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Rose Hill Cemetery

Compiled by Sherry (Woods) Kaseberg
Rose Hill Cemetery, 1965 Survey with Notes

Rose Hill, a charming little community cemetery, sometimes called Rose Hill Cemetery, Spaulding Cemetery, Monkland Cemetery, Wm. Rose Cemetery or Hay Canyon Cemetery, is located on the east edge of Section 26, T1S, R17E, four miles east of Moro in the Upper Hay Canyon area. William H. Rose donated land for this use 4 May 1897. He was the grantor and Trustee of Rose Hill Cemetery, grantee, March 13, 1897, filed May 4, 1897 in Deed Book D-559.

In 1965 Sherry (Woods) Kaseberg recorded gravestone information that was published in Yesterday’s Roll Call by the Genealogical Forum of Portland, Oregon in 1970. Additional information is provided by Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith and Chris Sanders of Kettle Falls, WA who transcribed obituaries and death notices from Sherman County’s microfilmed newspapers.

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Surname Name Birth & Death Notes
Belshe James Robert 5 September 1841-8 January 1913 Born MO, son of  Madison H. and Eleanor (Witten); Company I, 4th MO Cavalry, January 1862 to April 1863; m. Susanna Witten 1866; to OR 1881 and Monkland district E of Moro 1882; to Monmouth, OR 1904; to Mexico 1910 for about a year; retired and died in Hood River, OR; father of Lou Zenia m. William Kenny, Maud B., Nellie Victorena, Orval Leonidas m. May Jane Robinson, Georgia M., Herbert Clay m. Mary Alice Caron, Ada L. and James Wilford m. Nana Hazel Kuykendall [Anita (Kenny) Drake, The Dalles, OR; TO, 10 January 1913; GVJ, 17 January 1913; 1870, 1880 US Census, Saline Twp., Miller County, MO with wife Susan, daughter Lou Zenia & Martha Witten; They Paved the Way by Belshe; 1900SCVR: J.R. Belshee, 45, farmer, Monkland Precinct] Madison Harvey Belshe 1811-1882 was the brother of Sarah M. Belshe 1822-1852 who m. George W. Witten. Madison’s son James Robert Belshe married Sarah (Belshe) Witten’s daughter Susanna Witten.
Belshe Susanna 8 February 1850-29 September 1930 Susanna Witten, born MO to George W. & Sarah Margaret (Belshe) Witten; m. James Robert Belshe; mother of Lou Zenia m. William Kenny, Maud B., Nellie Victorena, Orval Leonidas m. May Jane Robinson, Georgia M., Herbert Clay m. Mary Alice Caron, Ada L. and James Wilford m. Nana Hazel Kuykendall [They Paved the Way by Belshe;1870, 1880 US Census, Miller County, MO; TO, 6 March 1914: Mrs. Anna Belshe moved to Sherman County from Hood River and filed on a 160 acre homestead next to her son Wilford]
Belshe Ada L. 1886-1909 Daughter of James R. and Susanna; died at Monmouth, funeral Polk County, OR; teacher [SCO, 2 April 1909; GVJ, 2 April 1909]
Belshe Maude B. 1876-9 July 1901 Daughter of James R. and Susanna [TO, 12 July 1901]
Belshe Georgia M. 1882-1896 Daughter of James R. and Susanna [TO, 3 November 1897: gravestone placed]
Belshe Nellie Victorena 13 February 1878-31 July 1940 Daughter of James R. and Susanna; died Hood River County, OR [ODI#51]
Belshe Nan Hazel 14 January 1888-6 February 1967 Nan Hazel Kuykendall born and reared in Yamhill County, OR, one of ten children; graduate of Oregon Normal School at Monmouth, one year at Linfield College; teacher at Fall City, McMinnville & Yamhill; m. 18 November 1914 at Yamhill, James Wilford Belshe; to Moro; charter member of Harlandview Grange; 1951 to The Dalles, 1865 to near Gresham; died Multnomah County, OR; survivors included children: Max K. Belshe, Moro, Sybil Stockdale, Portland, and Barbara Martin, Granada Hills, CA; brothers Charles of Yamhill & Marvin of Portland; sister Jean K. Porter of Klamath Falls & 5 grandchildren; funeral Gresham, burial Rose Cemetery. [ODI#2813; SCJ, 8 February 1967]
Belshe Wilford 15 May 1891-12 November 1942 Born near DeMoss Springs, son of J.R. and Susanna; to Monmouth, OR ca. 1900; to Mexico age 18; San Juan Islands; Sherman County farmer, Christian church; Mason, Grange; m. 18 November 1914 Nana Hazel Kuykendall; father of Max, Sybil and Barbara [SCJ, 20 November 1942]
Belshe Dawna Daughter of James and Jerine (Blaylock) Belshe
Belshee Jennie May 31 May 1894-31 May 1894 Daughter of Joseph Frank & Emmaline (Bledsoe)
Belshee Jessie 28 February 1879-10 November 1901 Daughter of John A. and Eliza Thompson; 1st wife of Robert Welgus Belshee; died Hay Canyon [TO, 15 November 1901, spelled Belshe; GVJ, 15 November 1901]
Belshee Josie F. -5 June 1888/1889 Daughter of Joseph Frank & Emmaline (Bledsoe)
Belshee Boyd B. 1897-1897 Son of Joseph Frank & Emmaline (Bledsoe)
Belshee Eva Leone 1916-22 October 1917 Daughter of Homer and Jennie (Bowersox) [TO, 1916, 1917; ODI#24]
Belshee Robert James 1 June 1815-19 January 1909, 93y Born VA; son of David & Eleanor; to Warsaw, Hancock County, IL 1855; to OR 1878-1879; to Sherman County 1884; m. 1844 Eleanor Smith who died IL 1875; father of Charles H., Joseph Frank, Causby and about nine children died young; lived with son J.F. Belshee for 32 years; Spaulding Chapel Methodist Church, Hay Canyon, E of Moro [SCO, 16 April 1909; 1900SCVR: R.J. Belchee, 85, Monkland Precinct]
Belshee Joseph Frank 16 April 1856-1 January 1926 Joseph Frank Belshee; born in IL, son of Robert & Ellen, brother of Charles and Causby; m. Emmaline Bledsoe 1875 in Carthage, IL; to Yamhill County, OR 1879; to Sherman County 1883; father of Robert Welgus m. Jessie Thompson & Coila Kessinger; Wesley Roy m. Jennie McBain, Bessie (McLachlan) Axtell, Daisy Hennagin and Eunice ___; Charles Richard m. Mary Alma Newton and Eva V. Wright; Howard Bruce m. Ethel May Wood Wright; Millie Estella m. Roy Benson; Clarissa Edith m. Frank Burnet; Josie F.; Homer David m. Jennie M. Bowersox; Benjamin Franklin m. Edith Boschere; Cassie Faye m. Lloyd Mason; Jennie May; and Boyd B.; 28 grandchildren; Moro Methodist funeral, Rev. R.A. Feenstra. [GVJ, 8 January 1926; TO, 8 January 1926; WNE, 7 January 1926; 1900SCVR: J.F. Belchee, 45, farmer, Monkland Precinct; Doris (Morrison) Coelsch]
Belshee Emma 1855-5 December 1934 Emmaline, born Hancock County, IL, daughter of Benjamin & Millie Bledsoe; m. Joseph Frank Belshee; mother of Robert W., Wesley Roy, Charles Richard, Howard Bruce, Millie Estella, Clarissa Edith, Josie F., Homer David, Benjamin Franklin, Cassie Faye, Jennie May and Boyd B.[ODI#13; SCJ, 7 December 1934]
