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Moro Cemetery

Compiled by Sherry (Woods) Kaseberg
Moro Cemetery, 1965 Survey with Notes

The Moro Cemetery was operated by the Moro IOOF Lodge. “Moro IOOF – MEMORANDUM. It is hereby understood and agreed by and between the trustees of the Oddfellows Cemetery Association of Moro that the price of lots in the cemetery shall be as follows: – To members of the Order of Odd Fellows, for each lot $5.00 – To non-members $5.00 – To those who had deceased friends or relatives buried in the old cemetery and removed to the Odd Fellows Cemetery $1.00. Dated at Moro, Oregon – October 30, 1895. Signed – J.M. Smith, J.B. Hosford and George N. Bolton.”

The Observer, on May 24, 1929, reported, “Moro Town Talk. The Baptist cemetery and the Odd Fellows Cemetery were joined in one ownership this week when a quit claim deed from the Baptist cemetery association was placed on record giving the title to the Odd Fellows association of this city. The management of the property intends to move the tool house from its present location to the end of the driveway, build a turn-around for autos at the end of the driveway, and enclose both properties with an iron fence. Water to be piped to all sections of the ground is also part of the new work to be done.”

The following record is based on the 1930 plat of Moro IOOF Cemetery, a copy of the 1894 original plat by Lamborn, and a field survey of all sections of the cemetery in 1965. Information from a variety of sources is incorporated in the notes for a more comprehensive view of life, death, and genealogy in Sherman County.

In an interview, Ronald Powell stated that “railroad workers were buried in the paupers’ section with wooden markers. “Nigger Nels,” who lived in a cabin behind Charley Powell’s place, SW of Moro, was buried in the pauper section at Moro. The first cemetery was behind the courthouse, and graves were moved to the Baptist cemetery (the upper section of the Moro Cemetery) and now part of the Moro Cemetery. The pauper section is the lowest section below the entrance road.” [It is not clear whether Nels, above, is the same person as Nelson Dade who is buried here.]

The City of Moro provided some history: “The dedication of the Odd Fellows Cemetery took place in 1894; then turned over to the Friendship Baptist Church in 1897; then in 1922 turned over to the Moro Odd Fellows; which in 1965 turned over to the Chris Schultz Post #71 (American Legion) which lastly was given to the City of Moro in 1981. The City of Moro Cemetery is licensed by the Oregon Mortuary & Cemetery Board (CM-0254).”

A basic alphabetized version of the 1965 field survey was published by the Genealogical Forum of Portland, OR in 1970 in Yesterday’s Roll Call.

Lot No. & Owner Surname Name Birth & Death Notes
V5 ______ _____ Grave outside the NE gate in 1965, in what would probably be V5 if the lots were extended toward Moro; a wooden marker with no name.
A1 Reynolds Twins 10 October 1928-11 October 1928 Infants of Keith M. & Florence Reynolds [1930 US Census, Moro, 4th Street, Sherman County, OR: Keith M. 32 RR laborer and Florence L. 32, Donald L. 6, Lois L. 5, Lavelle F. 3, Lelia L. 0 Reynolds] [COUNTY GRAVE]
A2 Sherman County Sondonal Steb  -5 September 1930, about 45y Railroad laborer
A5 Tankerly W.  [COUNTY GRAVE]
Sherman County
A5 Sherman County Kaler H.  [COUNTY GRAVE]
A6 Poole Mrs. Martha Ellen  -May 1902 Daughter of David & Elizabeth (Hill) Neikirk, born Maryland; m. Moses Henry Poole in Winnebago County, IL 26 January 1865; lived in Iowa for many years-Dickens, Victor, Belle Plaine & Montezuma; to Sherman County after 1890; died 11 May 1902; mother of ten, eight living: Nettie A., Emily, Eliza A., Mary A., Alta May, Charles Ellis m. Wilma R. Pinkerton, Pearl (f), & Ethel Z. Poole; funeral by Rev. William Hoskinson, Rebekahs & Odd Fellows at Moro M.E. Church. M.H. Poole died 3 November 1917 Brush Prairie, Clark County, WA. [1880 US Census, Poweshiek County, IA; 1900VR: C.E. Poole, 21 & M.H. Poole, 55, mechanic, both City of Moro, Moro Precinct; 1900 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR; TO, 16 May 1902; GVJ, 16 May 1902]
M.H. Poole
A7 McLachlan  

William E.cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001

17 December 1908-8 July 1955 Son of Daniel James & Mollie (Robinson); m1 Frances Davidson, father of Darlene born 1944; m2 Mildred Samson, father of Karen Lee, Donald James, Ronald Max; carpenter, painter, laborer; 35th Infantry, Oregon, WWII South Pacific; drowned while fishing at Ochoco Lake near Prineville; funeral Moro Community Church, military rites performed by members of Chris Schultz Post; brother of Glen, Wendell, Roland, Lucille m. Harry Harrington & Evelyn m. Arthur Chamness #71 [SCJ, 15 July 1955]
Lot purchaser
A7 McLachlan McLachlan Karen Lee 1949-1952 Daughter of William & Mildred.
A7 McLachlan  

Roland Danielcem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001

28 February 1914-7 November 1864 Son of Daniel James & Mollie (Robinson); Oregon CCS, USNR WWII; former husband of Daisy Thompson; brother of Glen, Bill, Wendell, Lucille & Evelyn; mechanic, laborer, cook; died auto accident near Shaniko
A7 Harrington Lucille
A8 Seiders Mary M. 5 October 1845-23 February 1903, 57y Wife of J.H. Seiders of Monkland District; died Portland, OR; foster mother of Mrs. Shear/Scheer; sister of Mrs. Webb; wooden grave marker in 1865 [TO, 27 February 1903; 1880 US Census, Sauk County, WI: John H. Seiders 44 blacksmith born OH, Mary M. 34 born Wales & Else D. 3 born OH, living next door to Chauncy B. Webb 43 born NY, Hannah M. 30 born Wales, Merlie 5, Charles 4 & Alma 1 all born WI; 1900 U S Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County, OR: John H. Seiders 66 born July 1833 OH mail carrier, Mary M. 55 born May 1845 (sic) Wales]
A9 Cushman Obed 1823-1901 Obediah Cushman, born PA; to Butte County, CA; to Sherman County, OR 1882, S of Grass Valley; m. Elizabeth Ellen Hufford; father of Mary m. McDanel, Eugene Albert, Laura H. m. Moore, America E. m. Moore, Cora Luella m. Vinton & Lottie m. Watkins [TO, 24 May 1901; 1900VR: O. Cushman, 77, farmer, b. New York, Lot 8, Block 22, City of Moro]
E.A. Cushman FATHER
A9 Cushman Elizabeth 1836-1915 nee Hufford; to CA with parents 1854; m. Obediah Cushman 1855 in CA; to Sherman County 1882; mother of Mary, Eugene, Laura, America, Cora & Lottie; to Portland ca. 1909 [TO, 1915; GVJ, 24 September 1915]
E.A. Cushman MOTHER
John Hughes &
Lot Rust
A11 Powell Esta May 1889-1958 Emma Esta May, first wife of Charles Powell; mother of Lucille (Goodin) & Marion Mark “Bud” Powell
M.M. Powell MOTHER
A11 Powell Marion M. 1910-1960 Son of Charles & Emma Esta (May); farmer; m1 Rosemary, father of Judy & Marilyn; m2 Georgia
M.M. Powell
A14 Darwin Van Gilder
A18 Messinger Otis B. 9 January 1870-18 October 1929 Otis Benjamin, born Lafayette, OR, son of John William & Burzilda (Olds); to Sherman County age 19; m Sarah A. “Addie” Sutton 1893; father of Lola E. m. Harris, Violet Edna m. J.F. Noonan, Clifton, Rilda Iris m. James A. Newton, Victor Otis & John Ray; brother of Ira, Albert, Fred R., Edward & two sisters; lived Moro & Grass Valley districts; to St. Helens 1925; member Moro Baptist Church, Woodmen of the World, Modern Woodman of America; died St. Helens, OR. [TO, 6 March 1925 & 25 October 1929; GVJ, 25 October 1929; 1900VR: O.B. Messinger, 30, farmer, Moro Precinct; 1900 US Census, Sherman County, Moro: O. Benjamin Messinger 30, wife Sarah A. 24, Lola E. 6, Violet E. 4 & Clifton A. 2; SCJ, 25 October 1929; GVJ, 25 October 1929]
A18 Messinger Messinger Sarah A. 18 April 1876-1947 Sarah Adeline “Addie” Sutton, born Amity, OR; married Otis B. at Sutton home, Washington County, OR 5 July 1893; to Sherman County, OR; mother of Lola, Violet, Clifton, Rilda, Victor & John; died St. Helens, OR; graveside service in Moro [SCJ, 28 March 1947]
A18 Messinger Messinger Clifton A. 1897-1908 Son of Otis B., the drayman, & Sarah (Sutton) [GVJ, 11 December 1908; SCO 11 December 1908]
A18 Messinger Harris Lola Ethyl 16 May 1894-2 November 1920 Daughter of Otis B. & Sarah A., born at Erskine; graduate of Oregon Normal College; Gordon Ridge School teacher; Methodist; married 1918 Ray/Roy C. Harris of Turner, OR; mother of Lola M.; sister of Violet, Clifton, Rilda Iris, Victor Otis & John R.; died at parents’ home near DeMoss; buried Baptist Cemetery, Moro [TO, 5 November 1920]
A18 Messinger Noonan Violet E. 10 February 1896-1958 Daughter of Otis B. & Sarah A., born near Erskineville SW of Moro; m. John Francis Noonan 1 October 1916; mother of Lorena, James, Lloyd & Carroll [SCJ, 19 September 1958]
A18 Messinger Noonan John Francis 1882- Born NE, son of Thomas & Margaret; to Moro 1910; housepainter, paper hanger; m. Violet Edna Messinger; father of Clifton Carroll, Jim, Lloyd and Lorena m. Eaves & Johnson.
A19 Messinger cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001


John William

2 April 1846- Son of Jacob (who d. 1905) & Annie (Brown) Messinger; to OR as a youngster; private, Company B, 1st Oregon Militia, December 1864 to July 1866; m1 Burzilda Olds 1867; father of Edgar G., Otis Benny, Flora M. m. Coon, Frederick R., Anna m. Rust, Jacob Ira, Albert Luther, Myrtle C. m. Kaseberg; operated J.W. Messinger & Sons, dry goods; lived Erskine, SW of Moro; m2 Sadie Swann of McMinnville, OR; died McMinnville, funeral McMinnville. [1900VR: J.W. Messinger, 53, farmer & E.G. Messinger, 31 & F.R. Messinger, 24, Moro Precinct; GVJ, 10 November 1905 & 30 July 1920; SCO, 30 July 1920]
A19 Messinger Burzilda 5 February 1849-13 June 1917 Daughter of Ruel Reed & Elmina (Perkins) Olds, born Yamhill County; united with Baptist church when young; sister of Eli P., Nelson Harvey, Elzina [Hess, Steward], May [Taylor], Emmitt, D. Jay & Elmina Olds; m 1867 John W. Messinger; mother of Edgar, Otis, Frederick, Flora, Anna, Jacob, Albert & Myrtle; 26 grandchildren & one great-grandchild; d. near Wasco at daughter Myrtle’s home. [TO, 22 June 1917; GVJ, 15 June 1917]
A19 Messinger Edwin J. 1895-1901 Son of Edgar G. & Lena C. (Peetz); sibling of 5 children died young, Minnie (Lentz), Carl, Miles & Burzilda [TO, 19 April 1901, 26 April 1901]
A19 Rust Anna 1877-1919 Daughter of John W. & Burzilda (Olds) Messinger; m. Lot W. Rust 1898; mother of Conrad A., Ralph E., John William, Vivian (m) & Lot Jr.; died at home SW of Grass Valley, accidental gunshot [TO, 18 July 1919; 1910 Sherman County Census, Monkland Pct.]
A19 Rust Sharon Lee  – December 1936
A20 Hoover ½, Cochran ½ Hoover Addie  -22 January 1903, 28d Daughter of Benjamin F. & M.A.; granddaughter of Isaac Hoover of LaPorte, IN [1900VR: B.F. Hoover, 42, brick maker, Moro]
Daughter of B.F. & M.A.
A20 Hoover ½, Cochran ½ Cochran cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001


