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Sun Rise Cemetery

Compiled by Sherry (Woods) Kaseberg
Sun Rise Cemetery, 1965 Survey with Notes

Sun Rise Cemetery is located northwest of Wasco in the extreme southeast corner of section 31, T2N, R17E. It was deeded to Taylor Lodge #99, AF&AM, by the heirs of Colonel James Fulton. The deed was filed at the courthouse in March 1899. In 1952, Taylor Lodge deeded the property to the Wasco Cemetery Association which operates the cemetery. Sherry Kaseberg recorded gravestone inscriptions here and at Wasco Methodist Cemetery across the road in 1965. Sources for the notes were Helen Bruckert, Walt Eaton, Bertha Belshe, Mark Fields, Giles French, Esther Peugh, Gertrude Peugh, Ivalou Peugh, Bea Richelderfer, Theron Richelderfer and Chris Sanders.


NE Quarter  4 plots per lot

Lot & Owner

Surname Name Birth & Death


1/2 – B.H. McMan
1/2 – H.A. Ellsworth
Herbert Ellsworth moved away in 1923. Anna Ellsworth of Wasco purchased a Moro hotel in 1915.
8 Sunrise records indicate Franklin Smith bought plot 1 of lot 8, NE section along the north service road. Lot #1 is in the very NE corner of NE section after which numbers go westward.
30 Elmer Henderson [Certificate of Death: Edward Henderson, white single male, age about 27, born TX; laborer, died 18 November 1907, accidentally mashed in a wreck between two wheat wagons; informant Vic Smith of Wasco; M.B. Taylor, coroner; burial 20 November 1907, place not given.]
33 Harley Hand Hand Steven A. -7 June 1963 Infant son of Harley Hand. [Bea Richelderfer]
64 James O’Meara O’Meara Baby Kathleen -8 June 1947 10 h Daughter of James and Alma Jean (Watkins) O’Meara Tipley [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 13 June 1947]
65 Watkins Roy E. 1886-1949 Roy Earnest, son of Arthur F. and Cora (Garlock) Watkins, born Prescott, KS 8 June 1886; m. Estella Ogle 2 January 1916; father of Cleone and Alma Jean who m. James Y. O’Meara & Elmer Tipley; brother of  Cora, Edna, Everett m. Marie Venable, Nellie m. George K. Matteson, Bert m. May Cline, Arthur Morris m. Blanche Putnam and Metta m. Albert Kaseberg; half-brother of Harold, Garl and Wanda; Wasco Christian Church funeral [Bea Richelderfer; SC:FTR 2-2; SCJ, 6 January 1950]
Thomas Howard
[Thomas Howard lived at Biggs in 1901.]
95 See Lot #98 [Theron Richelderfer to Mark Fields 1997: Con Davis, Frank Pitts & Denzil Haines buried in same lot. …
Wiley Conley “Con” Davis born 15 November 1888 Johnson County, TN; lived Shoun’s Crossroads, Johnson County, TN;  in Arlington Pct., Gilliam County 1910; died 1967; buried Lot #95 [Con Davis by Gary Fields (book)]
Pitts Frank cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 1877-1944 Born 13 April 1877, Sonoma County, CA; brother of Harry, T.D., Clara and Mabel m. Vanlandingham; died 30 May 1944 while working on the Art Bucholtz ranch in Sherman County, Masonic rites [California Voters Register; ODI; Mark Fields; WWI Draft Registration Cards; SCJ, 9 June 1944] […..Old man John Pitts died 10 March 1900 in Sherman County, aged about 90 years; lived at Grant; 1880, 1883, 1885 Klickitat County, 1890 Wasco County; veteran; died 10 March 1900 about 90 years Wasco Poor House; buried Sunrise Cemetery [1890 US Veterans Schedule, Falls Pct., Wasco County, OR; SCO, 16 March 1900]
96 Coats Steward C.J. 1867-1945 FATHER Charles, husband of Belva; father of Luther Howard Steward (1909-1975) of Rufus, Martha, June Rose, Monda Dee, Carl, Charles and Herbert
97 John Clark Clark John 1877-1941 John Clark was born 8 February 1877 Mexico, Audrain County, MO; in Sherman County nearly 30 years; employed on farms and as farm machinery salesman; graveside services at Sunrise; “Small, wiry, witty, Democrat and democratic Red Clark, in death as in life, placed no burden on his many friends. A long held insurance policy in the hands of J.P. O’Meara cared for the final rites.” [SCJ, 11 July 1941]
Clark Margaret E. 1875-1944 Margaret E. White 1873-1943, daughter of Richard White; m. George Clark, divorced about 1912; teacher at Brock school near Rufus and at Mitchell, OR; mother of Charles Oliver m. Pauline, Anna m. Atlee Wilson and Ellen Mary m. Claude E. Coats; sister of Susie A. White 1888-1973 m. Curtis A. Tom, Rev. G.P. White, C.R. White and J.F. White; died 7 April 1944, Rufus church funeral, interment Sunrise Cemetery [SCJ, 14 April 1944]
Peterson Andrew 1869-1941 Andrew Guy Peterson, born Sweden 19 November 1869; to Chicago, The Dalles & Wasco; carpenter & cabinetmaker; m. ___; died 26 October 1941 The Dalles; no known kin. [SCJ, 31 October 1941]
Myrtle & W.F. Johnson
 Johnson  Myrtle F.  -13 December 1939
65y 4m 21d
Born Myrtle Mary Farmer, 2 August 1875 in KS; m. 28 May 1895 to William Johnson in Bloomington, IL; mother of Ilene m. Hatley; “died from the results of an accident in her home which caused a severe cut on her neck from which she bled profusely.” [SCJ, 29 December 1939]
W. Phillips
Hatley Marion B., Sr. 1884-1950 Marion Bert Hatley, Sr., b. Dayton, WA; m. Ilene M. Johnson 17 January 1917 in Sherman County; worked for Sherman Cooperative Grain Growers; father of Mary Katherine, Idella Pearl m. Braught, Charlotte, Betty May,  Marjorie Myrtle 1918-1993 m. Harold Ireland, Hazel m. Moffitt, Judy m. Wilson, Jeanette m. Wagstaff, William F. and Marion B. [Sharon Brock, Hermiston 2011]
Hatley Ilene Ilene M. Johnson, daughter of William F. and Myrtle (Farmer) Johnson, born at Wasco; m. Marion B. Hatley; mother of Mary, Idella, Charlotte, Betty, Marjorie, Hazel, Judy, Jeanette, William F. and Marion B. [Bea Richelderfer; Sharon Brock 2011; Sherman County Births]
Hatley Child [Possibly Mary Katherine Hatley 27 June 1922-1923]
Hatley Child [Possibly Charlotte Hatley died  July 1926 age 4 months; SCO, 9 July 1926]
Hatley Child [Possibly Betty May Hatley 20 January 1919-2 November 1920, died in a fire at Wasco]
Hatley Child
Walter Shay / Thomas Howard
[1900 US Census, Grant Pct., Sherman County, OR: Walter Shay 37 WI, wife Alice 30 OR, Nellie 11 WA, Nina 10 WA, Walter W. 7 OR & May E. 1 WA.]
W.R. Fowler
Fowler Williamcem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 15 August  1840-10 September 1907 William R. Fowler, born MO; Confederate soldier; m. 1870 Celeste “Lettie” Matthews  (born 1850 OH-died 1933, interment Portland crematorium);  to Rufus 1884; father of Cora m. A.K. Stranahan, Joseph Shelby m. Mae Irene Fleck, Lella m. Charles Lamm in MO, Ila m. Smith and Zula m. C.C. Currin; brother of Thomas A. Fowler of Pettis County, MO and Rufus, OR  [Bea Richelderfer; Nellie (Dingle) Fields 1984]
Robert Evans
Evans Robert F. 1881-1944 Born PA 6 November 1881; to Wasco 1901, then Portland; m. Etta ___ in Portland; Wasco Methodist funeral (Henry Richelderfer (1846-1926) m. Mary Evans 1870 NY, daughter of James Evans born PA.) [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 26 May 1944]
Evans Etta R. 1885-1955 Wife of Robert Evans.
Theole August H. 1901-1960
Theole Robert H. 1899-1958
______ ______ Unidentified grave 1965
116 G.A. Sargent
117 Sargent Milon Arthur -1915 Infant son of George Arthur and  Inez  (Van Gilder) Sargent [Inez (Van Gilder) Sargent; Bea Richelderfer]
Clara Pyburn
[grave not located in 1965] Possibly: Jennie Elva Phillips, born Howard County, KS 5 January 1862, daughter of Horace and Olive Phillips; m1 17 January 1880 George Anthony Warren, mother of  Vinton 1881-1883, Walter 1883-1884, Clara Myrtle 1887-1954 m. Jacob A. Pyburn, Louis E. 1889-1891, Roy Anthony 1890-1928, George C. 1893-1938, Arthur Horace 1896-, Dewey Victor 1898-1936 and Daisy Violet 1902-1944 m. Murvel Stuart Stone 2 July 1924 at Wasco; m2 Harry Blackwood; died at Lebanon, OR in 1944 aged 82, buried at Wasco; Harry died 5 August 1954 Linn County, OR.  [Theron Richelderfer; Ivalou Peugh 1986; Mark Fields 1997; obit SCJ, 3 November 1944: Jennie Blackwood, 82]
119 Stone Murvel  S. 1890-1962 Murvel Stewart, son of Louis Alansing and Clara R. (McBride) Stone, born near Wasco; m. Daisy Violet Warren 2 July 1924 at Wasco; father of Gladys, Georgia, Elva, Carol and Murvil S. Jr.; brother of Rosalie m. Hugh A. White, Estella May died young, Frank Harold m. Ada F. Willard, and Esther m. Charles Smith & Theodore Beletski & Robert Kaseberg [Esther (Stone) Smith Beletski Kaseberg; Mabel (Cothran) White; Anna (Olson) Jacobsen; Bea Richelderfer]
Stone Daisy V. 1902-1944 Daisy Violet Warren, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Warren of Lebanon; m. Murvel Stone; mother of Gladys m. Al Wright, Georgia Elizabeth m. Bolman, Elva m. Keller, Carol m. Brandlein, Edgar and Murvil S. Jr.; lived Wasco 20 years; sister of Clara m. Pyburn and Arthur Warren; died 7 March 1944 [SCJ, 17 March 1944]
Charles Hayner
Hayner Charles D. 1861-1939 Charles DeWitt Hayner, born 11 April 1861 Cherry Valley, IL; m. Ruby Dee Moore in Hood River, OR; father of Sadie, Royal and Ada [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 24 March 1939; Hood River County Genealogies]
Hayner Ruby D. 1865-1940 Ruby Dee, daughter of Hugh W. and Tryphena (Edmonds) Moore, born IL 3 February 1865; m. Charles DeWitt Hayner; mother of Sadie m. Elmer Pardee Rich, Royal, Ada, daughter m. Rogers and son died young; died at home of daughter Sadie Rich in Wasco; Methodist funeral [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 1 November 1940]
R.J. Yocum
Yocum Maybelle 1909-1938 Daughter of Samuel Joseph and Lena Belle (Spoon) Brock; 1st wife of John Richard “Dick” Yocom, m. 1928; mother of two children [Bea Richelderfer; Theron Richelderfer]
William Deaton
Deaton William S. 1865-1939 Born IL 26 June 1865; brother of Lincoln Deaton; farmed at Klondike for 30 years; m. Flossie A. ___, father of two step-sons; [ODI: William S. Deaton died 28 March 1939 Sherman County; SCJ, 31 March 1939]
Deaton Flossie A. 1884-1949 Flossie A. (____) Cavanaugh, born MI; divorced by 1930; m. William S. Deaton  [1930 US Census, Klondike Pct., Sherman County, OR: William S. Deaton 64 born IL farmer, and Flossie A. Cavanaugh 44 divorced housekeeper born MI; ODI]
Adeline Hull
Hull Adeline A. 1878-1962 Adeline A. Winks m. Delphus Levin Hull  22 April 1906 in Sherman County  [Bea Richelderfer; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973]
Hull Jessie 1871-1944 Jessie Lillian Hull, born 10 May 1871 Pike County, IL, daughter of John Levin and Mary Frances (Johnston) Hull; died 25 April 1944 Wasco; sister of Esther Catherine, Rose Ellen, John William, Mary Josephine, Charles Edward, George Albert, Carrie May, Frank A., Emma Maude, Dell and Cecil Raymond [Bea Richelderfer; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; SCJ, 28 April 1944]
Hull Dell 1879-1935 Delphus Levin “Dell” Hull, born 13 March 1879 Christian County, IL, son of John Levin and Mary Frances (Johnston) Hull; to Sherman County 1888; Wasco barber; m. Adeline A. Winks as her 2nd husband 22 April 1906 Sherman County, OR died 22 September 1935; Wasco Methodist funeral; buried at Sunrise [SCJ, 27 September 1935]
______ _____ [Unmarked grave found 1965]
Jack Sheets
Sheets John cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 -1 January 1933 John Henry “Jack” Sheets, born  21 August 1887 LaGrande, OR, son of Adam and Margaret (Scott) Sheets; blacksmith; enlisted Ft. George Wright, Washington, served American expeditionary forces as private first class 7 May 1918 to 4 December 1918, attached to the 837th Aero squadron of the aviation corps, discharged Camp Lewis, WA 25 December 1918; 1st husband of Wilma Maddox who operated a grocery store in Wasco; blacksmith; father of William and Beryl; Wasco Methodist funeral, Frank Brown Post No. 91 American Legion ritual [Bea Richelderfer; ODI: informant Mrs. M.J. Schwendel; SCJ, 1974; TDC, 26 March 1992; SCJ, 6 January 1933]
R.C. Hammond
Possibly a Hammond child. Riley C. and Mary Hammond were in Wasco Pct. 1910, reporting 4 children, 3 living: Bessie 13, Flossie 9 and Dale 3. In 1920 and 1930 they were in The Dalles Pct.
J.S. Fowler, owner
Fowler Infant Daughter -1906 Daughter of Joseph Shelby and Mae Irene (Fleck) Fowler [Bea Richelderfer] – [See Rufus Cemetery]
Fowler Infant Son -1916 Son of Joseph Shelby and Mae Irene (Fleck) Fowler [Bea Richelderfer; Nellie (Dingle) Fields] – [See Rufus Cemetery]
127 Barnett Lafayette 1859-1952 Francis Lafayette “Lafe” Barnett, son of Andrew, born 5 February 1859, Yankeetown, IN; Klickitat County 1880; to Sherman County early 1880s, farmed W of Wasco; m. Arvilla Jane Peugh; lived near Wasco, “raised a family of seven, built a good house and prospered on a half section of land… successful in many shooting matches being an expert with a shotgun;” father of Leslie T. m. Anna M. Croisant, Arabelle, Nora m. Dolph Elmer Brewer 1916, Myrtle Amanda m. Arthur W. Anderson 1917, Otis Tilbert m. Lillie, Dean m. Lorraine; Baby died1888 and Benton B. Barnett m. Agnes [Wasco County Marriages; SCJ, 16 October 1916; Ivalou Peugh; SCJ, 25 January 1952]
Barnett Arvilla J. 1870-1937 Arvilla Jane Peugh, daughter of William and Eliza; m. Francis Lafayette Barnett 11 December 1887, Wasco County, OR; mother of Leslie, Arabelle, Nora, Myrtle, Otis, Dean, Baby & Benton [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 16 August 1937; Ivalou and Esther Peugh of Wasco]
Ernest Weld
______ ______ Unidentified grave 1965 Ernest Linwood Weld, born Tonica, IL 10 October 1865; m. Rose Venable in Wasco in March 1898, father of Wayland Claire Weld born 1903; sold ranch NW of Wasco in 1926; active in the road building program in Sherman County; lived here 60 years; Wasco Methodist funeral. [SCJ, 5 January 1940]
Alford Hines
Hines ? Carl Harold -3 May __ 63y
______ ________ [Unidentified grave 1965]
Hines Alford 2 October 1865-23 December 1937 Alfred Hines, son of James Shelton and Selina (Pyburn) Hines, born Corvallis, Benton County, OR; m. Mahala Henderson 13 November1888 Wasco, Wasco County, OR; father of Earl born Hood River County, OR 1890; brother of Lee, William, Mrs. John Burres, Mrs. Nancy Truax, Mrs. Kate Michell and Mrs. Ida King; mechanic; died Rufus, OR [SCJ, 31 December 1937]
Siscel Emsley 1850-1932 FATHER Son of William and ___ (Richardson) Siscel, born 14 May 1850 IN; m. Pernila A. Barnett 5 December 1875, daughter of Andrew; from Hagerstown, IN to San Francisco, CA 1881, to Portland by boat 1882, to Grant in Sherman County 1882 where they was met by Lafe Barnett, Pernila’s brother; homestead on Gordon Ridge; father of Charles m. Ruthie May Howell, Floye m. Giles Coleman; Della m. Eugene C. Eaton & J.E. Stevenson and Perry B. “Pat” Siscel m. Lena Epperson 1913 [Jim Siscel; They Paved the Way by Belshe; Sherman County Methodist Circuit Records: Emsley Siscel, Mrs. Pern. Siscel, Miss Floy and Della, 1894; SCJ, 1966 & 1967; SCJ, 22 April 1932]
Siscel Pernila A. 1855-1951 MOTHER Daughter of Andrew and Juliet Zaroda (Sprinkle) Barnett, born 22 December 1855 Yankeetown, IN; to Wasco 1882; m. Emsley Siscel;  mother of Charles, Floye, Della and Perry; sister of Wilson Marion m. Sarah E. Golden, Albert J., Lafayette Francis “Lafe” m. Arvilla Jane Peugh and others; Wasco Methodist funeral [Jim Siscel; 1880 US Census, Warrick County, IN; 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR; SCJ, 23 March 1951]
Siscel Perry 1887-1934 SON  Perry “Pat” Siscel, son of Emsley and Pernila; operated confectionery store in Wasco with Steve McMillin; brother of Charles, Floye and Della; to Redmond; died Bend, funeral Redmond, interment Sunrise. [Jim Siscel; TO, 28 December 1928; SCJ, 16 March 1934]
George Hooper
W.A. Tupper
S.E. Eakin
POSSIBLY [Wasco Methodist Church records: Mr. Aiken died November 1932, buried Wasco; TO, 23 & 30 December 1932: Died. Robert Eakin at the home of son S.B. east of Wasco; Oregon Death Index #10 Sherman County: Robert Eakin died 13 December 1932 S.C. Eakin home at Rufus, informant S.C. Eakin of Rufus, burial 20 December 1932, services held from the M.E. Church; SCJ, 23 December 1932 & 30 December 1932]
Hull George A. 1869-1942 FATHER George Albert Hull, son of John Levin & Mary F. (Johnston) Hull; to OR from Pike County, IL with parents 1889; a drayman, teamster & farmer in Klickitat County, WA; m. Nellie Graham of Goldendale, WA; father of Roy, Lloyd and Alma; lived Vancouver, WA 20 years; brother of Esther Catherine m. John Fields, Rose m. Joel Pound, John W., Josie m. Jack Underhill, Charles E., Jessie Lillian, Carrie May m. Frank Morrow, Frank, Cecil, Emma M. who m. Hoggard & Williams & Shearer and Delphus Levin m. Adeline Winks [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; SCJ, 9 January 1942]
Hull John W. 1863-1925 John William “Bill” Hull, born 20 May 1863 IL, son of John Levin and Mary F. (Johnston) Hull; to OR from Pike County, IL with parents 1889; m. Abbie Catherine Emerson in IL; father of Mildred m. Freeman Marion Crews, Dwight DeWitt, Bruce, Henry Wade m. Nell Lorraine Andrews and Orville Wayne; brother of Esther Catherine, Rose, George A., Josie, Charles E., Jessie Lillian, Carrie May, Frank, Cecil, Emma M. and Delphus Levin; separated from Abbie (1863-1954) who is buried in The Dalles, daughter of Richard & Ann Emerson. [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw]
M. Tuel
Tuel Merritt G. cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 -6 January 1936 Born  9 October 1887 Sumner,WA; 1900 & 1910 Lane County, OR; 1930 Sherman County, OR; two years mayor of Wasco; US Navy, Bremerton, WA; m. Margaret Dixon 28 June 1919 Portland, OR; to Wasco 1919; proprietor Wasco Bakery and Confectionery  for many years; American Legion member; father of Merritt Douglas and Dorothy Marion; American Legion funeral service [SCJ, 10 January 1936]
John Addington
[John Grover Addington, m. 10 October 1909 at Rufus to Sarah Coats (20 July 1891-4 July 1958, buried Dufur; parents of Opal A. m. Arnold Brady, Edna Lenora m. Micky Fleck & Don Macnab and Pearl Lucille m. J.J. Herin; lived The Dalles 1910, Sherman County 1920 & Appleton/Klickitat County, WA]
Rev. Meeker
Meeker Baby or Child [Bea Richelderfer]
H.A. White
M.A. Van Gilder
Porter Jane 29 January 1828-19 April 1897 69y 2m 20d Born NY, nee Shephard; m. Richard Derrick Porter who died 23 February 1887 Livingston County, NY; mother of James, Adelbert “Dell,” Albert S., Lucy Athalia, Julia, Jennie m. Milon Van Gilder, Inez Rosilla m. J. Morris Nash 1887. [Bev (Porter) Moltzau 2000; Bea Richelderfer; Inez Van Gilder; J.R. Dick Porter, Portland 1996; David P. Coleman, Glenburnie, MD 1996]
Owen Barnett
Possibly: Owen W. “Dutch Barnett (1886-1964) m. Alice G. Riggins (1886-1964); father of Jerry
147 Dutton Harley D. 1879-1957 Harley Douglas Dutton, son of William W. and Mary Ellen (Roberts) Dutton, born 18 December 1879 Hillsboro, OH; m. Emma C. Richelderfer 11 March 1908; died near Wasco March 1857; father of Harold, Kathryn and Earl; brother of William Edward & Roy [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 1957]
Dutton Emma C. 1886- Daughter of Henry and Mary (Evans) Richelderfer; m. Harley Douglas Dutton 11 March 1908 at the Richelderfer home near Wasco; died 1981 The Dalles, OR [Bea Richelderfer]
148 McMillan Leland S. 1884-1948 Son of James and Hannah Maria (Bradley) McMillin; brother of George W., Adeline, Flora V. m. Roy Barzee, Laura m. C. Lester Barzee, James P. m. May Walker, John, Edwin, T.W. m. Rose Maud Sexton, Eugene m. Mary Walker, Stephen m. Sibyl Ursula McFadden, Clara Annetta m. Frank Robinson, Emma Maria m. Eli Mason “Judd” Hines and Ida May m. William Monroe King; services in Stevenson, interment in Wasco cemetery [SCJ, 16 January 1948]
G.C. Andrews
Andrews Guy C. 1880-1960 Guy Chester Andrews, son of Charles Mortimer and Hattie (King) Andrews, born 10 August 1880; brother of Claude K.; grandson of Simeon J. & Rachel Andrews; m. Mary E. Bowles at C.M. Andrews’ home 13 December 1906; father of Chester Paul m. 1929 Edith Dillinger and Phil; died December 1960 [Stella (McLachlan) Dillinger; Sherman County Marriages]
Andrews Mary E. 1888-1946 Mary E. Bowles, born at Wasco 1888, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roxy Bowles (sic); sister of Nita; m. Guy Chester Andrews,mother of Chester & Phil [SCJ, 3 May 1946]
Andrews Benjamin L. 1863-1943 Benjamin Louis Andrews, born Glasgow, MO 9 January 1863, son of Amos and Martha Andrews; brother of James of IA, Belle m. Newman Guilford 1905 and Mattie m. Wm. Carver of Denver; to OR age 19; m. Agnes Ramey; father of Cora Virginia m. Carroll Wright & Ray York, William Henry, Ross Franklin, Roy E. and Mattie Belle who m. Elwood McPherson 1912; died 23 December 1943 N of Wasco. [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 31 December 1943; Georgia Belle Holzapfel 1997; SCO, 1 May 1914: grandchild of Ben Andrews of Rufus died; TO, 24 August 1928: Ross F. Andrews, Moro, m. Lilly M. Gillam of Perrydale 19 August at McMinnville; Sherman County Marriages: 25 May 1913 Carroll W. Wright m. Cora V. Andrews, Rev. B. A. Warren]
Andrews Agnes R. 1869-1954  Perry “Pat” Siscel, son of Emsley and Pernila; operated confectionery store in Wasco with Steve McMillin; brother of Charles, Floye and Della; to Redmond; died Bend, funeral Redmond, interment Sunrise. [Jim Siscel; TO, 28 December 1928; SCJ, 16 March 193 [Bea Richelderfer; Bill Andrews; 1905 Illustrated History of Central Oregon]
151 Harper William C. 1876-1946 William Cornelius Harper, son of Charles Arthur and ____Harper, Sr.; m. Mary Ellen Wall 24 March 1905 Sherman County; father of Gordon Neal, Infant Daughter, Willard Wall and Georgia Ellen m. Clifford Walker & Charlie McAllister [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 8 February 1946]
Harper Ellen M. 1880-1941 Mary Ellen Wall, born Bement, IL 8 November 1880; to Sherman County 1904; m. William C. Harper  24 March 1905 Sherman County; Wasco Methodist funeral, Eastern Star ritual [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 6 & 13 June 1941]
McPherson & Andrews
153 Bayliss Nella M. 1877-1937 Nella Martha Davis, born January 1877 in OR, died Wasco County; m1 Robert Dent about 1895, divorced 1917, mother of Robert C., Roy O., Geneva m. __ Allen, Edith Martha m. Stanley Gibson, Ivan A., Lyle A. and Erma; m2 William A. Bayliss 31 December 1948 [ODI; Carol Rush, daughter of Ivan Dent, 2009; Mark Fields; SCJ, 10 December 1937]
Gibson Baby Son of Edith Martha (Dent) and Stanley Gibson; grandson of Nella (Davis) Dent Bayliss [WNE, 6 August 1925:“Dies of Pneumonia. Franklin Wesley Gibson, age 54 days, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gibson, of Portland, died here Sunday of lobar pneumonia. The boy had been staying with is grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Bayliss.” – SCO, 7 August 1925, Moro, OR: “Franklin Gibson, eight week old baby boy living near Wasco with his grandparents, W.A. Bayliss and wife, during the absence of his parents in or near Portland, died Sunday night from pneumonia following an attack of whooping cough.”]
S.P. Boise (sic)
[Samuel Fresco Boice m. Fay Ida Morgan; their son Samuel Glen Boice was born in Sherman County 1926.]
155 Tate William 1828-1925 Son of John and Elizabeth, born Ireland; brother of Alexander, Frank & Mary of California and Elizabeth m. Wilson Reid of Sherman County; to USA about 1845-1851, to Chicago; to Plumas County, CA about 1849-1853; returned to IL; to Sherman County 1886, located on a farm 5 miles up the canyon from Rufus; m. Elizabeth Steele 1859 in Chicago, IL; carpenter, farmer; father of R. L. of Chicago, Worth A. m. Amy Elizabeth McClintock 1909, Walter Lee, William Ernest m. Louise Hansen 1890, Frank and Mary Florence “Mollie” m. Schreiner. [Bea Richelderfer; SC:FTR]
Tate William Ernest 1865-1958 Son of William, born Chicago, IL; to Sherman County 1886; Wasco postmaster; m. Louise “Lula” Hansen 10 September 1890 Wasco County, OR; father of Florence L. m. Louis Murdock 1913, Bessie, Mary m. C.F. Barbour, Aileen m. Henry A. Medler & Gordon Brown, Gladys “Babe” m. Floyd Ford and Frances E. m. Robert P. Foister 1921 Sherman County; grandfather of Betty m. Floyd Rathbun [SC:FTR; Bea Richelderfer; Adeline McDonald]
Tate Louise 1868-1941 Louise Hansen, born Kirbyville, Josephine County, OR; to Sherman County 1886, Wasco area 55 years; m. William Ernest Tate; mother of Florence, Bessie, Mary, Aileen, Gladys and Frances. [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 14 November 1941]
156 Wilson Lem L. 1880-1959 Lemuel, born TN, son of Andrew J. & Julia A. (Shoun) Wilson of Johnson County, TN; related to the Kent Wilsons, other Wilsons at Rufus, Garland and Stalcup families; to Roseburg, OR, in Sherman County by 1920; farmed in Scott Canyon across the road from the Stewart Macnab place; m1 Sophronia “Fronie” Campbell about 1901 TN, father of Joseph Homer 1907 and Ruth 1910; m2 Gladys Holm  8 December 1923 Christian Church parsonage, divorced by 1930, living with Rosetta R. Pitcher, widowed housekeeper in Rufus Precinct [Chet Coats 1996: reported that Lem m. ___ Edmundson, a Brock school teacher who had her children with her; Jean (Morris) Brown 1996; Ila Wakely, Bothell, WA 1999; Edna Macnab 1996 reported Lem worked for Sid Johnson and married again after Fronie’s death and they had a daughter; 1880, 1900 & 1910 US Census, Johnson County, TN; 1920 & 1930 US Census, Rufus Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Wilson Fronie 1880-1921 Sophronia “Fronie” Campbell, daughter of Joseph L. and Sarah S. (Stalcup) Campbell of Johnson County, TN; 1st wife of Lemuel L. Wilson; mother of Joseph Homer and Ruth
G.T. Andrews
Probably: Guy Thomas Andrews, born VA;  died The Dalles 30 August 1942 age 75; lived at Wasco 45 years; m. Ida May Tozier 22 October 1896 at Wasco, father of Harold, Nell m. Wade Hull 27 June 1920, Lena, Marie J. a school teacher and Effie; brother of Jack; committal at The Dalles IOOF Cemetery [SCJ, 14 September 1942; Sunrise records Lot #157, plot #1, plots 2-3-4 appear to be empty; Sherman County Methodist Circuit Records: E. Tozier, Wasco 1894; Miss Ida May Tozier, Wasco 1894 (m. G. Andrews); Miss Ella Eva Tozier, Wasco 1898 (m. W.S. Clayton); Mike Day, Wichita, KS 2010]
Possibly: Ida May Tozier, daughter of Edward George and Elvira Jane (Bishop) Tozier, born June 1874 KS; m. Guy T. Andrews 22 October 1896 at Wasco; mother of Harold, Nell, Lena, Marie J. and Effie; sister of Sarah Jane and Richard Earnest Tozier; died 1 April 1955 Portland, OR
Is Edward Tozier buried in an unmarked grave in Lot 157? Possibly: Edward George Tozier, son of Jared and Sarah, born 7 August 1845 New Brunswick, Canada; to USA age 21; Indian Scout under General Phil Sheridan on the plains; to KS, m. Elvira Jane “Ella” Bishop, January 1871, Elkhorn, Lincoln County, KS; to San Francisco 1883 and Wasco 1884; said to have built the first blacksmith shop in Wasco; father of Sarah Jane “Jennie” m1 Bill Armsworthy & Jesse Moses Thompson, Idah May m. Guy T. Andrews, and Richard Earnest m. Lora Ella Nelson; died 19 January 1921 at Wasco, burial Sunset Cemetery Jan. 21, 1921  [Mike Day, Wichita, KS 2010; Wasco Methodist Circuit records; ODI; Oregon Certificate of Death, informant Guy Andrews] OBIT
George Herbert  Root
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave found in 1965]
Root Henry 1842-1921 Son of William and Catherine (Cook) Root, born  7 April 1842 WI; brother of Austin A., John C., Washington I., Albert E. and Keziah E.; m. Harriet Anne Goodyear1873 Humboldt County, CA;  to Sherman County 1881 W of Wasco; father of William Darwin, George Herbert m. Christina Amelia Kaseberg and Nora Frances m. Harry Edwin Morrow; Wasco Methodist funeral  [Chris Sanders; G. Herbert Root; Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Edwin Morrow; Albert C. Kaseberg]
Root Harriet 1852-1931 Harriet Anne, daughter of Joseph Darwin and Sophina (Wright) Goodyear, born Dane County, WI 29 May 1853; mother of Darwin, Herbert and Nora; died at home W of Wasco; Methodist funeral
160 Funk Lawrence L. 1891-1961 Married Myrtle M. Everett 15 November 1914 Sherman County, OR; father of Geraldine A. (1917-1982) m. Whipple &  Hull & Engberg
Funk Myrtle M. 1894- Daughter of Hugh Edward and Eliza (Spurlock) Everett; m. Lawrence Lee Funk; mother of Geraldine