Boydston George W. (1814)- September 1890, 76y 6m 6d George L. W. Boydston, son of  David (1782-1865) and M. (1780-1865) Boydston, born  6 March 1814; brother of Elizabeth Ann, Thomas R. and Maria; husband of Jane; father of Jasper, James, John, Benjamin. [1870 U.S. Census, Salisbury Township, Chariton County, MO]
Brown Florence -1974 Daughter of Myra (Thompson) & Milton Brown [The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Bullard Charles J. 1879-20 November 1954 Husband of Myra (Thompson) Brown; lived Upper Hay Canyon [ODI#13258; SCJ, 26 January 1954; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996] = [GVJ, 26 July 1912: Mr. Bullard, father of Chas. Bullard, was run over and killed by horses on the W.A. Woods farm; burial Vancouver, WA]
Bullard Myra 1873-9 December 1963 Daughter of Charles W. Thompson; m1 Milton Brown of Monkland, Sherman County, OR; mother of Florence Brown; m2 Charles Bullard 1906 [ODI; SCJ, 12 December 1963; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Byers Rolla C. 27 August 1863-4 December 1947 Born IL, son of Henry Harrison Byers; NE to Willamette Valley, OR 1891; Washington County, OR; Goldendale and Battle Ground, WA; Moro 1911; m1 Lydia “Lillie” Elizabeth Hatch 1883, father of Henry Arthur 1884-1959, Thora Ruth m. Clarence Sparling, Mabel m. Lewis McKee and Grace m. John G. Thogerson; m2 Daisy (Hennagin) Christianson 21 September 1915; farmer; Moro Presbyterian church 35 years, founder/ long time leader Sherman County Sunday School Association [SCJ, 12 December 1947; ODI#8966]
Byers Lillie E. 1865-10 December 1913 Born IN, Lydia “Lillie” Elizabeth Hatch; to NE age 12 from North Bend, IN; daughter of Rev. Julian & Maria Hatch; sister of Julia, F.M., James L. and Albert S. Hatch; m. NE 1883 Rolla C. Byers of Madison County, NE; mother of Henry Arthur, Thora Ruth m. Clarence Sparling, Grace m. Thogerson and Mabel m. Lewis McKee; lived Washington County & Moro, OR, Goldendale, WA [SCO, 13 December 1913; ODI#4462; GVJ, 19 December 1913]
Byers Henry Arthur “Barney” 1884-10 April 1959 Son of Rolla C. & Lillie; aka Arthur H.;’ died Portland, OR [SCJ, 17 April 1959; ODI#5417]
Christianson John April 1865-6 November 1912 Born near Copenhagen, Denmark; to Sherman County 1885; m. Daisy C. Hennagin 1895; father of Herman H. 1896-1939 m. Carrie Casperson, Arthur Bernhardt 1899-1963 m. Frances Kerrone Kelso (Bixby),  Henry C. 1907-1909,  ____ m. Henry Norton &  Evelyn M.  1910-1975 m. Arthur Justesen; Daisy m2 widower Rolla C. Byers 1915. [TO, 8 and 15 November 1912; GVJ, 8 November 1912; 1900SCVR: John Christianson, 35, born Denmark, farmer, Monkland Pct., Section 2, 2S 17E, naturalized Sherman County, OR Court 5 January 1891]
Christianson Grandma 24 April 1829-11 May 1906 Mother of John Christiansen [SCO, 18 May 1906]
Christianson Henry 18 August 1907-3 September 1909 Son of John & Daisy C.; funeral at farm home; spelled Christiansen [SCO, 10 September 1909]
Coy Hiram S. -1914 Young man, son of George W. Coy,died of injuries sustained driving a derrick team stacking wheat for the Wm. Meyers heading crew on the W.W. Nichols farm of Joe McDonald east of Monkland; Monkland church funeral, Rev. A.J. Adams officiating; interment Rose Cemetery [SCO, 17 July 1914; 1900SCVR: J.C. Coy, 47, farmer, Moro Precinct]
Dillinger Clara B. -23 November 1902, 3m 22d Daughter of Peter James and Estella May (McLachlan) who lived in the Monkland district; sister of Geneva, Edith and Elmer [Margaret (McLachlan) Woods; Estella (McLachlan) Dillinger; TO, 28 November 1902; SC:FTR #9-2]
Dillinger Elmer Earl 1908-21 February 1951 Son of Peter James and Estella May (McLachlan); grandson of Daniel and Mary McLachlan of Monkland, Sherman County, OR and William Henry and Rebecca Dillinger of Greene County, IA; m. Bernice Neal; father of Maxine; suicide, Portland, OR [ODI#2052;Margaret (McLachlan) Woods; Estella (McLachlan) Dillinger; 1920 U.S. Census, Monkland Precinct, Sherman County, OR: Peter J. Dillinger 38, Stella 35, Elmer E., 16, Geneva I. 11, and Edith M. 9; TO 18 January 1924: Born, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dillinger 16 January at home of her parents, M.M Malcolm Neal north of Wasco]
Dillinger Rachel Ann 18 September 1899-19 April 1901 Daughter of Lewis and Lottie (Eakin) Dillinger [TO, 26 April 1901]
Dillinger Otis Wesley 4 June 1902-24 November 1920 Son of Rev. W.L. Dillinger, born Granger, WA; lived Sherman County 12 years; died at family home near DeMoss; unmarked grave in 1965, gravestone placed years later. [ODI#22; Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; TO, 3 December 1920]
Dillinger William Everett 11 November 1915-4 July 1997 Son of William Lewis (1874-1937) and Lottie M. (Eakin) (1881-1960) Dillinger, born Rutledge; died Salem, OR [Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith]
Dillinger Lottie Pearl 7 September 1904-4 December 1904 Unmarked grave 1965. Daughter of William Lewis and Lottie M. (Eakin) Dillinger who were m. 1898 at Rutledge & lived in Sherman County many years, both buried The Dalles IOOF Cemetery. [Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith]
Eakin Otis Carter 18 January 1856-10 January 1916 Oldest son of John Henry Eakin and Sophyna Lorinda (Leonard) Eakin; homestead in the Rutledge settlement E of Grass Valley; farmer; m. Rachel Elizabeth Hiles 4 June 1878, Worth County, MO; father of Volando B. m. Fay Verna Blaylock, Lottie May m. Wm. Lewis Dillinger, John Henry, Elizabeth Lorinda m. Herman Gustaf Kruger, Lewis Dell m. Vesta Newton, Rachel Carter m1 Andrew Davis Asher & m2 Dewey Partridge, Myrtle Inez m. Herbert H. Bush, and Otis Robert; brother of James Alonzo m.  Rosemond Harris, Oliver B m. Sarah Jane Hiles, and Sarah Lottie Eakin m. Joseph R. Blaylock; to Philomath, OR for the education of their children at Philomath E.U.B. College, in Benton County 1910. [TO, 1916; GVJ, 14 January 1916; Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; Sherman County Methodist Circuit records, 1891 Rutledge; 1900SCVR: O.C. Eakin, 44, farmer, Rutledge Precinct; Oregon Death Certificate: Ottis Carter Eakin b. 18 April 1856, buried 13 January 1916 “at Hay Canyon.”]