T. F.

16 November 1847-29 April 1905 Thomas F. Cochran, born OH, to Iowa; Co. F, 4th Iowa Infantry (or Co. A, 25th Iowa Infantry) February 1864 to July 1865; to DeMoss Springs 1887; United Brethren; married Angelina Corsan; father of Eli C., Martin L., Benajah T. & Rosa H.; W.T. Sherman Post #4, GAR 1891 [TO, 1901, 1905, 1912, 1915]
? Cochran  _____ Angelina Cochran: burial in the Baptist cemetery with friends she knew in the early times when she and her husband settled in 1886 on land near DeMoss; lived The Dalles since 1910; mother of Eli; 4 grandchildren & 5 great-grandchildren [SCJ, 25 July 1941]
 ?Cochran  _____ Martin Cochran died 23 May 1915 in Seattle, WA; requested his cremated remains be interred at Moro Cemetery; brother of Benjamin F. [SCO, 23 July 1915]
B4  ______ _____ [Unmarked burial noted in 1965.]
B5 Dade N.  -12 January 1910 Nelson Dade, the lone colored man who lived in Moro was buried by his friends. He died at Moro, aged 60 years, a widower; laborer. [COUNTY GRAVE] [1870 US Census, Culpeper Co., VA, Nelson Dade 18 black born VA; 1880 US Census, Stutsman Co., Dakota Territory, Nelson Dade 32 black male farmer born VA; 1900 US Census, Cornelius, Washington County, OR, Nelson Dade 48 black male farmer born VA March 1852; SCO, 14 February 1910; ODI #225; Sherman County Death Records, Vol. 2, Page 3, 1910]
Sherman County
B6 Evans Melford L. 1860-1923 Born MS; lived DeMoss & Moro area; m. Minnie Hirsch 1890; father of Hershel, Worth, Douglas, Melford L. Jr., & Edna (Arnold) of Moro; died at home on the Frock place S of Moro 13 December 1923; 2 sisters in TX, 3 brothers in TX & CA [TO, 14 December 1923]
Evans Family
B6 Evans Minnie H. 1861-1924 Born Dover, TN 20 March 1861; m. Melford Evans; lived in the County 20 years; mother of Edna, Hershel, Worth, Douglas & Melford; died Hoquiam, WA 10 June 1924; Moro Methodist funeral [TO, 20 June 1924]
Evans Family 53y 2m 20d
B7 Montgomery & Moore Moore Walter Hugh 16 June 1854-13 December 1913 Born Ogle County, IL; to KS, to ID by ox team 1865; to Cherokee, Butte Co., CA 1866; m1 Catherine Kimmel; m2 Laura H. (Cushman) Pearson 1882; father of Mabel & Arnold Victor; to Sherman County 1882; 1st mayor of Moro; banker, realtor, merchant, homesteader; to Portland 1905; brother of Arthur, Henry A., Charles W., Mary Jane, John I. & Lawrence K. [1900VR: W.H. Moore, 45, banker, Lots 6 & 7 Block 11, City of Moro; TO, 1913; GVJ, 19 December 1913; 1900 US Census Sherman County, Moro: W.H. Moore 45 IL, wife Laura 43 CA.]
B7 Montgomery Mabel 1877-1904 Daughter of W.H. & Catherine Moore; wife of Albert N. Montgomery; mother of two daughters [TO, 1904; WN, 25 March 1904: Mrs. Albert Montgomery died Wednesday; GVJ, 25 March 1904]
Moore & Montgomery
B8 Moore John A. 12 August 1831-20 August 1897, Born NH, son of Hugh & Eliza (Orr); m. CA 1856 Helen (Vincent); father of Leon Vincent & Ernest Hamilton; brother of James, Henry A., Jane, Rufus A., Martha, Susan Orr, Sylvester, Lucy, Julie & Marion Eliza; To CA 1850s; to Sherman County about 1881; county commissioner 1890-1894; died at home S of Moro; funeral from the home, Rev. J.M. Morrison officiating [SCO, 18 August 1897]
J.A. Moore 66y
B8 Moore Helen  -21 March 1903 72y nee Vincent; wife of John A.; mother of Leon Vincent m. Etta Woods & Ernest Hamilton who m. Anna Powell; funeral Moro Methodist Church [TO, 27 March 1903; GVJ, 27 March 1903]
J.A. Moore
B8 Coelsch Marcia  -12 December 1939 Daughter of Stanley & Doris (Morrison) Coelsch
J.A. Moore
B9 Moore Moore Leora M. 11 April 1870-22 June 1895 Wife of Laurence K. Moore Leora Matilda, daughter of J.M. & E. Powell; 1st wife of Lawrence K. Moore; mother of Greta.
B9 Moore Starr cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Samuel H. 1887-1958  Born Auburn, WA 23 January 1887; husband of Greta; died Marion County, OR 13 September 1958; Sgt. US Infantry [WWI & WWII Draft Registration Cards; ODI]
B10 Moore Rufus A. 7 August 1822 Londonderry, N.H.-7 May 1893, 70y Son of Hugh & Eliza (Orr) Moore; husband of Sarah Jane Brown; NH to IL; to KS 1859 6 years; to ID 1865 2 years; to Butte County, CA 1866-1882; to Sherman County 1882; father of Arthur, Walter Hugh m. Catherine Kimmel & Laura (Cushman) Pearson, Henry A. m. America E. Cushman, Charles W. m. Eva Rollins, Mary Jane, John I. & Lawrence K. m. Leora M. Powell & Jessie Elrod [1900VR: H.A. Moore, 43, banker & L.K. Moore, 31, merchant & W.H. Moore, 45, banker, all City of Moro]
Sarah J. Moore, Deed Book D-39, 29 October 1895
B10 Moore Sarah Jane 15 May 1828- 3 August 1898 nee Brown, born IN; to IL; married Rufus A. Moore 1849; to CA 1867; to OR 1881; mother of Arthur, Walter, Henry, Charles, Mary Jane, John & Lawrence; member Moro Presbyterian Church [WN, 1898; TPR, 4 August 1898; ML, 10 August 1898, GVJ, 5 August 1898, 8 August 1913]
Sarah J. Moore
B10 Moore John I. 28 February 1866-28 January 1889, 22y Son of Rufus A. & Sarah Jane; born Indian Creek, ID; died in farm accident
Sarah J. Moore
B11 Moore Leon V. 1868- 1955 Born Butte County, CA 5 June 1868, son of John & Helen (Vincent); to Sherman County 1881-1882; farmer & Moro Implement Company; m 1891 Etta May Woods; father of Leo Vincent, Cecil m. Morse & Gladys m. Morrison; brother of Ernest H.; died 17 January 1955 [1900VR: L.V. Moore, 32, farmer, Section 25, 1S 16E; James G. Woods; Margaret (McLachlan) Woods]
L.V. Moore Family
B11 Moore Etta May 1873-1957 Daughter of James & Margaret Jane (Dougherty) Woods, born Page County, IA; m. Leon Vincent Moore 23 December 1891; mother of Leo, Cecil m. Morse & Gladys m. Morrison; sister of Anson, Phoebe, Julia, Penelope, William Albert, Wilbur, Jim & Ellsworth Woods; Presbyterian. [Albert & Margaret Woods; James G. Woods; Julia (Woods) Hansen]
L.V. Moore Family
B11 Morrison Gladys May 8 September 1894-17 May 1957 Daughter of Leon V. & Etta Moore; former wife of Clarence R. Morrison; mother of Doris m. Coelsch & Helen m. Waldroff; sister of Cecile m. Willard Morse, M.D. & Leo Moore, M.D.
L.V. Moore Family
B12 Conlee Flora M. 1916-1964 nee Williams, wife of Virgil; mother of David & Nancy
Virgil Conlee
B14  Ransier  David J.  (4 August 1898-30 December 1983, 85y) David James Ransier m. Rena Iva Morgan; parents of Lorene m. Kruse & James. Rena died in 1970, buried Moro. [1930 US Census, Moro Pct., Court Street, Sherman County, OR: David J. 31, Rena M. 29, Lorean M. 6.]
Dave Ransier
B18 Huff David W. 1867-1900 Son of Abram & Sarah; brother of A. Lincoln, Sherman, Charles K. & Margaret [TO,1900; SCJ, “In Other Days,” 23 March 1900]
B18 Huff Sarah A. 1840-1936 Sarah Ann “Sally” Maricle, daughter of William & Margaret; wife of Abram C. Huff; mother of Margaret m. Howard Moore, Linc of Arlington, Sherman of Canada, Charles & David; sister of Jackson, Jesse, Justus, Joel, George & Mary Maricle [1850 US Census, Broome County, NY; 1856 State & 1860 US Census, Winneshiek County, IA; Patricia (French) Moore]
B18 Huff Ida M. 1873-1901 Wife of C.K. Huff; died The Dalles 28 December 1901 [Patricia (French) Moore; TO, 3 January 1902; GVJ, 12 January 1917; GVJ, 3 January 1902: Mr. Bennett and family went to Moro to attend funeral of their daughter, Mrs. Charles Huff; she died in a Portland hospital, remains brought to Moro.]
B19 Gibson Juliet 18 October 1850-14 February 1906  nee Juliet Huff, born IA to David and Maria Huff; m1 __ Lewis, mother of Edgar and Charles; m2 Silas Gibson, mother of Eunice B. m. Fred Messinger; died Moro, OR [TO, February 16, 1906: Mrs. Gibson died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Fred Messinger at Moro.]
B20 Powell J. Marion -11 February 1903 63y Joab Marion Powell, born MO 24 July 1839, son of John & Emily (York); m. Eliza Jane Barr; father of Columbus Washington, James Thomas, Hiram E., Leora Matilda m. Moore, William Syras, Anna May m. Moore, Mary Olive m. Cochran & Southwick, Charles Laverne & Roy; to Linn County, OR about 1852, to Prineville, then Sherman County about 1885, W of Moro [Patricia (French) Moore; ODLC #3808; TO, 20 February 1903; 1880 Wasco Co., OR census, Prineville Pct.; GVJ, 20 February 1903 & 22 February 1918]
B20 Powell Eliza 1847- 1932 Eliza Jane, daughter of Jesse & Anna (Kirk) Barr, born MO 5 November 1847; m. Joab Marion; mother of Columbus W., James Thomas, Hiram E., Leora M., William S., Anna May, Mary, Charles L. & Roy; sister of James M., Emmaline, Rebecca A., Nancy, Cyrus, William R., John & F.M. Barr; owned land in T1S, R16E in 1913; died 18 March 1932
B20 Powell Hiram E. 1 February 1868-31 May 1895 Son of J.M. & Eliza J.
C5 Cauthers William H. 1875-1946 Born Stanton, Ontario, son of Elizabeth Cauthers who died in ND 1941; m1 Eva Flewell in ND; father of Charles, Frank, Maude m. Gilbertson, Edith m. Knudtson, Etta m. McCulloch and Irene m. Curtis; m2 Mrs. Lenora Huls; brother of Bob of ND; Jim of Moro, Wilford of Portland & Mrs. Roy Cowin [SCJ, 7 March 1941]
Cauthers & Scherrer
C5 Scherrer Frank L. 1936-1952 Son of Carl & Alice; brother of Margaret m. Huxel; half-brother of Katie Geiser m. Wooderson and George Geiser
Cauthers & Scherrer SON
C5 Scherrer Carl L.  -1964 Father of Frank & Margaret; husband of Alice
Cauthers & FATHER
C6 Ellsworth C.H. 1850-1923 Clarence Herbert Ellsworth, born IL 13 April 1850; m1 ___ who died October 1876; m2 her sister Anna Udell 1879; father of May, Lewis Arthur, Ralph, Pearl, Roy, Olive M., McKinley, George P. & Herbert C.; brother in Britt, IA; died 16 July 1923 [1920 Sherman County Census, Moro Pct.: Clarence 69 IL, Anna 56 IA, Lewis A. 35 MN, McKinley 23 OR & George P. 20 OR, Anna & George operating the hotel; TO, 20 July 1923; ODI]
Anna Ellsworth & ____
C6 Ellsworth Anna 1863-1943 Born IA; 2nd wife of Clarence H. Ellsworth; operated the Ellsworth Hotel in Moro; lived in Condon & Moro; mother of Pearl m. Kelly, Louise, ___ m. Lusk, ___ m. Willis, George P., McKinley, Ralph & Herbert C. [SCJ, 23 April 1943]
Anna Ellsworth & ___
 Ellsworth  Ronald M.  -(1920) [TO, 21 & 28 August 1925: Ronald Maurice Ellsworth, 4y, born Portland, OR 4 September 1920, died 19 August 1925, only child of George & Leota Ellsworth of Moro; funeral at Methodist Church; OR Certificate of Death: Moro, Sherman County, Oregon, Ronald Ellsworth born 4 September 1920 Portland, OR; son of George and Leota (Calbraith) Ellsworth; died 18 August 1925; burial Moro Cemetery 20 August 1925]
C7 Hoskinson Eugene A. 1857-1932 Son of Isaiah & Anna of Fairfield, Jefferson County, IA; m. Emma Florence Hampton 21 March 1888 Umatilla County, OR; father of Guy 1889; brother of James, Mary, Albert, Anna, Elmer, Ellen, Stephen, Oswald, Clarence & Robert Emmet; died Salem, OR.
E.A. Hoskinson
C7 Hoskinson Emma F. 1866- 1928, 61y, 11m 4d Emma Florence, born Dade County, MO 23 August 1866, daughter of James Henry & Elizabeth (Stockton) Hampton; m. Eugene A. Hoskinson 21 March 1888 Umatilla County, OR; mother of Guy L.; sister of Martha Sarah, James Henry Jr., Francis Marion, Ann Ophelia m. T.M. Anderson, Thomas R., David M., ___ m. J.J. Martin, ___ m. J.H. Brown, Nancy Malissa m. Louis D. Eaton, Mary Lavina m. Christopher L. Ragsdale and Stephen Arnold Hampton; died Salem, OR 19 July 1928; funeral at the auditorium in Moro with Christian Science officiating, buried at Moro. [SCN, 26 July 1928; SCO, 1901; GVJ, 27 July 1928; ODI #518; Imogene (Johnson) Hailey]
E.A. Hoskinson
C7 Hoskinson David [SCJ, 12 January 1940: David Clarence Hoskinson, 18, died The Dalles; son of Guy Hoskinson of Kent; born Kent 5 May 1921; brother of Dan, Hugh, Gene, Edward, Arthur, Mary, Florence & Eleanor; Catholic funeral Grass Valley, buried S of graves of Emma & Eugene Hoskinson.]
C8 Guinther Christian 13 October 1831-20 February 1899 Husband of Caroline; born Prussia; father of G. Fred, Christian, Charles, Augustin & B___ (f); settled NW of Moro on Gordon Ridge; member of AOUW; Moro Presbyterian Church funeral, Rev. Gray, Lutheran minister of The Dalles [1880 US Census, Spring Creek, Dent County, Missouri: C. 50, Catharine 48 wife, Christian 20, Gotfried 18, Charles 16, Augustus 14 and B___ (f) 6; TPR, 24 February 1899 SCO, 10 March 1899; ML, 22 February & 1 March 1899; GVJ, 24 February 1899]
F. Guinther 70y
C8 Guinther Carolian 1 April 1834- February 1899 Wife of Christian; mother of G. Frederick, Christian, Charles, Augustin & B___ (f) ;” [TPR, 3 March 1899; ML, 1 March 1899; SCO, 10 March 1897]
F. Guinther
C9 Williams William H. 22 January 1833-27 August 1896 William Harris Williams, born England/Wales; to Pacific Coast 1852, in Cherokee, Butte County, CA, mining in 1870 & 1880; to Moro 1885, hotel business until his death; postmaster of Moro 1889 to 1896; JP Moro Precinct, school clerk District#17; Moro Presbyterian funeral; m. Dora _____ 1863; father of Charles, Dora J. “Nettie” m. John Earl King, Jane Ann m. 1885 Perry Watkins & David Maxwell, Jennie m. Daniel Blaisdell & W. Clyde m. Alma [SCO, 3 September 1896; Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR), Friday, September 4, 1896); 1870 & 1880 US Census, Oregon Pct., Butte County, CA]
Dora Williams, Deed Book D557, November 19, 1896
C9 (Moore) (Dora [_____] (August 1836- 5 May 1921) The ashes of Mrs. Dora Moore were placed by the side of graves of her husband and son in the IOOF cemetery by the IOOF lodge.
Dora Williams, Deed Book D557, November 19, 1896 Williams) [SCO, 10 June 1921; 1900 US Census, Sherman County, OR, Moro Pct.; 1870 & 1880 US Census, Oregon Pct., Butte County, CA]
Possibly… Dora Jenkins, born England; m. William Harris Williams 1863; mother of Charles H., Dora P. “Nettie” m. John Earl King, Jane Ann m. Perry Watkins & David Maxwell; Jennie m. Daniel Blaisdell & W. Clyde m. Alma; grandmother of Gertrude King age 10 in 1900, born CA; died Pasadena, CA; Moro postmaster 1900; operated the first hotel in Moro for years.
C9 Williams W. C. 22 April 1877-28 October 1900 W. Clyde, son of William H. & Dora; husband of Alma; brother of Charles H., Jennie, John, Jane & Dora “Nettie” [1900VR: W.C. Williams, 22, landlord, res. Moro Hotel, City of Moro, Moro Precinct; TO, 2 November 1900; ]
Dora Williams, Deed Book D557, November 19, 1896
C9 Williams Alma 1 January 1879-26 January 1901, 22y 25d Born WI; wife of W. Clyde; United Brethren Church [TO, 1 February 1901; GVJ, 28 January 1916 in Fifteen Years Ago; 1900 US Census, Sherman County, OR, Moro Pct.]
Dora Williams, Deed Book D557, November 19, 1896
C9 Williams Nellie  -30 August 1937, 64y Resident of The Dalles 1937, formerly of Sherman County; wife of Charles; mother of Mrs. Ralph Wisner & Mrs. Fred Wineberger [SCJ, 3 September 1937; 1900 Sherman County Census: Charles Williams 34, Nellie 26, Guy 11, Grace 3, Lorene 8/12.][Her obit states Charles was buried here about a year before. Charles H. Williams, born 1865, son of Wm. H. & Dora Williams, died 1932 Moro.]
Dora Williams, Deed Book D557, November 19, 1896
C9 Blaisdell Mrs. Jennie. [Small temporary metal funeral home marker in 1965.] [Probably Jennie (Jane Ann) Williams, daughter of William & Dora, who m. Daniel Blaisdell of Portland in Sacramento, CA 1913, both formerly of Moro.]
Dora Williams, Deed Book D557, November 19, 1896
C10 Moore Maud H.  -28 December 1880, 3m 13d Daughter of Henry A. & America E. (Cushman); sister of Harry [1900 US Census, Sherman County, Moro Pct., Henry Moore 44 IL, wife America 40 CA & son Harry R. 11 OR.
H.A. Moore
C11 Morgan Richard T. 1871-1955 Richard Thomas, husband of Ivy Matilda (Sayrs); father of Rena Iva m. Ransier, Zora J., Thelma m. Dimmick, Ariel m. Oma, Richard Ivan & Irma m. DeMoss & Johnson [1900VR: R.T. Morgan, 28, farmer, Moro Precinct]
R.T. Morgan
C11 Morgan Ivy Matilda 1881-19__ Ivy Matilda, daughter of Frank & Emma Sayrs; wife of Richard T., mother of Rena, Zora, Thelma, Ariel, Richard & Irma
R.T. Morgan
C11 Morgan Richard Ivan  -1921 Son of Richard & Ivy.
R.T. Morgan
C12 Conlee Howard  -1965
C14 Johnson Arthur S. 1879-1965 Son of Riley C. and Florence “Flora” Geneva (McCoy) Johnson; brother of Delight Johnson; m. Ella A. __; father of Lloyd R., Josephine m. Lamer Sayrs & Imogene D. m. Belshaw & Hailey
A.S. Johnson
C18 Rust Lot M. 21 March 1833-19 July 1907 Born ME; to CA 1857; m. Marcia H. Cooper 24 November 1867, Sacramento, CA; to Sherman County from Colusa County, CA; father of Mae, Pearl A. m. Leslie, Ruby B. m. Pettys, Lot W. and Maude E. m. Watson; Baptist; funeral at Methodist E. Church in Moro [1900VR: Lot M. Rust, 67, farmer, Section 24, 1S 17E; SCO, 26 July 1907; GVJ, 26 July 1907]
C18 ______ _____ [Unmarked grave with Lot M. Rust, 1965.]
C18 Rust Marcia H. 14 May 1835-18 October 1918, 83y 5m 4d Born Palermo, ME, nee Cooper; m. Lot Morrell Rust 1867 Sacramento, CA; lived on homestead near Moro 37 years; joined Baptist Church in Moro about 1898; owned land Section 24, T1S, R16E in 1913; mother of Pearl, Ruby, Lot W., Maude E., Mae M; died at home near Moro [TO, 1 November 1918; GVJ, 25 October 1918]
C18 ______ _____ Unmarked grave. [SCJ, 11 December 1936, infant daughter of Ralph Rust died in The Dalles, buried Moro.] ~ [There is another Rust lot. VERIFY]
C18 Pettys Ruby B. 1870-1939 Born Colusa County, CA; daughter of Lot M. & Marcia Rust; to OR with parents 1880s to a homestead about 2 miles S of Moro; m1 Cassius “Cash” Fairchild; m2 L.D. Pettys; homestead & ranch lands near Sherar’s grade, Highway 216, in Sherman County; mother of Glenn Fairchild, Emma m. Jantzer and Hazel; sister of Lot W., Mary m. Nicholson and Maude m. Watson [SCJ, 5 January 1940]
C19 ______ _____ [Unmarked grave identified 1965.]
D5 Martin cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001