SE Quarter

J.E. Savage
______ _____ [An unidentified grave found in 1965]
Nunn Edith Pearl 1885-1929 nee Bull; wife of Everett Pharis Nunn (1883-1963); mother of Frederick Rollie who m. Lillian Fern Peterson, James Roy, Bertha Rhoda, Lucius R., Harold E., Leslie Robert, Charles W., Howard R. and Barbara R.; 1910 in St. Clair County, MO; in 1920 Kent Pct., Sherman County, OR; niece of Mrs. Dell Wright; died 29 August 1929 Sherman County [Mark Fields]
163 Ross Andrews _____ _____ [Unreadable marker in 1965] [Ross Franklin Andrews, son of Benjamin and Agnes, m. May ____ and buried a baby; SCO: Ross F. Andrews, Moro, m. Lilly M. Gillam of Perrydale 19 August at McMinnville.]
164 Belshee W. Roy 1878-1963 Wesley Roy Belshee, son of Joseph Frank and Emmaline (Bledsoe) Belshee; m1 Mary Jane McBain, father of Emmaline m. Jesse E. “Jeff” Wilson and LeRoy m.Gladys; m2 Bessie (McLachlan) Axtell; m3 Daisy (Fuller) Hennagin (who died 1947) 25 November 1937; m4 Eunice; m5 Imogene Dahlquist 20 January 1957 Sherman County
Belshee Mary J. 1879-1929 Mary Jane “Jennie” McBain, 1st wife of Wesley Roy Belshee; mother of LeRoy m. Gladys 1938 and Emmaline m. Jesse “Jeff” E. Wilson 1923
Wilson Jerrol 1927-1937 Son of Emmaline Valeda (Belshee) and Jesse E. “Jeff” Wilson; brother of Donal; grandson of Roy Belshee [Bea Richelderfer; Mark Fields; SCJ, 9 July 1937 & 16 July 1937]
165 Richelderfer Asa D. 1876-1947 Asa David, son of Henry and Mary, born Philipsburg, NJ; to Portland as a small child, then mouth of Deschutes River, to Sherman County 1880; m. Sarah Leah Riker, M.D. 6 June 1917; father of Catherine, David, Henry and Mary [Bea Richelderfer; SC:FTR; 24 January 1947]
Richelderfer S. Leah 1880-1960 Sarah Leah Riker; physician; m. Asa David Richelderfer 1917; mother of Catherine m. Robert Bish, David Dutch m. Shirley Juhnke, Henry Niles m. Amber Kenner and Mary Maxine [Bea Richelderfer; SC:FTR]
Richelderfer Infant Child of Henry and Amber [Bea Richelderfer; SC:FTR]
Richelderfer Mary Maxine 1921-1926 Daughter of Asa and Sarah Leah
166 Richelderfer Henry 1846-1926 Born PA; married Mary Evans 29 April 1870 New York City; to PA, NJ, KS two years; to San Francisco; arrived in Portland 1878; to the mouth of the Deschutes River spring 1878-1880 & homestead 3 mi. NW of Wasco; worked on O.W.R. & N. railroad bridges between Celilo and Umatilla; father of Harry, Asa, Earl, Laura and Emma; died Centralia, WA aged 80 years; Wasco Methodist funeral [Bea Richelderfer; SC:FTR; WNE, 10 June 1926]
Richelderfer Mary 1847-1932 Mary J. Evans, daughter of James and Annie Evans, born 19 July 1847 PA; m. Henry Richelderfer; mother of Harry Nathan m. Gerda Kuhnhausen of Glenwood, WA, Asa David m. Dr. Sarah Leah Riker, Earl H. m. Beatrice Bogard, Laura m. Robert Fordyce and Emma m. Harley Douglas Dutton 1908 Richelderfer home near Wasco; died at son Asa’s home near Wasco 9 July 1932. [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ 15 July 1932]
Roy E. Moore
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965]  Roy E. Moore m. Dora Fridley  [Bea Richelderfer]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965]
B.F. Shull
Shull Harold R. cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 3 May 1927, Oregon, Cpl. 16 Train Hdqts & Military Police Son of Benjamin F. and Clara B. Shull, born April 1900 WA; brother of Ernest born September 1898 WA.
169 Porter Albert S. 1855-1928 Son of Richard Derrick and Jane (Shepherd) Porter, born 19 February 1855 Mt. Morris, NY; m. Jennie R. Brinkerhoff 13 April 1880; father of Grace and Alberta; to Wasco 1893; to Portland by 1918; brother of Jennie (Porter) Van Gilder; an employee of the W. W. M. Co. for twenty years, in charge of their Hay Canyon warehouse; died October 1928, Wasco Methodist funeral, interment Wasco cemetery [SCO, June 8, 1928]
Porter Jennie R. 1856-1943 87y Daughter of J.G. and Maria (Vanhorn) Brinkerhoff; m. Albert S. Porter; mother of Grace and Alberta.
170 Spurlock Rachel Ann 1837-1937 Mother of Eliza Ann who m. Hugh Edward Everett 1881; Myrtle Funk’s grandmother
Everett Eliza Ann 1860-1937 Born IA, nee Spurlock 12 April 1861; m. Hugh Edward Everett 1881; mother of Charles, Carl, Edna, Clara, Hugh E., Myrtle, Iva, Mattie Perl and Lee; to Sherman County 1886; died  ; Wasco Christian church funeral [SCJ, 29 January 1937]
Everett Hugh E. 1853-1949 Son of Isaac and Amelia, born 25 May 1853; m. Eliza Ann Spurlock; homestead Biglow Canyon 1886, sold to George Drinkard; father of Charles m. Mrs. Idah Wangeman, Carl m. Blanche Spencer, Edna m. Ernest Ferrell, Clara m. Jack Ramey, Hugh Edward “Ted” m. Fern Fritts, Myrtle m. Lawrence Funk, Iva, Mattie m. Elfin Ross, Perl (m) and Lee Allen; brother of Mary, Sarah m. Connor, Priscilla m. Everett & Carson, John, Nancy m. Ornduff & Medler, Ida m. Fleanor, Servenas m. Minnie Frazier and Clara;  [SC:FTR 8-2, 9-2; History of Wasco County, OR; Pat Goodale 1995; Helen (White) Bruckert 1992; SCJ, 18 November 1949]
George Hetzler
_____ Mrs. Ida [Unreadable grave marker 1965]  Ida Belle (Hathaway) Spencer Hetzler, born 26 October 1869 Dodge County, MN, daughter of Thomas Hathaway; m1 Fred William Spencer 26 October 1886 Woodbury County, IA, mother of Wilfred Arthur Spencer of The Dalles, Eugene R. Spencer of Vancouver, WA and Bessie m. Martin of Olympia; m2 George Hetzler; in the Wasco area 1910, 1920 & 1930; sister of Bert Hathaway of Los Angeles; died Olympia, WA 28 May 1943; Wasco Christian Church service, Keith Fields of Eagle Creek officiating, Rebekah ritual at graveside, interment Sunrise. [Ivalou Peugh 1991; Charles Mercer 2001; Mark Fields; 1920 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County: George L. Hetzler 57 contractor, house, wife Ida 50 restaurant proprietor, Thomas Hathaway 60? widowed father-in-law, and Eugene R. Spencer 23 step-son; SCJ, 4 June 1943]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965]  Possibly: George Levi Hetzler, born 30 August 1866 Morgan County, MO, son of Adam Hetzler and his 2nd wife Adelia (Richardson), sister of his 1st wife Sarah Ann (Richardson); named for his uncle Levi Richardson; died Olympia, WA, former Wasco resident; m. Ida (Hathaway) Spencer, possibly 2nd wife; Wasco restaurant proprietor 1920; Wasco area 1910, 1920 & 1930; Christian Church funeral, interment Wasco cemetery [SCJ, 1 May 1931; Charles Mercer 2001]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965] Possibly: Thomas D. Hathaway, father of Ida Belle (Hathaway) Spencer Hetzler; lived with his grandson W.A. Spencer family at Wasco in 1920 and 1930. [1885 MN State Census, St. Paul, Ramsey County: Thomas Hathaway 34 and children: Ida 15, Elma 13, Bertie (m) 11, Vide (f) 9 and M. (f) 7; 1895 KS State Census, T.D. Hathaway and six children; Iowa Marriages:  Ida Belle Hathaway m. F___ Will Spencer 26 October 1886 Woodbury County; 1900 U S Census, Muscatine, Muscatine County, IA: Ida Spencer 30, Wilfred 10, Bessie 8, Eugene 4 and her uncle Harry B. Hawley 65, stoneware potter]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965]
W.A. Mills
Mills -24 November 1931 [W.A. Mills: 1917-18 WWI Draft Card Registration, William A. Mills, born 5 November 1886 Sandy, WV, single self-employed farmer at Monkland, Sherman County; 1920 US Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County: William Mills 33 farmer, wheat born WV; 1930 US Census, Rufus Pct., Sherman County: William A. 42 born WV, wife Alberta J. 37 born NY, with two sons born OR: Albert E. 3 and John R. 10 months; 1940 US Census, Klondike Pct., Sherman County: William A. 52, Alberta J. 48, Albert E. 13 and John R. 10.]
R.O. Scott
Scott Capt. Ryland Oscar 1873-1957 Son of Samuel F. and Clara S. (Payne) Scott; 91st Division during the war, instructor of military science & tactics at U of W; brother of Winnie Lavelle, Frank Morton m. Carmen Allison, ____ m. William E. North and Ruby m. Frank Fortner 10 June 1914 near Klondike; in Portland with Maude’s family 1910.
Scott Maude Upton 1874-1934 Born 3 February 1874 Washington County, OR, daughter of James B. and Amanda Upton; m. Captain Ryland O. Scott 30 June 1897 Portland, OR; to Sherman County farm E of Wasco 1912; sister of Mrs. G.H. Ostrander of Portland, Jay H. Upton and George Upton; died The Dalles; Wasco Methodist funeral, Eastern Star graveside ceremonies [16 November 1934]
174 Royse John 1877-1954 John Franklin Royse, son of John P. and Margaret, born 27 July 1887 IA; brother of Charles; m. Augusta Madden; father of Gladys, Lloyd L. m. Louise Shaw and Otis J. [WWII Draft Registration Cards; 1900 US Census, Wasco Precinct, Sherman County, OR; 1930 US Census, Klondike Precinct, Sherman County, OR]
Royse Augusta 1883-1965 nee Madden, wife of John; A274:F294adden is connected to Lamborn.
J.L. Lewis
Fridley & Tucker
Tucker Grant 1880-1963 Born 17 March 1880 AR; m. Maude Hayward 13 December 1903 Washington County, AR; lived Madison and Washington counties, AR, Union County, OR 1910, 1920 & 1930 and Sherman County; farmer; father of Bert, Gayle, Barbara and Wanda m. John Hilderbrand [Ivalou Peugh 1991; 1910, 1920 & 1930 US Census, Union County, OR; WWI Draft Registration Card; SCJ, 15 March 1963]
Tucker Maud 1884-19__ nee Hayward, m. Grant Tucker; mother of Bert, Gayle, Barbara and Wanda
Fridley Clifford N. 2 August 1881- Clifford Nelson, born 2 August 1881 near Philomath, Benton County, OR; to Sherman County 1883; m. Alma Barnett, daughter of Albert Jonah Barnett; brother of Clyde Lewis m. Daisy Hill, Callie L., Dora m. Roy Moore and Nettie m. Rhuben Elder; died1967 age 86 years
Fridley Alma B. 17 December 1877-5 October 1960 Wife of Clifford; daughter of Albert J. Barnett
E. Fuller
Fuller Emory Horace cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 -16 December 1934 Ore. Appr. Seaman USN Son of Arthur K. and Jennie (Kimli) Fuller, born near Rufus; attended school in Lexington while the family lived there and at Harmony in Sherman County; enlisted in the navy 1917, San Diego submarine service, discharged 1919; m. Gladys McMillin 6 November 1921; father of Max; brother of Alvin, Henry, Eva, Bertha, Edna, Mable m. Fred Beymer, Wesley Charles m. Eunice, Georgia Lela m. Carl Tomlin, Chester, Walter, George, Carrie, Lester and Leslie; died of injuries sustained in an auto accident near The Dalles; American Legion military service  [Sherman County Marriages; SCJ, 21 December 1934]
Fuller Gladys 1901-1927 MOTHER Daughter of Edwin and Mary; wife of Emory H. Fuller
180 Chas. Everett Wangeman Mary 1847-1934 Mary Anne; mother of Idah Everett; lived Wasco for ten years; died at the Everett home at Wasco [SCJ, 15 June 1934]
Everett Charles I. 1883-1952 Son of Hugh Edward & Eliza Ann, born 2 March 1883 Tumway, IA; Wasco city marshal 36 years, “pumped the water, policed the streets, jailed or cautioned the law breakers and was custodian of city services and behavior;” brother of Clara, Edna, Carl, Lee, Pearl & Mattie [SCJ, 5 September 1952]
Everett Idah M. 1883- Wife of Charles; daughter of Mary Anne Wangeman
J.H. Bigelow or Singleton
[William Bigelow, born  1 June 1870, Grand Ledge, Eaton County, MI; to Sherman County about 1890 as a tractor company employee; died Wasco 20 February 1934, burial Wasco 23 February 1934 [ODI #2-1934, informant Mrs. Alma Lundy, Wasco; Wasco Methodist Circuit Records; SCJ, 16 February 1934]
Fred Singleton. “The body of Fred Singleton, 67, was found Saturday in a cabin on the George Drinkard ranch northwest of Wasco. He had died of natural causes.  He had been a long time resident of the Wasco neighborhood coming from Indiana where he leaves a sister. Funeral services will be held Friday with interment in The Dalles.” [SCJ, 16 April 1948]
182 Dutton William E. 1877-1957 William Edward Dutton; son of William W. and Mary Ellen (Roberts) Dutton, born 5 October 1877; m. Minnie E. VanGaasbeck, March 1900; father of Jean E. (m) and Verne [They Paved the Way by Belshe]
Dutton Minnie 1878- nee VanGaasbeck, m. William Edward Dutton 1900; mother of Vernon W. and Jean E.
Dutton Jean E. 1902-1926 Son of William and Minnie; m. Eula Newton; father of Gene who was raised by his grandparents Ed and Minnie; died The Dalles, OR [TO, 5 March 1926]
G.A. Adsit
[Charles Adsit was editor of the Wasco News, before or by 1928. Roy Adsit born 25 January 1911, died January 1969. Minnie Adsit born 26 March 1903, lived Canyonville, died April 1983]
Everett Mary Louise 1904-1928 MOTHER Mary Louise McCann, m. 11 July 1924 Presbyterian Manse in Moro to Lee A. Everett (1898-1949); mother of Maxine
McMillin James P. 22 September 1866-9 January 1925 Son of James and Hannah Maria (Bradley) McMillin; m. May Walker 1 January 1895 Sherman County, OR; father of Iva and Oscar; brother of George W., Adeline, Flora V. m. Roy Barzee, Laura m. C. Lester Barzee, Leland S., John, Edwin, T.W. m. Rose Maud Sexton, Eugene m. Mary Walker, Stephen m. Sibyl Ursula McFadden, Clara m. Frank Robinson, Emma Maria m. Eli Mason “Judd” Hines and Ida May m. William Monroe King
Garland Luther 4 November 1912-12 November 1912 Son of G.G. & S.C. Son of Grant and Sarah (Stalcup) Garland; brother of Infant Son died 1910 and Myrtle m. Bill Clothier; in Wasco with their daughter Myrtle in 1930; separated, both married again; in 1900 Garland, Stalcup and Blackburne families were in Johnson County, TN; in 1910 Grant & Sarah Garland were in Monkland Pct. in Sherman County. [Ivalou Peugh]
Garland Infant Son 21 April 1910-21 April 1910 Son of G.G. & S.C. Son of Grant & Sarah (Stalcup) Garland [Ivalou Peugh]
Van Gilder
Van Gilder Bryan W. cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 1896-1944 Born 12 February 1896 in Sherman County, son of Milon Alonzo and Jennie (Porter) Van Gilder; US Army, WWI; m. Violet Crane 10 June 1921; father of Raymond Earl m. Vera Buck; brother of Inez m. G. Arthur Sargent 1909, Harry A. m. Ethel Laidlaw 1914, Vernon Keith m. Leona Hines 1916 and Darwin A. m. Naomi L. Young 1927; died 30 October 1944  [Bea Richelderfer; Inez (Van Gilder) Sargent; SCJ, 3 November 1944]
Van Gilder Violet M. 1902-1928 nee Crane, m. Bryan Van Gilder; born 3 January 1902 Mayville, Gilliam County, OR; died 23 December 1928 Phoenix, AZ; mother of Raymond Earl
M.B. Hatley
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965] [Marion Bert Hatley married Ilene May Johnson and three daughters were buried at Sunrise Cemetery: Betty May 1920, Charlotte 1926 & Marjorie Ireland in 1993 SSDI born 3 January 1918, died 23 January 1993.]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965]
Ray W. Gibson
190 Fields John C. 1855-1919 John Cunningham Fields, born OH, son of David; m. Esther Catherine “Kate” Hull 14 August 1878 Christian Co., IL; father of Winfield Scott, Ira Earl, Tracy Lyman, John Cecil and Charles Wayne; brother of Dora S. m. Harvey & Miller, Hannah L. m. B.F. Hailey, Charles R., David Aaron, Isaac W., Mittie m. Miller, Mary and Cerilla. [Mark Fields; Alva Dailey 1992; Nellie (Dingle) Fields]
Fields I.E. 1886-1960 Ira Earl Fields, born Clarksdale, IL 1 January 1886, son of John C. and Kate; m1 Calendar S. Hardin; m2 Ruth Moore
Fields Esther C. 1859-1922 Esther Catherine “Kate” Hull, daughter of John and Mary Frances (Johnston) Hull, born 15 May 1859; m. John C. Fields; mother of Winfield Scott, Ira Earl, Tracy Lyman, John Cecil and Charles Wayne; died 23 November 1922
Orville Smith
_____ _____ [One unidentified grave 1965]
S.A. Wilson
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965] [Stacy Atlee Wilson’s 1st wife, Anna White, died 1919] [Bea Richelderfer]
John W. Thompson
Jane Venable
Venable Mother 1832-1918 Jane M. Hubbard, born 5 June 1832, daughter of David and Hannah (Morrow) Hubbard; m. Francis Marion Venable 6 March 1850, Pleasant Hill, Pike County, IL; mother of Mary, Laura, Goalman, Andrew, Martha, Walter, Ada P., John R., Fanny, James B., Eva, Rosa and Perry A.; sister of Goalman, Gideon, John, Charles and sister died Fort Hall on the way to OR, and several half-siblings; died 17 November 1918 Sherman County
Venable Father Francis Marion Venable, born about 1825; m. Jane M. Hubbard; to Oregon City by ox team; to Douglas & Marion counties, OR and Klickitat County, WA in 1859 &1860;  father of Mary m. Smith, Laura, Goalman, Andrew, Martha, Walter, Ada P./Addie m. Courtway, John R., Fanny m. Payne, James B., Eva m. Doane, Rosa m. Ernest L. Weld 1898 Sherman County and Perry A. [Agnes D. Keller, Portland, OR 1985; Mark Fields; Clara Foster 1991; 1860 US Census, Klickitat County, WA; 1883, 1885 & 1887 WA Census, Klickitat County]
195 Venable James Alva
-13 February 1918 Oregon, Seaman USN Son of James B. Venable, born 1900; brother of Harold Rex, Oral & Fanny; Wasco Mayor Morrow declared a day of mourning on the funeral date [WNE, 14 February 1918]
Venable Harold 1900-1926 Harold Rex, son of James B. and Katie (Woolen) Venable; m. Millie Benson; brother of James Alva, Oral & Fanny; foreman of county road crusher; killed in auto accident 1.5 miles S of Wasco, wife Miller not seriously injured   [SCO, 3 June 1926]
Venable Katie -4 January 1902 27y 10m 24d  wife of J. B. Venable Kate Woolen, born Marion County, OR, daughter of William & Mary (Cooper) Woolen; 1st wife of James B. Venable, m. Silverton, Marion County, OR 1890; mother of Alva, Oral, Fanny & Harold [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw]
Plot #2
SE section John Coats
Barnett James W. 2 March 1889-26 June 1907 18y 3m 24d Son of George and Martha Ann (Brown) Barnett, born 10 February 1889 Stone County, MO; grandson of Elizabeth Jane (Coats) and George Washington Brown; brother of Robert L., Alice Veronica m. Amos Short, Anna Elizabeth, and B. Earl m. Agnes M. Short; died typhoid fever [Mark Fields]
Possibly: George Washington Coats, son of John and Polina Coats, born 1 August 1861 Yell County, AR; m. Ida Forsythe 26 July 1887 Stone County, MO; to Idaho 1900; to Rufus 1903; father of James Solomon, Claud Edmond, Mary Paulina, George W. Jr., and William Y. Coats; died1903; Ida m2 Oliver M. Bourland
Possibly: John Coats, born 29 March 1818 TN; m. Polina Boswell 21 April 1845 Fayette County, TN; Carroll County, AR in 1880; to Greene County, MO 1867, Taney County, MO 1870, Stone County, MO; to OK 1899 and ID 1900; father of Elizabeth Jane m. George W. Brown 1861, William B. m. Martha Hust & Josephine Carmical, Nicholas “Dick,” John N. m. Elizabeth H. Carmical, Mary Emily m. Charles Snowden, Martha, Sarah, Solomon L. “Bud” m. Margaret Elizabeth Fox 1887, George W. m. Ida Forsythe and Thomas m. Minnie C. Hust; died August 1901 at Rufus  [Eunice Coats Clauss; Chet Coats; Maggie Hust; SC:FTR; Edna Macnab; Pearl (Addington) Herin; Sherman County Marriages; Wasco Methodist Cemetery]
Possibly: Elizabeth Polina H. Boswell in a bible entry, born 4 April 1823 Shelby County, TN; m. John Coats; mother of Elizabeth, William, Nicholas, John, Mary, Martha, Sarah, Solomon, George and Carrel Thomas Coats; died June 1902 Rufus, OR
P.H. Thompson
Thompson Emma 1888-1910 Wife of P.H. Thompson
198 Walker Martha Jean -1917 Infant daughter of Hugh A. and Agnes (Bullfinch) Walker; sister of Rosemary m. Marion “Bud” Powell and Kenneth Paul m. Owietus Neal who m2 Donald McDermid [Bea Richelderfer]
Joe Steringer
[ODI: Joseph John Martin Steringer died 23 May 1917 Sherman County; Find A Grave: Joe Steringer 1884-1955 buried in Portland; WWII Draft Card: Joe Steringer, Portland, born 7 May 1884 Austria / Hungary, wife Maude] See Methodist Cemetery Stermingus note.
200 Watkins William D. 1883-1961 William Delbert, born KS, son of Arthur Franklin and Cora (Garlock) Watkins; m. Celia Mae Cline 10 October 1905 Sherman County; father of Leo Cline m. Selma Viola (Richelderfer) Gosson 1930, Arthur Stanley m. Doris (Dunlap) Wilson, Oscar Francis, Chester Donovan died WWII and Herbert Vinton m. Zelma Chapman 1926 [Bea Richelderfer; TO, 28 May 1926; WNE, 1926]
Watkins Celia Mae 1883-1962 nee Cline, m. William Delbert “Bert” Watkins; mother of Art, Leo, Vinton, Oscar and Chester [SCJ, 31 July 1975]
Watkins Oscar Francis 1918-1926 Youngest son of William D. “Bert” & Celia Mae (Cline) Watkins; lived 3 miles E of Wasco
201 Yocum Joseph M. 1865-1952 Joseph Marion Yocom, son of Hathaway and Mary (Tharp) Yocum (aka Yocom), born 15 April 1865 Yamhill County, OR; m1 Hettie Hussey (1868-1895) 22 December 1886 Polk County, OR, father of Joseph Orville 1887 m. Jeanette, Reta M. m. Ray Oviatt and Vera m. Happold; m2 Mary M. (Hendrick) Funk 8 January 1896 Yamhill County, OR, father of Ercel Marion, Douglas N. who died 1924, Vivian H. m. Charles Albert Kane 1923, Bessie m. Church, John Richard “Dick” m1 Mae Belle Brock & m2 Sarah E. Tom & m3 Elva (Allyn) Hines Dehler; died Heppner at daughter Vivian Kane’s home [Joe Yocom; Theron Richelderfer; Mark Fields; SCJ, 2 January 1948; SCJ, 9 January 1953]
Yocum Mary M. 1872-1949 Mary M. Hendrick, daughter of John and Eliza, born Polk County, OR July 1872; m1 ___ Funk, mother of Lawrence Lee Funk (19 March 1891-13 October 1961) m. Myrtle Maude Everett  1914; m2 Joseph Marion Yocom 8 January 1896 McMinnville,Yamhill County, OR as his 2nd wife; mother of Ercel Marion (m), Douglas N. who died 1924, Vivian H. m. Charles Albert Kane 1923, Bessie m. Church and John Richard “Dick” m1 Mae Belle Brock & m2 Sarah E. Tom & m3 Elva (Allyn) Hines Dehler; Wasco Methodist funeral [SCJ, 3 June 1949]
Yocum Douglas N. 1 March 1909-12 November 1924 Son of Joseph Marion and Mary M. (Hendrick) Yocom; died age 15  accidentally shot while hunting near Klondike [TO,14 November 1924]
C.C. Deyo
[Clinton Clifford Calvin Deyo died at Rufus (1929-1972), m. Helena Doris Burmester 1897 Council Bluffs, IA and she died 1973] [Chet Coats; SC:FTR #8-1]
C. Whealy
Whealy Clara A. 1870-1939 MOTHER Clara Ann Mulyck (?), m. 2 September 1891 Samuel Andrew Whealy, Redwood County, MN;  mother of Bessie Madge 1892-1969 m. Claud Guyton, Nellie Grace 1893-1924 m. John Cecil Fields, Ralph Edward 1894-1979, Frank Allen 1896, Lyle Arthur 1898-1975 m. Lavada Thomas, Ruth 1900-1989 m. Harry Dickerman, Pat Vincent 1903-1976 m. Myrtle Boylan and Clifford Douglas 1905-1918 [Shaniko People by Helen Guyton Rees 1983; Mark Fields; Bea Richeldefer]
Fields Nellie Grace 1893-1924 MOTHER Daughter of Samuel and Clara Whealy, born 29 September 1893; 1st wife of John Cecil Fields, mother of Norman Earl & Damon Cecil Fields m. Agatha Welk [Bea Richelderfer; Theron Richelderfer; Mark Fields]
Clodfelter Seth O. 1872-1954 Seth Oliver Clodfelter, born near Russelville, IA; m. Dora Lemley; to Willamette Valley early 1890s; to Wasco 1899, farmed near Wasco; Wasco merchant; purchased the Buckley ranch SW of Grass Valley; father of Floye m. Frank von Borstel, Daye, Donald Lemley m. Ethel Adams, Francis & Harland R.; died Newberg, OR [They Paved the Way by Belshe]
Clodfelter Dora 1873-1922 Dora Lemley; m. Seth O. Clodfelter; mother of Floye, Daye, Donald, Francis & Harland
205 Nisbet Gladys Royse 1902-1928 Daughter of John & Augusta (Madden) Royse; m. William A. Nisbet 15 September 1923 Wasco County, OR  [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 1981]
E. Tomlin
 [Bea Richelderfer: Probably wife and baby of E.C. Tomlin]
Lloyd Hines
Finnegan & Grandy
  Finnegan Frank E.cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 1 December 1919-14 April 1963 Ore TEC5 Co. L 301 Inf WWII BSM
J.A. Pound
Possibly: John A. Pound, born Jan. 21, 1863 IL, son of Josephus and Rachel (Vandever) Pound; barber; brother of Joel A. who is buried in Pacific County, WA; died Rufus March 2, 1906 44y 1m 12d, burial Wasco March 4, 1906; brother of Joel Pound. [ODI]
Eva Fields
Fields Gerald Eugene 1908-1921 Son of Wallace and Eva (Pound) Fields [Bea Richelderfer; Mark Fields 1997; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965] Possibly: Isaac Wallace Fields, born 23 May 1883; m. Eva Pound. [Mark Fields]
E.F. Feldman
Hulisz Susan -14 September 1939 Daughter of Opal and__ Hulisz
Hulisz Opal Feldman 1907-1953 Daughter of Edmund and Florence
Feldman Agnes 1905-1921 Daughter of E.F. & F.M. Feldman Daughter of Edmund F. and Florence M.
E.F. Feldman
Feldman Edmund 1878-1961 Edmund F. Feldman, m. Florence M. Taylor; father of Agnes, Opal m. Hulisz and Norma m. Walter R. Maffei; lived Wasco 1918-1949; brother of Ansel and Guy; RR depot manager
Feldman Florence M. 1888-___ Born Easton, WA, nee Taylor; mother of Agnes, Opal and Norma; died 30 December 1969 at Walla Walla, WA [TO, 24 June 1927; SCJ, January 1970, 30 October 1986]
213 Dingle Richard 1860-1930 Born England; to USA age 20, to CA and Goldendale, WA;  brother of Jack; homestead 2 miles S of Grant, Sherman County, OR; m1 Edith Adora Wing 20 March 1886, father of Infant died before they left Goldendale; Nellie m. Tracy Fields, William H. m. Verona Alice Barnett & Helen Jewell, Richard T. m. Mrs. Lola Jones, Prudence Marie m. John Cecil Fields & George S. Smith; m2 Mrs. Eliza J. (Smith) McDermid, widow of John McDermid [Nellie (Dingle) Fields; They Paved the Way by Belshe; SCJ, 15 September 1933]
Dingle Edith A. 1868-1924 Edith Adora Wing, born Oysterville, WA 28 January 1866; 1st wife of Richard Dingle; mother of William Henry, Nellie May, Richard Thomas, Infant and Prudence Marie
Dingle William H. 1890-193_ PAPA Son of Richard and Edith; m1  Verona Alice Barnett of Rufus at G.W. Barnett’s home, father of Marjorie born 1910; m 2 Helen Jewel 11 December 1928 Klickitat County, WA; suicide  [SCJ, 18 December 1931]
C.O. May
May Claude O. 1882-1924 Claude Olney May, son of Henry D. and Docia (Coffey) May; m. Pearl Etta Ellsworth, daughter of C.E. Ellsworth,  27 December 1906; father of Norville & Wilma; cousin of Wallace May of Grass Valley; died 30 June 1924 Clackamas County, OR [ODI; Grace (May) Zevely]
Amos Pyburn
Striker Arthur T. 1877-1960 Arthur Thomas “Tom” Striker; m. 2 March 1902 Bessie L. Hill; father of Helene m. Arthur Juhnke 1924 Klickitat County, Georgia m. Ben Klindworth 1934, Baby, Mildred Marie and Arthur Leroy (three infants buried at Rufus Pioneer Cemetery) [Bea Richelderfer; Joseph Mee; Shirley (Juhnke) Richelderfer; SC:FTR]
Striker Bessie L. 1880-19__ nee Hill, born 28 August 1880 Centerville, WA; because of Indian unrest she was raised in California; mother of Baby, Mildred Marie and Arthur Leroy, buried at Rufus Pioneer Cemetery;  Helene and Georgia; sister of Mattie Van Fleet of Yuba City, CA and Kathryn Eastman of Honolulu; died Ritzville, WA 1968
Possibly: Simeon Striker, born 1835, died 24 October 1910 apoplexy 75 years of age, parents names unknown, informant Oregon State Insane Asylum, Salem, lived 35 days at place of death; farmer at usual residence Wasco; burial Wasco] [OR Death Certificate #3279 Marion County]
J.M. Allen
Campbell Clement S. [No gravestone found 1965] [Cemetery records show that Clement Campbell is buried in SE quarter, lot 218-1 – dated 1915] [TO, 3 February 1905: “Death came to Mr. Clem S. Campbell, Saturday, at his home on what is known as the Pierson place purchased by him and his half -brother, Mr. J.M. Allen, in 1895, when they came to this county from Centerville. Mr. Campbell was unmarried, but he leaves a large circle of acquaintances to mourn the departure of a kind neighbor, a generous, loyal and patriotic citizen. Peace to his ashes;” TO, 4 December1908: “J.M. Allen is settling the estate of C.S. Campbell, deceased”.]
[Vacant 1965]
[Vacant 1965]
W.G. Brownlee
Brownlee Earl 15 March 1885-26 May 1913 W. Earl Brownlee, son of William Johnson and Emma (Cowles) Brownlee; m. ___ who died 1910; father of Velma born 1906; brother of Adda L. m. Ole Knapp, Blanche m. Robert Baldwin, Iris m. Guy Chamness, and Stella Mabel m. Grover Cleveland Young 1914; died of injuries sustained working with a plow team. [TO, 30 May 1913; 1900 US Census, Grant Pct., Sherman County, OR; SCJ, 28 April 1950: William J. Brownlee 91 died 19 April in the Dalles; survivors Mrs. Grover Young of Kent, Mrs. R.O. Baldwin of Oakland, CA, 8 grandchildren; funeral here, interment in Wasco cemetery.]
Brownlee Addie L. 11 October 1887-19 July 1916 Daughter of William J. and Emma; sister of W. Earl, Blanche, Iris and Stella; m. Ole R. Knapp 2 December 1914 Klickitat County, WA, his 1st wife [1900 US Census, Grant Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Chamness Iris A. 1893-1921 Iris Alma Brownlee, daughter of William J. and Emma; m. Guy Chamness (1890-1968); mother of Arthur Chamness who m. Evelyn McLachlan of Moro & Wallace Marion Chamness. [1900 US Census, Grant Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Allen Anna 1891-1913
L.S. Coats
Fox J.J. 20 April 1823-17 December 1910
Possibly: Solomon Lafayette “Bud” Coats, son of John and Polina, born 28 April 1860 Yell County, AR; m. Margaret A. Fox 20 May 1883; father of John, George, Sarah m. John Addington and Naomi Pearl m. Herman H. Brackett; brother of Elizabeth m. George W. Brown, William B. m. Martha Hust & Josephine Carmical, Nicholas “Dick,” John N. m. Elizabeth Carmical, Mary m. Charles Snowden, Martha, Sarah, George W. m. Ida Forsythe and Thomas m. Minnie Hust; died 26 December 1932 at Rufus [TO, 6 January 1933; Chet Coats]
Possibly: Margaret Elizabeth “Meg” Fox, daughter of John James and Amanda Fox, born 5 October 1859 KS; m. Solomon L. “Bud” Coats 1883; mother of George, John, Naomi Pearl and Sarah; sister of James Fox m. __ Brown (related to Ray Brown’s father Cal); lived Rufus 40 years; died 10 January 1944 at Dufur home of daughter Sarah Addington; funeral in Wasco, Rev. Keith Fields officiating [Sherman County Marriages; SC:FTR; Pearl (Addington) Herin; Edna Macnab; Eunice (Coats) Clauss; Chet Coats]
William Gray
222 Fields David -13 September 1896 67y 4m 29d Born about 1829 OH; m. Maria Merritt; 1880 Plumas County, CA; 1883, 1885 & 1887 Klickitat County, WA; father of John C. m. Esther Catherine “Kate” Hull, Dora S. m. James Harvey & Wm. E. Miller, Hannah m. B.F. Hailey, Charles R., David Aaron, Isaac W., Mittie m. Thomas J. Miller, Mary and Cerilla  [Mark Fields; Alva Dailey 1992]
Hailey Hannah L. 1860-1914 Born 29 February 1860 Sangamon County, IL, daughter of David and Maria Fields; m. Benjamin F. Hailey 1879 Plumas County, CA; to Klickitat County, WA 1882; owned land near Grant 1893; mother of Hartwell “Arty” Francis (1884-1949) and Robert Benjamin (1881-1926) m. Josephine A. Wallis & Estrelle Ford; died  July 1914 Camas, WA. [Mark Fields]
Hailey Benjamin F. 1856-1933 Born IL; m. Hannah L. Fields 14 August 1879 Plumas County, CA; lived on the bluff above Grant, operated a saloon in Wasco, in Camas, WA 25 years; father of Robert Benjamin (1881-1926) m1 Josephine A.Wallis & m2 Belva Estrelle Ford and  Hartwell Francis Hailey m. Lila; died 1 December 1933 Clark County, WA. [Mark Fields; TO, 30 September 1927 Hailey farm auction; SCJ, 8 December 1933]
Loftiss Son -13 January 1903 2m 27d Son of W.G. & D.E. 1881-1926
224 Hailey Robert B. 1881-1926 Robert “Bob” Benjamin Hailey, son of Benjamin and Hannah; m1 Josephine A. Wallis, father of Wallis H. Hailey (1905-1995); m2 Belva Estrelle “Ted”  Ford (1883-1978), father of  infant daughter and son born and died 1918. “Ted” Hailey lived at Wasco 1915-1961, city treasurer 28 years. [Bea Richelderfer;TO, 26 February 1926; SCJ, 17 July 1975; The Oregonian, 14 February 1978]
Hailey Louis C. 1857-1915 Born IL; farmer near Rufus [1910 US Census, Grant Pct., Sherman County, OR]
225 Fritts Marion L. 17 October 1864-4 July 1945 FATHER Born Johnson County, TN, son of David and Martha Fritts; m1 Achsah E. Filley 1890 Dixon County, NE;1900 in Dixon County, NE; cobbler shop in Grass Valley 1920; father of Mary Lorena m. Morgan Hays & Hugh Edward Everett, Walter Eugene m. Emma Taylor, Elmer F. drowned John Day River 1915, Fern Pearl m. Jack Henry Berthiaume & Lawrence Rakes and Cecil Leroy m. Edna S. Hegman; m2 Mary ___  (c. 1880-    ); died Newport, Lincoln County, OR; burial Wasco [Oregon Death Certificate, informant Fern Rakes 1945 gave birthplace Abington, VA; SCJ, 13 July 1945]
Fritts Achsah E. 1873-1934 MOTHER Achsah Elizabeth Filley, daughter of William H. and Mary, born Dixon County, NE; m. Marion L. Fritts 1890 Ponca, Dixon County, NE; to SD 2 years, back to NE; to Grass Valley c. 1900; mother of Mary Lorena m. Everett, Fern Pearl m. Rakes, Walter Eugene, Cecil Leroy and Elmer F.; long time Sherman County resident before moving to Goldendale with her husband where she died. [SCJ, 15 June 1934; Goldendale Sentinel, 14 June 1934]
Fritts Elmer F. 1900-1915 SON Son of Marion and Achsah; drowned John Day River
226 Howell James R. 1846-1924 James Reese Howell, born Newton, Jasper County, IA , 12 October 1846, son of George and Margaret J. Howell; to OR age 17 with parents; m. Ruthie Jane Bales 10 October 1868; father of Charles Henry 1873-1951, William Elwood 1886-1938, James Foote, Ruthie Mae 1881-1966 and Margaret Ellen m. Haynes; brother of George P., William A., Mary m. Barzee, Rachel m. Bales, Jesse m. Lydia Peugh and G.W.; to Sherman County 1897; insurance business and governmental weather record keeper; brother of Mrs. Mary Barzee & George P. Howell; died14 December 1924 [James Siscel 1996 Lynnwood, WA; TO, 1924; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973 Salem, OR; Sandra Whiteman 2007]
Howell Ruthie J. 1851-1918 Ruthie Jane Bales, born  29 November 1856, Benton County, OR; daughter of Charles and Eleanor (Belknap) Bales; died 8 December 1918 at Wasco
Howell William E. 1886-1938 William Elwood “Bill” Howell, son of James R. and Ruthie; m1 Charlotte; m2 Hester E.
Haynes M. Ellen 1870-1944
227 Murray Robert A. 1852-1918 Robert Alexander Murray, born Grant Town, Scotland; to Canada age 18, to USA 1876, to San Francisco and Salem 1876; to Sherman County, stock farm Hay Canyon district 1887-about 1917, moved to Wasco; father of Casha, Allan, Christina and Candica [Bea Richelderfer; SC:FTR; SCJ, 4 February 1971; 30 November 1972]
Murray Sarah 1849-1918 Born near Kingston, Canada, nee Salans/Sallans; m. Robert Alexander Murray 25 November 1881 Canadoigua, NY;  to Lafayette, OR; to Sherman County 1887; mother of Casha m. James Philip Yates, Allan J. m. Ada Bell Hart of Hood River, Christina Martha m. Arthur R. Rebman 1911 and Candica m. William H. Ost 1924 [SC:FTR; Casha Murray’s Yates scrapbook Sherman County Historical Museum]
228 Greenleaf Levi A. 1837-1908 Born NY, son of Charles and Mary Ann; Chenango County, NY 1850; Walla Walla Pct., WA Terr. 1887, a herder; 1900 Grant Pct., Sherman County, a widowed farmer; Rufus area orchardist 1905; died 11 October 1908 [ODI; 1900 US Census, Grant Pct., Sherman County, OR; TO, 20 November 1908: J.S. Fowler appointed executor, settling estate of Levi A. Greenleaf.]~ [TO, December 1, 1905: Mrs. Greenleaf died 21 December 1905, burial at Trout Lake, WA]
229 Fuller Lula G. 9 August 1883-22 January 1910 Wife of H.A. Fuller Lula Grace Morris, born Christian County, IL 1883; to OR with parents 1889; m. Henry A. Fuller 28 February 1904; died Stevenson, WA 26y 5m 13d; survived by baby, a brother, four sisters and parents [WNE, January 1910; Sherman County Marriages]
Fuller Lila 24 November 1906-31 July 1907 Daughter of H.A. & L.G. Fuller Daughter of Henry Arthur Fuller and his 1st wife Lula Grace Morris
_. R. Fortner
Fortner Isabel 1861-1916 Drowned in a Hay Canyon cloudburst; mother of Pearl, Fred, Archie and Frank [Bea Richelderfer]
Lawrence Pearl Fortner 1886-1916 Daughter of Isabel Fortner; drowned in a Hay Canyon cloudburst
231 Bailey Rev. M.E. 18 July 1839-12 May 1909 Mark E. Bailey; farmer, preacher; m. Cena A. __ about 1872; 1880 Whitman County, WA; 1900 Latah County, ID; father of Albertus, Katie, Rollie, Henry, M.E. (m), K.E. (f) and R.K. (f)
Bailey Henry H. -4 December 1903 25y 6m 17d
Bailey C.A. 18 October 1849- Cena A., wife of Rev. Mark E. Bailey; mother of Albertus, Katie, Rollie, Henry, M.E. (m), K.E. (f) and R.K. (f)
232 Hazen Omer A. -4 June 1903 30y 6m 17d
McPherson Robert A. 1885-1943 Son of Mrs. Belle Brown; brother of Agnes (McPherson) Feadnor of Sacramento and Elwood McPherson of Wasco; step-father of Maitland Shepard; farmer; died Vancouver, WA [SCJ, 2 April 1943]
McPherson Mabel 1884-1937 Born Nellie Mabel Brown at Adel, IA 15 March 1884; to Wasco 1891; Methodist Church, Rebekah Lodge; m1 Standish Lindley Shepard 29 January 1901 at Moro, mother of Maitland Shepard; m2 Robert McPherson 16 January 1911; sister of Minnie m. Hyland, Earl J., Frank, Wayne, all of CA; died Wasco 7 December 1937;  survived by her husband, Robert A. McPherson of Wasco; son Maitland B. Shepard of The Dalles, sister Minnie M. Hyland of Paso Robles, CA and three brothers, Earl J. Brown of Portland, Frank Brown of Stockton, CA and Wayne Brown of Paso Robles, CA [SCJ, 10 December 1937]
233 Rich O.H. 1860-1921 Orsinius Holly Rich, born 5 September 1860 Keokuk County, IA, son of Liberty J. and _____Rich, grandson of Andrew Rich; m. Etta Ann Barnes 16 October 1882 Smith County, KS; to Klickitat County, WA, meat business at Centerville; father of Clayton Leroy “Roy” m. Minnie Jane Hardin; Sylvia Opal m. William Todd McCoy & Harold E. Smith, Zetta B. m. Winfield Scott Fields, Elmer Pardee m. Sadie Hayner 13 December 1913 and Welcome Ruby m. Vernon Lyle Agee. [Mark Fields]
Rich Etta A. 1863-1941 Daughter of Chesley and Ruby Ann (Blain) Barnes, born Jackson County, IA, one of 12 children; m. O.H. Rich 16 October 1882 Smith County, KS; to Sherman County 1902; mother of Leroy, Elmer Pardee, Opal, Zetta and Ruby [SCJ, 28 March 1941]
L.S. Hines
Hines Bonetta -11 April 1906 Infant daughter of Levi and Mary
Hines Juddy William 1909-1915 [TO, 31 December 1915: Juddie Hines died, buried at Wasco, son of E.M. & Emma Hines.]
Hines Levi S. 1874-1955 Levi Shelton Hines, born Philomath, OR 6 October 1874; son of James Shelton and Selina (Pyburn) Hines; m. Mary Delphina Day 1896 Goldendale; father of Orville E., Lloyd L., Howard Clinton m. Elva Vesta Allen, Neva I. m. Alvin West, Bonetta and  Juddy William.
Hines Mary D. 1877-1965 Mary Delphina Day, born Scio, OR 2 December 1877; m. Levi S. Hines; mother of Orville E., Lloyd L., Howard Clinton, Neva I., Bonetta, and Juddy William.
__ Pepper
Pepper Nancy Elizabeth 1831-1907 MOTHER Nancy Elizabeth Nave, born 29 July 1834/1831; died 6 October 1907 [1880 US Census, Livingston County, MO: Nancy Pepper 46 with children Joseph 20, Nancy 13, James 9, Maudie 7 and next door is Paris Pepper 28 with wife Emma, Charles 6, Maggie 2 and William 1/12; 1900 US Census, Wasco Precinct, Sherman County: Nancy Pepper  68 widow born May 1832 4children/4living, with her son James H. Pepper 26 and her daughter Maud 26,a nurse, all born in MO; divorce granted Gertrude E. Pepper from James H. Pepper in Sherman County 1916; Mrs. Gertrude Pepper lived in Wasco 1916]
__ Yancey
Vandetta Dolly Belle 1914-1916 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. Vandetta [1920 US Census, Grass Valley Pct., Sherman County, OR: Andrew Vandetta 30 fireman, steam railroad, wife Minnie B. 32, sons Delvin W. 3 9/12 and Charles F. 11/23; 1930 US Census, Fern Prairie Pct., Clark County, WA: Andrew Vandetta 45 fireman O.W.R.R., Minnie 52 (crossed out), Delvin 14 and Charles 11]
Vandetta Minnie Belle 1877-1941 Wife of Andrew Vandetta; mother of Dolly Belle, Delvin W. and Charles; formerly of Wasco, to Camas, WA; mother of Tillie, Delvin and Charles; sister of Sybil McMillin of Wasco [SCJ, 28 November 1941]
W. L. Lamborn
Lamborn Mary Elizabeth 1871-1910 Daughter of Edward and Eliza Mersinger, born IL; m1 James B. Edenburn in Lincoln County, KS, mother of Charles L., Eliza Ella and Bertha Edenburn; m2 William Lincoln Lamborn 2 May 1890, mother of John Elwood, Frank, Clarence and Infant Twin Boy and Girl; died 18 November 1910 [Betty (Lamborn) Barber; Sherman County Marriages; Juanita Richardson 2010; Autumn Baccellia 2011]
Lamborn Twin Babies -1910 Children of W.L. & M.E. Lamborn Children of William L. & Mary Elizabeth Lamborn [Betty (Lamborn) Barber]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965]
Lamborn John Elwood cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 1898-1925 Son of William L. and Mary E., born at Wasco 28 February1898; enlisted in the army in 1917, served 14 months American expeditionary forces in France; returned to Wasco, finished high school work; graduate of Oregon Agricultural College 1920, B. S. C. degree in commerce on June 9, 1924; killed in Tillamook County sawmill accident 16 April 1925; Wasco Methodist funeral, Frank E. Brown Post No. 91 of the American Legion military ritual [Autumn Baccellia 2011; Chris Sanders 2011; Betty (Lamborn) Barber; SCO, April 24, 1925; WNE, April 23, 1925]
W.H. Mersinger Purchased 4 lots (W.H. Mersinger is buried in Linn County, OR)
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965] [Possibility: W.H. Mersinger’s mother Eliza’s remains may be in Lot #238. Her husband Edward Mersinger is buried at Brewster, Sherman County, KS.]

