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Emigrant Springs Cemetery

Compiled by Sherry (Woods) Kaseberg
Emigrant Springs Cemetery, 1965 Survey with Notes.

The 2.5 acres donated by William Rayburn in 1893 for use as a cemetery lies near the Oregon Trail northeast of Wasco, T2N, R18E, NW ¼ of NE ¼, Section 34. Rayburn’s wife, Eliza J., was the first burial. Some early newspapers refer to Biglow Cemetery.

The Emigrant Springs Cemetery Association was formed in 1892 at the Biglow school house by William Rayburn, F. Rayburn, J. V. Rayburn, William Froebe, G. C. Fridley, F.W. Van Patten, P.F. Peddicord, S. Ornduff, J.R. Johnson, J.H. Johnson and W.C. Fuller who developed the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws. Ledger entries show that lots were first sold for $2.50 and the Secretary of State was paid for filing Articles of Incorporation in 1893. In 1900 the Association invested in fence posts $8.45, gate posts .72, barbed wire stapes .25, barbed wire $3, lumber for gates $1.30, nails .25, and labor for making and installing the gates $5. In 1903 their account held $32.28.  For many years lots were sold for $10. The deed for the property was recorded in the Sherman County courthouse 18 November 1913.

Named for the springs where Oregon Trail emigrants camped, there are no known emigrant graves on this site. In 1978 the Board of Trustees obtained legal permits to remove remains in lot #120 to lot #114 to facilitate the sale of the east 1.5 acres of the cemetery to Rachel Baars for $225 in 1979 in order to reduce weed control and maintenance. [Sherman County Commissioners’ Journal, Book D, page 161, Court File #39, Item #20, Courthouse, Moro, Oregon.] Rates for a 20’ X 20’ plot were raised to $100 and a single gravesite to $20 in 1979.

In 1965 Sherry Kaseberg recorded gravestone inscriptions. Additional information was provided by Catherine (Fridley) Thomas in 1998, Chris Sanders’ transcriptions of microfilmed Sherman County newspaper obituaries, and the 1900 Sherman County Voters Register by Chris Sanders. Emigrant Springs Cemetery records may also be found online.

Ownership in 2017: Nathan A. and Samantha L Smith.

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Surname Name Birth & Death Notes


Charlotte D.


nee Lester, wife of W.H. Aldridge; sister of Lida, Mary C. and Rachel Lester [1900SCVR: W.H. Aldridge, 36, farmer, American-born, Section 5 T2N R18E]


Rachel Winnie

1861-7 April 1916

nee Lester, married W.H. Aldridge 1898 in Sherman County, OR; sister of Charlotte D. and Mary C. Lester; died Gilliam County, OR [A Story of Early, Oregon compiled by Norma Lewis, 1998: Willie and Louis Aldridge of Milwaukie, OR attended the Early/Lower John Day School reunion in 1955; ODI#7]


Infant Daughter

[1900SCVR: C.H. Ellsworth, 50, farmer, American-born, Section 25 T2N R18E]




[GVJ, 12 July 1907: “Whiskey, that’s all may be said as being the true cause of the disgraceful affair at McDonald P.O. on the evening of July 2nd, in which John Freeman lost his life.”]


Old Man


An old man named Emmons was found dead in his cabin near Grant, of natural causes. [SCO, 22 October 1896; a county grave in SE corner.]




Callie L.

4 February
1885-6 November

Callie Lulu, daughter of George & Ermina; WWI nurse; G.C. Fridley purchased lot #54 November 26, 1919 [SCN, 9 January 1930]



10 September 1859 -28 October 1926

Born Albany, OR, daughter of Jarvis and Aurelia Briggs; m. George Calvin Fridley 1871 Lebanon, OR; mother of Clifford Nelson, Clyde Lewis m. Daisy M. Hill, Callie Lulu, Dora F. m. Roy E. Moore and Nettie May m. Rev. Frank Jackson & Reuben C. Elder; Wasco Methodist circuit 1887; died at Wasco home. [ODI#20, Sherman County; WNE 28 October 1926 includes death notice; 4 November 1926 includes lengthy account of her family, deaths of her father and brother, murdered by Indians on the Barlow Road.]