William John

1892-1943 Son of Wilbur J. & Eliza, born 9 February 1892; m. Florence Babbitt 4 December 1917; US Army WWI 1917-1919; lived Sherman County, Portland, W. Washington; father of George William; brother of Avery, Wilbur, George, Claudina m. Wooten & Lillie m. Morgan; died November 1943; wife Florence is buried in Bend, OR [SCJ, 12 & 19 November 1943; SC:FTR 16-1]
D6 McLachlan McLachlan Daniel 27 April 1844-9 September 1928, 84y Born Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland; to Dunedin, New Zealand 1860; to USA 1879, again 1881 via Lambton, Newcastle, Australia to Umatilla County, then Sherman County 1882; m1 Mary McEwan, father of Jane m. Cleveland in New Zealand; m2 Mary E. (Robertson) McEwan of New Zealand, father of Margaret m. W. Albert Woods, Elizabeth m. Ira K. Axtell & Belshe, Estella m. Dillinger and Daniel James m. Mollie Robinson; citizenship 1891; farmed E of Moro, N of Monkland; to Portland 1908; m3 Frances Stickle of New Zealand who is buried in Portland, OR; Moro Presbyterian funeral [Les Cleveland, Dunedin, NZ; Mollie McLachlan, Moro; Margaret (McLachlan) Woods, Dufur; David McLachlan, Hamilton, NZ; Vail McLachlan, Wellington, NZ; SCN, 13 September 1928; TO, 14 September 1928; GVJ, 14 September 1928]
D6 McLachlan McLachlan Mary 1849- 1922 Mary (Robertson) McEwan McLachlan, born Scotland, to New Zealand; to Oregon 1881 with Daniel, settled in the Monkland district 1882; m1 John McEwan in NZ, mother of five McEwan children in NZ; m2 Daniel McLachlan; to Oregon 1882; mother of Margaret m. Albert Woods, Elizabeth m Ira K. Axtell, Estella m. Dillinger & Daniel James m. Mollie Robinson; owned E1/2, Section 11 T1S, R17E in 1913; died Portland, OR 4 April 1922 [TO, 7 April 1922; Mollie McLachlan; Margaret (McLachlan) Woods]
D6 McLachlan McLachlan Daniel James 1888-1944 Son of Daniel & Mary (Robertson); husband of Mollie M. Robinson; father of Glen Harold, Roland Daniel, Helen Lucille m. Harrington, Evelyn Irene m. Chamness, Wendell Forest & William Everett; farmed in Monkland District E of Moro.
D6 McLachlan McLachlan Mollie M. (2 March 1889-12 August 1971) Daughter of William & Linnie (Ames) Robinson, born WA; wife of Daniel James; lived Sherman County 74y; mother of Glen, Bill, Wendell, Roland, Lucille & Evelyn. [Mollie McLachlan; Evelyn (McLachlan) Chamness; Margaret (McLachlan) Woods]
D7 Thompson Hans 1871-1939 Born Svendborg, Fyen, Denmark 10 May 1871, son of Hans; sailed from Copenhagen 26 April 1892; citizenship Moro, OR 21 March 1904; lived Sherman County nearly 50 years E of Hay Canyon in Fairview District; m. Krestine Thomsen; father of Harvey, Lillian, Harold, Clara m. Ward & Georgia m. Phillips; died Multnomah County, OR [1930 US Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County, OR: Hans Thompson 58 Danish immigrant 1892, Christiana 57, Danish immigrant 1890, son Harvey 17 & Minnie ___, 90, mother-in-law; US Passport, 1921 from NY on the MAURITANIA to visit relatives in Denmark; Jerry Phillips 2011; SCJ, 19 & 26 May 1939; SC:FTR]
D7 Thompson Krestine 1872-1963 Daughter of Thomas who died in Denmark 1902 and Minnie (Lauritzen) Thomsen; wife of Hans Thompson; sister of Karen “Carrie” m. N.P. Hansen, Anton and Sadie m. Larson.
D7 Thompson Minnie 1839-1933 Born Denmark; mother of Krestine m. Hans Thompson, Sadie m. Larson, Anton & Karen m. N.P. Hansen; to Portland, OR, then Sherman County, OR 1905.
D7 Thompson Harold 25 December 1910-7 September 1920 Son of Hans and Krestine; brother of Harvey, Lillian, Clara & Georgia; suffocated in a grain bin at family farm near Fairview School [TO, 10 September 1920]
D8 Huls James G. 1 October 1889-23 May 1913 Husband of Grace Born MO; to Sherman County 1891; son of Charles G. & Mary (Newport); m. Grace I. Thompson 1913; brother of Charles, Gertrude L. m. Peugh, Allie m. Ruggles, Ola m. Ruggles and Clarance P.; died suicide [TO, 1913; GVJ, 30 May 1913]
C.G. Huls
D8 Hulse Charles G.  -11 August 1899 Son of C.G. & M.L.
C.G. Huls 4m 20d [SCO, 23 June 1899: Reed Hulse’s infant Roy Paul died, buried the 17th; ML, 16 August 1899; TPR, 23 June 1899: 3-months-old baby of Reed Hulse buried. (place not named); SCO 18 August 1899: infant child of Charles Hulse, funeral from Moro ME church]
D8 Huls Charles G. 1863- 1927 Born Antioch, OH 22 February 1863, son of Paul and Mary Jane (Lyons); m. Mary Lenora Newport at Wyontee, KS; to Toledo, OR 1890; to Sherman County 1891; merchant, farmer, horseman; father of Charles G., _____, Gertrude Lenore m. Peugh, Allie S. m. Ruggles, James G., Ola M. m. Ruggles & Clarance Paul; brother of Oscar P., John, Squire, Richard, Granville R., Sally, Martha m. Hunt, Jennie and Lillie m. Taylor; died 30 May 1927 [TO, 3 June 1927; 1900VR: C.G. Huls, 37, farmer, Moro Precinct]
C.G. Huls
D9 Henrichs William 1860-1932 Born Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 16 September 1860; arrived near Davenport, Iowa age two; to CA as young man; to Sherman County 1880s; farmed near Wasco 7 years; m1 Henrietta Dorothea Medler 1887, parents of Arthur, Walter Dayton, Gertrude m. Brown, Wilma m. Ovie Hansen, Lawrence & Raymond E.; county road surveyor; county assessor 1890; county clerk 1896-1900; county judge; m2 Mrs. Jessie LaCrosse in 1905 (21 November 1863-December 1941); brother of John P. of Lewiston, ID, Martha m. Jahn and Anna m. Arnold Buhmann of Hermiston. [The Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR, Tuesday, March 22, 1932; 1930 US Census, Moro, Sherman County, OR]
W. Henrichs
D9 Henrichs W. Dayton 1890-1931 Son of William and Henrietta Dorothea (Medler); died of injuries sustained in a truck accident [SCJ, 4 September 1931]
W. Henrichs
D9 Henrichs Arthur 4 January 1889-14 January 1899, 10y 10d Eldest son of William and Henrietta Dorothea (Medler); died of measles [WN, 19 January
W. Henrichs 1899; TPR, 20 January 1899; ML, 18 January 1899; GVJ, 20 January 1899]
D8 Henrichs Etta 2 March 1867-22 April 1902 Henrietta Dorothea, daughter of Bruno F. and Minerva Jane (McLavey) Medler; 1st wife of William Henrichs, mother of Arthur, W. Dayton, Gertrude, Wilma and Raymond; predeceased by son Lawrence 1895-1895 (buried at Wasco Methodist cemetery) [TO, 25 April 1902]
W. Henrichs
D10 Kaseberg Theodore 1843-1929 Born Wettesingen, Germany 5 August 1843, Christoph Theodore, son of Johann George Kaseberg, cousin to John C. Kaseberg in Sherman County and Wilhelm and Henry in Walla Walla; age 13 to US; to Venice, IL & St. Louis, MO; m. Margaret Schuler 30 June 1868, St. Louis; to Sherman County 1888 with wife & surviving children: Carrie, Robert & George W.; father of Karolina Christina “Carrie” m. Jackson, Robert Wilhelm & George Wilhelm of Sherman County; farmer, blacksmith; sold his blacksmith shop in Moro to John Foss & Co. 1907; Moro Presbyterian church; retired to Portland 22 years. [TO, 9 August 1929; 1900VR: W.F. Jackson, 33, farmer, Moro Precinct; Carrie (Kaseberg) Jackson; Albert C. Kaseberg; Edward Kaseberg]
Theodore Kaseberg purchased a lot Deed Book E-175, April 6, 1895
D10 Kaseberg Margaret 1850-1891 Born, Germany, nee Schuler; wife of Theodore; mother of George, Anna, Carrie, Theodor, Baby, Robert, Mordel, Maria & George W.; died Moro 4 February 1891 [TO, 9 August 1929; Carrie (Kaseberg) Jackson]
Theodore Kaseberg
D10 Jackson Infant Daughter of William F. & Carrie K. Jackson  -22 August 1907 Daughter of William F. & Carrie (Kaseberg) Jackson; grandchild of Theodore & Margaret Kaseberg [Carrie (Kaseberg) Jackson; 1900VR: W.F. Jackson, 33, farmer, Moro Precinct]
Theodore Kaseberg
D11 Christianson Arthur Bernhardt 1899-1963  Son of John and Daisy C. (Hennagin); to Sherman County 1885; m. Frances Kerrone Kelso 7 July 1926 Oregon City; father of Robert, Bon and Diane; brother of Henry C., Herman H. & Evelyn M.; half-brother of Ruth m. Sparling, Mabel m. McKee and Grace m. Thogerson [SCJ, 29 November 1984]
D11 Christianson Herman H. 26 May 1896-22 November 1939 Born near Moro, son of John & Daisy (Hennagin); m. Carrie Casperson 11 September 1918; father of Kenneth; farmer in Sherman County, near Hermiston & Brownsville, OR; Brownsville Free Methodist church; brother of Arthur B., Evelyn, & Mrs. Clarence Sparling; half-brother to Marjorie Byers [SCJ, 24 November 1939]
D11 Christianson cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001