Eakin Rachel E. 16 April1860-24 May 1913 Born New Harmony, Brown County, IL; died Philomath, OR; daughter of Henry & Elizabeth (Bennett) Hiles; wife of Otis C. Eakin; mother of Volando B. m. Fay Verna Blaylock, Lottie May  m. Wm. Lewis Dillinger, John Henry, Elizabeth Lorinda m. Herman Gustaf Kruger, Lewis Dell m. Vesta Newton, Rachel Carter m1 Andrew Davis Asher & m2 Dewey Partridge, Myrtle Inez m. Herbert H. Bush, and Otis Robert; died Benton County, OR; buried 27 May 1913 [Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; ODI; GVJ, 30 May 1913]
Eakin Otis Robert 15 January 1901-3 February 1905, 4y Son of Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Eakin of Rutledge [Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; TO, 1905; GVJ, 10 February 1905]
Eakin Volando B. 15 June 1879-19 August 1960 Son of Otis C. and Rachel, born Worth County, MO; m. Fay Verna Blaylock; father of Alva, Harold D. m. Cecile O. Coyle, Millard, Ralph Edwin m. Katherine Reckmann, Vernon B., Owen m. Ethel, Elton M. m. Mary Coats, Melvin, and Ellen B. m. Gerald Haskin; farmer [ODI#11029; Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; SCJ, 26 August 1969]
Eakin Fay Verna 12 May 1884-25 December 1974 Born Villisca, IA; wife of Volando B.; mother of Alva, Harold D., Millard, Ralph Edwin, Vernon B., Owen, Elton M., Melvin and Ellen; daughter of William A. and Josephine L. (Prevost) Blaylock; to OR 1886 [Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; SCJ, 1975]
Eakin Melvin 8 January 1921-28 February 1921 Son of Volando B. and Fay V.; died at the family home at Rutledge [Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; TO, 4 March 1921; ODI#4]
Eakin Frances Mary 23 February 1943-24 February 1943 Daughter of Elton and Mary (Coats) [SCJ, 5 March 1943]
Eakin John Elton 1 August 1944-8 September 1975 Son of Elton and Mary (Coats); husband of Martha (Townsend); father of Michelle Marie and Cathy Renae; brother of Leonard Earl, Ronald and Helen Ruth; suicide [SCJ, 1975]
Eakin Leonard Earl 31 March 1949-24 December 1969 Son of Elton and Mary (Coats); brother of John Elton, Ronald and Helen Ruth
Fraser Thomas H. 1854-15 December 1909 Nova Scotia to Michigan; to Yamhill County, OR; to Sherman County, OR with George Bourhill 1885; took up land in Boardman district, sold out; to McMinnville; to Sherman County 1898-1904; land in Sections 2 and 11, T2S, R17E 1913; m. Maria M. Kearney 1883 Yamhill County; father of Jessie A., Ruby F., Thomas H. Jr. m. Irene McCoy, Mabel Evaline m. Earl R. Jones, Christie E. m. Guy R. Simmons, and Verda Ethel m. Ray Pentecost [SCO, 24 & 31 December 1909; 1900SCVR: T.H. Fraser, 45, Canadian, farmer, certificate #3942 32 October 1894, Monkland Precinct, Section 2, 2S 17E; Pat Helyer; MO, 31 August 1923: J.H. Fraser formerly lived east of Moro, donated land for Spaulding Chapel, large orchard at Natches Valley.]
Fraser Maria M. 18 August 1855-1920 Daughter of Henry and Sarah (Mays) Kearney of Yamhill County, born Lane County, OR; married Thomas H. Fraser 1883; mother of 7 children, four of whom survived her: Verdi, Christie, Mabel & Thomas H.; sister of Alice m. Ed Smith, Minnie m. McAlpin and Elizabeth m. William Helyer; burial Rose Cemetery, Dr. J.C. Thornley of Wasco officiating. [TO, 24 September 1920; Pat Helyer]
Fraser Ruby F. 1895-1900 Daughter of T.H. & M.M.
Fraser Jessie A. 1888-1888 Daughter of T.H. & M.M.
Fraser Paul  A. Paul Anthony Fraser, son of Thomas & Irene (McCoy) Fraser, born Corvallis 6 September 1916; died 29 November 2003, Bend, OR; Captain, US Army WWII, Pearl Harbor; husband of Aleta; father of Sherrie  & Ronda. [TDC, 2 December 2003]
Fraser Aleta Wife of Paul; mother of Sherrie & Ronda
Gensner _____ – March 1899, 3y Son of Julius Gensner; died at Rutledge of croup; Peoples’ undertaking firm sent coffin to Rutledge on the 14th; buried at Rose Cemetery [ML, 22 March 1899; SCO, 17 March 1899]
Gosch Henry 21 May 1857-13 May 1928 Born Rensfelt, Holstein, Germany; to USA 1875; m. Pauline Reiker 4 April 1886 Wasco County, OR at the Adolph Happold home near Biglow (present-day Sherman County); father of Emma, Infant Daughter and Magdalena ; uncle of Anna M. Gosch m. Henry J. Kaseberg [SCO, 18 May 1928; 1900SCVR: Henry Gosch, 43, German, farmer, Monkland Pct., naturalized 1 December 1882, Walla Walla, WA District Court]
Gosch Pauline 1858-16 February 1933 Pauline nee Reiker; from Horkheim, Wurttemburg to The Dalles, OR 1909; wife of Henry; mother of Emma, Infant Daughter and Magdalene; sister of Mrs. Adolph Happold of Biglow, Sherman County, OR; [ODI#25]
Gosch Emma 1891-13 April 1906 Daughter of Henry & Pauline; funeral at Monkland [SCO, 20 April 1906; ODI#261]
Gosch Infant 1887-1887 Daughter of Henry & Pauline
Gosch Infant Daughter [Old-timers in the Monkland district believed a Gosch infant daughter was buried on scab land N & W of Monkland on (2003) Belshe land. See Individual Graves in Sherman County.]
Gosch Lena 1894 Magdalene “Lena” Gosch; unmarried daughter of Henry and Pauline
Guyton William F. 30 May 1840-30 March 1930 Born OH, to NY and San Francisco 1860; to OR about 1863; m1 Mary Ellen Smith 27 January 1867, father of Dora, Albert H., William C., Johnny, A. M., Charles F., Maude Ellen m. Walton, Lola Daisy m. Nachand, Leroy, Ida Bell m. Douthit, and Claude Thomas; homestead 7 miles E of The Dalles 1879; farmer 15-Mile Precinct, Wasco County, OR 1880; to Sherman County timber culture claim 1886; m2 Alice Coates 23 February 1895, father of Ralph C. and Fannie Grace; (Alice drowned herself & both children 25 September 1899 at the Harris place on Deschutes River.); m3 Anna Blunkall Jackson, niece of Ellen,1921; funeral Kent Legion Hall with Rev. W.I. Eck officiating, Masonic burial at Rose Cemetery [Shaniko People by Helen (Guyton) Rees 1983; Guytons Galore by Helen (Guyton) Rees; GVJ, 4 April 1930; ML, 27 September 1899; 1900SCVR: A.H. Guyton, 30, farmer, Moro Precinct; 1880 U.S. Census Fifteen-Mile Precinct, Wasco County, OR; 1900 U.S. Census, Grass Valley Precinct, Sherman County, OR; 1910 & 1920 U.S. Census, Kent Precinct, Sherman County, OR; ODI; GVJ, 13 & 20 January 1922: Mrs. J.D. Bell, mother of Mrs. W.C. Guyton, died in Colorado.]