Elizabeth E. (Korman/Common), born September 1856 PA; m. Edward E. Mersinger about 1868; to Will County, IL and Lincoln County, KS; mother of John, Mary Elizabeth m. James B. Edenburn & William Lincoln Lamborn, Albert Allen (1883-1924), Charlotte m. James E. Spurgeon, Ella m. Rielly, Addie m. Ludditt, Phillip Henry died CA, Clarence Michael m. Mary Kenny 1918, William H., Earl Leonard m. Sarah Elizabeth Borden 1926 and Hazel Fannie m. Charles Nish. [1910 US Census, Wasco City, Fulton Street, Sherman County, OR: Eliza Mersinger 54/59 div. 12children/12living; born PA, son Al  35, son William 25, son Earl 18 and daughter Hazel 16; Juanita Richardson, Needles, CA 2010]

_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965] [Possibly: Albert Allen Mersinger of Wasco, son of Edward and Elizabeth Mersinger; born Joliet, Will County, IL 18 November 1873; to Lincoln County, KS 1885; to Oregon 1905; wheat warehouse man; died Wasco hospital, 50y 3m Feb. 18, 1924; Methodist church funeral, burial Wasco Cemetery; brother of Mrs. Fred Minter and Mrs. Ella Rielly of Chicago; Mrs. Lottie Spurgin of Kansas; Mrs. Addie Ludditt of Denver; Mrs. C.A. Nish of Mikkalo; John and Phillip of Los Angeles; Earl of Texas; Clarence of Grass Valley; and Will of Bend. [Certificate of Death; WN, 21 February 1924; TO, 22 February 1924]
Bertha Sagawe
Sagawe Edmond 1867-1920 Born 26 February 1867 Berlin, Germany;  m. Bertha  Ellen (Sanders) McDonald 18 June 1907; died 1 April 1920 at his Fairview District farm in Sherman County; [Chris Sanders]
Sagawe Richard 1917-1917 Son of Bertha (Sanders) McDonald and Edmond Sagawe
Sagawe Bertha E. 1877-1937 MOTHER Bertha Ellen Sanders, daughter of Joseph Harry and Evelyn Maria (Swank) Sanders, born February 1877 Brownsville, OR; to Sherman County Gorman school district homestead as a small child; m1 Patrick William McDonald 28 November 1895 (obit: 1896) Sherman County, OR, mother of Kathleen Maxine m. Yates, Joseph Ralph, William B. and John Patrick; lived Wasco when Pat McDonald died in 1905; Fairview District wheat farm; m2 Edmond Sagawe 1906, mother of Julia May and Richard Lee Sagawe; sister of Mrs. G.L. Crum of The Dalles and Arthur Sanders of Bend; died Portland, OR 23 January 1937; Wasco Methodist funeral  [Chris Sanders; 1930 US Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County, OR; SCJ, 29 January 1937]
McDonald Joseph Ralph -21 June 1909 11y 6m 9d Son of Patrick William and Bertha Ellen (Sanders) McDonald; brother of Kathleen Maxine, William B. and John Patrick m. Geneva I. Dillinger [Chris Sanders; Maxine Yates 1986; Pat McDonald, 1985]
240 __ Hoggard Hoggard Charles Clair 1903-1905 [TO, 14 April 1905: The three-year-old son of Charles Hoggard of Rufus was buried in Wasco.] Charles Hoggard, Rufus merchant, m. Edith E. Tom 14 February 1897 in Sherman County; lost possessions in 1894 flood at Grant on the Columbia River; in Sherman County nearly 50 years; brother of William H. Hoggard m. Emma Maud Hull 1896; 1910 Stanfield, Umatilla County, OR; died 1942. [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; Nicky Tom 1990]
241 Everett Clarence D. -23 August 1903 11y 4m 10d Son of R.D. & Alice Everett
E. Anderson
Anderson Emil G. 1875-1938 Born Sweden 18 March 1873; brother of a sister who was first in the family to come to the USA – California – and earned money to send for brothers Victor 1st and Emil 2nd – (no relation to Arvid Anderson); to USA 1892; petitioned for citizenship in Sherman County Circuit Court 1912; purchased three quarter-sections from E. OR Land Company in Fulton Canyon – NW corner of Sherman County; m. Eleanora H. Olander 14 October 1904, Springfield, MA; father of Frank G., Deloras, Oscar and Emil Victor (16 August 1915-26 August 1915 –  grave not found 1965) [SCJ, 9 September 1938]
Anderson Eleanora H. 1871-1953 nee Olander, wife of Emil Anderson; mother of Frank, Deloras, Oscar and Emil V.
Anderson Frank G. 1910-1950 SON Son of Emil G. and Eleanora; died Pendleton, OR
Anderson Deloras -1906 “To our babies” Daughter of Emil G. and Eleanora
Anderson Oscar -1910 “To our babies” Son of Emil G. and Eleanora
[Grave not found in 1965] Infant child of Emil Anderson died 26 August 1915. [SCO, 3 September 1915]
John Ramey
Ramey Everett Cleone 10 December 1908-8 May 1910 Son of John and Clara (Everett) Ramey
244 Taylor Samuel L. 18 March 1847-3 June 1915 Co. I, 28 Rgt. Illinois Infantry Civil War; husband of Sarah E.; father of Emma and Louella m. John Lamborn; lived Hood River, OR 1910
[Possibly buried here: Sarah E. Taylor, wife of Samuel L. Taylor, died 13 February 1913 at Cascade Locks; buried at Sunrise Cemetery]
Jennie Van Gilder
Van Gilder Milon A. 4 November 1864-13 June 1913 Milon Alonzo Van Gilder, son of Hiram and Juliet (Russell) Van Gilder, born  Mount Morris, NY; m. Jennie Porter 26 March 1884 Nunda, NY; to Sherman County 1889; first lived with Adelbert Porter, Jennie’s brother, until they found land; built many barns in the Wasco area; father of Inez m. G. Arthur Sargent 1909, Harry A. m. Ethel Laidlaw 1914, Vernon Keith m. Leona E. Hines 1916, Bryan Keith m. Violet Crane, Infant Son and Darwin A. m. Naomi L. Young 1927; brother of Thomas and Eli who died Civil War and Charles, Frank, Elmer and Julia of NY  [Phyllis (Porter) Zegers, Roseburg, Oregon 2011]
Van Gilder Jennie 15 February 1864-25 May 1932 Daughter of Derrick and Jane (Shephard) Porter, born Mount Morris, NY;  m. Milon A. Van Gilder 26 March1884 Nunda, NY; mother of Inez, Harry A., Vernon Keith, Bryan W., Darwin A. and Infant Son; sister of Inez, Athelia and Julia. [Inez (Van Gilder) Sargent; Phyllis (Porter) Zegers, Roseburg, Oregon 2011; SCJ 27 May 1932]
Van Gilder Infant Son -17 July 1909 Son of M.A. and Jennie
246 Potter Myrtle Fae 1897-1928 Daughter of Daniel Gilbert and Ada Ambrosia (Zimmerman) Byers, born 17 November 1897 Smith County, KS; m. Edward Clarence Potter 16 July 1917 Fossil, Wheeler County, OR; mother of William Byers Potter born 1926; not related to the Potter family at Klondike [ODI: died 4 September 1927 Wasco County]
Byers Gilbert 28 October 1900-17 April 1912 Gilbert Glenn Byers died 17 April 1912 Sherman County, OR [ODI]
C.M. Huddleston
[gravestone base with no marker] [According to The Observer, C.M. Huddleston, lawyer, resigned as county district attorney in 1922; 1930 Linn County, OR with wife Minnie, son Francis and daughter Laura; 1940 Benton County, OR with wife Minnie, daughter Laura and niece Opal; father of Claud Thompson Huddleston died at home at Wasco in 1915, age 11m 6d, funeral from their home.]
248 Johnson John T. 1873-1956 Son of John Henry and Catherine (Deibert) Johnson; Farmer City, IL to Oregon City, then Sherman County; surveyor, rancher;  m. Cornelia H. Smith; father of Dorothy m. Blakney, F. Harland m. Rita Burres 1936, John T. Jr., Margaret m. Proudfoot and Paulen Smith Johnson.
Johnson Cornelia H. 1875-1958 Wife of John T. Johnson; mother of Dorothy m. Blakney, F. Harland m. Rita Burres 1936, John T. Jr., Margaret m. Proudfoot and Paulen Smith Johnson.
Johnson Paulen S. 21 November 1903-20 January 1909 Son of John T. and Cornelia
249 Johnson   John H. cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001 1838-1923 Born KY 19 October 1838; m. Catherine Deibert 9 April 1869 Springfield, IL; Civil War 77th IL; to Sherman County 1883-1884; father of Charles William “Chub” m. Lena Medler & C. Prentice, Mae m. Dr. Harland Edgar Beers & Lynn Wood Michael, John T. m. Cornelia Smith, Albert Sidney m. Nettie, J. Richard m. Maud, Mary Elizabeth and William; died 26 May 1923; Christian church funeral  [SCO, 1 June 1923; SC:FTR]
Johnson Catherine 1848-1940 Catherine Deibert, born 14 December 1848 on the Mississippi River near Memphis, TN as her parents were arriving in the US via New Orleans; m. John Henry Johnson; to Sherman County 1884; mother of Charles, Mae, John, Sidney, Richard, Mary and William; one of the last Civil War veterans’ widows in the region; Wasco Christian Church funeral  [SC:FTR; SCJ, 12 January 1940]
Johnson Mary Elizabeth 18 January 1885-21 December 1905 Daughter of John Henry and Catherine (Deibert) Johnson
H. E. Beers
Birks Roy P. 1882-1926 Roy Pierce Birks, son of Jeremiah and Mary H. Birks, born 5 January 1882; m. Effie Michael; Sherman County farmer 1918 & 1920; father of Janet M. and Alan D.; died October 1926, Wasco Masonic service, sermon by Rev. Henry G. Hanson of Moro [1900 US Census, LaGrande Pct., Union County, OR; 1910 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR; 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card; TO, 29 October 1926]
Beers Newton Edgar 1908-1919 Son of H.E. Beers
Beers Harland Edgar 1864-1911 Born 14 September 1864 near Albany, OR; Wasco physician; m1Olive K. Buss, a physician (1862-1938) 1890 Linn County, OR; m2 Phoebe May Johnson, daughter of John Henry and Catherine (Deibert) Johnson, 1905 and she m2 Lynne Wood Michael (1890-1984); died 25 March 1911 [Bea Richelderfer; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw]
W.N. Morse
_____ _____ [Unreadable wood marker 1965] [Willard Needham Morse (1879-1963) m1 Virginia A. Deaton (1880-   ), father of Robert B. Morse (1917-1999); m2 Cecile Leona Moore, daughter of Leon V. and Etta (Woods) Moore of Moro; physician in Wasco and The Dalles]
_____ _____ [Unidentifiable wood marker 1965]
252 Burmester Henry 1834-1908 [SC:FTR #8-1]
Burmester Catherine 1836-1922 Mother of Helena Doris m. Clinton Clifford Calvin Deyo 1897 at Council Bluffs, IA, Henry Deyo and Herman Deyo, the Moro tailor
253 Brock Wesley C. 1883-1919 Wesley Charles Brock, born 27 August 1883, son of Thomas and Margaret; died 29 September 1919 at Wasco; m. Iva M. Nichols 29 September 1913 Sherman County
Brock Margaret A. 1840-1934 Margaret A. (Etter) Brock, daughter of William and Nancy (Haynes) Brock, born IL; to Sherman County 1889, settled near head of Cottonwood grade; m. Thomas Brock 9 November 1855 IL and he died before she came west with her family; mother of George W. of Wasco, Thomas Richard, Eliza, Isaac Newton, Mary “Mollie” Margaret m. G. Reed Hulse 1893, John J., Minnie Belle m. Russell W. Brock Jr. 1890, Samuel  Joseph m. Lena Belle Spoon 1904, Wesley Charles, Flora/Dora A. m. Jacob Lee Brock and Ella May m. John Galley Medler; aunt of W.B. Johnston of Moro; died Salem, OR, Wasco Christian Church funeral. [Kathryne Pessin 1993; Terry Chabbert 1993; Sam Brock, Great Falls, MT 1993; Ray W. Schuknecht, Knob Noster, MO 1993; SCJ, 9 February 1934]
254 Eaton Effie A. 6 February 1877-20 October 1918 Effie A. Morris; m. 1895 Sherman County, OR Jesse William Eaton (1872-c. 1950); mother of Ralph Wayne m. Beatrice E. Harper 12 January 1916, Claude Harlan m. Audrey Stevenson of Klondike 1923, Mary Jo and Lawrence
C.H. Howell
Howell C. Henry 1873-1951 Charles Henry Howell, son of James R. and Ruthie, born at Wasco _ August 1873; farmed W of Wasco near Gordon Butte; m. Myrtle Peugh, father of Marvin; died 14 May 1951; brother of Bill, Jim, Ruthie and M. Ella [SCJ, 18 May 1951]
Howell Myrtle M. 1881-1945 nee Peugh, wife of Henry; mother of Marvin; sister of Tom J., J.H., Charles R., ___ m. F.L. Barnett and Nettie; died Seaside, OR, Wasco Methodist funeral [SCJ, 1 June 1945]
Geo. Hobson
Hobson Ora May 1887-1918 Married George Hobson in June 1917; died 5 December 1918, Sherman County [ODI; TO, 6 December 1918]
257 May William A. 1872-1945 William Andrew May, born 5 November 1872 Bloomington, IN; m. Josephine Pourron; farmed near Wasco and in Monkland Pct. 1930; father of Flora Beatrice (1899-1935) m. Leston Wright, Clifford Fleming (1900-1993) m. Elsie, William Clayton “Shorty” (1903-1948) m. Luella May Leonard, Roy Leonard 1906-1938), Frank Kenneth (1909-   ) m. Blodwin Jones, Mary Delma (1915-1918) and Louis T. m. Vera Marie Pike; died 1945 at Moro, Moro Community Presbyterian Church funeral [Grace  (May) Zevely; Mary (Zevely) Fraser; SC:FTR; SCJ, 7 December 1945; SCJ, 13 February 1948]
May Josephine P. 1874-1954 Born Chanute, KS; m. William Andrew May; mother of Flora, Clifford, Clayton, William, Roy, Frank, Mary and Louis; died Vancouver, WA [WNE, 4 October 1923: Mrs. W.A. May and daughter Flora were called to Medford, Oklahoma last week by the death of Mrs. May’s mother.] [SCJ,13 February 1948: Body of Clayton May Not Yet Found. At last reports the body of Clayton May had not been found although search for it has been conducted since his disappearance last Monday. May, a native of Sherman County, was working on a sand barge for Mid-Columbia Sand and Gravel Co., and had started across a barge of sand to the shore to sell some sand. His tracks led to the edge of the barge but he has not been seen. No outcry was heard. Clayton “Shorty” May is a son of Mrs. Josephine May of Moro, is married and has a family of four, Mrs. Lester Tibbets, Byron, Wallace and Vivian.]
May Mary Delma 1915-1918 Daughter of William A. and Josephine
Wright Flora B. 1889-1936/35 MOTHER Flora Beatrice, daughter of W. Andrew and Josephine May; m. Leston Wright, son of Dell H. Wright; mother of Dale and Harvey; sister of Louis, Clifford, Frank, William and Roy; died The Dalles; Wasco Christian church funeral, interment Wasco  [SCJ, 13 December 1935]
W.E. Howell
[William Elwood Howell died 1938; buried Sunrise.]
259 Nichols Wharton W. 1861-19__ Born 30 March 1861 Woodford County, IL; to W OR early 1890s, to Sherman County; m. Laura M. Watrous 1885 Wichita, KS; father of Gladys, Iva, Herman H., Laurena M., Richard / Everett, Wesley E. “Gus” m. Mary Evelyn Patten and Arthur A.; to Sherman County 1913; died December 1944 Albany, OR [TO, 5 September 1913; ODI; 1930 US Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County, OR; 29 December 1944]
Nichols Laura M. 1867-1927/29 Laura Mary Watrous, born VA; m. Wharton W. Nichols [TO, 22 March 1929]
Nichols Walter W. 1889-1918 Son of Wharton & Mary, born 1889 Philomath, Benton County, OR; died 22 October 1918 [ODI]
J.F. Howell
[James Foote Howell, son of James Reese Howell, m. Bobbie Bickle.]
L.R. Seeley
[Lucius Roy and Grace (Aker) Seeley settled in the Webfoot district E of Klondike 1915; parents of Delbert L., Viola, Zella, Hubert and Wiley Edwin (1919-1919); they moved to Woodburn about 1930.] [Wiley Edwin Seeley, born 10 miles east of Wasco, son of Lucius Roy and Grace (Aker) Seeley, died August 1919 4m 10d bronchial pneumonia; burial Sunrise Cemetery, Wasco 20 August 1919 ~ Oregon Death Certificate]
262 Stone Frank H. 1889-1950 Frank Harold Stone, son of Louis and Clara; m. Ada Frances Willard 12 July 1913 Sherman County, OR (sister of Herb Willard); father of Frank, Louis and Albert; farmed in the Klondike area until 1940; to Alaska to work for the government; brother of Rosalie m. Hugh White, Esther m. Robert Kaseberg and Murvil  [Bea Richelderfer; Iva (Willard) Bishop, Pendleton 2004; SCJ, 27 October 1950]
Stone Clara R. 1862-1943 Daughter of Samuel and Catherine McBride, born 19 October 1862 near Dixon, CA; sister of Ellen (McBride) Love; m. Louis A. Stone of Knight’s Landing, CA 1885; mother of Rosalie m. Hugh White, Frank Harold m. Ada F. Willard, Esther m. Charlie Smith &Theodore Beletski & Robert Kaseberg, Murvel S. m. Daisy Warren and Estella May (died young, buried in Wasco Methodist Cemetery)  [Bea Richelderfer; Mabel (Cothran) White, Esther (Stone) Kaseberg; SCJ, 23 July 1943]
Stone Louis A. 1861-1918 Louis Alansing Stone, born 8 July 1864 CA, son of Eli Todd Stone of Stanislaus County, CA; Dixon, CA to Sherman County and Tacoma, WA; m. Clara McBride; father of Estella, Rosalie, Frank, Murvel and Frank
263 Barnett Wilson Marion 1853-1917 Born 22 January 1853 Yankeetown, IN; to San Francisco by rail 1877; reportedly walked to Goldendale, WA; to Wasco early 1880s and  built the 1st store in present-day Sherman County; opened 1st bank 1890; m. Sarah Emily Golden, daughter of John and Jane Golden of Goldendale, 14 July 1878; father of two children died young, Corwin H. m. Pearl Hoyt, Florence m. Harold Turner, Marie m. Madison Cooper, Owen W. “Dutch” m. Alice, Annie R., Ira F. m. Evelyn Grebe, John Golden, Lois Marian m. Ormand G. Hilderbrand & Willis Miller and Dorothy E. m. Leslie Blakney [The Lockley Files, Conversations with Pioneer Women 1981; Early Klickitat Valley Days by Ballou]
Barnett Sarah E. 1860-1940 Sarah Emily, daughter of John and Jane Golden, born 8 December 1860, reportedly first white child born in Klickitat County, WA; Methodist; m. Wilson M. Barnett, mother of two children died young, Corwin H., Florence, Marie B., Owen W. “Dutch,” Annie R., Ira F., John Golden, Lois Marian and Dorothy E.; to homestead below Wasco 1880; died Portland, OR; Wasco Methodist funeral, Annie Fulton Chapter, Order of Eastern Star graveside services [The Lockley Files, Conversations with Pioneer Women 1981; Early Klickitat Valley Days by Ballou; Oregon Journal or Oregonian: Ralph Friedman, A pioneering woman in business, 16 January 1975; SCJ, 20 September 1940]
Barnett Annie R. -29 April 1891 1y 4m 26d Daughter of W.M. & S.E. Barnett
264 J.A. Large [Oregon Death Certificate: Fay Large, daughter of Jacob born KS and Hattie (Austin) born NY Large, born 1904, died 9 January 1906, 1y 6m 22d “accidentally fell in pail of scalding water, shock,” burial Sunrise Cemetery]
265 E.D. Bafford The Bafford family lived on the hill close to the original Catholic church (west end of the airport). [1920 US Census, Sherman County, OR: Edward Bafford 35 NE warehouse foreman, his wife Mildred 29 NE, Alta 11 MO, Velma 10 MO, Paulina 8 MO & Frank 51 NE carpenter; ODI: Frank Bafford died Vernonia, OR 23 August 1925 59y. Lived Vernonia about 6 months, born Scott County, IA. Informant: Charles Bafford.]
266 Roy Rich _____ _____ [Unmarked grave 1965] [Mark Fields: Virginia Alice Rich, daughter of Roy Rich of Ajax, OR, died 26 August 1917, at Mrs. Rich’s sister’s at DeMoss, funeral at Moro, burial at Wasco; Oregon Death Certificate: Virginia A. Rich died DeMoss Springs 26 August 1917, 5m 18d enlarged thymus gland; born Wasco 7 March 1917 to Clayton Leroy and Minnie Jane (Hardin) Rich; burial Wasco 27 August 1917]
_____ _____ Unmarked grave 1965
_____ _____ Unmarked grave 1965
267 May Henry D. 1856-1914 Henry Daniel May, born IN, brother of Levi; m. Mary Theodocia Coffey; father of (tentatively) Walter A. m. Ethelyn Webber, Emma Esta m. Charles L. Powell, Ralph Otis m. Maud Canning, Claude Olney m. Pearl Etta Ellsworth 1906, Lawrence Edgar, Edith Litton, Pearl Ethel m. Walter C. Schmidt [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; Grace (May) Zevely; Mary (Zevely) Fraser; Everett May; SC:FTR 2005]
May Docia C. 1859-1938 Mary Theodocia Coffey, wife of Henry D. May
268 J.M. Yancey Yancey Carl A. 1912-1913 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. [Probably son of Joseph Marion and Essie L. Yancey; J.M. a brother to Maude Emma (Yancey) Morrow Bargenholt whose two infants are buried here]
269 Morrow Bonnie 13 March 1897-20 November 1918 Battery IAAP Bonnie Harold, son of James Jerome and Susan Elizabeth (McCullough) Foster Morrow; brother of  Robert and Belle; half-brother of Hollis, Roma and Eugene; died Fort McArthur army camp, San Pedro, CA influenza [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Chris Sanders; Wilma Louise “Billie” (Ott) Stone; Lillian Bogardus]
Morrow Hollis 9 May 1914-10 July 1917 Hollis, son of James Jerome and Susan Elizabeth (McCullough) Foster Morrow; brother of Eugene and Roma; half-brother of Bonnie, Belle and Robert; kicked by a draft horse colt on the E.E. Kaseberg ranch W of Wasco 1917 [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Chris Sanders; Wilma Louise “Billie” (Ott) Stone; Lillian Bogardus]
Morrow Eugene 1908-1911 Eugene Malvern, son of James Jerome and Susan E. (McCullough) Foster Morrow, born 25 December 1908 at Gorman E of Wasco; brother of Hollis and Bonnie; died 23 January 1911 diptheria   [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Chris Sanders; WNE, 1 February 1911; Wilma Louise “Billie” (Ott) Stone; Lillian Bogardus]
Morrow Robert 1895-1911 Son of James Jerome & Susan E. (McCullough) Foster Morrow; died 9 January 1911 at Gorman on Starvation Point E of Wasco  [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Chris Sanders; Lavinia Langtry 1986; Wilma Louise “Billie” (Ott) Stone; Lillian Bogardus]
270 Richardson Mary A. 7 July 1846-25 January 1908 Born IA; m1 ___ Stone,  mother of Henry and ____ Stone; m2 Obediah W. Richardson, mother of Holli Richardson ; [SC:FTR #2-2 1984]
Richardson Obediah W. 7 October 1830-19? February 1905 Obediah Waddle Richardson, born IL, son of John G. and Orpha (Thompson); to CA age 18; Adams County, IL to Linn County, OR about 1858; m1 Martha Elizabeth Cusick (died childbirth about 1869), father of Emily, Ida and Edward; m2 Mary E. Fields 1872 Linn County, OR, father of Lena, John G., Jennie and Horace H.; divorced Yamhill County; m3 Mary A. (___) Stone 31 July 1890 Sherman County, father of Holli (m) and step-father to Henry & ___ Stone; brother of Milton, Thomas, William, George, Lewis, Elijah, John, Andrew and Enoch. [Linn County Sheriff’s Office; Cliff Thompson; Barbara McDonald Lewis; Ken Richardson]
271 C.A. Akers Akers Eva Leona 1871-1919 Daughter of Thomas and Helen (Hall) Waters, born 18 December 1871 Webberville, Leroy Twp., Ingham County, MI; m. Charles A. Akers 1898 Sherman County, OR; mother of  Melinice “Nellie” 1899, Hattie 1900-1900 and Edna 1904-1905; Charles Aaron Akers died Portland 14 March 1947, one-time proprietor of The Candy Kitchen in Wasco [J. Kenneth Kaseberg; SCJ; TO; 1900 & 1910 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Akers Little Hattie 3 December 1900-28 December 1900 Daughter of Charles and Eva Leona (Waters) Akers
Akers Little Edna 17 March 1904-14 February 1905 Daughter of Charles and Eva Leona (Waters) Akers
Akers Infant
Waters Helen 1849-1911 MOTHER Helen (Hall) Waters, born 1 May 1849 Jackson County, MI; m. Thomas Waters 2 January 1870; widowed 30 August 1888; to Wasco 1898; died10 September 1911 Sinton, TX; funeral at Wasco 21 September 1911; mother of Eva m. C.A. Akers and Mary Duella m. John Rudolph Kaseberg [J. Kenneth and Marie Kaseberg]
272 Glasgow Glasgow Infant Son -15 March 1904 Son of Edwin and Ada Orpha (VanGaasbeck) Glasgow
Van Gaasbeck Lewis 6 March 1824-17 November 1909
273 Barzee Laura 18 October 1882-12 October 1909 Daughter of James and Hannah (Bradley) McMillin, born Dixon, CA; to Wasco with parents fall 1887; m. Charles Lester Barzee 14 October 1903; mother of Elford and Adeline
274 Workman Workman Val 1863-1943 Born Bloomfield, IA, 23 November 1863; m. Luellen Barber 1894 Kansas City, MO; to Salem, OR, to Sherman County 1898; (tentatively) father of Leonard, Ruby, Nonie 1898, Ole 1899 and Ora (m) 1899-1962; 1900 in Wasco Pct., Sherman County; died 22 December 1943 while visiting family in Bend [SCJ, 31 December 1943]
Workman Luellen 12 July 1868-5 September 1900 Born MO, daughter of David Jones, an army veteran who visited his daughter here in 1905 [SCO, 17 February 1905]
275 J.A. Smith Smith Hattie E. 1896-1911 Daughter of James Arthur and Nora (Lyons) Smith; sister of Lester K., Chester, Lydia m. ___ Darby and Arthur J. m. Leona 1912
Smith Nora L. 1862-1943 MOTHER Born IL 5 March 1863, nee Lyons, m. James Arthur Smith 5 March 1882; mother of Lester K. m. Bertha Knight, Chester, Lydia m. __ Darby, Arthur J. m. Leona and Hattie E.; died Wasco 11 April 1943(1896-1911) [SCJ, 16 April 1943]
Smith J. Arthur 1860-1929 James Arthur Smith; Willamette Valley to Grass Valley about 1903; m. Nora Lyons; father of Lester, Chester, Lydia, Arthur and Hattie [Bea Richelderfer]
Darby Lydia E. 1888-1953 Daughter of James Arthur and Nora Smith; m. _____ Darby; mother of Lorraine & Wayne Darby [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw]
276 G.W. Long Long George W. 1850-1914 George Washington Long, born Dennisport, MA 5 October1850; m. Emma Rosetta Morrow, daughter of John and Mary (Shoup) Morrow, 9 November 1879 Dayton, Yamhill County, OR; father of Earl, John William and Harry Edward; homestead at Gorman on Starvation Point with Morrow families; merchant, postmaster at Blalock; died 21 December 1914 Blalock, Gilliam County, OR [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg]
Long Emma 1861-1912 Emma Rosetta Morrow, daughter of John and Mary (Shoup) Morrow, born 28 January 1861 Logan County, IL; m. George W. Long 9 November 1879; mother of John William. Earl m. Vera Lahti and Harry Edward m. Bernice Elsie Toney; sister of John E., Sarah Angeline, Hannah Ada, James Jerome, Harry Edwin, Lillie May, Frank L., Louis Monroe, Nan Zena and Mary Evelyn Morrow; died 17 October 1912 at Wasco. [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Vera (Lahti) Long; ]
277 Phil Minker Child Minker 1913 Oregon-12 June 1914 Deschutes River?; son of Clarence Minker (1889-1923) and Esther  Ledgett) Young Minker (1896-1972) ~ submitted as Minkler by Find-A-Grave; not confirmed
278 W.G. Armsworthy Armsworthy Levi 26 April 1829-11 May 1914 Born Rowan County, NC; to TN 11 years; to MO, IL and to OR 1853; 1860, 1870 & 1880 Klickitat County, WA Territory; m. Ellen Dunlap 31 May 1855 Washington County, OR; built Oskaloosa Hotel in Wasco 1887; father of William “Bill” Daniel m. S.J. Tozier 1887, Richard m. Amanda Mitchell 1880, Mary E., Minerva A., Sarah Jane, J.W. and Willis Grant m. Lela E. Harvey [Peggy Clark 2005; Mike Day, Wichita, KS 2010; US Census; Wasco Methodist Circuit: Amanda 1887, Levi 1889, died 11 May 1914, and Miss Sarah 1889]
279 Lloyd Hines [Lloyd Hines, son of Levi “Lee” Shelton Hines and Mary Delphina (Day) Hines]
280 Lloyd Hines [Lloyd Hines, son of Levi “Lee” Shelton Hines and Mary Delphina (Day) Hines; his brother Juddy Hines died at Wasco.]