Robert Kelso

1921-1944 Son of Arthur B. & Frances Kerrone
Frances Maxine Henrichs
D19 Mowry Frank J. 1881-1895 In 1913 Marietta “Etta” Mowry owned a tract at the SE corner of Moro between the railroad & Mowry’s Addition [1900VR: J.B. Mowry, 42, farmer, Section 18, 1S 17E; GVJ, 19 July 1929: Marietta Mowry died Portland, OR 14 July 1929; mother of Ida m. Moon, John & George; lived Moro early 1900s; Oregon Journal, 2 June 1949: George Mowry, lawyer, died Portland, buried Rose City Cemetery, born 1883 Moro, OR, studied law with W.C. Bryant in Moro; to Portland 1911]
D19 Leet Laura 1816-1897 Mother of Marietta who m. John B. Mowry; died at her daughter Mrs. Mowry’s home in Moro 25 May 1897; Friendship Baptist Church funeral in Moro [SCO, 2 June 1897]
D19 Leet Mary J. -13 September 1903 Daughter of Harry D. & Hannah Parker, born Stamford, VT 11 June 1845; m. Oliver E. Leet of Williamstown, MA 1872; Methodist; early resident of Moro; sister-in-law of J.B. Mowry of Moro; died Falls City, OR. Moro Methodist funeral [TO, 18 September 1903; 1900 US Census, Falls City, Polk County, OR]
D20 Boyd Frederick H. 28 August 1870-5 January 1890 Son of G.F. & L.
[Times-Mountaineer, 1 February 1890: Fred Boyd, son of Deacon G.F. Boyd, died Tacoma, WA a few weeks ago, brought to Moro for burial. ~ George F. Boyd, a Civil War veteran, Private, Co. F., Kansas Volunteer Infantry, lived in Moro; died Tacoma, WA.]
E5 Flatt Vernon Joseph 1895-1955 Husband of Lillian; father of Robert Vernon, William Lloyd, Lois I. m. Axtell & Jack Lewis; mayor of Moro 1952.
E5 Flatt Lillian K. 1901-1976, 74y nee Grage; sister of Harry, Lou & Lois
E5 Flatt Jack Lewis – April 1931 Son of V.J. & L.K.
Flatt SON
Roy Ragsdale
E7 Ragsdale William H. 1872-1953 William Hampton Ragsdale, son of Christopher & Mary; m. Lida Belshe 1900; father of Evelyn Ruth m. Searcy, Infant Daughter & William H.; to Sherman County 1883; school superintendent 1898; teacher, farmer, attorney.
W.H. Ragsdale
E7 Ragsdale Lida H. 1877-1958 Lydia H.; m. William Hampton Ragsdale 18 November 1900 Sherman County; mother of Evelyn Ruth, Infant Daughter & William H.; owned a tract in Section 17, T1S, R17E adjoining the City View Addition to Moro in 1913.
W.H. Ragsdale
E7 Ragsdale Infant Daughter of W.H. & Lida H. -1906 Daughter of William H. & Lydia H. Ragsdale; granddaughter of Christopher C. and Mary L. Ragsdale
W.H. Ragsdale
E7 Ragsdale Elsie 1877-1908 Elsie Eliza, daughter of Christopher & Mary; sister of W.H., C.P, Charles, Ray, Cornelius, Martha & Cordelia; half-sister of Allie West; died at her mother’s home in Moro 25 November 1908 [SCO, 2 December 1910; ODI]
W.H. Ragsdale
E8 Ragsdale Mary L. 1840-1923 Mary Lavina Hampton, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth, born Dade County, MO 27 May 1846 (1840); to OR 1847; to Sherman County 1881; m. Christopher Columbus Ragsdale; mother of Commodore Perry, Cornelius, William Hampton, Cordelia m. Robert Brash, Martha C., Charles E., Eliza, Robert Ray … and James A. “Allie” West by a previous marriage; died 28 April 1923, Moro Presbyterian funeral.
R.M. Brash & _____
Christopher Columbus Ragsdale, born about 1847 MO, son of John D. & Lydia; Private, Company B, 2nd Kansas Cavalry 1863-1865, Civil War; to Willamette Valley about 1873; farmed Polk & Benton Counties, OR; Tygh Precinct, Wasco County 1880; to Sherman County 1883, raised sheep; died Portland, OR 1894; buried Fircrest Cemetery, Monmouth, Polk County, OR.
[1880 US Census, Tygh Precinct #234, Wasco County, OR; SCJ, 27 November 1953: “W.H. Ragsdale Buried in Moro. The funeral for William H. Ragsdale was held from the Moro Community Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon…”]
R.M. Brash & _____
E8 Brash Cordie c. 1874-22 December 1899 Cordelia, daughter of Christopher & Mary Ragsdale; m. 9 November 1899 Robert McLean Brash, Moro painter /paperhanger, Ragsdale home in Moro; Robert m2 Myrtie DeMoss 1903 and he d. Portland, OR age 77. [SCJ, 19 February 1937; 1900 US Census, Sherman County, Moro: Robert M. Brash 41 Canada, widower, house painter, to USA 1880]
R.M. Brash & _____
E8 West James A. 28 October 1862-13 May 1941 Allie West, born MO, son of Mary Lavina Hampton and Anderson M. West; came to Willamette Valley with his mother, Christopher C. and Mary L. (Hampton) Ragsdale & family; to Wamic area Wasco County; to Sherman County about 1883; m Elmira (Masiker) Barnum 1889; father of Echo m. Bartlett, Hazel m. Lake & Leola m. Church; half-brother of C.P., W.H. & Robert Ray Ragsdale; died McMinnville, OR [SCJ, 16 May 1941]
R.M. Brash & _____
E9 Minton ½ & J.H. Wingo ½ Minton H. Clifford 1876-1899 Son of J.H. & M.P., nephew of Mr. T.J. Moffit of Gorman, Sherman County; died of injuries sustained while riding a colt. [ML, 8 & 15 March 1899; SCO, 10 March 1899 reported remains of Clifford Minton would be taken to Priest Rapids; Times-Mountaineer, The Dalles: Married 27 June 1886 near Rutledge, E.L. Minton & Flora A. Whedhel]
E10 Damon Milton 1862-1934 Husband of Martha; father of Arthur Blaine Damon; operated a furniture store in Moro, sold to G.W. Brock 1901 [1900VR: M. Damon, 38, farmer, Section 10, 2S 17E; 1900 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR: Milton Damon 38, Martha 33, & Blaine 12; 1910 US Census, Multnomah County, OR; The Times Mountaineer 26 February 1887” Married. At the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. John Coats, on Sunday evening February 20, 1887, by Chas. Tom, J.P., Mr. Milton Daymon of Moro, Or. and Miss Mattie Carmical of Rufus, Oregon.]
Milton Damon
E10 Damon Martha 1867-1934, 66y Wife of Milton, nee Mattie Carmical; sister of John, Susan, Joseph & Jane m. Jasper Weatherford & Alonzo Young; mother of Arthur Blaine Damon (1888-1971). [SCJ, 1934; 1900 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Milton Damon
E10 Damon Orval Ervin 1889-1897 28 November 1889-9 October 1897
Milton Damon
E10 Damon Lizzie 1890-1894
Milton Damon
E11 Hennagin George 1875-1936 Born CA, son of Henry & Ruth; m. Daisy H. Fuller; father of George, Frances m. Anderson, Lotus Lola m. Kenny, Pearl & Lloyd; 1880 US Census District 12, Wasco County, OR; owned N ½ Section 3, T2S, R17E & SE ¼ Section 34, T1S, R17E in 1913. [1900VR: Geo. Hennagin, 24, farmer, Section 3, 2S, 17E]
George & Daisy Hennagin
E11 Hennagin Daisy H. 1882-1941 Daughter of Benjamin Fuller, born Vancouver, WA 16 December 1882; m1 George Hennagin 25 October 1897; m2 Wesley Roy Belshee 25 November 1937 at Moro; mother of George, Frances, Lola Lotus, Pearl & Lloyd Hennagin; died Moro, OR [SCJ, 11 April 1947]
George & Daisy Hennagin
E11 Henrichs Jessie 1863-1941 Mrs. Jessie LaCrosse, born WI (21 November 1863-December 1941); m. William Henrichs as his 2nd wife [SCJ, 1941]
E12 Shaw Elspeth 1887-1957
Blaine Miller
E18 Strong Baby Son of H.W. & I.N. Strong  -24 July 1900, 2m 19d Son of Horace & Ida M. (Miller) who lived N of Moro; brother of Leon B., Elmer Truman, Mabel Vivian & Maybrey June [TO, 27 July 1900; 1900VR: Horace Strong, 31, farmer, Moro Precinct]
E19 Miller Susan E. 11 July 1830-31 May 1898, nee Stephens; m. William Miller; IN to KS & OR; mother of Alice m. Brock, John I., Abraham H., Edgar B., Clara m. Roark & Ida m. Strong; member Moro Friendship Baptist Church; died at home near Moro [ML, 8 June 1898; TPR, 9 June 1898; 1900VR: W. Miller, 23, railroad clerk, City of Moro, Moro Pct.]
67y 10m 19d
E20 Neece cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Harrison 9 January 1832-9 May 1897 Born Lincoln County, TN; son of Rev. Ellis & Annie (Reece) Neece of Lincoln County, TN & Lawrence County, MO; brother of John, Robert, Huldah, Charlotte m. Jacob B. Wheat, Permelia, Nancy, William, Spencer, Alcy Ann, Sophia, Elizabeth, America & Sarah; Civil War; m. Mary M. Derrick, father of Tobias Clayborn, Ellis m. Susan Jane Starns, John Pleasant m. Rachel Reid and William Sherman; Moro Friendship Baptist Church elder [MO, 12 May 1897; Marilyn Whitaker, MO 1985; Brian L. Young, Lynnwood, WA 1981]
F5 Shipley L. Earle 5 November 1885-5 April 1927 Born Oswego, OR, son of Fannie L.; m. Adelia Pointer 1906, Portland, OR; to Sherman County near Grass Valley 1919; brother of Vernon & Carrol; father of Vernon E., Earle & John P.; died near Grass Valley; Moro Presbyterian Church funeral [TO, 8 April 1917; SC:FTR]
L.E. Shipley
F6 Newton Edwin 1880-1940 William Edwin, son of Abiather Barrett Newton; husband of Pearl Emaline Pinkerton; father of Elmer C.; brother of Ethel E. m. Todd, Eula, Lulu Alice, David, James A. m. Iris Messinger, Benjamin, Mabel, Margaret m. Cecil Stephens and Robert E.
F6 Newton Newton Emaline Pearl 29 March 1884-25 July 1920 Daughter of Robert W. Pinkerton, born Page County, IA; to Sherman County 1886; m. William Edwin Newton 1905; mother of Elmer C.; sister of Wilma m. Poole, Sarah Margaret m. Eoff and Harry B. m. Nina Searcy; Moro Presbyterian Church [TO, 30 July 1920]
F7 Johnson Albert S. 2 November 1863-8 February 1909 Born MO, son of Leonard & Rebecca (Stockton) Johnson; m. Pernie B. Hampton; father of Curtis E. and Loraine [1900 US Census, Wasco, Sherman County, OR; SCO, 12 February 1909; ODI]
A.S. Johnson
F7 Johnson Pernie 1872-1951  Pernie B., born Dade County, MO April 1872, daughter of Rebecca Jane (Chaney) and David Morgan Hampton; granddaughter of James Henry & Elizabeth (Stockton) Hampton; niece of Ann Ophelia (Hampton) Anderson, Emma (Hampton) Hoskinson and Nancy Melissa (Hampton) Eaton; m. Albert Sidney Johnson 3 January 1887 Moro, OR; mother of Curtis E. and Loraine
A.S. Johnson MOTHER
F8 Anderson Thomas Monroe 4 April 1852-7 February 1900, 47y Farmed E of Moro, Hay Canyon District; m. Ann Ophelia Hampton; father of L. Daye m. Idleman, Ella m. Johnson & Jean m. Stamey; lived E of Moro in Hay Canyon District and in Moro [TO, 9 February 1900; 1900VR: L.D. Idleman, 23, dentist, City of Moro; ML, 14 February 1900]
F8 Anderson Ann Ophelia 1855-1 May 1924 Daughter of James Henry and Elizabeth Jane (Stockton) Hampton, born Dade County, MO; wife of Thomas M.; mother of Daye, Ella & Jean; sister of Mary Lavina m. Christopher Ragsdale, David Morgan, Martha S., Francis Marion, Thomas R., Stephen A., Nancy Melissa m. L.D. Eaton, Florence Emmaline m. Eugene Hoskinson, James Henry, Viola Josephine, Mrs. J.J. Martin & Mrs. J.H. Brown; died at daughter’s home in Silverton, OR; buried N of her husband’s marker [TO, 9 May 1924; 1860 & 1870 US Census, Dade County, MO; 1880 US Census, Yamhill County, OR]
Anderson 69y
F8 Anderson ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker found in 1965.]
F9 McGrath McGrath Mary  -17 March 1898, 43y, near Moro Husband & two sons survived her; grave footstone and gravestone base were visible in 1965 [ML, 23 March 1898; GVJ: 21 March 1913: Fifteen Years Ago in the Journal, March 18, 1898:Dr. Hollister of The Dalles was called to Moro Wednesday to see Mrs. McGrath. Mrs. McGrath died Thursday morning; TO, 21 September 1900: J.B. McGrath, late of Moro, died at the Wasco poor house; 1900VR: W.H. McGrath, 24, farmer, res. City Hotel, Moro]
F9 McGrath McGrath  Jessie  (-16 January 1905) “Mr. and Mrs. McGrath’s little baby died at 8 o’clock on the 16th and was taken to the Moro cemetery for interment. The services were conducted by Rev. Henton. The little child had been in poor health for some time.” A poem in remembrance of Jessie, son of W.B. McGrath’s appeared in the February 10 issue. [SCO, 27 January 1905]
F10 McAlpin Minnie [Small metal marker visible in 1965.]
Edward Smith & Minnie McAlpin Daughter of Sarah E. (Mays) & Henry Kearney of Yamhill County, OR; Minnie Kearney m. Harry McAlpin 1887 near Portland, OR; lived Seattle and Yamhill County, OR; sister of Alice Kearney m. Ed Smith 1892 in Sherman County & Elizabeth E. Kearney m. William Helyer.
& [Pat Helyer, Bedford, Texas 2011; SCO, 15 October & 31 December 1896: Mrs. Minnie McAlpin fell ill while visiting from Yamhill County at the home of her sister Mrs. Ed Smith of Grass Valley. She died 12 October; interment in Moro cemetery the 13th; daughter of Henry & S.E. Kernay, Yamhill County pioneers; m. 1887 near Portland to Harry McAlpin, to Seattle.]
P.H. Johnson
F11 Pinkerton Robert W. 1858-1944 Son of Samuel & Margaret (Smith); to Oregon 1886 from Page County, IA; Reformed Presbyterian; farmed N of Moro; m. Carrie Jane Bennett; father of Wilma m. Charles Ellis Poole, Pearl Emma m. William Edwin Newton, Sarah Margaret m. Eoff & Harry Bennett Pinkerton; owned N1/2 Section 32, leased land in T1N, R17E [SCJ, 1941, 1944; Julia (Woods) Hansen; James G. Woods]
Robert W. Pinkerton
F11 Pinkerton Carrie Jane 11 May 1862-1941, Daughter of James & Sarah (Dougherty) Bennett; Dubuque County, IA to Page County, IA about 1868; age 19 m. Robert W. Pinkerton, Page County, IA; to Sherman County near Moro 1886; mother of Wilma, Emma, Margaret & Harry Bennett Pinkerton; sister of Emma m. Young, Richard, William L. (1871-1918), James, Linnie m. Taggart, Sarah & Charles Bennett; died Sherman County, OR [SCJ, 7 March 1941; Julia (Woods) Hansen; James G. Woods]
Robert W. Pinkerton 78y 9m 24d
F12 Roos Henry William 1907-1951 Son of William & Mary Roos, born 5 July 1907; to Sherman County as an infant until about 1920; husband of Virginia; brother of Frances m. Thompson & Howard Ross; died Butte, MT 1951 [SCJ, 29 June 1951; SC:FTR]
Roos SON
F12 Roos William 1879-1960 Born Finland 2 January 1879; lived E of Moro “on the Point,” husband of Mary E.; father of Howard m. Gwen, Henry William & Frances m. Harvey Thompson.
F12 Roos Mary E. 1886-1952 BornGalveston, TX 14 April 1886; m. William Roos 1905; mother of Howard, Henry & Frances; sister of Henry Rowland of Portland. [SCJ, 31 October 1952]
F19 Wheat cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Jacob Boone 1 May 1833-16 December 1910, Son of Nathaniel & Martha (McCloud), born Jefferson County, IN; to MO age 13 with family; enlisted May 1861 in Captain Burrows’ home guard, and October 1862 in Co. K, 76th MO Militia April 1862 to 1863 under Captain Thomas Burgess, served in Price campaign, skirmishes in MO & AR; m. Charlotte T. Neece September 1855 Lawrence Co., MO; to Sherman County 1881, farm E of Moro; Baptist; father of William W., Grenville S., Martha H. who d. young, Henrietta May m. Wm. H. Rose, Nathaniel P., Edwin Boone & Don Carlos; brother of Mrs. Leroy Ayers of AR; funeral Moro M.E. Church [SCO, 23 December 1910; GVJ, 23 December 1910; 1900VR: J.B. Wheat, 63, farmer, Section 15, 1S 16E]
74y 7m 15d
F19 Wheat Charlotte T. 28 October 1834-22 January 1920, 85y Daughter of Rev. Ellis & Annie (Reece) Neece, born TN; m. Jacob Boone Wheat in MO 1855; mother of William, Grenville, Martha, Henrietta, Nathaniel, Edwin & Don C.; died at son’s home in Roseburg. [Wasco County Marriages; TO, 23 January 1920]
F20 Hays Adelia M. -29 April 1900, 4y 5m 28d Daughter of James & N. [TO, 27 April 1900: “James & Mrs. Hays buried a little girl by the side of its sister in the Moro cemetery…”
F20 Hays Daughter Daughter of James & N. per account above. [Grave not found 1965.]
F20 Hays William Blueford -4 August 1898, Son of James & N. of Grass Valley; died Moro, OR; funeral & burial Baptist Cemetery, Moro, Rev. M.F.S. Henton [ML, 10 August 1898]]
11m 18d
G5 Brisbine cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Ralph Porter 1888-1953 Son of Samuel Porter and Mary (Williams) Brisbine, born Newberg, OR 15 March 1888; died 23 October 1953; m. Havie Stella Hansen 6 October 1915, Moro, OR; father of Carmen 1918-1925, Robert Dean 1926-1992 m Carole Drinkard and Isla Gene m. Carrel S. Bennett. [TO, 15 October 1915; ODI; WWI & WWII Draft Registration Cards; SCJ, 14 September 1978; Carol McCrellias, Rochester / West Henrietta, NY]
Ralph Brisbine
Havie Stella, daughter of Soren and Kathrine (Boesen) Hansen; to Sherman County age 4; m. Ralph Porter Brisbine 1915; mother of Carmen 1918-1925, Robert Dean 1926-1992 m Carole Drinkard and Isla Gene m. Carrel S. Bennett.
G5 Brisbine Carmen Elaine 1918-1925 Daughter of Ralph P. and Havie; Moro Presbyterian funeral [TO, 5 June 1925]
Ralph Brisbine
G6 Schaeffer John Jesse 1845-1931, 85y 10m 16d Born Milan, Erie County, OH 24 June 1845, son of Michael & Mary; Private, Co. F, 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry April 1863 to May 1965; m. Mary Elizabeth Snodderly; father of Joseph John, Lois Eliza m. Max Barzee and Louis E.; to Sherman County 1885; lived Moro; E. Oregon Trading Company at Kent, farmer at Erskine; one of the last Civil War veterans in Sherman County [1900VR: J.J. Schaeffer, 55, farmer, Section 19, 1S, 17E, Moro Precinct; SCJ, 15 May 1931]
J. J. Schaeffer
G6 Schaeffer Mary E. 1869-1954 Mary Elizabeth, born 6 January 1869, daughter of John Huston Snodderly who came to OR 1852 & Eliza (Curl) Snodderly who came to OR 1853; wife of John J.; mother of Joseph, Louis & Lois m. Max Barzee; died 5 April 1954
J. J. Schaeffer
G6 Schaeffer cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Joseph John 16 February 1911- February 1918 Son of John Jesse & Mary E. [TO, 22 February 1918; GVJ, 22 February 1918; Max Barzee]
J. J. Schaeffer
G6 (Snoderly) (Eliza) -18 February 1922 Buried with Schaeffer family. [ODI]
G7 Silver Chester G. 1884-1949 Born Marion County, OR 7 May 1884; to Sherman County as a boy with parents; farmed NW of Moro; father of Evelyn m. Vonderhelen, Eugene & Dean; brother of Mrs. Elmer E. Barzee & Mrs. A.L. Barzee; leased Tilly Henn’s Section 12, T1S, R16E in 1913; died Medford, OR November 1949; Masonic graveside service [Max Barzee; TO, 16 December 1927; SCJ, 18 November 1949]
G7 Silver Eugene G. 1904-1918, 14y Son of C.G. Silver; died of injuries sustained in fall from a horse [TO,11 October 1918; GVJ, 11 October 1918]
G8 Eaton Louis David 1858-1925 Born Travers City, MI 1 August 1858; farmer SW of Grass Valley; brother of Darwin, Harriet m. Thompson, Ella m. Thompson; m. Nancy Melissa Hampton October 1889; father of Oscar Karl; died The Dalles, OR; funeral Moro Presbyterian church [TO, 1923 & 26 June 1925]
Cassie Hampton