Guyton Mary Ellen 13 April 1848-27 January 1892 Daughter of John C. & Susan Smith of McMinnville, OR; 1st wife of William Fitzgerald Guyton; mother of Dora, Albert H., William C., Johnny, Adren M., Charles F., Maude Ellen, Lola Daisy, Leroy, Ida Bell and Claude Thomas; sister of Isabella, Sarah, Will, Irvin, Amanda, & Eliza M. m. John E. Harris and lived at the Harris place on the Deschutes River; half-sister of George William, Martha, Alice, Darius, Alfred, Hattie, Miranda and John C. Smith. [Shaniko People by Helen (Guyton) Rees 1983; Guytons Galore by Helen (Guyton) Rees; Shaniko From Wool Capital to Ghost Town by Helen (Guyton) Rees; 1900SCVR: A.H. Guyton, 30, farmer, Moro Precinct]
Hall Sereno A. 1885-31 October 1942 Born Hillsboro, OR; WWII; member Moro Community Presbyterian Church; m.1912  Lilah Nish at Idlewilde Farm of Mr. and Mrs. A. Nish; father of Mac Hall and Hope Harriet m. Russel Belshee; lived Sherman County 35 years [ODI; TO, 6 December 1912; SCJ, 6 November 1942]
Hall Lilah 1890-30 April 1943 Delilah, daughter of Alexander and Harriet (Thompson) Nish; m. Sereno Hall 27 November 1912; mother of Mac and Hope; Presbyterian churches at Moro and Monkland; sister of Charles [SCJ, 7 May 1943]
Hansen Karen  “Carrie” 30 September 1868-14 April 1906 “Carrie,” daughter of Hans and Minnie Thompson, born Denmark; 1st wife of Nels Peter Hansen, m. 7 December 1889 The Dalles, OR; mother of Alice E. m. Roy Powell, Ina Estella m. Roy Kunsman, Helen m. John Aaron Hardin  and Walter Delbert; died near Monkland [WN, 20 April 1906; SCO, 20 April 1906; GVJ, 20 April 1906; Julia (Woods) Hansen; Margaret (Hansen) Lind; They Paved the Way by Belshe; Karen Elwood, Pullman, WA 1983]
Hansen Walter Delbert 1892-17 December 1892 Son of Nels P. and Carrie (Thompson); brother of Alice, Ina & Helen [Julia (Woods) Hansen; Margaret (Hansen) Lind; Karen (Hansen) Elwood, Pullman, WA 1983; They Paved the Way by Belshe]
Hansen Jess M. 1837-3 July 1899 Jess Marcusen Hansen, born Denmark; to Rutledge in Sherman County from CA 1886; m. 1865 Maren Callesen Skov; father of Iver B., Annie Marie, Emma Bethelda m. Michael King 20 November 1886 Wasco County & Dallas Wilder 1898, Martin, and Hannah Christina m. Albert Edward Mack 1895; members of Sherman County Methodist Church Circuit 1889; died at home near Rutledge [ML, 5 July 1899; GVJ, 10 July 1914 in Fifteen Years Ago column; SC:FTR 6-1; Sherman County Methodist Circuit Records] – [SCJ, 21 January 1949: Iver B. Hansen, 2 January 1880-25 December 1948, husband of Mrs. Mabel Leuthen; died & buried Goldendale, WA; brother of Christena who m. Gano; 1982 History of Klickitat County, WA]
Hansen Maren Callesen 20 June 1842-17 June 1928 Daughter of Iver B. and Mariel Skov, born Denmark; to America 1865, to St. Joseph, MO 1865, to IA, to San Francisco, CA about 1871; to Sherman County 1886; united with Lutheran church age 14; joined Presbyterian church in Goldendale, WA; wife of Jess M.; mother of Iver B. (m), Annie Marie d. young, Emma Bethelda m. Wilder, Martin, and Hannah Christena m. Albert Edward “Ed” Mack; died Goldendale. [SCO, 22 June 1928; Maren C. Hansen purchased a lot in Moro Cemetery, Plat C-294, Deed C-23; History of Klickitat County, WA 1982; Sherman County Methodist Circuit records 1889, Rutledge district; 1900VR: M. Hansen, 24, Rutledge Precinct; 1900 US Census, Rutledge Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Hansen Chris -1922 Christian Hansen; m. Mary Jensen; father of Herlena /Helena D. m. Martin Hansen and Emma m. Charles Boardman; died Hansen home near Sisters, OR 80+ years; Rose Cemetery [TO, 10 February 1922; SC:FTR 6-1]
Hansen Mary Mary Jensen, wife of Chris Hansen; no dates found at Rose Cemetery
Hansen Baby -11 March 1901, 11m Son of Martin and Herlena; nephew of Ed & Hannah C. (Hansen) Mack [TO, 15 March 1901; Martin Hansen farmed in Sections 23, 26, 25, 24 – Hansen Wheat and Stock Farm in 1913.]
Hansen Christine -1920 Mrs. Christine Hansen, mother of Mrs. Martin Hansen and Mrs. Charles Boardman, died at home of Mrs. Martin Hansen at Metolius, OR; funeral at Rose Cemetery. [TO, 27 February 1920; ODI#14 Christian Hansen d. Deschutes County, OR 21 February 1920]
Havner Raymond H., Jr. 1926-1927 [TO, 1 October 1915: Raymond and Elsie May (Zobel) Havner m. 25 September 1915 at C.R. Belshe home in Moro and moved to Yakima, WA, parents of Raymond H., Jr.; Chris Havnar, 1999; SCO, 3 June 1927: Raymond H. Havner, Jr., 5m son of R.A. of Klickitat, WA, funeral Methodist church at Moro; burial at Rose Hill cemetery east of Moro]
Hawley A. F. -30 December 1900, 41y 10m 16d Alfred Francisco “Frank” Hawley, husband of Olive; born Benton County, OR to Jesse and Elizabeth Ann (Starr) Hawley [TO, 4 January 1901] 
Hawley Olive -26 January 1886, 28y 5m 14d Wife of Alfred F. Hawley.
Hennagin Henry 22 January 1851-16 October 1912 Born St. Lawrence County, NY; in CA by 1875, to OR by 1880; farmer, homesteaded east of Moro; to Crook County, OR; to Portland, OR ca. 1905; m1 Ruth who was born ca. 1854 Canada; m2 Virginia; father of Albert, George, Fred, Daisy m. John Christianson & Rolla Byers, Bessie m. John M. Johnson, Eva m. William Rudolph, Frank E., Homer and Maggie; two step-children; united with Methodist church at a camp meeting at Rutledge, Sherman County 1891; died Linn County, OR 3.5 miles E of Corvallis; buried next to first wife  [1880 U.S. Census, District 12, Wasco County, OR; Sherman County Methodist Circuit records 1891; TO, 1912; GVJ, 25 October 1912; 1900SCVR: Albert Hennagin, 26, farmer, Monkland Precinct]
Hennagin Ruth -19 July 1885, 34y 5m 27d 1st wife of Henry; born in Canada c. 1854 of Canadian-born parents
Hennagin Infant -1911 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hennagin; buried 31 March 1911 Rose cemetery
Hennagin Infant 1910-1910
Jaeger Donagene Wife of John Jaeger; mother of Cora
James Arthur F. -12 November 1886, 5y 9m 1d Son of George W. and Mary E. (Bennington) James; brother of George E., Luella, Metta & Jerusha
James Mary Elizabeth -14 March 1906, 59y 10m 29d nee Bennington; wife of George W.; mother of George E. m. J. May Axtell 1900, Arthur F. died young, Luella m. J.C. Teale, Metta G. m. Perry C. Axtell, and Jerusha m. James W. Hollenbeck of Moro; died Portland, OR; funeral in Moro preached by Rev. J.F. Ghormley of Portland Central Christian Church, an old time friend of the family [TO, 22 November 1901; SCO, 16 & 23 March 1906; 1900SCVR: G.E. James, 21, Monkland Precinct; Western States Marriage Index]
James George W. 1839-25 November 1901, 62y Born Marshall County, IL 25 November 1839; died at his Portland, OR home; Company H, 77th IL Volunteer Infantry 9 August 1862 to 10 July 1865; IL to Yamhill County, OR 1878; to Sherman County, Hay Canyon homestead 1885-1894; to western OR to educate children; m. Mary Elizabeth Bennington; father of George E. m. May Axtell, Arthur F. died young, Luella m. J.C. Teale, Metta G. m. Perry C. Axtell, and Jerusha m. James W. Hollenbeck of Moro; charter member W.T. Sherman Post, GAR, Sherman County [TO, 29 November 1901]
Jensen Neil 9 December 1819-20 April 1892 Iowa to Oregon; lived with the Nels P. Hansen family in Sherman County [Margaret C. Hansen, daughter of Nels P. and Julia (Woods) Hansen: “Dad came to the USA by Boston 1880, went to Iowa to Neil Jensen. They went to Newberg, OR where they got acquainted with the Frank Belshee family. Homer Belshe farmed for Dad for a long time.”
