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Moro Friendship Baptist Church

In 1887 the Baptist meeting house in Moro was rebuilt, aided by $50 given by First Baptist Church of Portland.

Rev. C.A. McIlroy was called to the pastorate and served until he was succeeded by Rev. M.T. Gage who was followed by Rev. J.H. Grant, pastor for about four years. C.H. Fredenburg was the next pastor in 1898-1900, from which time there is little recorded. A deacon for over 30 years and an organizing member of the Middle Oregon Baptist Association, Harrison Neece died in 1897, son of Baptist minister and revivalist in Missouri for over 40 years.

The Baptist church was located on the uphill side of the main street, Highway 97, and its lumber was used to build the former Havie Brisbine house.

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