G8 Eaton Lissa 1862-1923 Nancy Malissa Hampton, daughter of James Henry and Elizabeth Jane (Stockton) Hampton, born Dade County, MO; to OR 1875; wife of Louis D. Eaton; mother of Karl; sister of Mary L. m. Ragsdale, Ann Ophelia m. Anderson, ____ m. Brown, Emma m. Hoskinson, ___ m. Martin, David M., Thomas R., James Henry & F.M. Hampton; died Hoskinson home at Kent, OR 10 March 1923 [Laura Jean Hampton Hevel; TO, 9 March 1923; Imogene (Johnson) Hailey 1983]
G8 ______ _____ [Unmarked grave in L.D. Eaton lot in 1965.]
G8 Hampton James Henry 22 June 1868-29 March 1900 Son of James Henry & Elizabeth (Stockton), born MO; buried on lot of Louis & Lissa Eaton, corner toward S; wooden marker for many years; brother of Melissa (Hampton) Eaton, Mary (Hampton) Ragsdale, Ann (Hampton) Anderson and Emma (Hampton) Hoskinson [Imogene (Johnson) Hailey; Laura Jean Hampton Hevel 2005]
G9 Landry John H. 1844-1910 Father of Frankie m. W.S. Powell, Clara m. Jas. T. Belshee, Anna m. Calbreath, Eva Landry, Charles Landry & Jesse N. Landry; brother of Henry; employed by blacksmiths Somers & McKenzie; built house in Moro 1900; funeral Moro M.E. church [1885 Census, Klickitat County, WA; 1900VR: John Landry, 53, blacksmith, born Canada, naturalized Whitman County, WA 8 June 1881, City of Moro; SCO, 11 November 1910 & 7 February 1908; 1900 US Census, Moro, Sherman County, OR: John Landry 56 born Canada, Sarah 45 born OR, Anna 18 & Clara 16 born WA, & Eva 10 born OR]
I.D. Calbreath
G9 Landry Sarah 1854-1930 Wife of John H. Landry; mother of Frankie m. W.S. Powell, Clara m. Jas. T. Belshee, Anna m. Calbreath, Eva Landry, Charles Landry & Jesse N. Landry m. Maude (___) Gravel & Eva Ruggles; died 23 March 1930 Portland, OR
I.D. Calbreath
G9 Landry Ronald Ellsworth 1920-1925
I.D. Calbreath
G9 Calbreath Anna D. 1882-1908 Wife of I.D. Calbreath; daughter of John H. and Sarah Landry; two children; sister of Clara, Eva, Jesse, Frankie and Charles; died 10 January 1908 [SCO, 17 January 1908]
I.D. Calbreath
G9 Heim Eva May 1890-1914 Eva May, daughter of John H. and Sarah Landry, born at Grant, Sherman County, OR 21 September 1890; united with Moro M.E. Church 1904; m. John Heim 1911; died in childbirth [TO, 1914; GVJ, 6 March 1914]
I.D. Calbreath
G9 Heim Infant See above. [CONFIRM]
I.D. Calbreath
G10 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker found in 1965.]
J.M. Florer
G10 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker found in 1965.]
J.M. Florer
James Bradbury Florer, born Vermillion County, IN; to OR 1871, to Wasco 1883, to Moro shortly after; died 13 July 1899 in his 67th year in Sherman County, OR leaving a widow, Eunice, one son, James Monroe Florer, 9 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren. [MO, 21 July 1899]
Eunice (Cain) Florer, born February 1835; Methodist funeral, burial at Moro.
Their son, James Monroe Florer: born 1853 Marion County, IN; m. Martha Estelle Coombs 1904; died 1917 Cottage Grove, Lane County, OR; father of Charles B., Olive Minerva, Ned, Ethel and Viola.
[1900 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR: Eunice/Emma Florer 65 widow b. 1835 IN & James M. Florer, 47 b. 1853 IN, widower carpenter; ML, 19 July 1899; TO, 18 November 1927: Charles B. Florer, former resident of Moro, of Wasco, died The Dalles 15 November 1927; GVJ, 9 January 1917: James M. Florrer (sic) died Cottage Grove, OR 1 January 1917, 63y.; 1900VR: J.M. Florer, 46, wood maker, City of Moro; ODI #157 Charles Bradbury Florer, Wasco County, OR 15 November 1927]
G11 Eva John W. 1883-1914 Jack Eva m. Mary Johnson; their farm now farmed by Irzyk family S of Moro
G11 Eva  Mary Daughter of John & Gerhardine Johnson; wife of Jack Eva
G12 Melzer
H4 Hansen George H. -27 March 1932 Son of Soren & Kathrine (Boesen) Hansen; m. Flora Adeline Hockman 1921
H5 Justesen Justesen Fred 1857-1947 Born Denmark 18 July 1857; to America about 1877; m.1889 Thora Boesen, Omaha, NE; to Kent, OR about 1904; owned land in Sections 23, 24, 25, T4S, R17E; father of Art, Harry, Theodore, Edgar & Roy; Lutheran [1900 US Census, Dakota County, NE (next door to Soren & Katherine (Boesen) Hansen: Fredrick Justesen 42 farmer, wife Thora 34, Arthur 8, Theodore 6, Edgar 4; 1910 US Census, Kent Pct., Sherman County, OR: Fred Justesen 52 farmer, Thora 45, Arthur 17, Theodore 15, Edgar 14, Harry 8 & Roy 4; SCJ, 16 May 1947]
H5 Justesen Justesen Thora 1866-1956 Born Denmark, Thora Boesen; wife of Fred; mother of Roy Jensen, Arthur, Theodore “Tate”, Harry & Edgar; Lutheran
H5 Justesen Justesen Edgar 1895-1931 Son of Fred & Thora
H6 Hansen Soren 1858-1921 Born Klargen, Denmark 8 August 1858; to USA 1874, Omaha, NE; to Eugene, OR 1902, to Kent area 1904; farmed Section 28, T1N, F16E; m. Kathrine Boesen 31 July 1886 in MI; father of Katie, Alda, Havie Stella m. Brisbine, George Henry, Elmer & Ove Thomas; brother at Renton, WA, sister in Ottowa, ND; died Moro 17 March 1921; Presbyterian funeral [1900 US Census, Dakota County, NE: Soren Hanson 40 farmer, wife Catharine B. 36, Ova T. (m) 10, Katie M. 8, George 4 & daughter H___ 2; 1920 US Census Sherman County: Soren Hansen 60 Denmark, Jakobine K. wife 55 Denmark, George H. son 24 Nebraska; SCO, 25 March 1921]
Soren Hansen
H6 Hansen Kathrine 1864-1951 Kathrine Boesen, born Denmark 19 April 1864; wife of Soren; to Sherman County 1904; mother of Katie, Alda, Havie Stella, George Henry, Elmer, Ovie & two others; sister of Thora m. Fred Justesen and 2 sisters in Denmark; died The Dalles, OR July 1951 [SCJ, 13 July 1951]
Soren Hansen
H6 Hansen Alda Daughter of Soren and Kathrine; died 13 January 1916, diphtheria [TO, 1916: Alta; GVJ, 14 January 1916]
Soren Hansen
H6 Hansen Katie Eldest daughter of Soren and Kathrine; died a few miles N of Moro 31 December 1915 [TO, 1916; GVJ, 7 January 1916]
Soren Hansen
H6  Hansen “Mrs. Frederika Hansen, mother of Mrs. Boesen, died in this city at an advanced age last Friday. Funeral was attended by family and sympathizing friends, from the residence, Saturday forenoon; burial Moro cemetery, Rev. A.J. Adams officiating.” [SCO, 3 December 1909]
Soren Hansen
H7 May Levi D. 1858-1940 Levi Denson May, born Bloomington, IN; Kansas to Woodburn, OR 1894, to DeMoss, Sherman County by 1900; Morrow County, OR 1903-1904; CA for 4 years; 1 year Portland; back to Sherman County & The Dalles; brother of Henry; m. Emma Grace Coffey, Solomon City, KS; father of Wallace Leon, Clara Jane m. Boyer, Grace m. Zevely, Lulu m. Brandt, Thomas Everett & Harvey Austin [Grace (May) Zevely; SC:FTR]
L.D. May
H7 May Emma G. 1865-1949 Emma Grace Coffey, born IN 23 April 1865; m. L.D. May in KS; mother of Wallace, Clara, Grace, Lulu, Thomas E. & Harvey; Moro Community Church funeral [SCJ, 14 October 1949; Grace (May) Zevely; SC:FTR]
L.D. May
H7 May Harvey Austin 1890-1915, 25y Son of Levi & Emma, born near Solomon City, KS; to Willamette Valley with parents age 4; m. Inez Jones of Gervais/Salem; father of two-year-old daughter; brother of Grace, Lulu, Clara, Wallace & Everett; died at home near Spaulding Chapel, Hay Canyon E of Moro 25 June 1915 [Grace (May) Zevely; SC:FTR; TO, 1915; GVJ, 2 July 1915]
L.D. May
H8 Kunsman John W. 1854-1916 Born OH 7 July 1854; m. Mary Jane Thorne; father of Mary m. Crosfield, Blanche m. Van Landingham, May m. Barnum, James, Harry, Olan Irvin(g) E. & Roy L.; died in flash flood in Hay Canyon E of Moro on a road construction site 30 June 1916 [1900 SCVR: J.W. Kunsman, 45, carpenter, Lot 10, Block 1, City of Moro; SCO, 7 July 1916]
H8 Kunsman Mary Jane 1861-1903 Wife of John W.; mother of Mary, Blanche, May, James, Harry, Irvin & Roy; died 6 December 1903 [TO, 11 December 1903; WN, 11 December 1903; GVJ, 11 December 1903]
H8 Kunsman Leona Myrtle 1913-1915 Daughter of W.J. & D.B.
H9 Landry Henry 1886-1911 Brother of John H.; died Moro; Moro M.E. Church funeral [SCO, 17 November 1911; GVJ, 17 November 1911]
H9 Belchee James T. 14 November 1872- October 1903 Son of Charles Hay & Mary D. (Sink) Belchee; m. Clara Landry; brother of Ella m. Myers, Jennie m. Morrison, Lida m. Ragsdale, Maude m. Collins, George B., Mary m. Thorpe & Evelyn m. Smith; suicide [TO, 9 & 16 October 1903; GVJ, 9 October 1903]
H10  ______ _____ (October 1894-1910 [Small metal temporary funeral home marker in 1965.] Probably Hugh Sexton, son of Ezra & Mary Edith Emily (Florer) Sexton, born October 1894, died 1910. [1900 US Census, Wasco Pct., Sherman County, OR: Ezra 43, Mary 29 (3children, 2living), Rose M. 10 & Hugh 5 & George Florer 18 brother-in-law.]
E. Sexton & ____ (Sexton) (Hugh)
H10  ______ _____  (27 May 1890-29 October 1906) [Small metal temporary funeral home marker in 1965.] Probably Rose Maud Sexton, born 27 May 1890 OR, daughter of Ezra & Mary Edith Emily (Florer) Sexton; m. T.W. McMillin. [[SCO, 9 November 1906: “Mrs. Rosa McMillen, granddaughter of Ned Florer, late of this city, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Sexton, whose death occurred at Hood River last week, was buried in the family lot at Moro.”; GVJ, 2 November 1906: “A lady by the name of Sexton died in Hood River, Monday, October 29th. The remains were brought to Moro and the funeral ceremony held Tuesday afternoon… conducted by Rev. Rubicam. The Sextons we learn formerly lived in Sherman County, between Moro and Wasco.”]
E. Sexton & ____ (McMillinSexton) (Rose M.)
H10  ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker in 1965.]
E. Sexton & ____ (Sexton)
H10  ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker in 1965.]
E. Sexton & ____ (Sexton)
H10  ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker in 1965.]
E. Sexton & ____ (Sexton)
H11 Melzer Martin George 28 January 1894-9 June 1946 Born near Sherwood, OR; m. Edna Thompson 12 October 1915, A.C. Thompson residence, Monkland, Sherman County, OR; father of Norma m. Cushing, Lois m. Murphy & Priscilla; brother of Carl Lewis, Joseph, Rosina & Walter [SCJ, 3 September 1987]
Edna Melzer
 H12 Hockman Orville O. 1903-1958 Born 25 April 1903; m. Cecil W. Cothran; father of Keith, Noel, Gary & Lee; operated a farm & dairy one mile NW of Moro; died 12 February 1958 [Cecil (Cothran) Hockman; Mollie (Robinson) McLachlan; SC:FTR]
H12 Hockman Cecil W. 1910- Nee Cothran; m1 Orville Hockman; mother of Keith, Noel, Gary & Lee; m2 Mel Shefstad; m3 Cecil Willits; sister of Mabel (Cothran) White [Cecil (Cothran) Hockman; Mollie (Robinson) McLachlan; SC:FTR]
H12 Hockman Gary O. -1939 Son of Orville O. & Cecil [SCJ, 24 February 1939]
H20 Andrus Amanda 13 August 1871-16 September 1902 Here shown as recorded in a 1965 field survey. ~ Amanda Rachel Andrus, daughter of Hiram Delay Andrus and his 2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Phipps of Grey County, Ontario; died 16 September 1902 in Oregon; half-sister of Louise Jemina; sister of William Robert, Mary Emily, Samuel Thomas, Hiram Phipps died Salem, OR, George Harris died Pembina County, ND and Ruel Octavius Andrus who died Canby, OR.
[TO, 19 September 1902: “Miss Amanda Andrus, sister of Rev. S.T. Andrus, was buried in DeMoss cemetery yesterday. Consumption was the cause of her death.”]
I3 Mersinger Mersinger Clarence M. 1883-1955 Son of Edward & Elizabeth, born IL 2 November 1883; m. Mary L. Kenny 16 Dec. 1918 Bonner County, ID; father of Linden of Moro, Elizabeth Rose m. Green & Clara m. Mather; brother of Albert Allen, John, Earl Leonard, Hazel m. C.W. Nish, Addie m. Luddit, Ella m. Reilly & William; farmer near Moro and Grass Valley, long-time courthouse janitor. [Anita (Kenny) Drake; 1910 US Census, Wasco, Sherman, OR; 1930 US Census, Moro, Sherman, OR; US WWII Draft Registration Cards 1942; SCJ, 28 October 1955]
I3 Mersinger Mersinger Mary 1892-19__ Mary L. Kenny, wife of Clarence
I4 Miller David  -1940 Son of Merle A. & Mary (Holzman); brother of Merle Allen, Patricia m. Peickert, Darlene m. Wendlick & Kathleen m. Johnson
Miller & _____
I5 Peetz Hans Frederick Son of Carl & Catharina, born Tacoma, WA; to Sherman County as a youngster; owned land in Section 9, T1S, R16E in 1913; to Madras, OR; father of Chester; brother of Ben & Louis; died 1946 [SCJ, 2 August 1946; 1900SCVR: H.F. Peetz, 21, farmer & L.L. Peetz, 23, farmer, both Moro Precinct]
Peetz &
I5 Montgomery Anna B. 1885-1930 Daughter of Carl & Catharina Peetz, born Tacoma, WA 24 November 1885; to Grass Valley-Kent area 1886 with parents; m. Robert W. Montgomery 28 June 1903 at Moro; mother of Robert, Jr., Infant & Lucy; sister of Louie L., Otto H., Lena C. m. Messinger, Hans F., Emma m. Kirtley & Benjamin F.; died 3 May 1930, Moro M.E. Church funeral. ~ Robert Montgomery attended Pendleton Academy, Willamette University and Portland Business College; to Kent 1901 to manage Interior Warehouse Co.; deputy sheriff and constable. [GVJ, 9 May 1930]
Peetz &
I6 Smith Henry 28 April 1846-11 July 1916 Born Marion County, IA; m. Isabella Halferty Ramsey 1867; father of Arthur S., Brick of Tygh Valley, Hubert Dallas, Clyde Emmet, Orville Grant, Kate, Roscoe Edward, Myrtle Leota m. Wells, William Lloyd & Iva Lena m. Bales; Keokuk County, IA to Sherman County 1887; to Willamette Valley ca. 1889; to Grass Valley, SW1/4, Section 1 & W1/2 Section 12, T3S, R17E; wheat farmer; Friends church, then United Brethren; brother of Mary Mills of TX [TO, 1914, 1916; GVJ, 14 July 1916; Janice Jessup]
Isabella Smith
I6 Smith Isabella Halferty 30 January 1845-13 September 1929, 84y Isabella Halferty Ramsey; wife of Henry; to Sherman County 1886; to Yakima about 1927; mother of Arthur, Brick, Hubert, Clyde, Orville, Kate, Roscoe, Myrtle, Lloyd & Iva; died Yakima, WA [TO, 20 September 1929]
Isabella Smith
I7 Johnson John 1857- April 1916 Born Germany; husband of Gerhardine; father of Henry G., John & Mary m. John W. “Jack” Eva; farmed S of Moro, T1S, R16E in 1913 [TO, 1916; Gary Irzyk]
Johnson FATHER
I7 Johnson Gerhardine 1862-1944 Wife of John; owned part of Section 24, T1S, R16E, 1913; mother of Henry G., John & Mary m. John W. “Jack” Eva
Johnson MOTHER
I7 Johnson Henry 1890-1919 Born near Moro 3 October 1890, son of John & Gerhardine; with the family went abroad in 1902 for study and medical treatment, returned to Moro 1907; Lutheran; died 27 February 1919 [TO, 7 March 1919; GVJ, 7 March 1919]
Johnson SON
I7 Johnson Johnson John 1905-1916 Son of John & Gerhardine; died at the family home S of Moro [TO, 10 January 1916]
I8 Hockman Hockman Joseph C. 1857-1942 To Sherman County from IL and Tenino, WA by 1900; son of Elisha & Mary (Jones); lived Sherman County 45 years, farmed NE of Moro; m. Linnie H. Ames; father of Orville, Ben, Adeline & Willie; step-father of May m. Belshe, Mollie M. m. Daniel McLachlan & Lottie m. Lee [Mollie (Robinson) McLachlan; SCJ, 18 December 1942; SC:FTR 9-2; 1900VR: J.C. Hockman, 42, farmer, Section 10, 1S, 17E, Moro Precinct]
I8 Hockman Hockman Linnie H. 1867-1935 Linnie Hulda, daughter of John & Jane (Pentecost) Ames, born MN 15 May 1867; m1 William I. Robinson, mother of May Jane m. Belshe & Nordin, Charlotte “Lottie” m. Lee & Piper & Cowles, Ida, & Mollie m. McLachlan; m2 Joseph Constantine Hockman, mother of Orville Lester, Benjamin Franklin, Flora Adeline & William E. [Mollie (Robinson) McLachlan; SC:FTR 9-2]
I8 Hockman Hockman Adeline H. 1893-1950 Flora Adeline “Addie” Hockman, born WA 30 June 1893; daughter of Joseph & Linnie (Ames); to Sherman County as a girl; m. George Henry Hansen 5 October 1921; lived Portland last 25 years; sister of Ben m. Frances Morrisey & Orville m. Cecil Cothran; half-sister to Mollie m. Daniel McLachlan, Lottie m. Lee and May Jane m. O.L. Belshe & William Nordin; died Portland, OR 28 March 1950, Hockman name used in obituary. [Mollie (Robinson) McLachlan; SCJ, 31 March 1950]
I8 Hockman Hockman Willie E. 28 October 1891-20 November 1907 Son of Joseph C. & Linnie
I8 Hockman Hockman Lee Dean 11 August 1942- June 1943 Son of Orville & Cecil; brother of Keith [SCJ, 11 June 1943]
I9 Morrison Morrison Joseph Bailey 1865-1954 Joseph Bailey Morrison, born PA 19 February 1865, son of Rev. James M. & Nannie (Bailey); m1 Jennie Belshee 1894, Sherman County; father of Clarence Richard, Marie m. Wilcox, Jodie R., Margarette m. Christianson, Josephine, James B., Jennie B. m. Clark, Lillian M. m. Montague & Mary Alice m. Chelak; m2 Mae ___; farmer, Silver Maple Farm
I9 Morrison Morrison Jennie B. 1874-1918, 43y 9m 16d Daughter of Charles H. & Mary (Sink) Belchee, born IL 19 August 1874; m. Joseph B. 1894, Moro; mother of Clarence R., Marie, Jodie, Margarette, Josephine, James, Lillian, Mary Alice (who was first named Jennie B. for her mother); died 4 June 1918 [TO, 7 June 1918; SC:FTR 1-1; GVJ, 7 June 1918]
I9 Morrison Morrison Josephine -7 June 1918 Daughter of Joseph & Jennie
I9 Morrison Belchee Charles H. 1850-1924 Born Warsaw, IL 26 March 1850; m. Mary Sink 17 March 1870; to Sherman County & Grass Valley Canyon 1883; joined Presbyterian church, Sherman County 1893; to CA 1900-1917; to Hermiston, OR; father of Luella m. Myers, James m. Clara Landry, Jennie m. Morrison, Lydia m. Ragsdale, Maude m. Collins, George, Vera m. Thorpe and Evelyn m. Dr. J.L. Smith; died at Hermiston home of accidental shotgun wound 30 July 1924 [TO, 1 & 8 August 1924]
I9 Morrison Belchee Mary D. 1845-1936 Mary Dorcas, daughter of Thomas W. and Luzena (Thomas) Sink; m. Charles H. Belshee 17 March 1870 Warsaw, Hancock County, IL; mother of Luella m. Myers, James m. Clara Landry, Jennie m. Morrison, Lydia m. Ragsdale, Maude m. Collins, George, Vera m. Thorpe and Evelyn m. Dr. J.L. Smith [SC:FTR; Doris (Morrison) Coelsch]
I9 Morrison Clark Patricia M. -16 April 1936
I10 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker 1965.] See Sexton lot for Rose M. (Sexton) McMillin.
J. W. McMillan
I11 Crites Clyde E. 1881-1943 Clyde Elwood Crites, born Jackson, MI; m. Myrtle (Hastings) Duvall; to Moro about 1919, farmer 2 miles W of Harmony E of Moro; step-father of Claudia m. Haggard, Opal Josephine m. George G. Babin, Arlie (m) & Dorothy; brother of Clarence; suicide The Dalles, OR; Moro Presbyterian funeral; farm sold to Blaine Miller; Myrtle (Hastings) Duvall Crites m3 ___ Dunn, buried Vancouver, WA [SCJ, 31 December 1943; 1920 US Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County; Joelynn Schroeder, Gilbert, AZ 1998: George Babin worked on Crites ranch 1924, m. Clyde’s step-daughter Opal Josephine Duvall-Crites. John S. & Susie Hastings’ children include: Myrtle m. Duvall & Crites, Lewis, Everett who m. Helena, Alta m. Chas. Cunningham.