King Michael – December 1897, 46y 28d Born about 1851; m. Emma Bethelda Hansen, daughter of Jess M. and Maren (Skov) Hansen, 20 November 1886 Wasco County, Oregon; joined the Methodist church 1891; father of Anne Jane King 1897-1897, Adam King c. 1888-1897, and Mary; died Portland, OR; Emma (Hansen) King m2 Dallas Wilder 1898 Sherman County, and lived in Klickitat County, WA in 1910 with Marion 16 and Elmer 9. [TM, 1 January 1887: Married by Rev. Morrison, 20 November at Hay Canyon, Mr. Michael King & Miss Emma Hansen; MO, 1 April 1897; SCO, 8 December 1897; Sherman County Methodist Circuit Records; SC:FTR 6-1; Sherman County Probate Book A: Husband of Emma (Hansen) who m2nd Dallas Wilder 1898 near Monkland, Sherman County; sole heirs requested sale of land in 1901, Emma appointed guardian of daughter Mary.]
King Adam -1 April 1897, 9y 8d Son of Michael King; accidentally shot himself in the heart while on the range with some sheep [SCO, 8 April 1897]
King Anna Jane -24 March 1897, 1m 14d Anne Jane, daughter of Michael & Emma B. King [SCO, 1 April 1897]
Lidstone Andrew J. 23 May 1871-7 March 1903 Born England; pastor at Spaulding Chapel in Upper Hay Canyon; died at Spaulding Chapel parsonage near Monkland, Sherman County; funeral at Spaulding Chapel conducted by Elder Doctor Booth, IOOF ritual; buried at Rose Cemetery near the Spaulding Chapel Sunday, March 8th; wife & 3 small children [TO, 13 March 1903; GVJ, 13 March 1903; GVJ, 2 October 1903: “Mrs. Lydstone, widow of the late Rev. Lydstone, who recently returned from a visit to eastern friends, lost a child last week. The cause was diphtheria which was contracted in the east; there was another case reported in her family, but the patient was getting along nicely under the care of Dr. Goffin. Proper precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of the much dreaded disease.”] ~ [No grave found for the Lidstone/Lydstone child.]
Mack Charles -28 June 1891, 18y 4m 27d Son of Enos George Mack and Mary Carolyn (Berrian) Clark; brother of William Coleman, Albert Edward, Fred Leroy and Sarah Jane Mack; ½ brother of Walter Clark of Colorado and James Lucius Edwin Clark of Biggs and Hood River [SC:FTR]
Mack Jessie C. -10 May 1901, 4y 5m Jessie Caroline, daughter of Albert Edward “Ed” Mack [SCO, 17 May 1901: “A sorrowful item of news reached us Saturday in the report that a little daughter of Ed Mack has been run over by a wagon and killed. The little one was buried Sunday.”]Albert Edward “Ed” Mack, born IL 15 May 1865 to Enos George and Mary Carolyn (Berrian) Clark Mack, died 1932, Yakima, WA; m 20 April 1895 Hannah Christina Hansen born 1877 CA; parents of Jessie C. 1896, George Henry 1897, Nellie Edna 1899, Evelyn 1900, Earl Goodwin 1903, Marie Calleson 1904, Grace 1908, Ethelda L. 1910, Ira/Iva R.1912, Valera Irene 1915 and Albert 1917. [1900 U.S. Census, Rutledge Precinct, Sherman County, OR next door to Martin C. Hansen; TO, 17 May 1901; SCO, 1900, 1901; History of Klickitat County, WA 1982; 1900SCVR: Ed Mack, 36, farmer, Rutledge Precinct]
Martin Jennie E. 1879-19 September 1957 Born MN; Jennie E. Jones, wife of Jesse [SCJ, 20 & 27 September, 4 October 1957; Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; WA Deaths #18203; ODI#46]
Martin Jesse 1869-29 May 1932 Born Atchison County, KS; to near Lafayette, OR as child; to Sherman County 1910, farmed land Section 2, T3S, R17E; m. Jennie Jones; father of Kenneth Erwin, Donald, Bernard Carl, Darrold and Gladys [SCJ, 3 June 1932; ODI#67; GVJ, 17 October 1919: Jesse Martin’s father died October 8, according to Sunday’s Oregonian; Mr. Martin was here about two years ago visiting with his son and at that time was quite feeble.]
Martin Donald J. 7 May 1910-2 February 1989 Son of Jesse and Jennie (Jones) Martin; father of Donald H. and Marcia J.; brother of Kenneth E., Bernard C. and Gladys. [ODI#8902866; TDC, 6 February 1989]
Martin Ruth Born 30 September 1910 at Burns, OR; 1st wife of Donald J.; mother of Donald H. and Marcia [SCJ, 30 September 1976]
Martin Lolita 17 March 1910-2 September 1985 Lolita Patrecia, daughter of Clifton D. Miller; m1 Frank G. Smith; mother of Carole (Smith) Thompson Makinster Peake; m2  Donald J. Martin
Martin Darrold 23 December 1911-17 September 1914 Son of Jesse & Jennie (Jones) Martin of Rutledge neighborhood; brother of Kenneth, Donald, Bernard and Gladys [GVJ, 18 September 1914; Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith]
Martin Diane November 1937-17 January 1938, 2m Daughter of Bernard and Sally; grandchild of Mrs. Jennie Martin of Grass Valley; interment at Rose Cemetery [ODI#1 Sherman County; SCJ, 21 January 1938]
Martin Bernard 23February 1914- Bernard Carl Martin, husband of Selena G.; died Yakima, WA; father of Deanna m. Dale Padget, Diane and Danny who died young [SCJ, 30 March 1978]
Martin Salena “Sally” 8 April 1914-1979 Wife of Bernard; mother of Deanna who m. Dale Padget and Danny who died young; died Goldendale, WA; funeral Grass Valley Baptist Church [SCJ, June 1979]
Martin D_____ Son of Bernard and Sally
McDonald Bertha Adella 26 March 1870-8 September 1942 Born IL; daughter of Isaac and Mary Ann (Easley) Thompson; m. Neil McDonald 29 November 1894 Sherman County, OR; mother of Anna, Alberta, John Isaac, Elepha Adella, George Neil, Florence E. m. Richard Bruckert, Clara m. Ernest Houston and Ethel Irene [SCJ, 18 September 1942]
McDonald Neil 1864-10 January 1935 Born Ontario, Canada, son of Neil and Anna J. (Hill) McDonald; grandson of Neil and Jane (McCallum) McDonald of Monkland Station, Ontario; to Sherman County about 1882; m. 1894 Bertha Adella Thompson, daughter of Isaac and Mary Ann; father of Anna, Alberta, John Isaac, Elepha Adella m. William Frank Rader, George Neil m. Velma Looney, Florence Elizabeth m. Richard J. Bruckert, Ethel Irene, and Clara Evelyn m. Ernest Houston; wheat farmer; brother of Dixon m. Nancy Carther 1893 in Sherman County, William Samuel m. Octavia Ameretta Johnson, Ellen m. Aaron Thompson, Alberta Jane m. Simon Overturf, Jeanette (buried Wasco Methodist Cemetery) m. Robert J. Ginn 1882, Elizabeth m. James O. Thompson, John J., George Benjamin and Mary Ann m. 1888 Elwood Thompson; owned 3 ¼ – sections Section 33, T1S, R18E in 1913 [Mrs. Delmer H. Myers, Cottage Grove, OR 1970s; Donald J. Thompson, Mead, WA 2004; Ellen (McDonald) Moe and Barbara (McDonald) O’Neill of Hood River 1970s; Mrs. J.L. Geyer, College Place, WA 1979; ODI#1; SCJ, 18 January 1935; 1900VR: Niel (sic) McDonald, 35, farmer, Monkland Pct., naturalized 6 April 1891, Sherman County, OR; Wasco Methodist Cemetery; Hardman Cemetery, Hardman, OR]