George Calvin

2 November 1855-4 January 1930, 74y

Born near Harrisburg, OR, son of Jacob H. and Elvira Fridley; to Sherman County1883 and settled 1 mile N of Emigrant Springs T2N, R18E; raised sheep, began raising wheat about 1890; m1 Ermina Adeline Briggs, Lebanon, OR; father of Clifford Nelson, Clyde Lewis, Callie Lulu, Dora F. and Nettie May [SCN, 9 January 1930; ODI#8; 1900SCVR: G.C. Fridley, 44, American-born, farmer Section 22, T2N R18E; 1910 U.S. Census, Biglow Precinct, Sherman County, OR]


Russell Duane

8 July 1961-19 June 1995


Emory Oswell

25 May 1859-24 December 1898
39y 7m

Son of Henry B. and Mary Ann; born Keokuk County, IA; to CA 1864; to Sherman County, OR 1883; married Lizzie Reid; survived by aged mother, wife, two brothers; died of pneumonia at home of brother Wesley Fuller at Biglow near Rufus; funeral from home of A. K. Fuller by Rev. Johns; [WN, 29 December 1898; ML, 28 December and 4 January 1899; TPR, 30 December 1898; GVJ, 30 December 1898 & 2 January 1914; Lizzie Fuller paid Emigrant Springs Cemetery Association $10 for Lot #28 in Emigrant Springs Cemetery, filed May 20, 1912.]



1852-3 May 1919

nee Davis, wife of Wesley C. Fuller [Wasco Methodist circuit books: received into the church 1896 at Biglow; ODI#9]


Mary Ann

29 December 1822-11 March 1906 83y, 2m, 22d

Born MA, nee Dunham; to Ohio as a child; m. Henry B. Fuller 21 February 1847 near Cleveland, OH; 8 children, five died in infancy & one age 39; to CA 1864; her husband died 1869 leaving her with three small boys; to Biglow, Sherman County, OR with her sons in 1883; received into Wasco Methodist Circuit 1886; died Biglow at son Wesley Fuller’s home; sons Arthur K. & Wesley and 8 grandchildren survived her. [Arthur K. and Jennie (Kimli) Fuller were married in Wasco County, OR 7 November 1883 and lived 1900 Grant Precinct, Sherman County and 1910 Marion County; their children: Henry m. Lulu Morris 1904; Eva; Bertha; Edna; Mabel m. Fred Beymer; Wesley Charles m. Eunice; Georgia m. Carl Tomlin of Moro; Chester C.; Walter R.; George E.; Alvin G. drowned 1915 Castle Rock, WA; Emory Horace m. Gladys McMillin 1921; Carrie B.; twins Lester J and Leslie J.] [WN, 16 March 1906; SCO, 23 March 1906; Wasco Methodist Circuit records: Mrs. Mary Fuller 1886; W.C. Fuller 1886, Mrs. Imogene Fuller 1896, Emery Fuller 1886; Arthur Fuller 1887; Mrs. Jennie Fuller 1887; Mrs. Lizzie Fuller 1895, to Rufus charge by letter; Mary A. Fuller 1886 (dates received into church circuit)]


Wesley Charles

1856-18 September 1914

Married Frances Imogene “Gene” Davis 24 December 1895 Sherman County, OR; lived Biglow district E of Wasco; farmed in T2N, R18E, parts of sections 20 and 29 [ODI#2745; Wasco Methodist circuit 1886 at Biglow, received from Moro, went to Portland; 1870 Census Polk Co., OR; 1900VR: W.C. Fuller, 45, farmer, Section 20 T2N R18E]



19 November 1846-29 May 1912

Immigrant from Germany 1869; Biglow Canyon district E of Wasco, T2N, R18E, parts of Sections 8 & 17, and T2N, R19E, Sections 31, 32; m. 16 November 1885 Louise Rieker in Wasco County, OR; father of Arthur 1886, Carl A. 1888, Henry 1889, Emma 1891, Louis 1892, John 1895, Louisa Sophie 1898 m. E. E. Downing, Herman “Dutch” 1900 & Pauline 1902, some of whom attended Biglow School. Mrs. Adolphus Happold purchased lot # 89 for $10 in 1912. [1900SCVR: A. Happold, 52, born Germany, farmer, homestead entry on Section 8 T2N R18E; 1910 U.S. Census, Biglow Precinct, Sherman County, OR]


Christian Arthur

1883-23 August 1905

Son of Adolph. [ODI#836; TO, 1 September 1905: C.A. Happold, son of Adolph, d. typhoid fever at a hospital in The Dalles, 19y]



18 February 1900-15 November 1971

Son of Adolph [Condon Globe Times 1971;
SCJ  2 December 1971; ODI#18102]


Louise P.