Crites ½,
Nelson ½
Crites ½,
Nelson ½
A. Douma
J3 Kenny Kenny James D. 1890-1949 James Dennis, son of William Alexander & Lou Zenia (Belshe) Kenny, born Monkland, Sherman County, OR; m. Lotus Lola m. Hennagin 25 December 1916; father of Clifford A., Glen W., Lois m. Lyle Edgar Fhin, Jessie m. Seimala & Mary m. Ralph Balzer; brother of Charles, Mary, Patrick, John, Adeline, Ella, Rose, Margaret and Esther; died 3 March 1949 [Anita (Kenny) Drake; SCJ, 11 March 1949]
J3 Kenny Kenny Lou Zena 1868-1938 Daughter of James R. and Susanna Belshe, born MO 5 September 1868; to Oregon age 12, a year at Lebanon, then Sherman County a mile SE of DeMoss Springs Park; m. William Alexander Kenny 17 June 1885 in Sherman County; to Canada 1904; to Vay, ID 1911 (William died 1929, buried in Bonner County); returned to Moro about 1936; mother of Charles William m. Minnie Wunder, James Dennis m. Lotus Hennagin, Mary Lou Anna m. Clarence Mersinger, Patrick Henry m. Arvilla Wilson, John Robert, Adeline Frances, Ella May m. Charles Kirby & Ward Keyes & Fred Ruckman, Rose Winifred, Margaret Theodora m. H.N. Weitman, Esther Irene & two stillborn babies; sister of Nellie & Wilford Belshe; died 27 September 1938 [Anita (Kenny) Drake; SCJ, 30 September 1938]
J4 Searcy Thomas B. 1 January 1860-1934 Born near Springfield, IL; to Sherman County, 1883 homestead; owned land, Ridge Road Ranch in Sections 26 & 14 in 1913; m. Lena Rivers Shelton 1895 McMinnville, OR; father of Nina Olive m. Harry Pinkerton, Phillip T. m. Gertrude Brown, Seral W., John Logan m. Evelyn Ragsdale, Chester A., Owen L., Morris L. & Helen L. m. Charles Ruggles; suicide [SCJ, 31 August 1934, 1933; TO 23 November 1917, 21 September 1923, 25 June 1926]
J4 Searcy Lena R. 1871-1965 Lena Rivers Searcy, daughter of Zebedee & Lavina Shelton, born 25 December 1871; to Sherman County 1894 to teach school; m. Thomas B. Searcy; mother of Nina, Phillip, Seral, John, Chester, Owen, Morris & Helen
J4 Young Florence Violetta -1939, 79 y Florence Violetta, born 7 April 1859, Stayton, OR, daughter of Drury & Rachel Stayton, founders of Stayton, OR; m. Alonzo Miller Young of Scio, OR 1 July 1880; to Tygh Valley flour mill, to Moro 1918 where A.M. Young was county treasurer; mother of Clair C., Alda m. Frank Fagan, Mary m. Z.A. Watkins of Tygh Valley, Naomi m. Darwin Van Gilder; died Naomi’s home in Moro 14 March 1939. [SCJ, 17 March 1939; 1920 US Census, Moro, Sherman County, OR]
J4  Young  Alonzo Miller Alonzo Miller Young, born 4 July 1858 Ohio; m. Florence V. Stayton; father of Clair C., Alda, Mary and Naomi; died 22 April 1934 in Sherman County, OR; brother of W.H. and Melvin; [1920 US Census, Moro, Sherman County, OR; Carol Reid 2003; TO, 27 August 1926 & 27 April 1934]
J5 Ramsey Orren A. 1867-1937 Orren Avery Ramsey, born Richland, IA 28 August 1867; to CA about1900; builder of barns, houses & Rattlesnake Grade; m. Delpha Yarnell on Christmas day 1900, settled near Grass Valley; father of Lanora M. m. Schadewitz; Moro city council; IOOF lodge in Richland, IA; brother of Albert Ramsey & Mrs. M. Lemley of Richland, IA; died Moro, OR [SCJ, 5 April 1907 & 15 January 1937; 1920 & 1930 US Census, Moro, Sherman County, OR]
J5 Ramsey Delpha J. 1881-1955 Daughter of Jacob L. & Emily Anna (Craft) Yarnell of the Rutledge district; wife of Orren Avery; mother of Lanora May m. Melvin Raymond Schadewitz; sister of Charles H., Roscoe A., Carl P., Harry E. & Bessie m. Erskine. [SCJ, her mother’s obituary, 30 June 1939]
J6 Peetz Otto H. 1873-1924 Son of Carl & Catherina, born MN; to Sherman County with parents 1886; to Grant County, OR sheep ranch 1892-1899; to Kent in 1903; elected Sherman County assessor 1904, served 20 years; m. 1916 Margaret M. Whalley; father of Thomas Benson & Carl Frederick; brother of Lena m. E.G. Messinger, Anna B. m. Robert Montgomery, Emma m. Al Kirtley, L.L., Ben F. & H.F.; died Portland, OR 21 September 1924 [TO, 26 November 1924; WNE, 25 September 1924; 1900VR: Otto Peetz, 27, farmer, Moro Precinct; The Morning Oregonian, Portland, Oregon 23 September 1924]
Peetz 51y 6m 5d
J6 Peetz Margaret 1888-1943 Daughter of John T. Whalley, born MA 7 April 1888; to WA Territory as an infant; to Portland, her father served in OR legislature; Portland Academy, Pacific University, graduate of University of Oregon; teacher; m. 1916 Otto H. Peetz; mother of Thomas & Carl; appointed County Assessor after Otto died, served until her death; Moro Women’s Club, Eastern Star, Rebekahs; died April 1943 [SCJ, 30 April 1943]
J6 Peetz cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Carl F. 1920-1945 Son of Otto H. & Margaret; died WWII in Germany
J6 Peetz Thomas Benson 1917-1918, 1y 1m 1d Son of Otto H. & Margaret; died 30 September 1918
Peetz [GVJ, 4 October 1918]
J7 Catharina Peetz Peetz Carl 12 November 1828-1 July 1918 Born Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 12 November 1828, son of Otto & Lena (Lock); served 3 years German army, 1860s conflict with Denmark; m. Catharina Schachtt October 1865; to Ottertail County, MN; to Puget Sound, WA area; to Sherman County 1880s; father of Louis L., Otto H., Fred, Lena m. Messinger, Hans, Emma, Benjamin F., Anna m. Montgomery & two children died young. [1900VR: Carl Peetz, 62, German, naturalized 15 March 1892, farmer Section 23, 1S 16E; TO, 5 July 1918; GVJ, 5 July 1918]
J7 Peetz Catharina 1844-1926 Catharina D. Schachtt, born Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 9 April 1844; m. Carl Peetz 1865; to Ottertail County, MN until 1873, to Puget Sound area; to Sherman County; Moro Presbyterian Church; mother of Louie L., Otto H., Fred, Lena m. Messinger, Hans, Emma m. Kirtley, Benjamin F., Anna B. m. Montgomery & two children died young; died 16 April 1926 [TO, 23 April 1926; WNE, 22 April 1926]
Catharina Peetz
J7 Kirtley Emma Peetz 1882-1934 Daughter of Carl & Catharina Peetz; wife of Oliver C. Kirtley; lived W of Wasco 1926
Catharina Peetz
J8 Douma Garland 24 October 1892-19 January 1915 Son of Herman T. & Reinkje; farmed Eastern Oregon Land Company land near Moro [TO, 1915]
J8 Douma Reinkje 17 November 1865-19 January 1949 Born Reinkje Joustra, Friesland, N. Holland; m. Herman T. Douma in Holland; to USA 1889; to Moro area 1908; mother of Marie m. Peters, Thomas H., Marius, Garland, Jacob, Aurelius, Gheradius and Alida m. Brown; sister of Joseph Joustra; died Albany, OR [1930 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR: Douma brothers Thomas H. 38, Gheradius 30 & Marius 25, butchers in a meat market & born in Oregon and their mother Renkja 66 widow; SCJ, 14, October 1949; Shaniko People by Rees 1983]
J8 Douma Herman -1 September 1906, 46y John Herman Douma, born Friesland, N. Holland; to Buxton, Washington County, OR about 1890; to Sherman County 1902 [WN, 7 September 1906; SCO, 7 September 1906]
J9 Hunter Alice A. 1862-1913 Born Ontario, Canada, daughter of Robert Hunt who moved with his family to Rembina, ND 1881; m. Alexander Hunter in Joliett, ND 1887 as his 1st wife; to Forest Grove, OR 1901; to Sherman County 1907; mother of Margaret Mable m. Archie Roy Kessinger, Alice O., Samuel Ray & John Willard; died 27 February 1913 [TO, 7 March 1913; 1920 US Census, Sherman County: Alex Hunter 60 Canada, wife Carline 59 Norway, son John W. Hunter 19 ND, and Nelson step-children: Margaret 14 MN, William 11 ND, Frances (f) 9 ND & Helen 7 ND, & granddaughter Elnor Knutson 2 OR]
J9 Kessinger Infant Daughter of A.R. & M.M. -6 January 1916 Daughter of A.R. & M.M. [Archie Roy and Margaret Mabel (Hunter) Kessinger]
J9 Kessinger Beatrice Mabel 1917-1918, 1y 2m 16d Daughter of A.R. & M.M.; died 2 May 1918 near Monkland
J9 Kessinger Willard J. 1920-1930 Son of A. & M.
J9 ______ _____ [Unmarked grave found in 1965.]
J9 McKee Geraldine -1940 Daughter of H.O. & E.E. [Horace Omer and Alice Edna (Kessinger) McKee]
J9 Kessinger Archie Roy 1883-1963 Son of Frances (Britton) & Solomon Kessinger; m. Margaret Mabel (Hunter) 1911, father of Frances Ethelyn m. Pierson, Alice m. Horace McKee, Dorothy, Beatrice Mabel 1917-1918, Clinton, Willard J. 1920-1930 & Infant Daughter died 1916; brother of Roxie, Moen, Coila, Rex, Clyde, Eunice, Lillian & Albert [1920 US Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County, OR: Archie R. Kessinger 36, wife Margaret M. 28, Frances E. 7, Alice E. 5 and Clinton L. 1 ½ ;1930 US Census, Erskine Pct., Sherman County, OR: Archie R. Kessinger 46 widower, Ethelyn F. 17, Alice E. 15 and Clinton L. 11]
J9 Kessinger Margaret M. 1891-1924 Margaret Mabel, daughter of Alex and Alice (Hunt) Hunter; m. Archie Roy Kessinger 1911; mother of Ethelyn, Alice, Dorothy, Beatrice, Clinton & Willard
J9 Gangle Hazel 4 July 1906-10 March 1930 [Unmarked grave in 1965]
Hazel, daughter of Francis C. & Frances (Britton) Moquet; m. Karl Gangle; mother of Carl Francis; half-sister of Roy, Roxy, Coila, Mona, Arno, Clyde, Eunice & Lillian Kessinger & Luther L. Sickles
[TO, 22 January 1926 obit for her mother, Frances (Britton) Sickles Kessinger Moquet; WNE, January 1926: Moquet, Frances E. (Britton); 2 April 1860 -14 January 1926 Union Gap, WA; joined Seventh Day Adventist church age 15; Moro Methodist funeral; m. 1882 S. C. Kessinger & had 9 children; m Francis C. Moquet 4 April 1905; Albert, the last of children born to the first union died 10 March 1910, 6y; leaves children: Luther (by her 1st m.), Roy, Roxy, Coila, Mary, Arno, Clyde, Eunice, Lillian Kessinger & Hazel Moquet & 23 living grand-children.]
J9 ______ _____ [Unmarked grave 1965] [TO, 5 November 1920 reported death of infant son of Roy Kessinger 29 October 1920, funeral & burial at Moro IOOF, Presbyterian minister.]
J9 ______ _____ [Unmarked grave 1965] [WNE & TO, 8 January 1926 reported death of Vera Virginia Kessinger, 7m, daughter of L.C., buried Moro IOOF Cemetery]
J10 Edwards Mary Jane 1879-1908 Daughter of William John and Elizabeth Evangeline (Kearney) Helyer, born McMinnville, OR c. 1874; sister of William m. Willa Hawley & Ida (Guyton) Douthit, Minnie m. Herman Pape, Winnie Giles m. Clara Coles, Willard L. m. Ceola Horner and Wilbur m. Trula Brooks Wilson; to Sherman County about 1901; m. 1873 LeRoy T. Edwards of Kent; mother of William Melvin m. Marguerite Dickinson & Eloise Snow, Elmira m. Jacob Douma, Rose m. Roy Dickenson & unnamed child buried SW of Grass Valley; grandmother of Elner Marquis Helyer; died The Dalles 16 December 1908 [SCO, 18 December 1908; GVJ, 25 December 1908]
H10 Edwards Marguerite 1908-1952 Marguerite Vivian, born Tacoma, WA, daughter of Fred Dickenson; 1st wife of William Melvin Edwards; mother of Mary Louise m. Baumgarden, Wilma m. Shaw, Viola m. Stepper, Rose Marie m. Smith, Elmira m. Boyce, Emma Rebecca m.Van Treeck, Joyce m. Cabreros, Leslie & William H. Edwards
J10 Helyer Van Treek Erma Rhenee 23 March 1963-6 November 1963
J10 ______ _____ [Unmarked grave in 1965.]
J11 Nelson Augusta Sederburg 1859-1942 Augusta Matilda Anderson, born Sweden 14 November 1858-59; to USA age 20; m1 Alexander Sederburg the next year in Chandler, PA (he died 1917); m2 John C. Nelson (died 1932); member Swedish Methodist church in Holyoke, CO; mother of Charles W. of CO, (son) _____, Anna M. m. James B. Davis, Hilda m. Bevard and Lillian; lived with daughter Anna in Moro for 11 years; died 25 April 1942 [SCJ, 1 May 1942; Bill Slater, Phoenix, AZ; Joe Slater, Augusta, KS 2003]
Nelson & MOTHER
J11 Raymond Will A. “Bill” 1864-1943 Born Lenawee County, MI 15 October 1864, son of Charles & Caroline (Golden) Raymond, natives of Michigan; to Sherman County, OR 1898, here for 45 years; carpenter, concrete worker, sheep shearer, brick layer and photographer; brother of Fred C. Raymond; only living relative said to be Fern Hart of Boise, ID; died June 1943 [SCJ, 11 June 1943; SC:FTR; Anita (Kenny) Drake]
Nelson &
J12 Boynton Esther -14 December 1955 Daughter of Robert & Marian
R.A. Boynton
K3 Belshe  Loney 1880-1938 Orville Leonidas, born MO 25 January 1880, son of James R. & Susanna; m. May Jane Robinson 1906, father of Darold L. “Bud” & Linnie m. Irving Hart; lived Sherman County 45 years; died 7 May 1938 [SCJ, 13 May 1938; Mollie (Robinson) McLachlan]
K4 Belshee Charles R. 1879-1960 Charles Richard, born 19 September 1879 McMinnville, OR, son of Joseph Frank and Emmaline (Bledsoe) Belshee; m1 Mary Alma Newton 1900; m2 Eva V. Wright 1906; father of Jessie m. Avery Martin; farmer, livery stable, meat market and stock buyer at Moro [SCO, 13 March 1903, 5 February 1909, 1 January 1915]
K4 Belshee Eva V. 1888-1954 Daughter of Albert Maywood Wright & Jessie Florence Adams; wife of Charles R. [SCO, 13 March 1903: C.R. Belshee vs. Mary A. Belshee]
K4 Wright Albert M. 1860-1940 Born OH 26 March 1860; to OR with his father, John Archibald Wright, a contractor, from whom he learned the marble cutting trade; Methodist; owned N1/2 Section 32, T1S, R18E; located on farm E of Hay Canyon until retirement to Moro; engaged in hardware & implement business with Ginn & Coleman; 20 years Moro City Council; county commissioner 1902-1906; state legislature 1918 for two regular & two special terms; m. Jessie Florence Adams 1883 in Cadiz, OH; father of Eva V. m. Charles R. Belshee, Ethel M. m. Howard Belshee & adopted nephew Ray Havnar; brother of Fannie m. Rev. D.H. Leech, Lillian A. m. James Fraser & Mary H. m. John V. O’Leary [SCJ, 27 December 1940]
K4 Wright Jessie Florence 1863-1934 Born Cadiz, OH, daughter of William & Mary Adams;  m. Albert Maywood Wright; mother of Eva V., Ethel M. & adopted nephew Raymond A. Havner; to Sherman County 1885; sister of Rettie Havner who died OH 1895 leaving son Raymond, Mrs. Lewis Cope of Moro, a brother & Mrs. Fred Casterline of Texas.
K5 Sayrs Alroy 1894-1895 Son of Frank & Emma
K5 Sayrs Emma J. 1861-1950 Nancy Emmaline Jane, daughter of John & Emily (York) Powell, born 25 December 1861; m. 22 February 1880 Frank Alroy Sayrs; mother of Ivy, Opha, infant son, John, Nancy Vie, Frankie, Omer, Alroy & Carroll (obit: 8 children); died 4 February 1950 [SCJ, 10 February 1950; ODLC#3514 Benton County, OR; SCO, 7 March 1924]
K5 Sayrs Frank A. 10 August 1856-28 February 1924, Francis Alroy Sayrs, born 10 August 1856 Benton County, OR cabin site of OSU campus, son of Peter D. & Amanda M. Sayrs; m Nancy Emmaline “Emma” Jane Powell 1880 Prineville, OR; to Sherman County 1883, 3 miles W of Moro, Section 2 & E1/2 Section 11, T1S R16E; father of Ivy Matilda m. Morgan, Opha Emilie m. Morgan, infant son, John, Nancy Vie m. Race, Emma Frances “Frankie” m. Axtell, Omer Guy, Alroy & Carroll T.; died Moro 28 February 1924, Moro Methodist funeral [TO, 29 February & 7 March, 1924; WNE, 6 March 1924; 1900SCVR: F.A. Sayrs, 43, farmer, Moro Precinct]
67y 6m
K5 Sayrs John  -1884 Infant of Frank & Emma
K6 Amidon Sadie E. 26 January 1881-14 January 1919 Born KS, nee Kingdon; to Michigan age 5 with parents; m. Eugene H. Amidon 1905, to Seattle, WA and Moro; lived NW of Moro; mother of “Bud” Eugene H., Jr., Allie Roberta, Doris m. Patterson, Marie Harriet m. Hoskinson, Lenore m. Narkaus & Gayle m. Goddard & Ellis; died Sherman County influenza epidemic. [TO, 17 & 24 January 1919]
Eugene Amidon
K6 Amidon Allie Roberta 12 January 1912-13 January 1919 Daughter of Sadie & Eugene; died influenza epidemic [TO, 24 January 1919; GVJ, 17 January 1919]
Eugene Amidon
K7 Pinkerton Harry B. 1895-1963 Harry Bennett, son of Robert & Carrie (Bennett) Pinkerton; to OR 1886 from Page County, IA; husband of Nina O. m. Searcy; father of Dean, Allan, Mary, Patricia and Jean; farmed NW of Moro; Moro Presbyterian church. [James G. Woods; Julia (Woods) Hansen]
Harry B. Pinkerton
K7 Pinkerton Nina O. 1896-1972 nee Searcy; wife of Harry B.; mother of Dean, Allan, Mary, Patricia & Jean.
Harry B. Pinkerton
K7 Pinkerton Jean Annabel -7 December 1919 Infant daughter of Harry and Nina [TO, 12 December 1919]
Harry B. Pinkerton
K8 McCoy William Benjamin 29 March 1850-11 June 1911, 62y Son of Isaiah Todd McCoy, born Sangamon County, IL; to AR 1874, to IL 1876, to Dayton, OR 1879; to Sherman County, OR 1886; merchant, realtor, farmer; four years deputy, four years sheriff; proprietor Moro Confectionary 1902; m. Sarah Angeline “Annie” Morrow 27 September 1873 Logan County, IL (she is buried Petaluma, CA); father of Minnie, Mary Lucilla m. Emanuel A. Potter, Lelah m. John G. Potter, Nella Clide m. E. Boone Wheat, Nora m. Joseph O. Elliott & William Todd McCoy m. Sylvia Opal Rich 1915; member Modoc Encampment #39, Grass Valley; died Portland, funeral in Moro, IOOF rituals [SCO, 16 June 1911; 1880 US Census, Yamhill County, OR; 1900 US Census, Sherman County, OR; GVJ, 16 & 23, June 1911; 1900VR: W.B. McCoy, 49, merchant, City of Moro; Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg; William K. McCoy]
W.B. McCoy
K8 Wheat Nellie -1 June 1904 Nella Clide, daughter of W.B. & S.A. McCoy, born Dayton, OR 12 July 1879; m. Edwin Boone Wheat; mother of Melba; died Portland, OR [WN, 3 & 10 June 1904; TO, 3 June 1904; GVJ, 3 June 1904; William K. McCoy Evelyn (Morrow) Kaseberg]
W.B. McCoy
K8 Elliott William Max 1930-1931  Grandson of W.B. & S.A. McCoy
W.B. McCoy
K8 Elliott Max O. 1903- January 1905, 1y 3m 15d Max Orville, son of Joseph Orville & Nora (McCoy) Elliott; brother of Owen William & “Ted” Eugene Henry; grandson of W.B. McCoy; died of burns in household fire [William K. McCoy; TO, 27 January 1905; GVJ, 27 January 1905]
W.B. McCoy
K9 Ireland Lewis DeWitt  -21 October 1903, Son of Francis C. & Abbie (Illingsworth) [TO, 23 & 30 October 1903 & 9 September 1904; GVJ, 30 October 1903; 1900VR: D.C. Ireland, 64, painter, City of Moro]
Ireland & 9m 18d son of F.C. & Abbie
K10  Fredburg  (Annie)  -(1904) [Western States Marriage Index; SCO, 22 January 1904: Mrs. John Fredburg, burial in Moro; wife of John.]
John Fredburg & W.E. Holbert
K10 [SCO, 18 September 1903: Child of W.E. Harbert buried by undertaker Emerson Peoples in IOOF Cemetery.]
John Fredburg & W.E. Holbert
K11 French Clinton Barnum 1920-1931 Son of Giles L. & Lela (Barnum); brother of Wyman, Jane m. Bill Frees & Patricia m. Roscoe Moore. [Giles L. French; Patricia (French) Moore]