McDonald John Isaac -6 May 1902, 3y 3m 24d Son of Neil and Bertha A. (Thompson) McDonald; grandson of Isaac and Mary Ann Thompson; brother of Anna, Alberta, Ethel, Elepha, George Neil, Florence E. m. Richard Bruckert and Clara m. Ernest Houston [TO, 16 May 1902]
McDonald Anna 31 January 1897- March 1897 Daughter of Neil and Bertha (Thompson); granddaughter of Isaac and Mary Ann Thompson; sister of Alberta, Ethel, Elepha, George Neil, Florence E. m. Richard Bruckert, and Clara m. Ernest Houston [SCO, 18 March 1897]
McDonald Ethel Irene 19 March 1908- August 1917, 9y 4m 20d Daughter of Neil and Bertha (Thompson), born WA; granddaughter of Isaac and Mary Ann Thompson; sister of Anna, Alberta, Elepha, George Neil, Florence E. m. Richard Bruckert and Clara m. Ernest Houston [TO, 1917]
McDonald Alberta 11 August 1905-8 November 1918, 12y 2m 27d Daughter of Neil and Bertha (Thompson); granddaughter of Isaac and Mary Ann Thompson; sister of Anna, Ethel, Elepha, George Neil, Florence E. m. Richard Bruckert, Clara m. Ernest Houston; died at the family home at Hay Canyon [TO, 15 November 1918]
Melzer Willard -6 May 1917, 2d Willard Andrew Fred Melzer, son of Martin George and Edna May (Thompson) Melzer; sibling of Lois Edna m. Murphy, Norma m. Cushing and Priscilla m. Wilson [TO, 1917]
Moretz Letha L. 18 March 1902-4 November 1909 Daughter of A.E. Moretz who leased Eastern Oregon  Land Company land in Section 21, T1N, R16E, 1913; sister of Florence died 1912 age 16 months and Lola E. m. Dugger; funeral at Monkland [SCO, 12 November 1909; SCJ, 12 November 1970, article by Lola Dugger]
Moretz Opal A. 9 August 1909-3 December 1909 Daughter of A.E. Moretz; family lived northeast of Moro and DeMoss, moved to Idaho. [SCO, 10 December 1909]
Moretz [TO, 1912: death of baby Florence, daughter of A.E. Moretz in 1912, 3rd death in the family in 2 ½ years]
Morrison John R. -7 December 1891, 2y 3d Probably the son of William M. “Bill” and Rachel (Dillinger) Morrison; Bill came to Sherman County c. 1882-83; proved up on land in 1905; farmed the place above the Upper Hay Canyon grange hall – OR– possibly the son of John R. “Jack” and Ellen Mary (Ginn) Morrison who lived in the Monkland district, sold his quarter section to his cousin, Dan McLachlan Sr., and went to Umatilla County, then British Columbia, Canada.
McDonald Peter 1885-1900, 15y Son of _____(Fraser) and ____McDonald; related to Thomas Fraser
Morrison Mathie 30 May 1829-16 October 1889 Son of John and Elizabeth (Mathie) Morrison of Glasgow, Scotland; left Scotland as a sailor, had visited New Zealand, Australia, the west coast of North America, Victoria, Canada, Fraser River Canyon; urged his brother John Morrison (1827-1903) and his wife Grace (Reid) Morrison who m. 1853 in Old Monkland Parish near Glasgow, Scotland to go to New Zealand; homesteaded near Monkland in Sherman County; no children; willed his holdings to Grace Elizabeth (Morrison) Hales and Eliza Clark (Morrison) Bradley; cousin of Daniel McLachlan of Monkland district in Sherman County. [1880 US Census, Greasewood Precinct, Umatilla County, OR: Mathie Morrison 50 was living with his brother’s family and working on their farm; Robert and Joyce Hales of Adams, OR 1980; Margaret (McLachlan) Woods; Mollie (Robinson) McLachlan; SCJ, 27 January 1937; Eliza Grace (Morrison) Huls Walker 1968; Rol G. Morrison 1972; Anne-Marie (Johnston) Yocum 1981]
Murray Infant Son 27 April 1888-24 July 1889 Son of Robert Alexander & Sarah Murray who had a stock farm in the Hay Canyon district until about 1917, moved to Wasco, later The Dalles; parents of Casha Yates, Allan, Infant Son, Christina/Martha m. Rebman and Candica m. Ost [SCJ, 4 February 1971; Casha Yates’ scrapbooks, Sherman County Historical Museum, Moro, OR; 1900SCVR: R.A. Murray, 49, farmer, b. Scotland, Monkland Precinct; SC:FTR #8-1]
Nelson Alice B. 8 July 1859-10 April 1905 Born MN, daughter of Weston Mosher; m. Albert Nelson who survived her; lived in Cherokee County, IA 1880,  Umatilla County, OR 1900 and near DeMoss Springs where she died; mother of Robert A., Henry, Delbert, Mary, Minnie, William & Ida [TO, 14 April 1905; GVJ, 14 April 1905; Marne Nelson, Tucson, AZ 1997; 1870 Blue Earth County, MN; 1880 US Census, Cherokee County, IA; 1900 US Census, Adams, Umatilla, OR ]
Nish Alexander 15 February 1847-21 March 1937 Born Scotland, son of William & Grace (McKean) Nish who came to NY 1852; originally MacNish; Co. I, 95th IL Infantry, Civil War under his uncle, Captain James Nish, over 2 years with army of the West at Mobile & Nashville in many skirmishes; last Civil War veteran in Sherman County; to IA after Civil War; to Benton County, OR 1883; farmed at Oakridge, OR; to Sherman County 1891; m1 Sarah ____, father of Margaret c. 1870 IA, William c.1871 IA, Grace c. 1877 IA m. Richard F. Guppy & Elizabeth c. 1879 IA; m2 Harriet “Hattie” Thompson 1885, father of Charles A. m. Hazel Mersinger and Delilah m. Sereno Hall; brother of David W. Nish of Moro, Nathan and John of Iowa, Charlotte, Jane, Mary and May; farmed east of Moro near Monkland, half sections in Section 17 & 18, T1S, R18E in 1913, and warehouse property in Section 25, T1N, R17E at McDonald Station later named Nish; member GAR post in Sherman County; owned Gilliam County land; retired to The Dalles 1920 where he died. [Wasco County Marriages; ODI; SCJ, 26 March 1937; 1900SCVR: Alex Nish, 53, farmer, Monkland Precinct, naturalized 