281 Dunlap Dunlap Clark 1844-1920 Clark J. Dunlap, son of Smith and Madeline Dunlap (Smith Dunlap was killed on the way to OR 1847 and Madeline died 18 months after reaching OR); reared by F.R. Smith family, Salem; to Spanish Hollow 1882; platted the town of Wasco with one quarter of the land each from Armsworthy, McPherson, Biggs & Dunlap; m. Nancy Jane Chapman 20 May 1874 Wheeler County, OR; father of Clifton L. m. Bernadine Mable Ellis 1913, Mary “Mollie” Virginia m. Edward D. McKee 1901, V’Leda m. George VanGaasbeck and Clara Veva m. Roy Marshall; Civil War pension filed by widow Nancy Jane Dunlap; brother of William and Ellen m. Levi Armsworthy [Bea Richelderfer]
Dunlap Nancy J. 1853-1942 Nancy Jane, daughter of Joseph R. Chapman, born Eola, Polk County, OR 8 November 1853; m. Clark Dunlap 1874 in Wheeler County, OR; to Sherman County 1882; mother of Clifton L., Mary “Mollie” Virginia, V’Leda and Clara Veva; died 9 January 1942; Wasco Methodist funeral [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 16 January 1942]
282 C.H. Barnett _ & B.M. Sias _ Dunlap Nancy J. 1853-1942 Nancy Jane, daughter of Joseph R. Chapman, born Eola, Polk County, OR 8 November 1853; m. Clark Dunlap 1874 in Wheeler County, OR; to Sherman County 1882; mother of Clifton L., Mary “Mollie” Virginia, V’Leda and Clara Veva; died 9 January 1942; Wasco Methodist funeral [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 16 January 1942]
Barnett Corwin H. 1880-1960 Son of Wilson M. & Sarah (Golden) Barnett; m. Pearl Hoyt; father of Hoyt, Wilson, Helen & Peggy Marie. [ODI: Infant of B.M. Sias died January 1907, 1 m 8 d, born December 1906 in Wasco, OR. B.M. Sias’ wife was a Wilson.]
283 C. McGregor McGregor Nona Mabel 1906-1907
284 White Charles L. 1899-1920 SON Charles Lucan White, born at Biggs 16 February 1899; brother of Elsie, Iris, Carrie, Helen, Anna and  Hugh White (of Sand Springs on Fulton Canyon Road)   [Bea Richelderfer]
White William S. 1856-1943 FATHER William Smith White, born NY 30 September 1856; to OR from KS 1888, homestead near Biggs; m. Martha Coon 12 April 1884 Ft. Scott, KS; father of Hugh A. m. Rosalie Stone, Elsie m. Evan T. Olson 1912, Iris, Carrie, Helen m. Richard Steinke, Anna m. Will Ritzschke, William S. m. Madaline Stump and Charles Lucan White; died at home of his daughter Elsie  [Bea Richelderfer; Pat Deisch; Anna (Olson) Jacobsen; Mabel (Cothran) White; SCJ, 17 December 1943]
White Martha M. 1863-1933 Born Waterloo, IA; m. William Smith White; mother of Hugh, Elsie, Iris, Carrie, Helen, Anna, William & Charles [Bea Richelderfer; Pat Deisch; Anna (Olson) Jacobsen; Mabel (Cothran) White]
285 C.H. Northrup [Sherman County Births: An unnamed daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (McDonald) Northrup was born 16 February 1906 and died aged 8 days.] [See C.H. Northrup NW Corner]
286 Morris Joseph T. 1844-1925 Co. K 3rd Reg Ill Cavalry Co. K, 3rd Illinois Cavalry, Civil War; To OR about 1892; orchardist at Grant, Sherman County, OR 1905; appointed Sherman County fruit inspector 1905; m. Mary D. Linderman; father of Walter A. of Rufus, Mrs. A.M. Macnab ofWasco, Mrs. L.W. Langford of Rufus & Miss Nellie Morris of The Dalles; resident of Rufus for 20 years; died The Dalles, 19 December 1925 [1900SCVR; SCO, 25 December 1925]
Morris Mary D. 1849-1921 Mary D. Linderman, m. Joseph T. Morris; mother of Clara B. m. A. M. Macnab, Walter A. m. Minnie Louise Hulery, Jessie Inez m. Louis Langford, Nellie and Effie m. Jesse W. Eaton
287 George BlackburneTwo unmarked graves found in 1965 Blackburne Ronald W. 5 October 1922-7 December 1922 [Unmarked grave in 1965] Son of George Wilson Blackburne, born Rufus, Oregon, son of George and Alma (Harper) Blackburn; died Dec. 7, 1922 very suddenly, unknown cause, no doctor in attendance; no place of burial given; disinterment from grave on family property at Grant, about three miles west of Rufus, south side of Hwy. 30 in Section 3, T2N R16E, was accomplished 29 May 1956, with re-interment in Grave #3, Lot #287 Sunrise Cemetery, Wasco, OR 29 May 1956 prior to filling The Dalles Dam pool. [Oregon Certificate of Death; Bea Richelderfer]
Blackburne Joseph Wilson 7 April 1838-3 May 1908 [Small metal funeral marker – “1838-1908” – found in 1965] Joseph Wilson Blackburne born 17 April 1838 Ireland; to USA, to San Francisco; The Dalles & Cascade Locks, then a homestead at Grant, Sherman County, OR; raised poultry about ten years; m. Clara A. Hill, father of Alfred A., Mary E., Albert E. m. Anna Chrisman, George W. m. Alma Grace Harper, and Minnie m. George Wallis; served out the term of county judge Owen M. Scott in 1890 after Sherman County was formed in 1889;  died 3 May 1908 age 70 years, buried at the Blackburne homestead orchard in a family burial plot SE1/4 of Section 3, T2N, R16E, south side of Highway 30 about 3 miles west of Rufus; no graves visible in 1966, nor was his grave located in May 1956 when Ronald Blackburne’s grave was moved to Sunrise Cemetery due to construction of The Dalles Dam; pursuant to a relocation permit signed by next of kin on 5 April 1956, the remains of Joseph W., Clara and Ronald were to be moved. Lot #287 is identified with George Blackburn and contains two unidentified graves. [1880 US Census, Dalles City, Wasco County, OR: J.W. and Clara Blackburne and their son Alfred 2; 1900 US Census, Grant Precinct, Sherman County, OR: Joseph W. Blackburne 55 born Ireland, wife Clara 48 born England and mother of 5 children with 3 living, daughter Mary E. 18, sons Albert E. 15 and George 14; TO 25 October 1901: Judge Blackburne’s favorite fowls are Leghorns and Wyandottes on his 40 acre poultry farm; 1905 Illustrated History of Central Oregon; 1910 US Census, Grant Pct., Sherman County, OR; 1920 US Census, Rufus Pct., Sherman County, OR; Bea Richelderfer]
Blackburne Clara Clara A. Hill, wife of Joseph Wilson Blackburne; mother of Alfred A., Mary E., Albert E. m. Anna Chrisman, George W. m. Alma Harper, and Minnie m. George Wallis; died April 1920, 80y, at Grant near Rufus, buried Section 3 T2N, R16E, Section 3 in a family burial plot on Blackburne orchard property. The Blackburne graves were reportedly situated about 70 feet south of the relocated highway right-of-way without gravestones. Due to construction of The Dalles Dam and subsequent flooding, pursuant to a relocation permit signed by next of kin on 5 April 1956, the remains of Joseph W., Clara and Ronald were to be moved. [1910 US Census, Grant Precinct, Sherman County, OR: George W. Blackburne 23 farmer and his widowed mother Clara Blackburne 60; SCO, 8 April 1921: Mrs. Clara Blackburne, 79, lived in the County 30+ years; died at home near Grant; survived by two sons: Albert W. of Arlington & George W. of Rufus, a daughter Mrs. Minnie C. Harley of Portland, seven grandchildren; funeral at Wasco; interment at Wasco Cemetery.]
288 J.R. Howell [James Reese Howell (1846-1924) is buried at Wasco; his wife, Ruth Bales died 1918 at Wasco, and their daughter Margaret Ellen “Ella” died __ and son Henry Charles died 1951, both buried Sunrise.]
289 Charles Mott SE corner of SE section along E fence Charles Grant Mott, known as “Blackie,” born 23 September 1882 Bloomington, IL; to Sherman County from Grant County; a cook, operated a Wasco restaurant for years; died Wasco  March 18, 1936 53y 7m 18d angina pectoris; resident of Wasco [Oregon Death Certificate; SCJ, 27 March 1936]
290 Harper John [Metal funeral home marker 1965] [Possibly John Ira Harper, born about 1868 OR, son of Nicholas and Caroline; in Umatilla County, OR 1870 and 1880; m. Sophia Jane Brock; parents of  Hazel and Alma Grace (1902-1996) m. George W. Blackburne 22 September 1917 Pendleton, OR; died 7 February 1933 Washington State] [Possibly the Mr. Harper who died December 1932. Buried at Wasco – Wasco Methodist Circuit Records; SCJ, 17 February 1933: J.J. Harper died at Kelso, funeral at Wasco M.E. church, father of Mrs. Blackburn of Rufus; burial Wasco Cemetery]
291 Eaton Ralph W. 1896-1953 Ralph Wayne Eaton, son of Jesse William and Effie (Morris) Eaton; m. Beatrice E. Harper 12 January 1916 Sherman County; brother of Claude H., Mary Jo and Lawrence
Eaton Beatrice 1897-1931 Beatrice Estelle, daughter of Charles A. and Addie L. Harper, born OR; m. Ralph W. Eaton, mother of Elda and June [SCJ, 20 March 1931]
292 Carl McKean [James Carl McKean and his wife are buried at Moro.]
293 Carl McKean
294 – 3 Peugh Charles R. 1883-1958 Charles Rufus Peugh, son of William H. and Eliza Ann (Thomas) Peugh, born at Wasco; brother of Arvilla m. F.L. Barnett, Humphrey Thomas m. Gertrude Hulse, John Henry, Francis M. m. Mattie Thomas (not related to Eliza), Myrtle m. C.H. Howell, Nettie, Cora and others died young; m. Ruie Ethel Blagg; m. Mary; father of Chester, two other sons and three daughters; died 14 March 1958 Lake Oswego, OR
294 – 4 Peugh Chester S. 1906-1920 Son of C.R. & R.E. Son of Charles R. and Ruie E. (Blagg) Peugh [Charles? Sedqwich Puegh born 30 Oct 1906  Condon, OR; died 31 Dec 1920 Wasco, OR 14 y 2 m 0 d]
295 Benefiel James I. 1836-1920 James Irwin Benefiel, born 5 September 1836 Shelby County, IN, son of John Wesley & Mary Louisa (Dormer) Benefiel; m. Mary Louisa Branson 12 October 1860 at Sheridan, OR; father of Charles William m. Mary Robertson, Helen, Frank G., Albert Edwin, Earnest Wesley m. Christine Robertson, James Wiley, John R. and Mary Irva; brother of Mary Ellen, William H and Wiley; half-brother of Thomas, Wilson, Chaney, Martha and Perry;  died13 September 1920 9 miles E of Wasco [Betty Jean Fritts 2005; SC:FTR: Benefiel: On the Oregon Trail in Sherman County by L. Bowman as told by Frank Benefiel]
Benefiel Mary L. 1841-1925 Mary Louisa Branson, born Sangamon County, IL; to Willamette Valley 1848 with parents; m. James Benefiel 12 October 1860; died Walla Walla, WA; Dufur Methodist church funeral, burial in Wasco; survived by five sons and a daughter: Charles W. Benefiel of Irrigon, J.W. Benefiel of Wasco, John R. Benefiel of Spaulding, Idaho, Frank and Earnest Benefiel and Mrs. W. R. Laurence of Walla Walla; sisters, Ellen Clarno of Prineville and Paulene Oaks of Portland. [TO, 25 December 1925; WNE, December 1925]
_____ _____ [Small wood marker found in1965] [Possibly Frank Benefiel. SC:FTR: Benefiel: On the Oregon Trail in Sherman County by L. Bowman as told by Frank Benefiel: “Frank is buried in the cemetery at Wasco near the south east corner of the west part.”]
296 Ed McKee
297 L.M. Williamson Lauren Williamson, born Portland, OR, daughter of L.M. and Edna (Frazier) Williamson; died 4 m 26d 16 November 1919, 7 miles NW of Wasco at the Anderson ranch  [Leslie Marion Williamson m. 1 July 1918 Vancouver, Clark Co., WA to Edna Mae Frazier; 1920 US Census, Locust Pct., Sherman County, OR: Lesle Williamson 21 OR, Edna 23 TX, Lois 6/12 OR; Oregon Death Certificate 1919]
298 McDermid McDermid John D. 1850-1920 Born 18 October 1850 near Nottawa, Ontario, Canada, son of Dougald and Jeanette (Bell) McDermid, Scottish immigrants; brother of Archie, Mary, Elizabeth, Dougald, Donald, Malcolm, Margaret, Catherine, Janet, Anne and Christine m. Alexander Walker; to Sherman County 1890; m. Eliza J. Smith at The Dalles; died 21 February 1920 Portland, OR; his brother Archie died in Portland ten days earlier.
McDermid Dingle Eliza J. 1863-1944 Born Eliza J. Smith 24 January 1863 IN; to OR 1890s; m1 John McDermid in OR; m2 Richard Dingle as his 2nd wife 12 March 1925; sister of Julia and Alfred; Christian Church funeral [SCJ, 21 January 1944]
Smith Edward M. 1860-1936 BROTHER Brother of Eliza J. (Smith) McDermid Dingle, Julia, Alfred and others; died Redmond hospital 7 July 1936 [SCJ 10 July 1936]
299 _. Coffey Coffey Mary E. 8 December 1865-2 September 1919 Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” May, wife of Ira A. Coffey; mother of Edward Leeson, Walter H. and Lucy L.
Coffey  Ira A. 1855-1943 Ira Austin Coffey, born Monroe County, IN; to KS and OR; died Portland, OR; father of Edward Leeson, Walter and Lucy L.; sister of Mrs. L.D. May; Wasco Christian church funeral [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; SCJ, 5 November 1943]
Coffey Lucy 1887-1964 DAUGHTER Daughter of Ira A. and Mary E. [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw: Lucy was her 4th and 5th grade teacher]
300 Emma Hines Hines E.M. “Judd” 26 December 1869-17 February 1928 Elihu Mason “Judd” Hines; m. Emma Maria McMillin 20 November 1894 Sherman County; farmer; father of Marvin, George, Leona E. m. Vernon Van Gilder, Otis & Mason  [Bea Richelderfer]
Hines Emma Maria 2 November 1868-7 February 1938? Wife of E.M.; mother of Marvin, George, Leona E. m. Vernon Van Gilder, Otis & Mason  [Bea Richelderfer]
301 _. Andrews Andrews R.A. 23 November 1827-29 February 1908 MOTHER Rachel A. Wigley, born NY; to OR 1882-1884; m. Simeon J. Andrews; mother of Augusta C. m. Joseph B. McHenry, Charles Mortimer m. Hattie, William H. m. Esther A., Lily M., Ardell (m), John, Arthur & Earnest A. Andrews. [1900 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman Co., OR: Rachael Andrews born NY Nov 1827 72 widow 6 children/5 living farmer, Ernest Andrews July 1867 son single RR laborer IA; Bea Richelderfer; Mark Fields]
Andrews S.J. 23 March 1825-18 September 1898 FATHER Simeon J. born 23 September 1825 Rensselaer, NY; MI and WI, to Cedar Falls, IA about 1862; to OR about1884; m. Rachel A. Wigley; father of Augusta, Charles Mortimer “Mort,” William H., Lily M., Ardell “Dell,” John, Arthur, Earnest A. [In 1860 the Simeon Andrews family was in Rock County, WI; in Black Hawk County, IA in 1870; and in Hennepin County, MN in 1880; Bea Richelderfer; Mark Fields]
302 _ _ tter Morehouse Leone 1901-1959 Son of William D. and Mary Morehouse; brother of Clara, Raymond Bertrand m. Mamie Potter, Edith, Florence, Faith, Eva and Mary; died 23 December 1959, Wasco County [ODI]
_______ _______ [One unreadable small metal funeral home marker found 1965] Two children of Ray and Mamie Morehouse died young, buried Wasco: Marcella born c. 1905, died 18 months and George Graydon 1922-1922.
303 Moon Moon Edward B. 1876-1942 FATHER Born Niantic, IL September 1877; to Wasco 1905; m. Bertha Wilde 25 October 1908 at home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Wilde near Emigrant Springs; father of George B., Christina M. and Margaret F.; brother of John, Jesse, Walter and Connel; Wasco Christian Church funeral  [SCJ, 23 January 1942: “Edwin Moon”]Bertha F. Wilde, born 11 November 1886 KS, m. Edward B. Moon; died November 1979 McMinnville, OR, burial Sunrise Cemetery, Wasco; sister of Wesley John (1884-1945) m2 Wilma O. Sheets, Amanda m. Fagan, Mildred A. m. Harriman and George Thomas (1899-1986) m. Fern M. Wegener 1921 & she m2 Charles Custer Wilson. [SCJ, 8 November 1979 & 15 September 1888; The Optimist, The Dalles 6 November 1942: June Wild and W. Rolfe m. in Chicago, October 21, he with the Army near Chicago]
______ ______ [One small metal funeral home marker found in 1965]
304 Brock Russell W. 27 November 1828-30 May 1901 Russell Wilbur Brock, born Fentress County, TN, son of George Ambrose and Mary “Polly” (Crawford) Brock; to IA about 1844, returned to TN to sell property 1849, helped his mother move to IA; m. Elvira Ann Brown 7 September 1854 Linn County, OR; ODLC #653 Linn County; to Sherman County 1884; father of Francis M. died young, George, Vineyard Crawford, Joseph L. died young, Clara Belle died young, Russell Wilbur Jr. m. Minnie Belle Brock 1890 Sherman County, Jacob Lee m. Flora Alice Brock of Hay Canyon 1893, Marsom, Columbus Marion and Mary Elizabeth m. Arthur Bryant Jory 1887 & Alexander M. Hicks; brother of James P., Ambrose, Casander, Permelia C., Vineyard Crawford, Mildred C., Nettie C., Elizabeth, Lucinda, George, Celestine and Pleasant Taylor Brock; died Wasco, OR  [ODLC #653 Linn County, OR; Raymond W. Schuknecht Sr. of Knob Noster, MO 1993; Brock Diary, SC:FTR]
Brock Elvira A. 16 March 1831-30 August 1906 Elvira Ann Brown, daughter of M. Brown;  m. Russell Wilbur Brock Sr.; mother of Francis, George, Vineyard, Joseph, Clara, Russell Jr., Jacob, Marsom, Columbus and Mary
Brock Columbus M. 17 February 1870-14 April 1934 “Lum,” son of Russell and Elvira, born Linn County, OR; to Sherman County 1884, lived at Wasco [SCJ, 20 April 1934]
305 _ Hines King William Monroe 29 April 1856-22 February 1909 Married Ida Hines 3 October 1889 Wasco County; brother of Hattie Julia King m. Charles Mortimer Andrews [Bea Richelderfer; ODI Marion County, OR: son of George W. King born MS and Lizzie E. Coalson born MS; burial Wasco]
King Ida May 16 July 1861-19 May 1943 Daughter of James Shelton and Selina (Pyburn) Hines, born Corvallis, OR 16 July 1961; to Sherman County with her parents; m. William M. King 3 October 1943; farmed W of Wasco; sister of Kate m. Mitchell, W.E. and Lee Hines [Bea Richelderfer; 1920 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR; SCJ, 21 May 1943]
306 G.W. McClelland McClelland George Washington 26 September 1852-28 August 1911 Born OH; married Sarah F. Nickel 4 November 1880 Coalfield, IA; to Centerville, Klickitat County, WA 1894; meat market in Wasco; Presbyterian; father of Essie m. James Carl McKean, Ruth and two others.  [Bea Richelderfer]
McClelland Sarah F. 1863-1926 Wife of G.W.; born 18 February 1862; mother of Essie F., Ruth and ____; sister of James of IA, Margaret, Martha, Mary and Elizabeth; Covenanter/Reformed Presbyterian; died 9 March 1926  [Bea Richelderfer]
McClelland Ruth 1897-1931 Daughter of George & Sarah, born Centerville, WA 2 June 1897 [SCJ, 16 October 1931]
307 Andrews C. Mort 1852-1920 Son of Simeon and Rachel Andrews, born Kalamazoo, MI; to Dixon, CA 1870s; to OR about 1882; m. Hattie King; farmed 3 miles W of Wasco; father of Guy Chester m. Mary Ellen and Claude King Andrews; Mort’s parents & brother Bill also came to Wasco.
Andrews Hattie J. 1858-1937 Hattie Julia King, born 23 November 1858 Dixon, CA; m. 1878 (obit: 1876) at Dixon, CA Charles Mortimer “Mort” Andrews; to Sherman County 1884; mother of Guy Chester and Claude King Andrews; one of the first three women jurors in Sherman County 1913; died 27 December 1937, Christian Church funeral. [TO, 16 May 1913; SCJ, 31 December 1937]
King George W. 12 September 1833-25 April 1910 Born Winona, MS; m. Miss S.E. Coalson at Winona; to Nevada City, CA with family, to Dixon, CA where Mrs. King died February 1862; to Wasco 1900; father of Mrs. C.M. Andrews of Wasco; brother of Mrs. L.T. Thomas of Dixon, J.A. King at Dixon. [SCJ, 1910]
308 G.C. Akers McHenry J.B. 4 October 1849-16 April 1914 FATHER Joseph B. McHenry, born IN; m. Augusta C. Andrews 29 September 1870 in IA where he went as a young man and she died Monett, MO 1894; father of Nora Maud m. Glenn Carroll Akers
Akers Carroll E. 1901-1957 Son of Glenn & Maud [Bea Richelderfer]
Akers Glenn C. 16 December 1872-14 June 1931 Glenn Carroll Akers, son of Elijah and May, born Dixon, MO; m. Maud Nora McHenry 1 July 1897 Monett, MO; father of Wayne M. m. Alice Titus 13 June 1924, Ruth M. m. Bert W. Holloway, Carroll E., and Henrietta m. Lloyd Hennagin 1929; to Wasco 1910; lived Hermiston 1915-16 and at Moro and Wasco; 16 years employed by Independent Milling Company at Wasco; appointed county clerk to replace M.L. Hoskinson; Presbyterian church funeral [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; SCJ 19 June 1931]
Akers Nora M. 6 September 1873-14 July 1944 Nora Maud, daughter of Joseph B. and Augusta C. (Andrews) McHenry, born Janesville, Bremer County, IA; to OR 1910; m. Glen C. Akers, mother of Ruth, Carroll, Henrietta and Wayne; Wasco Methodist Church funeral [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw, “We sang in the choir (Methodist) and Mrs. Glen Akers was our director. Mrs. Akers’ father Mr. McHenry also directed our choir.”; The Dalles Optimist 21 July 1944; SCJ, 21 July 1944]
309 Emma Hines Sherman County Birth Records: An unnamed son of Judd & Emma Hines was born 25 January 1906.
310 Williams William W. 1880-1920 Son of Elisha B. & Delia A. (Bryant) Williams, born 5 January 1880 Trinity County, CA; m1 Dora Maude Hamilton 18 December 1901 Whitman County, WA; to Sherman County 1906; m2 Emma Maude (Hull) Hoggard as her 2nd husband 19 July 1908, father of Max Irving Williams (1914-1967) who m. Fern Elizabeth Wallace 1946 Goldendale, WA; lived at Wasco; brother of  D.H. Williams, Mrs. Bertha Kimball, Mrs. Flora Ware, Mrs. Eva Boner, Mrs. Ella Rue, Mrs. Mary Bond & Mrs. Myrtle Tounsend; died 1 February 1920 Wasco, OR [SCO, 4 February 1920]
Williams William W. 1937-1955 “Billy” Williams, born OR, son of Max I. & Fern (Wallace) Williams; grandson of William W. Williams (1880-1920); reared by his grandmother Emma Maude (Hull) Hoggard Williams Shearer; died 1955 auto accident near Kent, OR [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973; Sherri Williams, IA 2009]
Shearer Anna M. 1877-1962 Emma Maude Hull, daughter of John Levin & Mary Frances (Johnston) Hull, born 29 June 1877 Christian County, IL; m1 William “Billy” Hoggard 1896 at Grant, mother of Baby Hoggard died 1898; divorced; m2 William W. Williams  as his 2nd wife 1908/09 (he died 1920), mother of Max Irving Williams (1914-1967); m3 Andrew Shearer 1922, divorced; died 5 August 1962 The Dalles, OR [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973; Sherri Williams 2009; 1900 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR; 1930 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR]
311 Morrow lot; purchased by Larry & Sherry Kaseberg when FLM’s remains were moved] Morrow Frank L. 1870-1939 Son of John and Mary (Shoup) Morrow, born 23 January 1870 Logan County, IL; to Sherman County 1888; fired the first steam engine that threshed a crop here; Wasco and Monkland blacksmith, Wasco machinist, auto mechanic, garage man; m. 30 May 1895 Carrie May Hull in Moro; father of Chester Ross 1896 and Gladys Audrey 1901 m. James Laidlaw; brother of Hal, John, Louis, Nan, Evelyn, Annie, and Lillie; died 5 April 1939 at Wasco, Methodist Church funeral; remains moved to a different lot at Sunrise (wife Carrie (Hull) Morrow (2 February 1873 Christian County, IL-27 January 1952 Salem, OR, is buried in Salem.) [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw, Salem; SCJ, 7 April 1939; SCJ, 15 February 1952]
312 Maud Driscoll Driscoll Denis 1860-1920 Born Ireland; m. Maude L.  Kirkin/Kirklin; father of Ethel m1 Claude Fenton 1919 & Seral W. Searcy 1928 and Clyde Floyd m. Mabel Graves
Driscoll Maud 1870-1953 Wife of Denis; mother of Ethel and Clyde
313 A.M. Hicks [Alexander M. Hicks is buried Methodist Cemetery.] Alexander M. Hicks, born December 1864; m. Mary Elizabeth (Brock) Jory as her 2nd husband; stepfather of Arthur Bryant Jory; long-time Wasco plumbing and heating shop; lived at Wasco 1900-1956]
314 Woods Nell J. 1883-1920 Nellie Jannett, daughter of Kenneth and Jennie (Waite) McPherson; m. Joshua Marshall Woods (1883-1920, buried Sunrise) at Wasco 21 June 1911; mother of Kenneth M. born about 1913; sister f John E. and Kenneth A. McPherson [Joshua Marshall Woods, son of Charles Albert and Edith, born 21 July 1883 Smith County, KS]
_____ _____ [Small unreadable metal funeral home marker in 1965]
315 McKean Robert H. 1876-1949 Robert Hamilton “Ham” McKean, born Wind Ridge, PA, son of James and Martha McKean; m. 17 July 1910 Sarah “Sadie” Rebecca Lower at Wasco, OR; father of Martha Elvira m. Lewis John Hastings 1932, Robert William “Bill” and Warren H.; brother of James C. “Carl” m. Essie Frances McClelland, Mary, Martha, Lona, Luna and Albert; operated a farm and farm implement business for 50 years [Bea Richelderfer; Martha (McKean) Hastings; SCJ, 18 March 1949]
McKean Sadie -1965 Sarah Rebecca Lower, born 10 September 1879 Bolivar, MO; m. Robert McKean; mother of Martha, Robert and Warren [Bea Richelderfer; Martha (McKean) Hastings]
McKean Warren H. -1921 Infant son of R.H. and Sadie [Bea Richelderfer]
316 R.H. McKean
317 Andrews William H. 1854-1921 Son of Simeon J. and Rachel A. (Wigley) Andrews;  husband of Esther A.; brother of Augusta C. m. Joseph B. McHenry, C. Mort m. Hattie Julia King, Lily M., Ardell, John, Arthur and Earnest  [1910 & 1910 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Andrews Esther A. 1868-1960 Born MI, February 1868; 1910 one child/none living.
318 Vacant 1965
319 Vacant 1965
320 Vacant 1965
329 Northrup Child Child of C.H. Northrup; buried in NW corner of the NW Quarter [Bea Richelderfer]
330 Unknown Male Adult Buried in NW corner of the NW Quarter [Bea Richelderfer]
421/422 Schwendel John M. (1924-1937) Son of Matthew J. “Matt” and Annie Cecelia (Frank) Schwendel, born at Wasco 21 January 1924; died The Dalles 26 December 1937;  [SCJ, 31 December 1937]
Miller Ruth L. Ruth Lillian, born 27 August 1913? Cowell, CA, daughter of Matthew J. “Matt” and Annie Cecelia (Frank) Schwendel; m. Merle Miller (1911-1969) 11 September 1933; sister of John and Leland; died 28 November 1937 at home SE of Moro [SCJ, 3 December 1937]
Schwendel Matthew Joseph Born 3 August 1888 Brentwood, CA; mechanic, cobbler; m. Annie Cecilia Frank 1912 Brentwood, CA; to Sherman County 1912; father of John M., Ruth Lillian and Leland Joseph; died 2 August 1980 [SCJ, 14 August 1980; TDC, 4 August 1980]
Schwendel Annie Cecilia nee Frank, of Clayton, CA; m. Matt Schwendel; mother of John, Ruth and Leland; died1965
Leland Joseph Son of Matthew & Annie, born 4 November 1926 Sherman County, OR [TO, 12 November 1926; 29 May 1969; 19 August 1982]
422 Schwendel
439 Smith Bertha L. 1884-1937 nee Knight, m. Lester K. Smith; lived at Rutledge 1920; mother of Phyllis m. R.G. Cunliffe; died Grass Valley area 3 February 1937; Wasco Methodist funeral [SCJ, 12 February 1937]
Smith Lester K. 1884-1963 Son of James Arthur and Nora (Lyons) Smith, born Turner, OR; m. Bertha Knight; father of Phyllis; brother of Arthur, Chester, Lydia who m. ___ Darby and Hattie; to Grass Valley 1903, 1920 Rutledge district; died Goldendale, WA [Bea Richelderfer]