Giles French
French Giles L.
French Lela
L3 Moore Ernest H. 1864-1951, 87y Ernest Hamilton, son of John & Helen Moore; to Sherman County, OR 1881-1882; Sherman Trading Company & farming; m. 24 May 1893 Anna May Powell; father of Collis Powell Moore m. Dorothea Huntley & Roscoe Ernest Moore m. Patricia French; farmed Sections 25 & 36 T1S, R16E SW of Moro; died 1 December 1951 Sherman County [1900VR: E.H. Moore, 35, farmer, Section 36, 1S 16E; ODI ]
L3 Moore Anna M. 1875-1960 Anna May, daughter of Joab Marion & Eliza (Barr) Powell, born Crook County, OR; to Sherman County as a small girl; Moro Presbyterian church; wife of Ernest; mother of Collis & Roscoe; died 24 April 1960 [ODI]
L4 Ginn Robert J. 1857-1935 Robert James, born Ontario, Canada, son of Richard & Catherine (Kinnear) Ginn; to Umatilla County, OR with parents for ten years, to Moro 1880; m1 Jeanette McDonald 1882 who d. 1890 (buried Wasco Methodist cemetery), father of Robert Arthur, Walter Ellwood & Minerva Jennie m. Bates; m2 Carrie Belle Coleman 27 November 1894 The Dalles, father of Harold Coleman, Faith Evangeline m. Needham, Richard Warner, Marjorie Eleanor m. Dalby & Mildred Catherine Ginn; Oregon legislator; Ginn & Coleman Hardware; county commissioner; 1880 homestead; managed the first bank in Moro. [1900VotersRegister: R.J. Ginn, 42, merchant, Block 15, City of Moro; 1900, 1920 & 1930 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR; 1910 US Census, Portland, Multnomah County, OR; Harold Coleman Ginn; James G. Woods; Julia (Woods) Hansen]
R.J. Ginn
[SCJ, 14 April 1950: Carrie Belle (Coleman) Ginn born IA 3 February 1865; to OR 1891, taught school in Sherman County; mother of Harold, Richard, Marjorie, Faith & Mildred; died April 1950 85y Oceanside, CA, buried Los Angeles, CA]
L4 Ginn Harold 1896- Harold Coleman Ginn, born 7 August 1896, son of Robert J. & Carrie Belle (Coleman); farm SW of Moro; m1 Stella (Peters) Caldwell 1936, step-father of Margaret Caldwell; m2 Alice Wernmark; farmed near Moro; died 1971 [1930 US Census, Erskine Pct., Sherman County, OR; ODI]
R.J. Ginn
L4 Ginn Stella 1904-1964 Daughter of William L. & Josepha Peters; m1 ___ Caldwell, mother of Maggie Caldwell m. Pal Wallace; m2 Harold C. Ginn; sister of Helen, William, Valeria, Joseph, Edward, Gertrude, Agnes, Henry, Clara, Katherine, Francis & Walter Peters [ODI]
R.J. Ginn
L5 Sayrs cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Omer G. 22 April 1890-3 January 1943 Son of Frank & Emma, born Sherman County 22 April 1890; m. 1910 Edith Thompson; father of Lamer m. Josephine Johnson, Lavon m. Hart, Mary m. Gordon Lemley; brother of Mrs. Dick Morgan, Mrs. Clair Axtell, Mrs. Will Morgan & Carroll Sayrs; died 3 January 1942, military rites [SCJ, 8 January 1943]
L6 McKinney Ernest M. 1893-1919, 34y Born IL; to Sherman County, OR 1918; farmed N of Moro & W of Wasco; m. Minnie W. Alley; father of Earl & William P.; brother of Mrs. T.W. Alley; died 15 January 1919, survived by his wife, two children ages 13 and 7, a mother, two sisters in IL and a brother in the navy. [TO, 17 January 1919; GVJ, 17 January 1919]
L6 Cole Minnie W. 1881-1961 Minnie W. Alley, born Knox County, TN; m. Ernest M. McKinney, mother of Earl Thomas & William P.; 1920 lic. to m. Earl J. Brown, both parties of DeMoss Springs; m. Fred Arthur Cole [ODI; 1920 & 1930 US Census, Sherman County, OR]
L6 Alley Cordelia 1849-1933  Born Knox County, TN, nee Shipe; m. John Alley 1876; to IL 1905; to Sherman County to join sons 1916; mother of Thomas W. m. Mathias, Minnie W. m. McKinney; Mark Stephen, Edgar M. m. Hayes and James H.
L7 Woods James 1842-1930 Son of James & Nancy (Smith), born 14 May 1841, Mercer County, PA; to Waukesha County, WI 1849, to IA; m. Margaret Jane Dougherty 1863 Dubuque County, IA; to Page County, IA 1868; to CA by train 1883, to OR by wagon & team from N CA; farmed NE of Moro near DeMoss Springs; father of Anson B., Phoebe Harriet m. Jordan, Julia Agnes m. N.P. Hansen, Penelope Isabelle m. Eugene Cushman, Etta May m. Leon Moore, William Albert m. Margaret McLachlan, Wilbur E., James G. & Ellsworth Logan; charter member of Moro Presbyterian church; died 28 October 1930 [Ernest Woods; Julia (Woods) Hansen; James G. Woods]
L7 Woods Margaret Jane 1843-1929 Daughter of John W. & Phoebe (Comstock) Dougherty, born Mercer County, PA 28 November 1843; m. 16 December 1863 to James Woods; mother of Anson, Harriet, Julia, Penelope, Etta, William Albert, Wilbur, Jim, Ellsworth; sister of Andrew, Sarah m. Bennett, Mary m. Waugh, Elizabeth m. Burnight, Abel C. & David Young Dougherty; charter member Moro Presbyterian church; died 13 June 1929 [TO, 14 June 1929; Ernest Woods; Julia (Woods) Hansen; James G. Woods]
L7 Anderson cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Hans P.  -27 November 1924 “Shorty”; member of Moro IOOF, Rebekah & Chris Schultz American Legion Post; died auto accident near Celilo; Moro Presbyterian Church funeral; left family in Denmark [TO, 28 November 1924]
L8 Chris Anderson owned NE1/4 Section 19 & NW1/4 Section 20, T1S R17E in 1913; m. Sophia Rasmussen at Rasmus Rasmussen’s in Sherman County in 1898; father of Frances, Bessie m. Guyer and Chester R. m. Catherine Mary ___; retired in Portland; related to Hansen and Lund.
Chris Anderson
L9 Martin John Rusco 9 March 1831-9 December 1913 Son of John & Jane, born NY; m. 1851 Jane Catherine Brown; OH to CA 1853; to Umatilla County 1880; to Sherman County 1881, 2.5 miles E of Moro; father of Dwight R., Leroy H., Wilbert John, Julius James, Harvey U., Elwin E., Verdinal who died on the plains, Etta E. m. Benson-Young- Coe, Maud & James [TO, 1913; SC:FTR 16-2; GVJ, 12 December 1913; 1900VR: J.R. Martin, 69, farmer, Section 22, 1S, 17E & L.H. Martin, 41, farmer & E.E. Martin, 34, farmer & W.J. Martin, 39, mechanic, Moro]
L9 Martin Jane C. 21 March 1835-20 February 1926 Daughter of Ezekiel & Catherine (Clauson) Brown, born PA; m. 1851 Waterford, Erie County, PA to John R. Martin; mother of 10 children (above); 28 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, 4 great-great-grandchildren [TO, 26 February 1926; WNE, 25 February 1926]
Martin 90y
L9 Axtell Katie Martin 1882-1908 Daughter of Wilbert Martin; 1st wife of F. Roy Axtell; Moro ME Church funeral [SCO, 8 May 1908; GVJ, 8 May 1908]
L9 Martin Baby Leroy -12 February 1905, 2d Infant of Wilbert J. & Eliza (Buchanan) Martin; died Morrow County, OR [TO, 17 & 24 February 1905; GVJ, 17 February 1905]
L9 Martin Eliza E. 1866-1944 Eliza Etta Buchanan, daughter of William D. & Ellen Jane (Cullen) Buchanan, born 2 August 1866; m. Wilbert John Martin 27 July 1884, LaGrande, OR; mother of Katie Ellen, Lillie Ermine m. Morgan, Claudina Eliza m. Wooten, George Egbert, William John, Leroy, Wilbert Alexander & Myles Avery; sister of Amanda m. Martin, George, Joseph, William & 2 others; Christian Church; died Sacramento, CA [SCJ, 23 June 1944; SC:FTR 16-2]
L9 Martin Wilbert John 1861-1958 Son of John R. & Jane C., born CA; m. Eliza E. (Buchanan) 27 July 1884; father of Katie Ellen, Lillie Ermine, Claudina Eliza, George Egbert, William John, Leroy, Wilbert Alexander & Myles Avery Martin [SC:FTR 16-1]
L10 Urquhart Robert 1868-1950 Born Canada; to Moro from Ashland, WI 1898; farmer, later postmaster in Moro; husband of Anna L.; father of Willard, Laura m. Wise, George, Orrin & Idabelle m. Hunter; Mason, Knights Templar & Shrine; brother of William & Peter in Canada [SCJ, 7 May 1950]
Robert Urquhart
L10 Urquhart Anna L. 1871-1929 Wife of Robert m. 21 November 1888 Ripley, Ontario; to Moro 1898 from Ashland, WI; lived Moro 31y; mother of Willard, Laura, George, Orin & Ida B.; sister of Nettie m. Smith, Hope m. Johnson, Frank & James; niece of William Shiel of Moro & James Riley of ND; died 21 October 1929 [TO, 25 October 1929; GVJ, 25 October 1929; ODI; 1900 US Census, Barron County, WI]
Robert Urquhart
William Shiel: born 1846 Canada; to USA 1880, in Barron County, WI 1900 with sister Jennett Shiel 65, both widowed; died 13 May 1933, Sherman County. [See Moro deaths, graves not found]
L11 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker in 1965.]
Byers & ____
L11 Byers H.H. 1838-1931  Henry Harrison Byers, son of Robert and Catharine, born IL October 1838; Putnam County, IL 1850 and 1860; Story County, IA 1870; Klickitat County, WA 1900; 1920 and 1930 Sherman County, OR; m. Mary K. born about 1844; widower by 1900; father of Rolla C.
Byers & ____
L11 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral home marker in 1965.]
Byers & ____
M3 Burnet Frank Lee 1882-1938 Born IL 12 May 1882; to MO, to Sherman County 1906; farmer Upper Hay Canyon, later near Moro; brother of Oscar, Sarah m. Richardson, Grace, Jennie and Fannie in the east; m. Edith Belshee 1908; father of Zella m. Schilling, Charles O. m. Althea Powell & Donald; Moro City Council; Moro Methodist Church funeral [SCJ, 16 September 1938;1900 US Census, Howell County, MO; 1910, 1920 & 1930 US Census, Sherman County, OR]
M3 Burnet Edith C. 1885-1962 Edith Clarissa, daughter of J.F. & Emma Belshee; m. Frank Burnet; mother of Zella, Charles and Donald
M3 Burnet cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Sgt. Donald 1914-1943 Son of Frank & Edith, born near Moro 12 July 1914; Sgt. / instructor U.S. Air Corps, WWII; husband of Ruth; brother of Charles & Zella; died in military aircraft accident 1 September 1943, military rites [SCJ, 10 September 1943]
Burnet SON
M4 Kunsman Kunsman Harry Olan 1886-1960 Son of John W. & Mary Jane (Thorne); husband of Rose Tomlin
M4 Kunsman Kunsman Rose B. 1882-1935 Wife of Harry
M4 Kunsman Marvin cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Robert E. 1908-1959 WWII, TEC5, Co. G, 259 OR Infantry
M5 Bull Mack 1870-1960 Mack A. Bull, born Pendleton, OR, son of P.M. Bull; m. Lila Elliott; father of Hollis Max; Sherman County farmer for nearly 70 years. [SC:FTR; The Oregonian, Portland, OR, Thursday, November 3, 1960]
Bull &
M5 Bull Lila Elliott 1884-1958 Delilah Ruby Elliott, daughter of J. O. & Emma S. (Thompson) Elliott; wife of Mack Bull
Bull &
M5 Elliott Joshua H. 1853-1926 Joshua Henry, born 15 November 1853 Rockford, IL son of Samuel & Lydia (Hulse) Elliott of Winnebago County, IL; to Iowa age 18; m. Emma Thompson 1873 in IA; to Linn/Benton County, OR 1874-1876; to Sherman County, OR 1886 near Monkland; homestead near John Day River E of Moro; owned tracts in Sections 2 & 3, T2S, R18E in 1913; father of Guy Franklin, Infant, Nellie May m. Meloy, Joseph Orville, Delilah Ruby m. Bull, Milo Henry, Mary Anetta m. Everett & Anna Lucetta m. Adlard; one brother; Moro Presbyterian Church funeral [SC:FTR; WNE, 15 July 1926; TO, 16 July 1926]
Bull &
M5 Elliott Emma S. 1854-1933 Emma Susan, born IA, daughter of Charles W. & Delilah (Baxter) Thompson who came to Sherman County, OR 1883; m. Joshua Henry Elliott; mother of Guy, Infant, Nellie, Joseph, Delilah, Milo, Mary & Lucetta [TO, 1901, 1902, 1923]
Bull &
M6 Torrey W.B. “Buck” -10 January 1919, 45y William Beckley Torrey; father of Levon m. Moore [TO, 10 January 1919]
A.G. Boes & ____
M7 Hulse Mary Alice 5 May 1854-26 January 1908 nee Howard; wife of Oscar Paul; mother of Roy Paul, Cornelius Guy & Omer Ray [Ivalou Peugh, Wasco]
M7 Hulse O.P. 10 July 1855-26 November 1943, 88y Oscar Paul, son of Paul & Mary Hulse; m. Mary Alice Howard of Sabina, OH 1876; to Sherman County 1891; to Portland, Dufur & The Dalles, OR; father of John, Squire, Richard, Charles Grant, Sally m. Reed, Granville Reed, Martha m. Hunt, Lillie m. Taylor & Jennie; IOOF, Presbyterian. [Iva Lou & Esther Peugh; SCJ, 3 December 1943; 1900VR: O.P. Hulse, 44, farmer, Moro Precinct]
M7 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral marker in 1965.]
M7 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral marker in 1965.]
M8 Currie cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001William 1843-1915 Born Scotland, son of William & Jeanette (Bosomwaith); to Canada age 5; to Michigan age 20; 30th Michigan Infantry, December 1864 to June 1865, Civil War; to San Francisco, CA, NV, MT, MO, AZ, UT & ID; to Sherman County 1884, 3.5 miles S of Rutledge; m. Louise (Seely) Turner, daughter of William & Ellen Seely. Louisa Currie owned land in Sections 31 & 32, T2S, R18E in 1913. [1900 Census, Sherman County, Rutledge Pct.: William Currie 56 born Scotland & wife Louisa H. 54 born NY; 1910 Census Sherman County, Rutledge Pct.: William Currie 66, L.H. Currie 64]
Currie Estate & Martin
M8 Martin James A. 30 March 1829-25 May 1915 Born OH, Pacific Coast 1853; lived CA & OR; brother of John Rusco Martin & Hulda Martin m. Troops [GVJ, 28 May 1915; SC:FTR 16-2; TO, 1915]
Currie Estate & Martin
M8 Martin Elwin E. 1865-1933 Born CA, son of John R. & Jane C. (Brown); brother of Dwight, Etta, Verdinal, Leroy, Wilburt, Julius, Harvey, James & Maud [SC:FTR 16-2]
Currie Estate & Martin
M9 Benson Wilbert D. 28 February 1884-28 October 1905 Son of Etta E. (Martin) & Jerome M. Benson; stepson of Coker Coe; brother of Roy, Harry, Clara m. Frantz, James & Delbert Benson; step-brother of William, Jennie, Vern & Mildred Coe; died Moscow, ID typhoid fever [SCO, 27 October 1905]
Benson Bros.
M9  ______ _____ [GVJ, 27 October 1905: Harry Benson died in ID, remains to Moro for burial; GVJ: 20 January 1911: Harry Benson, an old pioneer in Sherman County, died Oroville, WA 6 January 1911, f/o Harry; remains brought to Moro for burial.]
Benson Bros.
M9 (Coe) (Etta) (25 March 1853-27 June 1937) Born Waterford, PA, daughter of John Rusco & Jane (Brown) Martin; m1 Jerome Messinger Benson 1875 in CA, mother of Harry M., Roy, Clara, Wilbert D., James F. & Delbert E; to Sherman County 1884, divorced 1903; m2 1904 James Young, divorced 1906; m3 Coker F. Coe; buried Moro cemetery next to son Wilbert D. Benson; Coker Coe died 18 May 1935 [SCJ, 18 June 1937; SC:FTR 16-2]
Benson Bros.
M10 Elrod Arminta 4 April 1856-2 December 1894 Arminta Elder; m. E.Wesley Elrod, his 1st wife; mother of James Orville 1875-1952, Jessie M. m. L.K. Moore, Gertrude J. & Dewalt Quinn Elrod [1900VR: E.W. Elrod, 45, merchant, Lot 2, Thompson Addition, City of Moro & J.O. Elrod, 25, lumber merchant, Moro; 1900 US Census, Moro, Sherman County, OR: E.W. Elrod 45 IA merchant, wife Nettie E. 34 IA, Gertrude 15 MN & Dewalt L. 12 MN]
N3  (Wilt)  (John Henry)  (20 April 1873-9 June 1939) John Henry Wilt, born OH; m. Bernice c. 1895; father of Emilin Doris born April 1896.
J.H. Wilt
[SCO, 16 June 1939: John Henry Wilt funeral in Grass Valley Methodist church, burial in Moro Cemetery; blacksmith in Ione, OR; lived Grass Valley since 1922 when he bought the store that has since borne his name; born Sandusky, OH 20 April 1873; learned carriage maker’s trade in MI; sold his Grass Valley business last month; husband of Bernice; father of Mrs. W. Ray Blake; grandfather of Mrs. Scott Fortner; brother in CA; ODI, Sherman County; 1900 US Census, Jackson County, MI; 1910 & 1920 US Census, Ione Pct., Morrow County, OR; 1930 US Census, Grass Valley Pct., Sherman County; Moro City Directory 1936: J.H. & Bernice Wilt]
J.H. Wilt
N4 McKean James Carl 1881-1938 Carl McKean, born PA, son of James who died Bolivar, MO 1911; to MO as a boy; to Sherman County 1908; m. Essie F. McClelland; father of Georgia m. Kinsley, James Kenneth “Keck” m. Velma Powell & Muriel Jean m. Tetlow; brother of Robert H. McKean; appointed Sherman County deputy sheriff 1908 & sheriff 1913-1919; fuel and farm implement dealer, wheat warehouse manager and grain buyer; manager Farmers State Bank, Moro & Farmers Elevator & Supply; agent & part owner of Cascade Tractor Company [SCJ, 22 April 1938]
J.C. McKean
N4 McKean Essie F. 1885-1937 Born IA 23 June 1885, daughter of George W. & Sara F. (Nickel) McClelland; to Centerville, WA as a child, to Wasco, OR ca. 1900; wife of James Carrol “Carl” McKean; mother of Georgia, James K. and Muriel Jean; niece of Mrs. Purcell of Athena, OR & Mrs. Froebe of Redmond, OR; Rebekah, Eastern Star, Women’s Club, White Shrine, Presbyterian; died Topeka, KS 11 June 1937 while on a trip with her husband [SCJ,18 June 1937]
J.C. McKean
N5 Foss John Frederick 1870-1958 Born Sullivan County, MO, son of Lemuel & Almira (Rogers) Foss; to Athena, Umatilla County, OR 1870; to Moro 1883; to DeMoss Springs, 1897; blacksmith & mechanic DeMoss & Moro; m. Jennie McCallum; father of Marguerite m. Kaseberg, Gwendolyn m. Matteson, Infant Twin, Dorothy m. Hellberg & John Austin Foss m. Hazel Watkins; brother of Mattie m. Mitchell & Hill, Alcy, Sarah, Austin Avery, James Arthur and Nellie m. Taggart & Sayles; Moro Presbyterian Church. [1900VR: J.F. Foss, 29, blacksmith, Lot 5, Block 4, City of Moro & Jas. Mitchell, 37, blacksmith, born England, naturalized 6 May 1890, Johnson City, KS District Court, both in Moro Precinct; Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg; Dorothy (Foss) Hellberg; Mattie (Foss) Mitchell]
N5 Foss Jennie K. 1880-1957 Daughter of Daniel & Margaret Ann (McKay) McCallum; wife of John F. Foss; mother of Marguerite, Gwen, Dorothy, Infant Twin, Dorothy & John Austin [Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg; Dorothy (Foss) Hellberg]
N6 Woods Marie Emilie 14 November 1888-3 August 1908, 19y 8m 18d Daughter of W.A. & Rosa Norcross, born ID; m. 1906 1st wife of James G. Woods, mother of Baby Woods; sister of Jessie Ann m. Potter, Eva Alula m. Wilbur Woods & Ethel May m. Peetz [GVJ, 7 August 1908; SCO, 7 August 1908; 1900VR: W.A. Norcross, 41, farmer, Moro Precinct; James G. Woods]
James G. Woods Beloved wife of James G. Woods
N6 Woods Baby 1 August 1908-3 August 1908 Only child of James G. & Marie (Norcross); died Moro, OR, buried with the mother, Marie E. [James G. Woods; GVJ, 7 August 1908; SCO, 7 August 1908]
James G. Woods
James M. Axtell
N7 Axtell Clarissa 22 December 1828-20 January 1907, 78y Clarissa Dodd, born PA; m. Nathan Axtell 1872 as his 2nd wife in Page County, IA; to Sherman County, OR; step-mother of Mary E., Cassius, Oliver Wallace, James Murray, Daniel Webster & ____ ; died at Moro home of step-son, O.W. Axtell. ~ Nathan’s first wife Johanna Dodd of Washington County, PA died 1871 Page County, IA; Nathan died Page county, IA 1885. [SCJ, 18 January1907; History of Page County, IA 1880; Page County Democrat 1885; Terrie Bailey 1980]