14 September 1877, Polk County, IA Circuit Court; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Nish Harriet 28 May 1858-9 February 1951, 92y Hattie, born IL, daughter of Charles W. Thompson; to Benton County, OR with family 1881; m. Alexander Nish; mother of Charles A. & Delilah; stepmother of Grace, William & Elizabeth; sister of Ella, Andrew C., Nelson, James, Ezra, Owen, Burton, Emma, Mary & Myra; lived many years in Monkland district in Sherman County. [SCJ, 16 February 1951; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Penland Ethel 1885-1889 Daughter of Elias B. and Lizzie; sister of Hugh E. and Mabel; buried in her uncle Hugh H. Penland’s plot. Elias B. and Lizzie Penland homesteaded east of Harmony in upper Hay Canyon area. In 1900 they were farming in Benton County, OR, and in 1910, 1920 and 1930 were in Halsey Precinct, Linn County, OR. [Paul and Aleta Fraser, 2003; 1900 US Census, Benton County, OR; 1910, 1920 & 1930 US Census, Halsey Pct., Linn County, OR]
Penland Hugh H. Son of Hugh E. and Emma Penland who were in Berkeley, Alameda County, CA in 1920 with children LaVelle 1, Hugh H. 11 and Mary E. 9; part of his ashes were scattered east of the Penland-Fraser place in the Harmony district. Hugh H. Penland served in the U.S. Army and Canadian Air Force during WWII. [Paul and Aleta Fraser, 2003; 1920 US Census, Oakland, Alameda, CA]
Peoples John 27 February 1819-18 February 1889, 69y 11m 19d Born Westmoreland County, PA to William and Ann Peoples of OH and MO; husband of Eliza; father of James M., William, Mary 1848-1904, Adolph, Emerson, Granville, Samantha Elizabeth, Infant and  Martha M. [1850 US Census, Tuscarawas County, OH; 1860 & 1870 US Census, Coshocton County, OH; 1880 US Census, Vernon County, MO]
Peoples Mary -29 March 1904, 56y 19d Daughter of John and Eliza Peoples; died Spokane, WA; burial “Rosewood” Cemetery east of Moro [Washington Death Index: Mary Peoples b. OH c. 1848, d. 29 March 1904 Deaconess Home, Spokane, WA; residence Moro, OR; TO, 1 April 1904, 19 August 1904; 1900SCVR: E. Peoples, 48, merchant, Moro Pct., Lot 1 Block 13, Moro]
Rogers Infant 2 October 1898-20 October 1898 Daughter of Joe B. and Stella [ML, 26 October 1898]
Smith Frank Gilbert 23 May 1908-9 September 1975 Father of Carole (Smith) Thompson Makinster Peake
Smith William Gilbert 11 August 1931-6 December 1983 Son of Frank Gilbert & Lolita Patrecia (Miller) Smith; brother of Carole
Thompson Charles Wilson 30 July 1832-2 April 1926, 93y 9m 2d Born Rock Island, IL son of James and Caroline (Wilson); to Tama County, IA, to Oakridge and Corvallis, OR c. 1874; to Monkland, (then) Wasco County, OR 1883; farmer, merchant at Monkland; m1 Delilah Baxter 6 December 1857, Princeton, IA; father of Ella Maria, Harriet m. Alexander Nish, Andrew Charles m. Rosa Ann Henkle, Nelson “Ned” Wallace m. John Thompson’s daughter S. Ella Thompson, James O. m. Elizabeth McDonald (of the family which named Monkland after their old home in Ontario, Canada), John Ezra m. Hester Olive Rust 1890, Ilai Owen, Burton Robert m. Minetta Walker,  Emma S. m. Joshua Elliott, Mary A.”Addie” m. James Leslie and Myra A. m1 Milton Brown & m2 Charles Bullard; first postmaster at Monkland; with Rev. J.M. Morrison assisted in planning & building the Monkland Presbyterian church; helped to organize Monkland School District and school house construction; brother of Harriet, Erastus, Wilson Spencer, Martha Ann, James E. & Emma C.; retired to CA 1893 & Delilah died at Fullerton 28 November1893; m2 1894 Mrs. Belle Jones, Riverside, CA; Moro Presbyterian church funeral [TO, 2 April 1926; They Paved the Way by Belshe; Maxine Henrichs, 1976; WNE, 8 April 1926; ODI#10; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Delilah -28 November 1893 Delilah Deborah Baxter was born 16 September 1831, daughter of Ilai & Maria Baxter, natives of NY; to IA age two; to OR age 17; to Sherman County 1883; 1st wife of Charles Wilson Thompson; mother of Emma Susan, Andrew C., James O., Harriet, Nelson W., J. Ezra, Ilai Owen, Burton R., Myra A., Mary Alice and Ella Maria; died 1893 [The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Adam L. 28 February 1879-22 November 1904 Son of John A. and Eliza Ann; brother of Sarah Ella m. Nelson W. Thompson, Luke Dell, Elsie, Adam L., Jessie m. Robert W. Belshe, Janetta May m. John Angus Kuks, Infant Son and Lillian m. B.B. Montag; half-brother of Edna and Layton; died Brandon, Manitoba, Canada  [TO, 1904; 1900SCVR: A. Thompson, 23, laborer, Monkland Precinct]
Thompson Eliza Ann 1848/1849-22 March 1891, 42y Born IA, Eliza Ann Cantrill; m1 William Pratt in CO, mother of William Pratt, Molly (Pratt) Becker) & Rosa Lavinia (Pratt) Norcross; m2 about 1871 in CO to John A. “Jack” Thompson who died16 August 1938 at Portland home; mother of Sarah Ella m. Nelson W. Thompson, Luke Dell, Elsie, Adam L., Jessie m. Robert W. Belshe, Janetta May m. John Angus Kuks, Infant Son and Lillian m. B.B. Montag. [SCJ, 19 August 1938: John A. Thompson died 16 August 1938 Portland, OR; born St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada 28 November 1851; to Colorado Springs, CO 1870, m1.c. 1871 Eliza Ann Cantrill in CO; to CA 1876, lumbering business; to Sherman County, OR 1883; to Portland 1903; m2 Susan Ellen Pine of Stratford, Ontario 14 December 1892 and had two children: Edna Myrtle who m. Schwartzman and Layton Melvin Thompson; funeral in Portland; no burial location given.] ~ [TO, 5 May 1916: 8-week vacation as far east as London, Ontario: J.A. Thompson, his daughters Janetta May Kuks and Ella Thompson, with stops in IA & CO on the return;  TO, 9 July 1926: visitors to the Robert Urquhart family from Windsor, Ontario were Mrs. James Smith & two daughters. Mrs. Smith is the wife of Mrs. Urquhart’s eldest brother and a niece of J.A. Thompson who is the father-in-law of N.W. Thompson; TO, 10 February 1928: Cousins of Mrs. N.W. Thompson visiting in the county from Toronto, Ontario: M/M McDonald & daughter and Mrs. McNaughton.]