440 August Buschke [See Rufus Cemetery for Buschke.]
441 Walt Blau Blau Fred 1867-1936 Son of George and Katherine, born Saxony, Germany 5 December 1867; to USA 1885; farmer; m. Minnie Gibson 28 November 1897 at Moro; father of Walter L. m1 Faye Pound & m2 Lucille Young; Portland resident for many years; Wasco Methodist funeral [SCJ, 27 November 1936]
Blau Minnie 1878-1944 Daughter of James D. and Mary (Kees) Gibson, born Waterloo, OR 14 November 1878, m. Fred Blau; mother of Walter; sister of  Elmer, Elsworth, Mary B., Omer, Charles, John and Maud; moved to Portland 1917. [Ivalou Peugh; Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 1 September 1944]
442 W.E. Miller
458 _ Brooke Brooke Delila Jean -1926 2m
458 _ G.L. Thompson Thompson Glenn 1887-1957 Glenn L. Thompson; to Sherman County 1903; worked on the David Reid farm; m. Jane Mathieson 1904 at Wasco; father of Viola J. m. Benjamin F. Brooke 1925, Dorothy D. m. Robert Clark, Inez m. Harold Thisius, Florence “Flossie” m. Clark VanGaasbeck, John E. m. Marjorie Brady 1939 at Goldendale, Albert L., James L., Curtis and Clarence
______ ______ [Jane / Jean Mathieson, daughter of John and Jane, born at Rufus; attended Brock School; m. Glenn Thompson; died 18 April 1985 Oregon City, graveside service at Sunrise Cemetery]
459 W.E. Miller Miller Nancy -7 March 1951 Nancy Isabelle “Belle” Pyburn, daughter of Jacob and Susan (Mulkey) Pyburn, born Benton County, OR; 2nd wife of William E. Miller (1867-1912), m. 6 July 1895 Wasco County, OR; mother of Laura Josephine born about 1898, William W. 1899, Cassius N. died in infancy 1896 and Charles Edward born about 1904; lived in Portland 1919 (Cassius N. and William W. Miller are buried in the Methodist Cemetery with Ed’s first wife, Dora Fields.)
Miller William E. 1867-1912 W. Ed Miller; son of Thomas and Sarah, born Sherman County, OR; m1 Dora S. (Fields) Harvey 11 October 1890, and she died 18 September 1892 age 23, buried Methodist Cemetery, mother of Walter and Myra Harvey by her 1st m. to James Harvey;  m2 Nancy Isabelle Pyburn  6 July 1895 Wasco County, OR; father of  (tentatively) Laura Josephine born about 1898, William W. 1899, Cassius N. died in infancy 1896 and Charles Edward born about 1904; died at the hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, on the 1st, where he had been for a long time receiving a course of medical treatment in hope of recovering his health.  The remains were brought to his Sherman county home for interment, services at Wasco by Rev. Poling and burial in the Odd Fellows’ cemetery.” [SCO, 16 February 1912]
460 Froebe Froebe W. Ruth 1900-1908 Willa Ruth Froebe, daughter of William Nelson and Nancy Catherine (Pepper) Froebe, born May 1900 at Wasco; died Wasco [SCO, 29 December 1905 & WN, 29 December 1905: Death of wife of William N. Froebe (Nancy Catherine) in Silver City, NM 18 December 1905, funeral Silver City]
Froebe Mollie Q. 1867-1909 Wife of William Froebe, died 20 August 1909 [SCO, 27 August 1909]
461 J. P. Yates Yates Martha Molesworth 29 October 1874-10 April 1905 1st wife of James Phillip Yates of Wasco, m. 1903 [SC:FTR]
462 Miller Miller T.J. -31 July 1906 72y Thomas Jefferson Miller, born 30 May 1834 Fort Wayne, IN; crossed the plains IA to OR age 6 to Oregon City; pioneer of DesChutes City, ferry at mouth of Deschutes, farmer, riverboat captain, noted master at the helm in river navigation from Celilo into British Columbia; veteran of Indian wars 1855-1856; m. Sarah Eloise Ford; father of Julia Ann, William E. m. Dora (Fields) Harvey, Edward E., Thomas J. m1 Mittie Fields 29 September 1891 Klickitat County & m2 Mary Alsup 21 June 1901 Sherman County, Nellie m. Charles Williams, Joseph J. m. Rosa M. Klimpt and Metta “Nettie” m. John Howard Bowles; died 31 July 1906 at his home at DesChutes at the mouth of the river. Miller’s Bridge, Miller School, Miller’s Station and Miller Island are named for this family. [SC:FTR; SCO, 10 August 1905; WN, 03 August 1906; WN, 10 August 1906]
Miller Sarah E. <![if !vml]><![endif]> Sarah Eloise Ford, born 15 November 1849, daughter of Frank & Eliza Ford; crossed the plains to Oregon City with her parents when she was six years old where she lived until her marriage; her parents settled at Rock Creek in Wasco County 1864; m. river boat capain Thomas J. Miller and after a few years established a ferry and later Miller’s Bridge at the mouth of the Deschutes River; mother of Nellie, Julia Ann, William E., Edward E., Thomas J., Joseph J. & Nettie; died 29 February 1932 The Dalles, buried at Wasco.  [SC:FTR; SCJ, 04 March 1932]
Miller Joseph J. 1871-1934 Born Sherman County side of the Deschutes River at Miller Bridge 3 October 1871, son of Capt. T.J. and Sarah (Ford) Miller; lived in Klickitat County for a large part of his youth and worked in steam boating on Lake Okanogan and the upper Columbia for several years after finishing his schooling; returned to Sherman County and entered the meat business at Wasco with his brother; retired and lived at Miller, caring for his land and cattle and managing a grain warehouse until he sold it to the cooperatives; m. Rosa Klimpt of The Dalles in 1891; father of Jennie M., Etta, Joseph James and James Donald; brother of   Julia Ann, Nellie, William E., Nettie and Thomas J.; died at Walla Walla following an automobile accident; funeral The Dalles, burial in family plot at Wasco. [SCJ, 21 September 1934]
Miller Rosa M. 1880-1961 Born Rosa May Klimpt at The Dalles 6 September 1880; m. Joseph J. Miller 1900; mother of Jenna M. m. Leonard Jordan & William Murray, Etta m. Roy Erwin & Cliff Roush, Joseph James m. Goldie Sides and James Donald m. Dorothea Adams & Fern (Roleson) Bolen; lived on the Miller farm at Miller for over 50 years; died The Dalles age 81, burial at Wasco.
463 John Mathieson Leff Lawrence C. 1897-1929 Lawrence Carl Leff, born Hebron, NE 7 March 1897, son of Rudolph Leff; m. Margaret Mathieson 16 November 1921; father of Willard; died 1 January 1929 Clackamas County, OR [Bea Richelderfer; WWI Draft Registration; OR Marriage Index; ODI]
Mathieson Janet S. 1 January 1889-11 December 1907 Daughter of John and Jane Mathieson
Mathieson John 1861-1937 Born Scotland; m. Jane Sloan 1883 Springfield, IL; to OR 1884; father of Jean m. Glenn Thompson 1904, Janet S., Agnes m. Ray Curtis & Benton Barnett, John, Ellen m. Nolan Rickels, Hugh m. Gussye Viola, Anna m. Charles Kuypers and Margaret m. Lawrence Carl Leff; in Sherman County 52 years; Wasco Methodist funeral. [SCJ, 17 December 1937]
Mathieson Jane 1862-1943 Born 31 December 1862 near Edinburgh, Scotland, nee Sloan; to USA 1882; m. John Mathieson 15 June 1883, Springfield, IL; mother of Jean, Agnes, John, Ellen, Hugh, Anna and Margaret; died at Rufus home 17 April 1943, Wasco Methodist funeral [SCJ, 23 April 1943]
464 Buhmann Buhmann Arnold 1867-1940 FATHER Son of  German immigrants Detlaf and Annie of Dixon, CA; m. Anna Henrichs; father of Edna/Elda m. Imthurn, Clarence, Lawrence and stillborn daughter buried in Wasco Methodist Cemetery; lived 4.5 miles from Wasco 1905, to Hermiston; brother of Charles, William and Reinhard [SCJ, 16 February 1940]
Buhmann Annatt 1869-1947 MOTHER nee Henrichs, born Germany; sister of John P., Martha and William (Sherman County Judge); m. Arnold Buhman; lived Dixon, CA; mother of Edna/Elda, Clarence and stillborn daughter buried in Wasco Methodist Cemetery; died Hermiston, OR; graveside services at Wasco cemetery [SC:FTR #8-1 re: relationship to Huck family of Wasco; SCJ, 30 May 1947]
Buhmann Helen Edna 25 April 1897-22 January 1909 Daughter of Arnold and Anna, died age 12
465 Medler Medler John 1838-1921 Born Germany, son of Henry and Dorothea, to USA 1847, NY, WV and MO; m1 Eliza J. Hull 1861 and she died Walla Walla 1882; to Sherman County; m2 Nancy J. (Everett) Ornduff 1903; father of Henry, Ernest Aubrey m. Marion Henrietta Myers 1894, John Galley m. Ella May Brock 1894, Frank m. Hattie May Lovelace 1895, Arthur M. and Emma Isadore; brother of Mollie/Mamie m. Otto Weiman of  NY and Bruno Frederick Medler of Sherman County; half-brother of Albert Wiesick of NY & Julius Wiesick who came W before the Medlers to Walla Walla & Grant; died 2 April 1921 [ODI]
Medler Ernest Aubrey 22 February 1867-30 June 1942 Son of John, born Cooper County, MO; to Sherman County 1881;  m. Marion H. Myers 11 November 1894 Sherman County; father of Evelyn C., Norma D., Audrey, Elsie, Chester m. Grace Hilderbrand and Murdina m. Nelson; brother of Frank and John G.; died The Dalles [Bea Richelderfer; SCJ, 3 July 1942: four daughters who survive, a deceased son]
Medler Marion Henrietta 18 September 1876-1 January 1956 nee Myers; m. Ernest Aubrey Medler; mother of Evelyn, Norma, Audrey, Elsie, Chester and Murdina
466 Medler Medler Julius 1869-1946 Son of Bruno and Menerva, born Cabell County, WV; to Walla Walla before 1876; to Sherman County 1881; m. Gina Ihle about 1925 Vancouver, WA; no children
Medler Gina Ihle 1883-1961 Wife of Julius; born MN
467 __ __ Hilderbrand Hilderbrand Ormand G. 1899-1950 Son of George W. and Rebecca (Chamberlain) Hilderbrand, born near Wasco 25 June 1899; m. Lois Barnett; father of John and Gordon; farmed near Wasco; brother of Vesta Ruth m. John C. Matthias 1918, Joseph m. Marcella Varda McRamey 1928, Roscoe, Walter, Clara m. Bingham and Grace m. Chester C. Medler; Wasco Methodist funeral [SCJ, 28 July 1950]
Miller Lois M. 1899-1959 Lois Marian, daughter of Wilson Marion and Sarah Emily (Golden) Barnett; m1 Ormond G. Hilderbrand, mother of John and Gordon; m2. Willis Miller
472 Ramey George W. 1859-1943 Son of William and Virginia (Ball) Ramey; brother of Charles T., Richard, Mary, Cora and Agnes; Rufus blacksmith and hardware store [SCJ, 19 February 1943]
Bartholomew Cora 1862-1949 Born St. Louis 29 July 1862, Cora E., daughter of William H. and Virginia E. (Ball) Ramey; to OR 1882; m. J. Frank Bartholomew 1903; sister of George W., Agnes R. m. Benjamin Andrews, Richard, Mary “Mollie,” and Charles T.; lived at Rufus for many years; died 7 April 1949 [SCJ, 15 April 1949]
Bartholomew Frank 1876-1955 Married Cora Ramey 2 September 1903; Rufus blacksmith & hardware merchant
473 E. Gwynne Gwynne A.E. ? -October 1938 68y
Gwynne L.M. -21 September 1931 48y 4m 8d
474 G.W. Hilderbrand Hilderbrand George W. 1865-1921 Son of Michael and Rebecca, born Hancock County, IL; to Yuba County, CA 1886; to Sherman County 1887-1888 near Klondike; m. Rebecca Chamberlain; father of Vesta R. m. John Clifton Matthias 1918, Joseph m. Marcella Varda McRamey of Wasco 1928, Roscoe/Ross, Walter, Clara m. Bingham & Grace m. Chester C. Medler.
Hilderbrand Rebecca H. 1880-1950 Daughter of Joseph and Ruth Chamberlain who were buried Balch Cemetery at Lyle, WA; m1 George W. Hilderbrand 1897, mother of Vesta R. m. John Clifton Matthias, Joseph m. Marcella Varda McRamey of Wasco, Roscoe/Ross, Walter, Clara m. Bingham and Grace m. Chester C. Medler;  m2 Milton O. Howell ; sister of Robert, Fred, Nettie, Fanny, Emma, Neta and Minnie; (maybe m3 __ Coryell) [Early Klickitat Valley Days by Ballou]
Howell M.O. 1870-1924 Milton O. Howell, 2nd husband of Rebecca Hilderbrand, m. 30 October 1923 Hotel Moro; died June 1924 of accidental gunshot, no witnesses [Bea Richelderfer]
475 H.A. Medler Medler Henry A. 1864-1910 FATHER Henry Albert Medler, son of John and Eliza (Hull) Medler; to Sherman County 1881, homestead E of Wasco, bought E OR Land Company land 1888
Medler Baby -1919 Son of Henry and Annie; m. Aileen Tate who m 2nd Gordon Brown 1924
Medler Arthur H. 1899-1921 Son of Henry and Annie; m. Aileen Tate who m 2nd Gordon Brown 1924
Lee Anna M. 1874-1956
Lee William H. 1874-1933 William Henry “Billy” Lee, born TX; to Oregon as a young man, in Sherman County 35 years; manager of McCoy-Atwood store and Atwood-Lee garage; 3rd husband of Anna M., m. 4 November 1918 Moro; step-father of Mrs. A.J. Smith [SCJ, 14 April 1933]
476 H.F. Meyers Myers Henry F. 12 May 1838-28 April 1918 Henry Finley Meyers, born 12 May 1838 IN, m. Christina. [ OR Death Certificate]
Myers Christina 10 January 1850-16 March 1908 Born July 1852?, Scotland; m. Henry Meyers; mother of  Elsie Christine m. W.A. Medler, James H. and Marion Henrietta m. Ernest Medler  [1900 US Census, Sherman County, OR]
477 J.G. Medler Medler John Galley 1869-1946 Son of John and Eliza; m. 14 October 1894 Sherman County to Ella May Brock; father of Flora V., John H., Malcolm P., Minnie G. and Lena; lived Marion County, OR 1920
Medler Ella May 1877-19__ Daughter of Thomas and Margaret Ann (Etter) Brock, born MO 31 March 1877; mother of Flora, Malcolm, John, Gladys, Lena and Minnie; died October 1973
Medler Flora Viola 1895-1908 Daughter of J.G. and E.M. [TO, 27 November 1908]
_____ _____ [Unidentified grave 1965]
478 Susan Pyburn Pyburn Jacob -16 March 1901 Son of Edward and Elizabeth; to OR 1850; brother of Salina m. James Shelton Hines 1856, Amon, Edward “Ned” and George; Civil War: Pvt. Co. F 1st Oregon Infantry 1864-1866; m. Susan (Mulkey) Henderson 17 December 1874 Benton County, OR; in Benton County, OR 1870 and 1880; father of Nancy Isabelle m. William E. Miller 1895, Jacob A. m. Clara Warren (daughter of Mrs. Blackwood), Selina m. Charles Warren, Ada m. Harvey H.; in Rufus 9 years; died Sherman County [Mrs. V.R. Peebly 1970; Benton County, OR Marriages]
Pyburn Susan 20 November 1843-21 October 1919 [Unreadable metal funeral marker 1965]  Susan A. Mulkey, born 23 Nov 1843 MO, daughter of Elijah & Jane; died 21 Oct 1919 13 miles N of Wasco (death certificate) 78y 11m 1d; buried Wasco 25 October 1919; married 1st John B. Henderson when she was 13 c. 1856;  and he died 1872; mother of John H., Elijah, Mary J., Oren and Mahala m. Alfred Hines; Susan m2 Jacob Pyburn 17 December 1874 Benton County, OR; mother of Nancy Isabelle m. William E. Miller as his 2nd wife 1895, Jacob, Selina m. Charles Warren 1900, Permelia m. John Smith in MO, Mahala m. James Appleton, Harriet, William C., Thomas W., Samuel E., John W., Mary “Polly” m. __ Dutcher and James L. Pyburn.  [TO, 31 October 1919: “Mrs. Susan B. Pyburn, one of the pioneers of Oregon and a resident of Sherman county since 1887, passed away at Rufus last Thursday after a brief illness and was laid to rest in the cemetery near this city last Saturday afternoon. She was the mother of 18 children, eight of whom are living. They are: J.H. Henderson and Lyge Henderson at Blodgett, Oren Henderson, Mrs. Al Hines and J.A. Pyburn at Rufus, Mrs. W.E. Miller, Portland, Mrs. Charles Warren, Yakima, Washington and Mrs. H.H. March, Vancouver, Washington.”]
<![if !vml]><![endif]> [Unreadable metal funeral marker in this lot 1965]
479 _  Mrs. N. Medler Ornduff Samuel P. 8 August 1842-7 February 1901 Born IL; to Sherman County 1885; filed on land, farmer in Biglow Precinct; m. Nancy Everett 1868 IA; father of Harry, Joseph, Ross Clayton m. Vivian Spencer & Mrs. Augusta Huckin, Pearl S. and Addie m. Charles Harper; Civil War: Co. F, 3rd Iowa Cavalry; charter member W.T. Sherman Post #1, GAR [1900SCVR]
Ornduff Nancy M. nee Everett, born Hocking County, OH 14 May 1850; to IA where she m1 Samuel Ornduff 7 January 1868; mother of Harry, Joseph, Ross, Pearl S. & Addie; m2 John Medler 6 December 1903; sister of S.I. Everett, Ed Everett of Biglow, Ann (Everett) Carson of Wasco, Mary (Everett) Dolley, Sarah (Everett) Connor of OH, Ida (Everett) Fleener of IA & Clara (Everett) Connor of KS; died 1910 [Sherman County Methodist Circuit Records 1893-1894, transferred to Campbellites 1895; WNE, 30 March 1910]
479 _ Harper Addie Lillian 18 March 1876-10 October 1914 Daughter of Samuel and Nancy (Everett) Ornduff; 1st wife of Charles Harper, mother of Roy C., Beatrice E. and Ivadell
480 Frank Hulery Hulery Lawrence C. 1897-1897 Son of Frank L. and Sarah (Graham) Hulery who were m. 1882 Goldendale, WA
Morris Elinor Ruth 1917-1917 Daughter  of Walter Audley and Minnie Louise (Hulery) Morris
Adams Betty Jean 1938-1939 Daughter of Frank and Lila (Morris) Adams [SCJ, 3 March 1939]
Jones W. Pearl 1884-1949 MOTHER Wytal Pearl, daughter of Frank and Sarah Hulery; m. Wallace Nelson Jones 25 December 1912; died 17 March 1949 [SCJ, 25 March 1949]
Jones Wallace N. 1878-1932 FATHER Married Pearl W. Hulery, father of Ina and Ada; brother of Nellie, Grace and Ada; Rufus businessman; died Pendleton, OR [SCJ, 29 April 1932]
Hulery Sarah -1935 Sarah A., daughter of John and Caroline Matilda (White) Graham, born 12 March 1862 Washington County, OR; m. 20 July 1882 at Goldendale, WA Frank L.; mother of Minnie Louise m. Walter A. Morris 1915, Lawrence C., Pearl m. Wallace Nelson Jones, Thomas m. I. L. McKinney, John L. and Walter Frank m. Ida Smith; died 9 March 1935 Sherman County [SCJ, 15 March 1935]
______ <![if !vml]><![endif]> Possibly: Frank L. Hulery, born 23 October 1860 (obit: 1861) Portland, OR, son of John M. and Martha (Davidson) Hulery; brother of John, George, Edward, Walter, Ida & Josephine; m. Sarah Graham 1882 Goldendale, father of Frank, Tom, Pearl and Minnie; owned Phallmont Stables in Wasco, operated service station in Rufus; one of the most noted hunters and anglers in the early days; Sherman County over 50 years; died 15 April 1937 at Rufus. [Illustrated History of Central Oregon 1905; Early Klickitat Valley Days by Ballou; SCJ, 23 April 1937]
481 Morrow Morrow John -18 December 1903 73y 5m 18d Co. K, 7th Reg. Illinois Infantry Son of James and Hannah (Downing) Morrow, born 4 July 1830 Logan County, IL; Civil War; m. 1853  Mary Shoup; to Grant in Sherman County by train 1888; farmer at Gorman on Starvation Point; father of John, Annie, Ada, Emma, Jerome, Hal, Lillie, Frank, Cotton, Nan and Evelyn  [1900SCVR; Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Larry Kaseberg; Edwin Morrow, El Cajon, CA; Joseph Morrow, Dufur, OR]
Morrow Mary 1836-1918 Daughter of John and Hannah Shoup, born 15 February 1836, Mt. Pulaski, Logan County, IL; m. John Morrow 24 November 1853; mother of John E. m. Mary Savage, Sarah Angeline “Annie” m. Wm. Benjamin McCoy, Hannah Ada m. Edwin O. Chapman, Emma Rosetta m. George W. Long, James Jerome m. Susan E. (McCullough) Foster, Harry “Hal” Edwin m. Nora F. Root 1898, Lillie May m. Emil August Edwin Webber, Frank L.  m. Carrie Hull, Louis M. “Cotton” m. Maude Emma Yancey, Nan Zena m. Charles Golliher and Mary Evelyn m. Edward Kaseberg; arrived Sherman County, OR 1 September 1888; died at home of daughter Mrs. E.E. Kaseberg in Wasco [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Larry Kaseberg; WNE, 17 January 1918]
Morrow Monroe 1905-1906 Son of Louis Monroe “Cotton” and Maude Emma (Yancey) Morrow, born 17 November 1905; died 12 February 1906 at Wasco; buried beside grandparents John and Mary Morrow [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Maude Emma (Yancey) Morrow Bargenholt]
Morrow Baby 1906-1906 Infant of Louis Monroe “Cotton” and Maude Emma (Yancey) Morrow, born 21 November 1906; died 24 November 1906; buried beside grandparents John and Mary Morrow  [Maude Emma (Yancey) Morrow Bargenholt, The Dalles; Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg]
482 Lottie A. Reid Brackett Herman 1877-1963 Herman H. Brackett, son of H.H. and Mary, born 23 April 1877 Eagle Creek, Clackamas County, OR; brother of John P., Allen, Joe, Frances, Charlotte “Lottie”  m. John A. Reid & William Oehman and Dora; to Sherman County 1892; m. Naomi Pearl Coats, daughter of Solomon L. “Bud” and Margaret Coats, 17 September 1905 in Sherman County; father of Mary M., Loyd W. died young and Fay H. m. Nell Langford.
Brackett Naomi 1888-1964 Daughter of Solomon and Margaret Coats, born Taney County, MO; to Sherman County 1903; mother of Mary M., Loyd W. & Fay H.
Brackett Loyd W. Infant son of H.H. & N.P. Brackett Son of Herman H. and Naomi Pearl (Coats) Brackett [Possibly “Baby Brackett, two-month old infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Brackett who live on the Van Patten place, died 1-15-1909, burial Wasco Cemetery.”
Brackett Buddy Lee -17 August 1940
Reid John A. -1 August 1898 35y 1m 5d Son of Wilson and Elizabeth (Tate) Reid; m. Charlotte “Lottie” Brackett 25 May 1891 and she m. 2nd William Oehman; brother of David m. Lenora Rayburn, Rachel m. John P. Neece, Joseph, Andrew, S.W., daughter m. W.J. McWade and Elizabeth m. Emerson O. Fuller 1891 [1930 US Census, Rufus Pct., Sherman County, OR: John H. McWade 33 farmer born Ireland, to USA 1920, and his wife Edith L. 22, born WA]
483 Lilly Webber Webber Emil 1854-1905 Emil August Edwin Webber, born Germany 5 May 1854; merchant, builder and carpenter; m1 Martha A. King (1856-1890) 12 October 1887 Wasco County, OR, daughter of P. and A. King (she died 1890, buried Grass Valley); m2 Lilly (Morrow) Morris 30 May 1891; step-father of Alberta, Ethelyn and Alta [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg]
Webber Lilly 1863-1952 Daughter of John and Mary (Shoup) Morrow, born 1 August 1863 IL; m1 W. S. Dick Morris, IL, mother of Alberta m. Harry P. Disher, Ethelyn m. Walter Austin May and Alta Eunice m. Vinton Kinkade & Lewis M. Thomas; to Sherman County, OR 1888 with parents; m2 Emil August Edwin Webber as his 2nd wife; sister of John, Annie, Ada, Emma, Jerome, Hal, Frank, Louis, Nan and Evelyn; died Hood River [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; SCJ, 19 September 1952]
Disher Marjorie Ann 1908-1910 Daughter of Alberta and Harry Disher; granddaughter of Lilly (Morrow) Webber [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg]
484 Meader Mabel 10 December 1874-8 March 1906 Daughter of William Henry and Elizabeth (Wilson) Peabody, born McLean County, IL; m. Fred Harlan Meader 10 December 1893 at Wasco; half sister of Edward & William N. Froebe. ~ Fred Harlan Meader, born 25 August 1872 China, Kennebec, ME, died 21 December 1958, son of George & Julia (Hanson) Meader; 1910 Grangeville, ID with wife Olive and sons Harold & Harley. [1880 US Census, Umatilla County, OR; 1900 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR]
____ Edw… -3 ___ ___ [Metal funeral home marker found in 1965]
Peabody Elizabeth -29 December 1902 59y nee Wilson, born NY March 1845; m1 ___ Froebe, mother of Edward born 1866 and William N. Froebe born 1864; m2 William Henry Peabody (1832-__) as his 2nd wife, mother of Mabel Peabody who m. Fred H. Meader 6 December 1893 [Peabody Family by Selim Hobart Peabody (1829-1913)]
485 Medler B.F. ‘-9 March 1908 68y 5m 7d FATHER Bruno Frederick Medler, born Germany 1839, son of Henry and Doris (Sense) Medler; to NY City 1847-1849; to Cabell County, WV; m. Minerva Jane McLavey 1864 Huntington, WV; to Walla Walla, WA 1876 where they lived with Julius Wiesick for 4 years; father of Julius m. Gina Ihle, Albert H., Walter A. m. Elsie C. Myers; Fannie m. John Hood of Walla Walla, Mary “Mollie” m. Elvin E. Barnum 28 November 1897, Henrietta m. William Henrichs, Ida m. Howard Woolen 1898, Lena May m. Charles W. “Chub” Johnson 1907 and Frederick m. Viola Mathews 1921; to Sherman County 1880, farmer near Wasco.
Medler Menerva J. 1845-1934 MOTHER Daughter of David and Mary McLavey, born 15 April 1845 near Huntington, WV; m. Bruno Medler 1864 WV; mother of Julius, Albert, Walter, Fannie, Mollie, Henrietta, Idah, Lena May and Frederick; Christian church funeral. [SCJ, 16 February 1934]
Medler Albert 1875-1927 Albert H., son of Bruno and Minerva, born Cabell County, WV; husband of Annie; died The Dalles, OR
486 Anson Anson Josephine 1857-1908 Josephine C. Hilderbrand, born IL, daughter of Michael and Rebecca; m. Byron W. Anson 1887 in Wheatland, CA
Anson <![if !vml]><![endif]> 1850-1933 Byron Anson; son of John & Julia (Derby) Anson; U.S. government scout & messenger in KS, CO, MT & Dakotas, scout with Custer’s Cavalry in the last campaigns of that Indian fighter; to San Francisco 1872; to Sherman County 1887, filed on and purchased land; m. Josephine C. Hilderbrand 1887 Wheatland, CA; father of Thelma born about 1894; owned a farm SE of Klondike, built the house on the Marie Barnett Cooper place; died15 April 1933, buried Wasco Cemetery 19 April with only the undertaker with his wife and acting sexton as witnesses; The Observer reported, “a wave of protest swept the county,” and the undertaker arranged to exhume the body and have a funeral service at Moro, remains re-buried at Wasco next to his wife with military rituals [TO, 12 May 1933; SCJ, 21 April 1933; SCJ, 12 May 1933; Sherman County Marriages; 1900, 1919 & 1920 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR; 1905 Illustrated History of Central Oregon]
Hilderbrand Rebecca 1832-1920 nee Royse; born McDonough County, IL;  m. Michael Hilderbrand; mother of  Douglas, Ellen m. John Bailey, Lillie m. Wm. Lyons, Josephine m. Byron W. Anson, George W. m. Rebecca Chamberlain, Lutheria m. Cyrus Lofton, Fanny m. John A. Walter, Annie E., Laura and Martha died young.
487 Annie Fulton
488 Ramey William H. 1830-1914 FATHER Son of George W. and Martha Ann Ramey, born 8 December 1830 St. Louis, MO; to Tulare County, CA 1870; to Sherman County 1882, settled in Gerking Canyon; m. Virginia E. Ball 28 September 1858 in St. Louis, MO; father of Agnes m. Benjamin L. Andrews, Cora E. m. Frank Bartholomew, George W., Richard, Mary and Charles T.
Ramey Virginia E. 1837-1924 MOTHER nee Ball, born Boone County, MO; m. William H. Ramey; mother of Agnes, Cora, George, Richard, Mary and Charles; sold her 320 acre farm near Rufus in 1914 to Curt Tom.
Ramey Charles T. 1861-1912 BROTHER Son of William
Ramey <![if !vml]><![endif]> 1878-1920 SISTER Daughter of William
Mary I.
489 F.E. Brown Brown Frank E. -22 July 1918 Oregon Sgt. 104 Infantry 26 Division Son of Frank E. (1856 –   ) and Martha A. (Mills) (1867-1937) Brown who lived next to the bluff at Grant, raising orchard fruit, grapes and berries from at least 1900 until almost 1930; grandson of Riley & Adeline (Miller) Mills; brother of Addie M. 1888, Grace Gladys 1891 m. ___ Bain and Beulah LaVerne; died Trugny, France WW I; Frank E. Brown Post, American Legion, named for him. [Lilly Martin 2011; TO, 14 February 1913, 18 April 1913]