Louise P. Rieker; to USA 1876 from Horkheim, Wurttemburg, Germany; aunt of Mary Eva of Moro; sister of Pauline Rieker who married Henry Gosch of Monkland.



8 September 1833-28 November 1928, 95y

Civil War; born PA; to OH, IL, KS, CA, Yamhill County, OR, Dayton, WA and Sherman County, OR; m. Mary Jane Keplinger; father of Charles Andrew, Mary “Minnie” B. m. Peddicord, William Cornelius, Ernest Howard and Jessie  m. George Jacobsen; farmed E of Wasco; grandfather of Willard and Gordon Harper; died Farmington, WA.


Mary Jane

3 October 1836-3 June 1906

Mary Jane Neimeir born Piqua, Ohio; m. Charles Arthur Harper 20 March 1853 at Carthage, Ohio; husband and six children survived, three children predeceased her; united with Methodist Church in 1873, later worshipped with Christian Church; mother of Charles Andrew, Mary “Minnie” B. m. Peddicord, William Cornelius, Ernest Howard and Jessie m. George Jacobsen; funeral at home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Peddicord, Rev. C.A. Sias officiating. [WN, 8 June 1906; 1900SCVR: C.A. Harper Jr, 27, farmer Section 32 T2N R18E]


Eliza E.

16 October 1847-12 June 1925

Nee Smith; wife of John Hendrick; born Platte County, MO; crossed the plains with parents 1853 by ox team to Polk Co., OR; m. John Hendrick 1864; survived by 13 grandchildren, one great-grandchild [WNE, 18 June 1925]



1834-13 May 1916




– March 1901, 76y

Unconfirmed burial. [TO, Moro, OR: 22 March 1901: Richard Herin died last week, the 13th, 76 years; buried Bigelow (sic) Cemetery; funeral at Bigelow (sic) 15 March. The Herins farmed in T2N, R18E Section 19, 30; 1900SCVR: A.L. Herin, 24, farmer Section 15 T2N R18E]


Lillie E.

-24 January 1904, 3y 8m 24d

Daughter of Douglas and R. Hilderbrand; sister of A.M., Minnie and Kenneth Stephen; granddaughter of Michael and Rebecca Hilderbrand of Illinois [Douglas Hilderbrand purchased Lot #72 in 1904.]


Sherman L.

27 December 1891-18 August 1893

Son of C. and H.R. Hill. [Charles Hill purchased lot #30 in 1919.]




Farmed Section 30 & 31, T3N, R18E, with John Day River frontage at or near Early; husband of Olive B.; father of Lida m. Matney; Mary C.; Rachel W. m. W.H. Aldridge & Charlotte D. m. W.H. Aldridge. [A Story of Early, Oregon by Norma Lewis, 1998: Winifred Matney Lewis Newton was born at Early on the John Day River in 1895 to John B. & Alida (Lester) Matney; J. Lester purchased lot #12 in 1904.]


Olive B.

1830-10 February 1919

Wife of Amos; mother of Rachel, Alida, Mary & Charlotte. [ODI#19]


Mary C.

2 February 1856-30 December 1943

Daughter of Amos and Olive.


Nelson C.

6 February 1837-29 December 1905, 69y 9m 23d

Born Whitley County, IN; worked for Wells Fargo Co. in The Dalles for 3 years; to Sherman County 1882, NE of Wasco; a brother in IA. [WN, 5 January 1906; SCO, 5 January 1906; 1900SCVR: N.C. Long, 63, farmer Section 35 T2N R18E; 1900 U.S. Census, Bigelow Precinct, Sherman County, OR: Nelson Long born Feb. 1837 IN, widower; farm manager.]