Thompson Infant -28 December 1886 Son of John A. and Eliza A. (Cantrill) Thompson
Thompson Minnie L. -15 March 1891, 4m 5d Daughter of Nelson W. and Sara Ella (Thompson) Thompson; grandchild of John and Eliza [The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Isaac 20 September 1834-22 July 1924, 89y 10m 2d Born Harrison County, OH, son of Barak Thompson & his 1st wife Elizabeth Mendenhall; grandson of William and Jane Thompson; Company D, 151st Reg. Illinois Infantry; OH to Fulton Co., IL;  m. 22 May 1856 Mary Ann Easley; to Rutledge district about 1896 after his son Elwood arrived; father of Sarah Elizabeth 1857-1858, Florence Edith 1859-1862, Elwood 1861-1934 m. Mary Ann McDonald 29 November 1888 at Monkland, Jess B. m. Anna H. 1902, Richard Easley m. Julia A. Talmage 1896, Bertha Adella 1870-1942 m. Neil McDonald 1894, Vincent G. 1873-1916 m. Jane “Jennie” E. Payne 1898 and Aaron 1876-1923 m. Ellen McDonald 1900; joined Presbyterian church in IL, transf. to Moro Presbyterian Church; one of last three surviving Sherman County Civil War veterans; burial Rose Cemetery; brother of Mary Jane, Ellis, Aaron, John, James Mendenhall, William Colson and Joseph B. Thompson; ½ brother to Francis Marion and Sarah Ann. [TO, 25 July 1924; WNE, 31 July 1924; ODI#17; Donald J. Thompson, Mead, WA 2005; Isaac’s granddaughter, Mrs. Delmer H. Myers of Cottage Grove, OR 1977; Harold Honeyfield, Davis, CA 1992; Sherman County Methodist Circuit records 1898; Illus. History of Central Oregon, 1905; 1900SCVR: Isaac Thompson, 65, farmer, Rutledge Precinct]
Thompson Mary Ann 19 September 1834-4 March 1909 Wife of Isaac Thompson; daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Valentine) Easley, natives of OH; mother of Sarah Elizabeth 1857-1858, Florence Edith 1859-1862, Elwood m. Mary Ann McDonald 29 November 1888 at Monkland, Jess B. m. Anna H. 1902, Richard Easley m. Julia A. Talmage 1896, Bertha Adella m. Neil McDonald 1894, Vincent G. m. Jane E. Payne 1898 and Aaron m. Ellen McDonald 1900; died at Neil McDonald home, Trout Lake, WA [Bible of Elpha Rader of Newberg, OR; Mrs. Delmer (Jane) Myers of Cottage Grove, OR 1977; MO, 16 June 1905: Mr. & Mrs. John B. Easley from MO to Sherman County to see his sister, Mrs. Isaac Thompson.]
Thompson Dewey Marcus 1897-23 January 1960, 64y Born Monkland, Sherman County, OR, son of Andrew C. and Rosa (Henkle); farmed east of Moro; m. Inez Mae Peake; father of Theodore M., Donald D., Eldon, Keith Whitman Thompson [ODI#1205; SCJ, 29 January 1960; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Inez Mae 5 October 1896-20 August 1994 Born in WA, daughter of Albert E. and Cora Elizabeth (Winter) Peake; wife of Dewey M.; mother of Ted, Don, Eldon and Keith
Thompson Theodore Harrison 17 September 1923-19 July 1971 Son of Dewey and Inez; husband of Florence [The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996; ODI#71-11569]
Thompson Keith Whitman 25 April 1931-29 March 1989 Son of Dewey and Inez; husband of Carole Smith [ODI#89-0588; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Susan Daughter of Donald D. and Sharon [The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Andrew C. 17 January 1857-14 April 1950 Born in IL, son of Charles W. and Delilah (Baxter); m. 1879 Rosa Ann (Henkle) in Benton County, OR; to Sherman County Monkland-Hay Canyon area; father of Jess R., Claude John m. Roxie Kessinger, Edna May m. Martin G. Melzer, Dewey Marcus and Rosa T.; brother of Harriet m. Nish, Myra m. Bullard, Owen and Burton R.; Moro Community Church [SCJ, 21 April 1950; SSDI; 1900SCVR: A.C. Thompson, 43, farmer, Monkland Precinct; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996 ]
Thompson Rosa Ann 28 July 1857-12 December 1946, 89y Born Corvallis, OR nee Henkle; lived Sherman County 60 years; m. 11 November 1879 at Corvallis, to Andrew C.; mother of Jess R., Claude John m. Roxie Kessinger, Edna May m. Martin G. Melzer, Dewey Marcus and Rosa T.; Moro Community Church [SCJ, 20 December 1946; ODI#8777; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Dewey Eldon 1923-5 July 1925, 2y 4m 10d Son of Dewey and Inez; funeral from Presbyterian church [WNE, 9 July 1925; TO, 10 July 1925; GVJ, 10 July 1925]
Thompson Rosa T. 27 August 1897-7 October 1897 Daughter of Andrew C. and Rosa A. [The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996; SCO, 6 October 1897]
Thompson Sara Ella 15 October 1873-18 July 1956 Daughter of John A. and Eliza Ann (Cantrill) Pratt Thompson, born CO; m. (unrelated) Nelson W. “Ned” Thompson at Spaulding Chapel near Monkland 1889; mother of Minnie L., Grace I. m. Huls & Busch, Frances Eliza m. Henrichs and Harvey Clinton; sister of Lillian, Adam, Jessie, Janetta May, Infant Son, Elsie and Luke Dell; half-sister of Edna and Layton; died Washington County, OR [ODI#8905; SCJ, 27 July 1956; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Nelson W. 24 December 1862-28 July 1941 “Ned,” Nelson Wallace Thompson, born IA, son of Charles Wilson and Delilah (Baxter); to OR 1874; to Sherman County early 1880s; farmer, Moro Hardware & Implement Co., Moro mayor 10+ years and city marshal; m. 1889 Sarah Ella (Thompson) in Sherman County, OR; father of Minnie L., Grace m. James Huls and Albert Busch, Frances Eliza m. Walter Dayton Henrichs and Harvey Clinton; Masonic service [The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996; SCJ, 1 August 1941; ODI#125; 1900SCVR: N.W. Thompson, 37, liveryman, Moro Precinct]
Thompson Harvey C. 1895-15 August 1957 Son of N.W. and Sara; PFC Co. I, 8th Infantry, WWI; m. Bessie Bourhill 1917 in Sherman County; father of Harvey W., Gordon, George W. and Ronald; died Pasco, WA [SCJ, 23 August 1957; WA Death Index; The Charles Wilson Thompson Family by Lloyd V. Henrichs 1996]
Thompson Elsie July 1887- September 1907, 20y Daughter of John A. and Eliza; died in Portland, OR; sister of Sarah Ella, Lillian, Adam L., Jessie, Janetta May, Luke Dell & Infant; half-sister of Edna M. and Layton Melvin; step-sister of William, Mollie & Rosa Pratt [GVJ, 13September 1907; SCO, 13 September 1907]
______ _____ [Unmarked grave in 1965.]
______ _____ [Unmarked grave in 1965.]
Whitwood Lula Wynona 1901-6 June1965 Wife of Scott; died Wasco County, OR; daughter of Philip Henry and Hattie Elizabeth (Larison) Zobel [SCJ, 10 June 1965; ODI#8906]
Whitwood ______ Possibly Scott B. Whitwood, born 14 May 1886 Allegany County, NY; married Lula Wynona Zobel 17 August 1922 Goldendale, WA; died 27 February 1966 Wasco County
Zobel Clive Bernard 18 April 1897-1 July 1917 Son of Phillip and Hattie, born NE; drowned at Early while crossing the John Day River on horseback to visit his Gilliam County claim; funeral at Monkland church [TO, 1917; GVJ, 13 July 1917: Clyde Zobel’s funeral Monkland church, interment in Rose Cemetery.]
Zobel Hattie 20 September 1872-23 February 1919 Born Hattie Elizabeth Larison in Lane County 28 September 1873 (obit); to Sherman County 1901; m. Philip H. Zobel at Springfield, OR 10 September 1892; mother of Infant, Clive, four daughters, one son in the Army in France; died at family home 12 miles SW of Grass Valley; Moro Presbyterian funeral, burial Monkland (Rose) cemetery  [TO, 28 February 1919; Chris Havnar, 1999; GVJ, 28 February 1919; GVJ 7 June 1912: George W. Larison, father of Mrs. P. Zobel of Sherman County, OR]
Zobel Phil 3 March 1913-6 March 1913 Infant son of P.H. & H. born and died at Monkland, Sherman County, OR [Chris Havnar, 1999]

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