490 Walt May May Walter A. 1885-1939 Walter Austin May, son of Henry D. and Docia (Coffey) May, born Solomon, KS 19 April 1885; to Woodburn, OR age six, to Sherman County age 19; worked in the Wasco bank and McCoy-Atwood store; purchased a store in Moro 1925; Moro city council six years; merchant; m. Ethelyn Webber; father of Paul; Moro Presbyterian funeral, interment at Wasco [SCJ, 6 October 1939]
May Ethelyn 1887-1943 Born IL, daughter of Lillie (Morrow) Morris Webber of Wasco; mother of Paul  [Mary Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw]
May Paul 1907-1957 Son of Walter and Ethelyn; m. Lucille; father of Ronald and Sandra [SC:FTR]
491 Mathias Frederick W. 29 December 1854-17 August 1913 Frederick William Mathias, son of Christ and Elizabeth (Peeper) Mathias, born Prussia; m. Dora Hillem in Germany 1877; to USA about 1884; to Sherman County 1890; farmed E of Wasco; father of Frederick Carl m. Sadie Pickard 1909, John Clifton m. Vesta Ruth Hilderbrand 1918, Alvena Louise m. George Rebman, Amelia m. Thomas W. Alley, Infant and James m. Bertha Barnett 1908 (daughter of George of the German Settlement/Kent).
Mathias Dora 29 April 1854-7 February 1937 Wife of Frederick William Mathias; born Germany, nee Hillem; mother of Frederick, John, Alvena, Amelia, Infant & James; died at son John’s home Sunnyside, WA
492 VanGaasbeck George 1864-1949 Born Dane County, WI 28 February 1864; m. V’Leda Ann Dunlap; father of Daughter 1905, Clark and Grace; brother of Bert, Minnie E. m. William Edward Dutton 1900 and Ada Orpha m. Edwin Glasgow 1903; Wasco Methodist funeral, interment Wasco [SCJ, 21 January 1949]
VanGaasbeck V’Leda 1876-19__ Daughter of Clark Dunlap, born 21 December 1876; sister of Mrs. E.D. McKee  [Bea Richelderfer]
VanGaasbeck Roy Lewis 1910-1922
VanGaasbeck Baby Sister 1911-1911
Garrett Grace 1905-1927 Grace Helen, daughter of George and V’Leda VanGaasbeck of Blalock, born 1 January 1905; m. C.F. Garrett; mother of Infant Son born 3 December 1926; died 10 January 1927 Portland, OR; Wasco Methodist Episcopal funeral, burial at Sunrise Cemetery. [ODI]
493 Walker William W. 1860-1912 Son of Washington P. and Mary “Polly” (Thompson) Walker, born near Dufur, OR; m1 Mabel Love 15 December 1889, father of Samuel P. and Clifford; Mabel died 25 December 1891; m2 Lottie A. (Haskell) Judkins 26 October 1896, father of Lura Ada and Frances; step-father of Arthur and Walter Judkins; died 1 July 1912 The Dalles  [Illustrated History of Central Oregon 1905; SC:FTR; Mrs. Elmer (Janet) Wilson; The Times Mountaineer, 25 December 1889]
Walker Lottie A. 1873-1949 Lottie, daughter of John Haskell; m1 H.P. Judkins 15 September 1889 Wasco County, OR, mother of Arthur and Walter Judkins; m2 William Washington Walker 26 October 1896 Wasco County, OR, mother of Lura and Frances “Frankie” [Nancy Shire]
Walker Lura Ada 16 March 1898-19 February 1910 Daughter of William W. and Lottie (Haskell) Judkins Walker
494 Anderson Estate Anderson Carl Victor 1870-1944 Born Vestervick, Sweden 9 July 1870; to USA age 19; to Sherman County with brother Emil to begin farming W of Wasco; m. Alice A. (Frazier) Porter; father of Carl V. Anderson m. Fran Hauser & Constance Thomas; step-father of Dorothy Porter m. Smith and Gladys Porter m. Hildred Zell & Ralph Davis; brother of Emil Anderson in Sherman County and a sister in California; Wasco Methodist funeral [Anna (Olson) Jacobsen; SC:FTR; SCJ, 10 November 1944]
Anderson Alice A. 1882-1964 Daughter of George Mathew and Lisa (Fraser) Porter, granddaughter of Adelbert Porter; m1 George M. Porter, mother of Dorothy and Gladys Porter; m2 Carl Victor Anderson, mother of Carl Anderson; died Portland, OR [SC:FTR; SCJ, 16 April 1964]
495 Fields Winfield S. 3 October 1879-25 June 1942 Winfield Scott Fields, son of John C. and Kate; m. Zetta B. Rich 25 December 1905, O.H. Rich home near Wasco; father of Keith, Verl, Melburn W. and Infant 1907; brother of Ira Earl, Tracy Lyman, John Cecil and Charles W.; to Camas, WA early 1920s; died at home Vancouver, WA, survived by wife Ethel, sons Verle a soldier in India and Keith of Eagle Point, OR [Mark Fields; SCJ, 3 July 1942; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw (Fields-Rich wedding flower girl]
Fields Melburn W. -7m 16d Son of W.S. & Z.B.
Fields Infant Son Son of W.S. & Z.B., their 1st child
496 Hull John 28 January 1838-11 December 1906 John Levin Hull, born OH, son of Levin David and Mary Kaylor Hull; m. Mary Frances Johnston 19 October 1858 Pike County, IL; Christian County, IL to Sherman County, OR 1888, settled six miles NW of Wasco; father of Esther Catherine “Kate” m. John C. Fields, Rose Ellen m. Joel Pound, John William m. Abbey, Mary Josephine “Josie” m. Walter Jack Underhill, Charles Edward m. Annie E. Gray, George Albert m. Nellie Graham, Jessie Lillian, Carrie May m. Frank L. Morrow 1895, Frank A., Emma Maude m. Hoggard & Williams & Shearer, Delphus Levin m. Adeline Winks and Cecil Raymond; died10 December 1906, a victim of a railroad accident [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973; two obituaries give December 10 and December 11 as dates of death; death certificate: December 11, 1906; 1905 Illustrated History of Central Oregon]
Hull Mother 1840-1920 Mary Frances  Johnston, born 7 March 1840 IL; m. John Hull 19 October 1858; died 4 March 1920; sister of Alexander, Edward T., Sarah A. and Elizabeth E.; step daughter of ___ Stafford [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973]
Hull Cecil C. 5 December 1880-5 November 1910 CONFIRM. [Cecil Raymond Hull, born 29 December 1881 Christian County, IL, son of John Levin and Mary Frances (Johnston) Hull; died 5 November 1911/1910 at the family’s China Hollow home, Sherman County, OR] [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw who remembered the funerals of her mother’s brother Cecil and her grandfather John L. Hull 1973]
497 McPherson Kenneth 1832-1885 Born Nova Scotia, Canada; to CA; m. Jennie Waite 1872 Marysville, Yuba County, CA; to Wasco 1882; father of John E., Kenneth A., Nellie Janette m. James Marshall Woods, a Wasco school principal [ODI; Wasco Methodist Cemetery]
[unidentified newspaper obit: “PIONEER PASSES. Tuesday night, September 9, 1919, a pioneer citizen of Wasco and Sherman County passed to that ‘bourne from which no traveler returns,’ in the person of Mrs. Bessie J. McPherson, wife of Kenneth McPherson, whose death preceded hers thirty-four years ago. Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon and as a mark of the esteem and respect in which she was held, all business was suspended in the city during the funeral hour. Rev. F.R. Jackson, pastor of the Methodist church, of which organization she had been a faithful member, officiating. Bessie Jane Waite was born in Kendall County, Illinois, July 30, 1847, crossed the plains with her parents in 1862, passing over the old emigrant trail by ox team and located in what is now the state of Washington, passing a winter there and removing in the spring to Solano County, California, where she was married to Kenneth McPherson in 1872 and emigrated later to Sherman County and settled near, or rather in, what is now the town of Wasco, the territory then being a part of Wasco County, where she continued to reside until the date of her death. Three grown children survive her: John E. of Seattle, Washington, Kenneth A. of Moro and Nellie J. Woods of this city.”
McPherson Kenneth A. 1876-1920 Son of Kenneth & Jennie (Waite) McPherson, born June 1876 CA
McPherson Jennie 1847-1919 Daughter of Elijah and Jennette (Murray) Waite; born 30 July 1847 IL; mother of John E., Kenneth A. and Nellie Janette; died September 1919 family home on the SE edge of Wasco  [1900 US Census, Wasco Pct. Sherman County, OR: Jennie McPherson 52 born July 1847 IL, John E. 26 born January 1874 CA, Kenneth A. 23 born June 1876 CA, Nellie J. 16 born August 1883 OR, Jennette Waite 81 born May 1819 Scotland …and living with them: Angus Cameron 37, Roderick Cameron 40, Mabel Brown 16 & Isaac Ross 27]
[Elwood McPherson, born in Dixon, California, 14 February 1887; m. Belle….. , father of Georgia Belle m. R.G. Holzapfel; Grandfather of Geraldine Carroll; brother of Mrs. Agnes Fuedner of Sacramento, CA; 27 years employed by the Sherman County road department; lived Wasco 60 years; died age 79, burial Sunset cemetery at Wasco.] [SCJ, August 4, 1966]
498 Roy Barzee Barzee Flora McMillin 8 November 1877-17 May 1903 Flora Viola, daughter of James and Hannah Maria (Bradley) McMillin; 1st wife of Roy Barzee 1901, son of William S. and Mary (Howell) Barzee; mother of a daughter or daughters
499 McMillin Edwin E. 1871-1935 Son of James and Hannah Maria (Bradley) McMillin; to Sherman County 1888; m. Mary E. Hines 20 November 1894 Sherman County, OR; father of Irene, Chester, Gladys, Beulah and Lawrence; farmer W of Wasco; to California early 1920s; brother of Steve, Jack, Lee and Emma; died Riverside, CA [SCJ, 12 July 1935]
McMillin Mary E. 1872-1920 Wife of Edwin; mother of Irene m. Edward Tomlin, Chester m. Audrey Medler, Gladys m. Emory Horace Fuller 1921, Beulah and Lawrence
McMillin Beulah 1904-1924 Daughter of Edwin and Mary
McMillin Lawrence 1911-1928 Son of Edwin and Mary
McMillin Eva 1897-1898
500 __ Sherman? Radcliff <![if !vml]><![endif]> Co. E, 128 Ohio Infantry Born December 1835 OH; Civil War; enlisted 18 December 1863 age 27, a corporal, mustered out Camp Chase, OH 13 July 1865; m. Alice D. about 1874; died 4 July 1910, GAR symbol [US Civil War Records, William H. Radcliffe; 1870 US Census, Lake County, OH with mother Margaret born Isle of Man; 1880 Osborne County, KS: William H. Radcliff 44 farmer, wife Alice 26 and daughter Mabel 2, all born OH; 1900 and 1910 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR]
William H.
Smith <![if !vml]><![endif]> Co. C, 8 Iowa Infantry Frank H. Smith; lived at Wasco and Biglow; Civil War, 8th Iowa Infantry; member of the GAR; died March 1899, stricken with paralysis; buried Wasco [TPR: 17 March 1899; GVJ, 17 March 1899]
501 Jessie Amos _____ _____ [Unreadable metal funeral home marker 1965] [Jessie McDonald (7 December 1863-1942), daughter of John and Jeanette (McKay) McDonald; sister of Christine m. Elihu Owen McCoy, Isabelle m. George N. Crosfield, Hughena Mary m. J.N. Fordyce, Pat and John; m. Joseph S. Amos 31 January 1895 Sherman County, OR; two of their children died between 1895 and 1900 (reportedly buried at Rufus and listed in the Rufus Cemetery burial list, although burial site is not confirmed); died in 1942 in The Dalles while visiting her niece Mrs. Paul McCoy.
Joe Amos reportedly had a brick house in Rufus which he moved there from Grant; Rufus implement dealer and merchant; born New Brunswick, Canada [Adeline McDonald; 1900SCVR, Grant Precinct: Joseph S. Amos, 36, hardware dealer, born Canada, naturalized 1896, lived Section 31, T3N, R17E.; TO 24 June 1904: J.S. Amos died Arizona, remains sent to Sherman County for burial, funeral at Wasco; GVJ, 24 June 1904: Funeral of J.S. Amos, who formerly resided at Rufus in this county, died in Arizona on June 17th. Deceased was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge at Wasco and the Modoc Encampment No. 39 of Grass Valley.]
502 McMillin John “Jack” 1864-1946 John Franklin, son of James and Hannah Maria (Bradley) McMillin, born near Rockland, CA 2 December 1964; brother of Stephen, Eugene and Leland; to Wasco age 20; freighter, horseman, rancher, stagecoach driver on the Biggs south run before the Shaniko rail branch was put in; to Crook County homestead near Post; died at Prineville; Wasco Methodist funeral [SCJ, 26 July 1946 & 2 August 1946]
McMillin Adeline -26 November 1879 Addie, daughter of James and Hannah Maria (Bradley) McMillin, born 26 November 1879 near Dixon, CA
McMillin George Wilbur 11 November 1875-21 February 1892 Son of James and Hannah Maria (Bradley) McMillin
503 Robinson Francis E. 1852-1916 FATHER Born Mt. Pleasant, IA; to Sherman County 1882; 28-year member Wasco Methodist Episcopal Church; died 3 November 1916 [TO, 10 November 1916]
Robinson Clara Annetta 1863-1927 MOTHER Wife of Francis E. Robinson; mother of John Q., Laura and Olive
Robinson Laura A. -25 May 1900 1y 5m 17d DAUGHTER Daughter of Francis and Clara
Robinson Olive 1893-1952 DAUGHTER Daughter of Francis and Clara; life-long Wasco resident; sister of John Q. and Laura [SCJ, 22 February 1952]
504 Biggs William Harrison 12 May 1831-18 October 1907 Born Belmont County, OH, son of John and Charlotte; m. Martha Ellen Ellis 10 March 1859 Canton, Lewis County, MO; father of two children died young; to CA 1874, at Dixon 1877-1878; to Sherman County 1880; built a Victorian house in Wasco, engaged in farming and real estate; filed a plat for Biggs’ 2nd Addition to Wasco with the county clerk 1901; served in the OR legislature, worked in the U.S. Land Office in The Dalles; effective in legislation requiring the railroad siding at Biggs which is named for him, as is Biggs Arch W of Biggs. [SC:FTR; Lee Ann Rhode; Illustrated History of Central Oregon; Oregon Historical Society Quarterly XXVI 1925; TO, 26 September 1895, 3 May 1901, 15 August 1902; 1900 US Census, Wasco Town, Sherman County, OR; US Geographic Names]
Biggs Martha Ellen Ellis 22 March 1839-22 December 1905 Born MO; m. William H. Biggs 10 March 1959 in MO; mother of two children died young; sister of Mrs. E.J. Agee of CA, Mrs. Laura Davis and James A. Ellis, Wasco’s Clark Street furniture merchant in 1910 and 1920.
505 Annie L. Fulton Fulton Annie L. 1860-1912 Anna Laura, daughter of Col. James C. and Priscilla (Wells) Fulton, born October 1860; sister of Lucinda m. H.P. Isaacs, Elisabeth m. Louis Scholl Jr., James, John W., David, Charles Franklin m. Nanie McCorkle, and Mary and Amanda who died young; Annie Fulton Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Wasco, named for her; died 8 March 1912 Portland hospital
506 H.P. Isaacs [Henry Perry Isaacs, to OR Terr. 1852; miller, merchant; m. Lucinda Fulton 16 May 1860 The Dalles; built the notable hotel Umatilla House in The Dalles; to Walla Walla; parents of Elizabeth “Bessie” m. George M. Savage, Charlotte M. m. Jeremiah Doheny, Edwin m. Eloise Leonard, John Phillip, Grace G. and Walter; of these H.P., Lucie, Bessie, Edwin, Eloise are buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Walla Walla] [There is evidence of two children not accounted for, Harry/Harvey and Walter] [Oregon Historical Society Quarterly XXXI #1 1930; 1860 US Census, Wasco County, OR; Mountain View Cemetery]
507 Scholl Louis Sr. 1829-1911 FATHER Son of Carl Benjamin Fredrich Scholl, born Germany 11 November 1829; to USA 1848, St. Charles, MO, CA, OR and The Dalles 1856; accountant, architect and engineer, drew plans for Forts Dalles, Walla Walla, Simcoe and Colville; US Infantry: Fort Dalles; Walla Walla last 30 years of his life; m. Elizabeth Fulton 18 February 1864 The Dalles; father of Carl J., Louis Jr., Mary, Minnie and Bismark. [1860 & 1870 US Census, Wasco County, OR; 1880 US Census, Walla Walla County, WA; Mountain View Cemetery, Walla Walla, WA; Autobiography of Lulu Crandall; Pioneer Cemetery in The Dalles; Wasco County Marriages; Picturesque Frontier: The Army’s Fort Dalles by Priscilla Knuth]
Scholl Elizabeth F. 1843-1915 MOTHER Elizabeth Fulton, daughter of Col. James and Priscilla (Wells) Fulton; m. Louis Scholl; mother of Carl J., Louis Jr., Mary,  Minnie and Bismark [The Dalles Optimist, 11 February 1915]
Scholl Carl J. 1864-1942 Son of Louis & Elizabeth (Fulton) Scholl
508 Chas. F. Fulton Fulton Charles Franklin 1857-1936 Son of Col. James C. and Priscilla Fulton, born October 1860, Yamhill County, OR; Sherman County farm owner; m1 Nanie McCorkle; m2 Marie Donnell; father of Charles Spann Fulton (1885-1955) who lived in the middle Fulton Canyon; died at Portland home; interment Wasco  [SCJ, 30 October 1936]
509 Annie Fulton Vacant 1965
510 Alley Amelia M. Mathias 20 November 1886-15 June 1913 Daughter of Frederick W. & Dora Mathias of the Klondike district; died at family home near Grass Valley; 1st wife of Thomas W. Alley; mother of Paul m. Pauline Buell and John Edgar m. Helen Engstrom & Ethel Barnett who was the daughter of George Thomas and Anna Mabel Barnett of Grass Valley
511 Draper Maria E. 1842-1921 Maria E. Hubbard m. Norman Draper 1877 Benton County, OR; 1900 Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR; 1910 Multnomah County, OR where he died 9 May 1918.  [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw 1973; SC:FTR]
512 Herin Richard 18 March 1829 Ohio -13 March 1907 [Wasco Methodist Circuit Records: Richard Herin 1889 and Rebecca Herin 1889; The Dalles Daily Chronicle (The Dalles, OR) – Friday, March 15, 1901, resident of Biglow.]
Herin Rebecca E. 19 September 1845-28 March 1930
Herin Altie M. 13 August 1876-28 January 1900
513 Fulton Priscilla Sacred to the memory of Priscilla Wells Fulton. Born Kentucky 4-27-1816. Married James Fulton at Washington, Indiana 2-6-1840. Died 1-10-1902 Portland. Daughter of Charles F. and Elizabeth Wells; m. Col. James Fulton 6 February 1840 Daviess County, IN; mother of Lucinda m. Henry Perry Isaacs, Elizabeth m. Louis Scholl, Jr., Mary died young, Amanda died young, James m. Georgiana Foss, John W. m. Britannia Gilmore, David m. Lulu Bussey, Charles Franklin m. Nanie McCorkle & Marie Donnell, and Anna Laura.
Fulton James Sacred to the memory of James Fulton. Born Paoli, Orange Co., Indiana 3-17-1816. To Oregon 1847. Died 3-15-1890. Married Priscilla Wells; father of Lucinda m. Henry P. Isaacs, Elizabeth m. Louis Scholl, Mary, Amanda, James m. Georgiana Foss, John W. m. Britanna Gilmore, David m. Lulu Bussey, Charles Franklin m. Nanie McCorkle and Anna Laura.
514 Fulton James 1847-1919 Son of James and Priscilla; m. Georgiana Foss; father of James Frank, Nellie, William, Ada, Mace and Bessie P.
Fulton Georgia 1848-1923 Daughter of George S. and Joanna (Johnson) Foss; m. James Fulton; mother of J. Frank, Nellie, William, Ada, Mace and Bessie P.; sister of Jessie, Frank and Susan Foss [OHS Quarterly XXX 1929; The History of Wasco County 1983]
Fulton Bessie P. -14 March 1891 6h 10m 15d Daughter of James and Georgiana, born April 1884; died 1891; buried Ten Mile Cemetery in Wasco County; grave moved to Sunrise Cemetery
515 Fulton John 1852-1930 Born 24 May 1852 in Yamhill County, OR, son of  Col. James & Priscilla; to Wasco County 1857; studied law at Whitman College, did not practice; m. 12 November 1878 Rockland, Klickitat County, WA to Britanna Gilmore; to Fulton Canyon 1878; first elected Sherman County judge, served 12 years; lived in Eaton Pct. in 1880: John 28, Britannia 24 and his brother Frank 23; built the Queen Anne Victorian house at the head of Fulton Canyon between 1881 and 1890; died 18 April 1930; no children; left their farm and buildings, including some household contents, to Arvid Anderson, the employee who lived with his family in a cottage south of the barn lot.  [Fred Anderson; Illustrated History of Central Oregon 1905; Oregon Historical Society Quarterly, XXXI #2 June 1930; SCJ, 13 May 1933]
Fulton Brittanna 1855-1933 Brittanna/ Britannia/ Britania, daughter of Samuel and Ann Gilmore, born 16 July 1855 Yamhill County, OR; sister of James, Margaret, Robert, Thomas, Mary, William, Samuel and Nancy Gilmore; died The Dalles or Portland, OR 5 May 1933; m. John Fulton 12 November 1878 at Rockland (now Dallesport), WA; no children  [Wasco Methodist Cemetery: Gilmore; Oregon Historical Society Quarterly XXXIV #2 1933; SCJ, 12 May 1933]
516 Fulton David 1855-1919 FATHER Son of James and Priscilla, born 17 March 1855 in Yamhill County, OR; m. Lula Bertha Bussey, a cousin of Minnie (Gibson) Blau, 1899 Kansas City, MO; father of James Gibson, John Franklin and David J.; died Portland, OR [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; Lois W. Cain 1985]
Fulton Lulu B. 1874-1964 MOTHER Lulu Bertha Bussey, born Versailles, MO; m. David Fulton; cousin of Minnie (Gibson) Blau; mother of James, John and David
Fulton <![if !vml]><![endif]> 1902-1937 SON Son of David and Lulu, born 8 December 1902; brother of John F. and James G.; graduate of University of Wisconsin, graduate work University of Washington, newspaperman; enlisted 1934, killed US Army near Manila, Philippine Islands 5 January 1937 [SCJ, 15 January 1937]
David Julian
517  Watkins Arthur F. 1858-1943 Arthur Franklin Watkins, son of George J. and Nancy (Robinson) Watkins, born 31 March 1858; m1Cora E. Garlock 27 January 1881 Fulton, Bourbon County, KS, father of Nellie May m. George K. Matteson 1902, William Delbert m. Celia Cline 1903, Roy m. Estella Ogle 1916, Everett m. Rose Marie Venable 1916, Metta Florence m. Albert Charles Kaseberg, Arthur Morris m. Blanche Putnam 1922, Cora Hazel and Edna B.; m2 Iva Laughlin Sutor 31 December 1905, father of Harold, Garl and Wanda; died Vancouver, WA 31 January 1943, Wasco Methodist service [SCJ, 5 February 1943]
Watkins Cora E. 1860-1902 Daughter of Morris and Mary Ann Garlock of Kansas; sister of Clarence M., Minnie, Bates D. and Ida F. Garlock; 1st wife of Arthur Franklin Watkins; mother of Nellie, Bert, Roy, Everett, Metta, Morris, Hazel and Edna; died Fulton Settlement 13 October 1902, funeral Locust Grove church.
Watkins Edna B. 1899-1910 Daughter of Arthur F. and Cora E. (Garlock) Watkins
Matteson Harland Hayes Our Darling 1905-1906 Son of George K. and Nellie (Watkins) Matteson; brother of Velma Cora 1903 and Vernal LaFord 1906
518 Walker James G. 23 April 1862- 20 May 1909 Son of Washington P. and Mary (Thompson) Walker, born on Walker homestead at Dufur, Wasco County, OR; as a child moved to The Dalles with parents; as a young man with elder brothers settled on Walker homestead 11 miles W of Wasco;  m. Emma A. (Watkins) Walker, widow of James William Walker)  8 February 1885 Wasco County, OR; died Wasco, OR; father of William C., Lester W., May m. James P. McMillin, Belle m. William Fulton, Mary/Marie m. Eugene C. McMillin and son died in childhood; brother of John K., Nancy E. m. Pugh, Tempy m. Robnett, Arthur Morgan, Joseph P., Jesse, Sarah A., William W., Elmer Lincoln, Harry H. & Edith M. [undated newspaper obituary]
Walker Emma A. 13 September 1855-17 April 1925 Daughter of George J. and Nancy (Robinson) Watkins, born NY; m1 James William Walker 30 June 1872, son of Jesse F. and Isophena; m. his cousin James G. Walker 8 February 1885, son of Washington P. and ; mother of William C., Lester W., Son died in childhood, May m. James P. McMillin 1895, Mary m. Eugene C. McMillin and Belle m. William Fulton [TO, 25 April 1925; Wasco Methodist Cemetery: Nancy (Robinson) Watkins, born 1829, mother of Emma and Arthur; died 7 September 1896 near Wasco, buried near the N fence; ]
519 McMillin James 7 April 1830-29 January 1909 Born Washington County, PA; to KY age 18; to CA age 20, Solano County 1862-1887; to Sherman County 1887; m. Hannah Maria Bradley 20 May 1962 Placerville, Placer County, CA;  father of (tentatively) George Wilbur, Adeline, Flora m. Roy Barzee, Laura m. C. Lester Barzee, James Pendleton m. May Walker 1895, John Franklin, Edwin Ross m. Mary E. Hines 1894, Leland Stanford, Eugene Caswell, Stephen Mayes m. Sibyl Ursula McFadden, Clara Annetta m. Frank Robinson 1889, Emma Maria m. Eli Mason “Judd” Hines 1894 and Ida May m. William Monroe King 1889. [Inez (Van Gilder) Sargent; SCJ, 19 October 1972; Bea Richelderfer]
McMillin Hanna M. 11 November 1845-25 July 1917 Hannah Maria Bradley m. James McMillin; mother of George, Adeline, Flora, Laura, James, John, Edwin, Leland, T.W., Eugene, Stephen, Clara, Emma and Ida; sister of Mary Annetta Bradley m. George N. Sargent, parents of G. Arthur Sargent of Wasco m. Inez Van Gilder, Edith, Alfred and Ida
520 Sink Andrew R. 24 July 1861-13 September 1898 Andrew Ray Sink, son of Thomas W. and Luzena [SC:FTR]
Sink Thomas W. 6 December 1819-23 April 1910 Thomas Winkler Sink, born NC; m. Luzena Thomas of Thomasville, NC 14 March 1844 in Davidson County, NC; to Hancock County, IL, Clark County, MO, to OR 1876, Yamhill County and Sherman County; farmer; m. Luzina/ Luzena Thomas of Thomasville, North Carolina on March 20, 1949; father of  Mary Dorcas m. Charles H. Belshee, George P. m. Henrietta Everest,  Elizabeth Jane m. Charles Chandler, John William, Eliza Ann, Andrew Ray, Asaph Everett m. Hester Hardin and Thomas Edward m. Florence Thompson (daughter of Jason & Celia Holland Thompson) [North Carolina Marriage Collection; SC:FTR; 1960 US Census, Hancock County, IL; 1870 US Census, Clark County, MO; 1880 US Census, Yamhill County, OR; 1900, 1910 US Census, Sherman County, OR; SCO, 16 July 1901 & 25 March 1904]
Sink Luzena [Unmarked grave in 1965] Daughter of Jeremiah and Dorcus (Morris) Thomas, born 10 August 1824 NC; mother of Mary, George, Jennie, John, Eliza, Ray, Thomas and Everett; died 24 March 1916, 91y 7m   [North Carolina Marriage Collection; ODI; TO, 31 March 1916; Jeanette Snell, Oklahoma City, OK; SC:FTR; Chris Sanders, Kettle Falls, WA]
? [SCO, 17 February 1899: Dora Titus, 14 y, daughter of R. A. Titus of Rufus, died pneumonia February 11, buried Wasco Cemetery]
? [Certificate of Death: George Champagne, white male, marital status, birth date and place and age unknown; Inquiry: Died 8 miles W of Wasco, fell from plow, was caught under the plow and dragged to death, occupation laborer; informant Harry Proudfoot, Wasco, Ore.; died Feb. 26, 1924, burial Wasco Cemetery Feb. 27, 1924]
? [Certificate of Death: Virginia A. Rich died DeMoss Springs, Ore. Aug. 26, 1917 5m 18d enlarged thymus gland, born Wasco, Ore. March 7, 1917; parents: Clayton Leroy Rich born KS and Minnie Jane Hardin born NC; burial Wasco, Ore. Aug 27, 1917.]