Child of Alex and Bee Macnab. [SC:FTR #5-1]



-29 January 1921

Child of Ronald S. and Minnie Macnab. [SC:FTR #5-1; ODI#2]



[Mat. Matson purchased lot #8 on
November 16, 1912.] 




Ray M. Oviatt bought E half Lot #92 in 1917; the baby’s name may be Phillip. [Methodist Circuit Records: Oviet; WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917, Ray M. Oviatt 30, b. 24 March 1887 Wells Springs, OR, resident of Klondike in Sherman County, OR, farm laborer, wife and two children under 12; WWII Draft Registration Cards: Ray M. Oviatt 55, guard at ___, Hermiston, Umatilla County, OR; contact person Reta M., children: Kenneth & Marion C.]



-22 February 1905, 7y 7m 12d

Daughter of Richard and Louella Ogle who lived near McDonald & on the edge of Grass Valley Canyon T1N, R19E Section 17 3 miles E of the Webfoot School; funeral at Bigelow (sic) cemetery. Dick Ogle bought cemetery lot #69 on 18 October 1905. Bland and Vera Ogle placed the headstone on the Ogle lot. [1900SCVR: Dick Ogle, 30, farmer, Section 11 T1N R19E; SC:FTR; 1900 US Census, Bigelow Pct., Sherman County, OR: Carshena Ogle 29, Luella 27, Estella 4, Gracie 3 and Edith 6 months]




Bland Ogle born 19 July 1910 OR, died Downey, Los Angeles, CA 28 April 1983 [1920 U.S. Census, Brownsville, Kitsap County, WA: John A. Childress, Louella Childress & Bland Ogle, 9, son; 1930 U.S. Census, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA: Luela Childress 57 born IN, Bland Ogle 19 son born OR; SSDI; California Death Index]







Carshena Richard Ogle, born July 1870 KS; came W from Topeka, Shawnee County, KS; m. Louella Keel 8 August 1895 at Columbus , Klickitat County, WA; father of Estella, Gracie and Edith; farmed E of the Webfoot school. [1900 U.S. Census, Bigelow Precinct, Sherman County, OR: Carshena Ogle 29 farmer KS, Luella Ogle 27 IN, and their daughters Estella 4, Gracie 3 and Edith 6 months; 1910 U.S. Census, Wasco Precinct, Sherman County, OR: Dick Ogle 39 married 17 years, Luella 35, three children/two living – Stella 15 and Edith 11.]



27 December 1898-17 January 1922

Daughter of Richard and Louella Ogle; 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army, WW II.


Dora Davis

29 January 1850-27 March 1928

Wife of Frank M. Rayburn; funeral from the Christian Church in Wasco. [SCN, Wasco, OR 29 March 1928; Methodist circuit books, 1891; ODI#940]


Francis “Frank” M.

5 January 1851-4 July 1920

Born IL, husband of Dora; farmed in Section 34, 33, 27 T2N, R18E next to his parents’ farm. [ODI#15; 1900VR: F.M. Rayburn, 49, farmer Section 33 T2N R18E]


Eliza J.

28 July 1829-9 November 1888

Wife of W.J.; mother of Frank M., Lenora m. Reid, Lee and John; reportedly first burial in this cemetery.


W. J.

23 November 1826-11 February 1908

William Jasper Rayburn, husband of Eliza; died Sherman County; farmed in T2N, R18E, NE ¼ Section 34 where this cemetery is located. [Methodist circuit books, 1884; ODI#6049; 1900SCVR: W.J. Rayburn, 73, farmer Section 34 T2N 18E]




Husband of Nancy E. Benton 1836-1892; father of Joel H., James W., Mary E., Samantha H., Elizabeth, Martha J., Philip Luther, Oliver E. and Samuel Edward Robertson. P.L. Robertson purchased Lot #68 in 1909 for $10, recorded as Robertson. [Cass County, MO Marriages: Philip Robertson m. Nancy E. Benton 12 Sept. 1856; 1900SCVR: P.H. Robinson (sic), 44, farmer Section 11 T2N R18E; GVJ, 12 March 1909: “An old gentleman by the name of Robertson was found dead in his bed Saturday morning, at the home of his son living several miles east of Monkland. He was about 80 years old.”]


Jennettie E. A.

7 September 1872-13 February 1900

Wife of P.H. (spelled as found).



