Baptist Academy in Grass Valley began operating in October 1895. M.F.S. Henton, the first pastor of First Baptist Church, was instrumental in founding and operating the Academy. From 1895-1905 Middle Oregon Baptist Academy offered grades 1-12.  The school offered three courses of study: classical, normal/teaching, or business. It drew students from a wide area in the region. Founded by the Middle Oregon Baptist Association, the building was 48’ x 48’, two stories with a basement. It closed in 1904 and the deed quit-claimed to Alexander Scott a few years afterward.

The Middle Oregon Baptist Association was organized in 1883 at the home of Bro. Thomas Badger, near the present village of DeMoss Springs, in Sherman County, Oregon, October 31st. It comprised three churches, three ordained ministers and 58 members. Elder S. B. Phillips was Moderator; J. B. Wheat, Clerk. Reportedly, Friendship Baptist Church of Moro, Kingsley Baptist Church of Kingsley, and Shutler Flat Baptist Church were the three churches. ~ The Illustrated History of Central Oregon, 1905Giles French in Sherman County: For The Record, Vol. 1-1; Grace (May) Zevely; Carsten von Borstel; Phil Hirl; Matoon’s Baptist Annals of Oregon, Vol.1; History of the Middle Oregon Baptist Academy.