Wasco area deaths, graves not found in 1965 or not identified with a specific lot:

Charles R. Fields 1869-1935 [SCJ, 6 December 1935], brother of David & a sister in WA.
Angus “Pat” Cameron buried in Wasco cemetery; born Nova Scotia October 1859; to Sherman County 1881; related to the McPherson who also came from Nova Scotia [SCJ, 22 September 1939]
SCJ, 18 October 1940] “George Rintchler, 75, a resident of Wasco for many years, died Sunday in The Dalles following a long illness. There were no known survivors. Graveside services & interment were held Wednesday afternoon at the Wasco cemetery.” Could be in Methodist cemetery.
[SCJ, 11 April 1947] Mary Josephine Underhill died 3 April 1947, born Pike County, IL 16 May 1866, to OR with parents 1889, sister of Charles E. Hull, Mrs. Frank Morrow & Mrs. Andy Shearer; Wasco Methodist funeral, interment Sunrise Cemetery.
[SCJ, 8 December 1947] Frank Lamborn, “Buried at Wasco”…died The Dalles; to Sherman County 1884; wheat farmer; m. Alice; father of Frances; Wasco Methodist Church funeral, “interment The Dalles Cemetery.”
[SCJ, 7 May 1950] Jesse Eaton, born 11 March 1872 on the Eaton place below Wasco where his parents operated a stage station at one time; funeral The Dalles, interment Sunrise cemetery; survivors: daughter Mrs. John McLachlan, Lawrence, Ralph & Claud.