Vander Linden


22 January 1834-18 April 1906

Born in Holland, nee Gosslink; to USA age 13 with parents to Pella, Marion County, IA where she m. Lucas Vander Linden in 1854; died at home of daughter Mrs. Ira F. Hill near Wasco; funeral preached at Biglow Schoolhouse, interment at Biglow Cemetery; mother of 11 children, seven of whom survived her: Mary m. Ira F. Hill, Luke, Henry, Gove, William, Lizzie m. Steenbergen and Dena m. Eli C. Cochran.  Lucas Vander Linden died 5 July 1898 in Mahaska County, IA, an Iowa Infantry veteran. [WN 20 & 27 April 1906; Linda Vander Linden, DesMoines, IA 2009]  ~ [Mary VanderLinden, born KS, m. Ira Fremont Hill 1885, Lincoln Co. KS; to Sherman County, OR by 1905, farm 4 miles NE of Wasco raising Clydesdales. Their children at home in 1905: Daisy May, Chester William, Guy, Herbert & Fay D. Hill. Mary was sister of Luke of KS, Henry of MO, Gove of WA, William of MN, John who died 1899, Lizzie m. Steenbergen & Dena m. Eli C. Cochran; History of Klickitat Co., WA, 1982.]

Vander Linden


27 January 1872-29 April 1899

Son of Lucas & Hendrieka; died of consumption at the home of his sister, Mary, Mrs. Ira F. Hill; funeral preached by Rev. Bast.  [MO, 9 June 1899]

Van Patten

Francis Willard

-29 July 1899

Born IL; Springfield, IL to Dayton, WA about 1880; m. Emma Starnes 1885; father of Jennie Rowena m. Van Patten, Helen Bee m. Macnab, Lena Rachel m. Porter and Frances Edwina m. Leehan. Emma m2 William Macnab October 1900 and had one son, Louis Bernard Macnab [WN, 3 August 1899; ML, 2 August 1899; SC:FTR #5-1]

Van Patten

Jennie Rowena

29 June 1887-19 September 1889, 2y 2m 20d

Daughter of F.W. & Emma; first buried in the grove of trees near the family home.



1848-15 June1925, 78y

Born Gravesend, Kent, England 5 October 1848, to America 1864, learned miller’s trade Dane County, WI; to IA  1868, bought Stacyville Mill with his brother William; m. Mary Emma Stacy 1877; to Early on the John Day River 1900, operated roller mill with John Day water power 20+ years, T3N, R19E, SW ¼ Section 33; father of Homer S. m. Mabel C. Simler, Ella m. Malcolm Stephens, Charlotte  m. A.E. Hartley 1911 at Early, and daughters who m. A. Berry, R. Baker, R. Rice & E. Price; funeral at Biglow school house, 10 miles E of Wasco; d. Hot Lake, Union County, OR. [Lot # 74 purchased by George Wall c. 1918; TO, 19 June 1925; WNE, 18 June 1925; WNE 21 June 1911; ODI#8; History of Mitchell County, Iowa]


Mary Emma

1849-6 February 1918

Mary Emma Stacy, daughter of H.I. Stacy, m. George Wall 26 December 1877 Stacyville, Mitchell County, IA; mother of Ruth, Charlotte “Lottie” E., Amelia Stacy, Ella M., Della and Homer S.; lived at Early on the John Day River; postmaster there 1899-1917; died at her home at Early; funeral conducted by Rev. W.H. Lamb at Biglow School.[History of Mitchell County, Iowa; ODI#4]


Alvin Lee

-7 February 1901, 5y 23d

Son of F. & L. Way [Freedom Way born PA, m. Lida A. Chandler 6 December 1891 Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO; parents of Russel F. 1893, Alvin 1895 & Eva 1897; 1900 Biglow Pct., Sherman County, OR & 1910 Clackamas County, OR. Freedom died 9 October 1919 Tehama County, CA.]



-3 September 1899

Son of F.B. Witchie; funeral John Day school house, Rev. W.H. Bast; burial Emigrant Springs Cemetery. [MO, 1 September 1899; A Story of Early, Oregon by Norma Lewis, 1998: Charlie Witchie of Blalock, OR attended 1955 reunion of the Early/Lower John Day School.]

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