NE Quarter: Graves not identified in lots or were unmarked in 1965, or may not be buried here:

L.E. ____
Matilda Ruping 1873-1963; wife of Carl W.; mother of Wilma m. Maddox
Carl W. Ruping 1867-1943; born Germany, to WI age 18; to Stanfield, OR; to Sherman County; farmer; husband of Matilda; father of Wilma m. James Maddox
W. Grant Armsworthy 1869-1957; Willis Grant, son of Levi and Ellen (Dunlap) Armsworthy; m. Lela E. Harvey; brother of William D. “Bill,” Richard, Mary, Minerva, J.W. & Sarah Jane
[SCJ, 3 & 10 July 1942] Lela E. Armsworthy 1869-1942; wife of Willis Grant Armsworthy; mother of Norma & Florence; sister of Clarence, Claude &Omer Harvey; Christian Church funeral.
Wesley J. Wilde 1884-1945, son of J.W. Wilde; m. 28 September 1935 Klickitat County, WA 2nd husband of Wilma (Maddox) Sheets
George Thomas Wilde 9 February 1899-15 June 1986 buried at Wasco
Infant daughter of Jewell and Pearl Herin 1937
Norman O. Fleck 1907-1937 1st husband of Edna Macnab
[SCJ, 12 October 1945, “E. Pardy Rich”] Elmer Pardee Rich 1890-1945; born Centerville, WA 28 April 1890, son of Orsinus H. & Etta (Barnes) Rich; farmed near Hay Canyon & N of Wasco; owned a truck line; m. Sadie M. Hayner 1913; father of Gordon, Elvis & Marjorie; brother of Zetta m. Beach, Opal m. Smith & Ruby m. Agee; Wasco Christian Church funeral.
[SCJ, 21 July 1939; Hermiston Herald, 13 July 1939] Theodore Beletski born Poland1866, died 1939; to Wasco County, OR 1898; Sherman County veterinarian for many years; m. 1920 Esther Stone who later m. Robert Kaseberg; two daughters, one brother, one sister. Interment: Wasco, Oregon.
Humphrey Thomas Peugh 3 July 1874-9 January 1957; m. Gertrude L. Hulse 8 October 1904 Sherman County; father of Ivalou & Esther Peugh
Vivian E. Trounce 15 September 1876-3 June 1956; buried at Sunrise; sister of Louis J. of Vancouver, B.C., Harry D. of LaJolla, CA & May in England; “our little English music teacher.” [Inez (Van Gilder) Sargent; Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw who thought Vivian might have originated the Christmas bazaar in Wasco]
Vernon K. Van Gilder 1893-1960
Leona E. Van Gilder 1897-
Antone B. “Andy” Sandvig born 4 March 1870, died 29 December 1945; buried at Wasco; worked in the Crosfield store for years, “dapper, amusing, Andy, witty, friendly, a character, a credit to the town” [Gladys (Morrow) Laidlaw; SCJ, 28 December 1945]
Henry Bilieu, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Bilieu, died at Wasco Sept. 16, 1889, aged 1y 8m 7d. ~ The Wasco Observer, 29 September 1889.

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