James M. Axtell
N7 Axtell Fannie I. 11 November 1854-2 May 1905, 50y Born Mercer County, PA, daughter of John Knox & Nancy E. Black of Mercer County, PA & Page County, IA; m. James Murray Axtell, 24 December 1875, his 1st wife; mother of Cora, Clifford, Ira Knox, Franklin Roy, Aden Kerr & Clare Reuben; joined Presbyterian church age 14; sister of Elizabeth who m. Oliver Wallace Axtell, W.H. Black, Joseph Black & ____ who m. James C. Gilmore. [TO, 5 May 1905; GVJ, 5 May 1905]
James M. Axtell
N7 Axtell James Murray 25 December 1852-9 September 1942 Son of Joanna (Dodd) and Nathan Axtell; m1 Fannie I. Black, born Amity, Washington County, PA; father of Roy Franklin m. Nora Margaret Elcock, Clare Reuben m. Emma, Aden Kerr m. Maude (Brown) Gregg, Ira Knox m. Elizabeth McLachlan & Clifford; Page County, IA to Sherman County, OR 1902, bought land; brother of Mary E., Oliver Wallace m. Lizzie Black, Cassius M. Clay m. Emma, Daniel Webster d. 1872 and & ____ m. Sanders; m2 Etta J. (____) Brown of Washington County, OR in Moro 1913 who was the mother of Nora m. ___Jack, Floyd, Wallace & Maude Brown [SCJ, 11 September 1942; History of Page County, IA; Lola R. Wyant, Phoenix, AZ; Gladys L. Axtell Brooks; Luster Earl Colley, NY; 1860 US Census, Washington County, PA; 1870 & 1880 US Census, Page County, IA]
James M. Axtell
N7 (Axtell) Etta (_____) Brown Axtell, wife of J.M., born IA 17 April 1859; Moro Presbyterian church; to Moro 25 years ago; interment in local cemetery; mother of Floyd, Wallace, Maude m. Aden Axtell & Nora m. ___ Jack. [SCJ, 30 October 1936]
N8 Woods Baby 21-Jan-08 Son of William Albert & Margaret (McLachlan) Woods; brother of Clifford, Ernest & Eva [SCO, 24 January 1908; Margaret (McLachlan) Woods]
N8 Woods Ernest Lester 1909-1974 Born E of Moro, son of William Albert & Margaret (McLachlan) Woods; m1 Shirley Smith 1935 Portland, OR, father of Sherry m. Kaseberg, Susan m. Ruettgers, Julie m. Smith & Olson & Christine m. Jones; m2 Cecile (Tuttle) Cole; died Multnomah County, OR, ashes Moro Cemetery
N8 Woods Shirley Elizabeth 1911-9 June 1989 Born Portland, OR, daughter of Sherl M. & Grace (Stein) Smith of Portland; m. Ernest Woods 1935 in Portland, OR, mother of Sheryl m. Kaseberg, Susan m. Ruettgers, Julie m. Smith & Christine m. Jones; lived Moro, OR 1942-1957; to Portland; ashes Moro Cemetery
N9 Dougherty Abel C. – 26 November 1908, 56y Abel Comstock Dougherty, born Dubuque County, IA 21 January 1853, son of John & Phoebe (Comstock) Dougherty; brother of Margaret m. James Woods, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah & Andrew; to Colusa County, CA where he m. Mary Elizabeth Mizner; father of six children, including Lena D. m. Cooper of Bakersfield, CA, Jessie m. Holly of Los Angeles & Thomas; to Sherman County 1898; died of injuries sustained in an accident while hauling water for a well driller on the Pinkerton farm NW of Moro. [James G. Woods; Julia (Woods) Hansen); TO, 27 November 1908]
N9 Bennett William Leech 1871- 1918 Born IA, son of James & Sarah F. (Dougherty) Bennett; brother of Carrie m. Robert Pinkerton, Emma m. Young, R. Ellsworth, James & Linnie m.Taggart; nephew of Abel C. Dougherty & Margaret Jane (Dougherty) Woods; died Boise, ID 26 August 1918 [TO, 6 September 1918]
O3 Reese Thomas S. 1871-1958 Thomas St. Claire Reese m. Ina Starns; father of Mary m. Higley, Gwendolyn Lucile m. Mitchell & Roberta m. Elliott.
Elliott & Reese
O3 Reese Ina 1882-1941 Daughter of Robert & Mary “Mollie” (Bull) Starns, born 12 February 1882; wife of Thomas St. Claire Reese; mother of Mary, Gwen, Roberta; Moro Women’s Club; died at home 11 miles SE of Moro [SCJ, 27 December 1940; birth1883 in obituary]
Elliott & Reese
O3 Elliott J. Orville 1880-1942 Son of Joshua H. Elliott, born 3 October 1880; m. Nora McCoy, father of Maxil Orville, Owen William & Eugene Henry “Ted;” brother of Mrs. M.A. Bull, Nellie m. Meloy & Milo Elliott; died 17 April 1942 [SCJ, 24 April 1942; SC:FTR]
O3 Elliott Nora 1884-1939 Daughter of William Benjamin & Sarah Angeline “Annie” (Morrow) McCoy, born 11 November 1884; sister of Lucille m. Potter & Lela m. Potter; m. J.O. Elliott; mother of Owen, Maxil & Ted; Christian Science; died 16 March 1939 The Dalles home of son Ted [TO, 1905 & 1925; SCJ, 24 March 1939; SC:FTR]
Elliott & Reese
O4 McDonald McDonald Wiley A. 1890-1962 m1 Anna L. Bartholomew; m2 Pearl Irene Butler 1940; father of Keith & Harry; farmed Tillie Henn’s farm W of Moro.
O4 McDonald McDonald Anna L. 1890-1937 Born IA nee Bartholomew, wife of Wiley A.; to Yamhill County, OR when young; to Sherman County about 1915-1917; mother of Harry & Keith; sister of Elsie m. Nelson. [SCJ, 27 August 1937]
O5 McCallum Daniel A. 1 January 1848-23 November 1890 Born Ontario, Canada, son of Archibald & Margaret (Grant) McCallum; married Margaret Ann McKay1871 Cornwall, Ontario; to Wisconsin for a few years; to OR 1883; to Sherman County 1883; father of Alice May m. Lewis Holder, Margaret Jane m. John A. Kuks & Jeanette Katherine “Jennie” m. John F. Foss; died of injuries sustained in an accident with a wagon and team near Moro [Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg)]
J.F. Foss
O5 McCallum Margaret 25 December 1846-21 May 1928, 81y 4m 26d Born Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, daughter of John & Jane (Kinnear) McKay of Ontario, Canada; married Daniel McCallum 3 October 1871, Cornwall; to Oregon near Monkland 1883; to Moro Presbyterian Church by letter 10 November 1888; mother of Alice, Margaret & Jennie; sister of Agnes m. Alexander D. McDonald, Miss Jane McKay & Annie m. Robinson. [Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg; TO, 25 May 1928; GVJ, 25 May 1928]
J.F. Foss
O5 McDonald Alex Myron 1890-1891 Son of Alexander D. & Agnes (McKay) McDonald who farmed on the old Fuller place N of Monkland schoolhouse; brother of John, Irvin Brown, Nayes Leonard, May Elnora m. Hawks & Lillian m. Clark.
J.F. Foss
O5 Kuks Daniel -9 February 1895, 1m Son of John A. & Margaret (McCallum) Kuks; brother of Anna, Lester, Kathryn & Harold
J.F. Foss
O5 Kuks Margaret J. 25 May 1874-4 December 1900 Daughter of Daniel & Margaret (McKay) McCallum; 1st wife of John Angus Kuks; mother of Anna May m. Dodd & Mason & Wilcox, Daniel, Lester John, Kathryn K. m. Kersey & Harold Lloyd [TO, 9 November 1900]
J.F. Foss
O6 Todd William C. 1877-1959 William Clifford Todd, husband of Ethel E. Newton; father of Gale, Margaret m. Schilling, Anna Belle, William Herald, Kenneth, Lawrence & Bill.
O6 Todd Ethel E. 1881-1958 Ethel Edna, daughter of Abiather Barrett and Margaret Delila (Keyes) Newton; wife of William C. Todd; mother of Gale, Margaret, Anna, William H., Kenneth, Lawrence & Bill; sister of David, William Edwin m. Pearl Emaline Pinkerton, James A. m. Rilda Iris Messinger, Benjamin, Lulu Alice, Mabel O., Margaret O., Robert and Eula M. Newton [Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith]
O6 Todd Gale -8 March 1909 Son of W.C. & E.E.
O6 Todd Anna Belle – 24 August 1921, 5m 28d Daughter of W. & E.; died near Grass Valley
O6 Todd Baby -5 March 1909 Child of _. & E. Newton Todd.
O6 Todd Donna Kay 1960-1962
O6 Todd William Herald 1906-1933 Born Philomath, Benton County, OR 14 November 1906, son of W.C. & E.E.; m. Mourna Flora Mobley of Corvallis; father of Herschel H. & Ethel May; drowned John’s Creek, ID 4 June 1933
O7 McGinnis Thomas Ramsey 2 December 1855 -1932 Born, OH, son of James and Mary (Ramsey); m. Margaret Jane Coleman; father of LeaRoy, Mary Alice m. Odeen, Forrest W., Iva Belle m. Odeen, James Lewis “Luther” & Jessie M.; to Page County, IA, Kansas and Chase County, NE 1886; to Sherman County 1895; to Corvallis to educate children about 1905; farmer E of Moro, NE1/4 Section 20 & S1/2 Section 21, T1A, R18E; Sherman County Sheriff 1900-1902; died Corvallis, OR [Ref: Iva Odeen; Ralph McGinnis; Frances McGinnis Meyer Webber; James G. Woods; 1900VR: T.R. McGinnis, 44, farmer, Section 22, 1S 17E]
T.R. McGinnis
O7 McGinnis Margaret Jane 1861-1941 Born IA, daughter of William & Mary (Woods) Coleman; grew up Page County, IA; teacher; wife of Thomas R. McGinnis; to KS & NE; to Sherman County 10 years; to Corvallis, OR 1905; Reformed Presbyterian church; mother of LeaRoy, Mary, Forrest, Iva, James & Jessie; sister of James Coleman of Ginn-Coleman in Moro & Mrs. Robert J. Ginn [Julia (Woods) Hansen; Ralph McGinnis; Ivan McGinnis; Frances (McGinnis) Meyer Webber; TO, 1905, 1915, 1927; SCJ, 28 March 1941]
T.R. McGinnis
O7 McGinnis Jessie M. 1885-20 April 1901 Daughter of Thomas R. & Margaret J. [TO, 26 April 1901; Julia (Woods) Hansen]
T.R. McGinnis
O8 Hoskinson Hoskinson cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Robert E. 1859-1902 Born Jefferson County, IA, son of Clarence & Anna; state university in Iowa, graduate LLB 1896, admitted to the bar 1896; m1 Effie Leonora Ells, father of Robert Burns, Clay Dean, Buell Ells; Page County, IA to Sherman County, OR 1897; farmer, abstractor; Methodist; m2 Mary Louisa Coleman 1900 Sherman County, OR, father of Jessica M. [TO, 24 October 1902; MB, 23 October 1902; GVJ, 24 October 1902 & 2 November 1917; 1900VR: R.E. Hoskinson, 37, attorney, Lot 8, Block 1, Moro]
O8 Hoskinson Hoskinson Mary Louisa 10 November 1866-27 May 1926 Mary Louisa “Lyde,” daughter of William & Mary (Woods) Coleman, born Bremer County, IA; to Page County, IA; Sherman County, OR 1896; 2nd wife of Robert E. Hoskinson, m. 1 November 1900; mother of Jessica M. m. Maurer; Sherman County Clerk 1918-1926; owned land in Section 2, T1S, R19E in 1913; stepmother of Robert, Dean & Buell Hoskinson; sister of Sarah, Margaret, Carrie, J.E. & J.L. Coleman; niece of James Woods, Ren Woods, Agnes Blair; Pentecostal funeral service at Moro Opera House. [Marie Amidon Hoskinson 1981; Julia (Woods) Hansen]
O8 ?  Hoskinson  Robert E. (Col./Major Robert Eugene Hoskinson, 48, son of Robert B. & Marie (Amidon), husband of Jean Nelson; #540325288, Missing in Action over hostile territory aboard an aircraft on an operational mission 29 July 1966; carried on record as MIA until 23 February 1978, declared Killed in Action, Vietnam Conflict; born 26 July 1929, home address Moro, OR.)
O8 Hoskinson Coleman Mary E. 1833-1911 Mary Ellen Woods, born PA, daughter of James & Nancy (Smith) Woods of Page County, IA; lived several years with daughter Mary Louisa in Moro; 2nd wife of William Coleman; mother of Sarah Agnes m. Smiley, Margaret Jane m. McGinnis, Carrie Belle m. Ginn, Mary Louisa m. Hoskinson & two infant sons; reared four children of her husband’s 1st marriage to Margaret Fay: John, James Edwin who came to Moro, Lavina & Nancy; sister of James Woods of Moro; died 2 June 1911, funeral from Moro M.E. church [Ralph McGinnis; Frances (McGinnis) Meyer Webber; Julia (Woods) Hansen; James G. Woods; SCO, 9 June 1911, GVJ, 9 June 1911]
O9 Sells Lemuel 1839-1910 Born Indiana 31 August 1839, son of Michael Sells & Sarah Brown; m. 1862 Macoupin Co., IL Mary Ann Moore; father of John W. 1866, Palmer 1869, Emmet 1871, George M. 1874, & Ada L. 1876; collector & marshal in Moro; died 31 May 1910, funeral M.E. Church [SCO, 3 June & 8 July 1910; ODI #1480]
Mary Sells
O10 Hayden D. M. 1834-1898 D. Mark Hayden, brother of Ben Hayden of Salem; had a son in Grant County, OR and a married daughter in E. OR; about 60 years, died 12 April 1898 of apoplexy in a field near George DeMoss’ barn [WN, 1898; TPR, 21 April 1898; ML, 20 April 1898; 1870 US Census, P.O. Eola, Polk County, OR: D. Mark Hayden 36 blacksmith born IL, wife Matilda 25 born IL, son John 6 and daughter Mary 3, born OR]
P3 Freeman Jay C. 1873-1951 Born Jesse C. Freeman MO 17 July 1873, grew up in AR; m. Edna 1896 Berryville, Carroll County, AR; to LaGrande, Union County, OR 1899; to Moro 1903; manager of Sherman Trading Co., mayor, councilman, clothing merchant in Moro; Moro postmaster 12 years; Sherman County sheriff 1908-1912; father of Greta Marie m. Wiley & Ross & Vernon Neale [SCJ, 21 & 28 September 1951; SC:FTR; 1900 US Census, LaGrande Pct., Union County, OR; 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 US Census, Moro, Sherman County, OR; ODI]
Freeman &
P3 Freeman Edna M. 1879-1966 Born Springfield, MO; to Berryville, AR as a child where she m. Jay C. Freeman 1896; mother of Greta Marie and Vernon Neale; died Hermiston, OR
Freeman &
P4 Bruckert Bruckert Infant Daughter -1937 Daughter of Richard J. & Florence E. [SCJ, 19 February 1937]
P4 Bruckert Bruckert Infant Daughter -1938 Daughter of Richard J. & Florence E. [SCJ, 4 February 1938]
P5 Phillips Arthur 1872-1928 Born Riverside, CA; lived Moro area 25+ years; hotel business, farmer, owner of a hay baling machine, livestock & fruit, diversified gardening; about 1918 bought Belshee harness shop; Moro lodge of Woodmen; Catholic; m1 ____, father of Anton Phillips; m2 _____ in Yakima, WA 26 years, adopted daughter Grace Phillips 14; died 21 August 1928 The Dalles, OR; Moro Methodist funeral [1910 US Census, Monkland Pct., Sherman County, ORL Arthur Phillips 39 born CA & wife Mary 43; 1920 US Census, Moro Pct.: Arthur Phillips 48 born CA, truck gardener / farmer, Mary E. 50 wife born OR; TO, 24 & 31 August 1928; ODI #116]
Mary E. Phillips
P5 Mary E. Phillips Phillips Mary E. –  age 72  Wife of Arthur [1910 Census Sherman County, Monkland Pct.; 1920 Census Sherman County, Moro Pct.]
P6 Axtell Ira 1880- 1926 Ira Knox Axtell, born Page County, IA 6 December 1880, son of James Murray Axtell; Methodist church in Blanchard, Page County, IA; to Sherman County about 1901; m. Elizabeth M. “Bessie” McLachlan, father of Mae & Marie m. Ray Gordy; brother of Roy F., Aden Kerr, Clare R.; died 9 July 1926, Moro Presbyterian funeral [TO, 16 July 1926; WNE, 15 July 1926]
P6 Axtell Mae 1910-1913 Daughter of Ira & Bessie (McLachlan) Axtell [TO, 19 September 1913 death of Mary Axtell (sic), 5 years, daughter of Ira K.]
P6 Belshee Bessie Axtell 1882-1936 Elizabeth M. “Bessie,” daughter of Daniel & Mary (Robertson) McEwan McLachlan, born Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC, shortly after the family arrived from New Zealand; to Umatilla County, OR. 1882 to winter with Morrison cousins; to Sherman County, OR 1883; graduated Albany College 1902; lived near Moro & Wasco; m1 Ira K. Axtell, mother of Mae & Marie; m2 1930 Wesley Roy Belshee, no issue; sister of Margaret m. W. Albert Woods, Estella m. Pete Dillinger & Daniel James McLachlan; stepdaughter of Frances (Stickle) McLachlan; half-sister to five McEwan children & Jane (McLachlan) Cleveland in New Zealand; Presbyterian.
P7 Merrill Edward 1864- 1925 Son of Phillip M. & Sarah (Whittington) Merrill, born IA 25 January 1864; to Wasco 1891; lived Moro & Portland; brother of Ella m. Wright, William d. 1910, Edward, Clara, Maggie m. Emerson Peoples & Tom Merrill; died 5 September 1925 [1900 US Census, Wasco Pct. Sherman County: Edward M. Merrill 36 b. January 1864 IA, farm laborer; 1920 US Census, Portland, Multnomah County, OR, Edward Merrill, 55 single, in household of George & Ella Wright; TO, 11 September 1925; WNE, 10 September 1925 – place of death Portland, OR; 1900VR: E. Peoples, 48, merchant, Lot 1, Block 13, City of Moro, Moro.]
Edd Merrill
P7 Merrill Sarah J. 1833-1919 Sarah Whittington, wife of Phillip M. Merrill; mother of Ella Wright, Maggie m. Peoples, Clara, Tom, William & Edward; died Portland home of daughter Ella [1880 US Census, Putnam, Linn, IA; TO, 26 December 1919; Morning Oregonian, Portland, Oregon, 19 December 1919]
Edd Merrill
P7 Merrill William – 24 December 1910, 33y Son of Sarah and Phillip; county stock inspector 1901; brother of Mrs. Emerson Peoples [TO, 27 December 1901; 9 September 1904]
Edd Merrill
P8 Rutledge Rutledge (Joseph Henry) 25 April 1828-9 February 1896  Joseph Henry Rutledge, born Audrain County, MO; m. there to Margaret A. Brown 15 November 1955, she died 9 July 1920 Ellensburg, WA; father of Walter C. m. Maggie Vintin, Elizabeth Atelia m. Charles H. Steward, Mary & Frank who died 12 January 1891 at Rutledge, Sherman County, OR.
P9 Holder Louis D. 1864-1915 Son of Adam & Julia (Kompp), born 23 April 1864; farmed SW of Grass Valley; m. 1884 Alice May McCallum; father of Infant Daughter & twins Lula & Beulah; brother of William; died 14 February 1918 [1870 US Census, Corvallis, Benton County, OR; TO, 22 February 1918; 1900VR: L.D. Holder, 33, “peanut vendor,” Block 36, City of Moro; Pat Waitman, Portland, OR 1981; Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg, Wasco, OR]
P9 Holder Alice M. 1876-1919 Alice May, daughter of Daniel & Margaret Ann (McKay) McCallum, born Ontario, Canada 7 August 1876; to Sherman County 1883; m. Louis D. Holder 1894; mother of Infant Daughter, Lula & Beulah; died 21 January 1919 [TO, 24 January 1919; GVJ, 24 January 1919; Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg]
P9 Holder Lula 11 May 1899-7 August 1899 Daughter of L.D. & A. [Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg]
P9 Holder Beulah 11 May 1899-22 August 1900 Daughter of L.D. & A. [TO, 24 August 1900; Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg]
P9 Foss Infant -24 February 1911 Son of John & Jennie; twin of Dorothy Foss [TO, 3 March 1911; GVJ, 3 March 1911; Dorothy (Foss) Hellberg; Marguerite (Foss) Kaseberg]]
P10 Kessinger Vera Virginia  -6 January 1925, 7m Daughter of L.C. & E.A. who lived E of Moro, 1926 [TO, 9 January 1925]
L.C. Kessinger
P10 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral marker in 1965.]
P10 ______ _____ [Small metal temporary funeral marker in 1965.]
Q3 Barnum Artimus H. 1878-1948 Born at the Masiker home, Sand Spring W of Wasco 2 June 1878, son of Henry & Elmira (Masiker); m. 1903 Maggie May Farra; father of Henry, Orville Grant & Theodore R.; stockman, Lone Rock Stock Farm, Section 17, Rosebush Canyon & W1/2 Section 8 Grass Valley Canyon, 1913; brought first purebred Hereford cattle to the county; established alfalfa on his creek bottoms, raised & trained draft & race horses involved in county fair 30 years; brother of Elvin & Ora m. L.L. Peetz; half-brother of Hazel m. Lake, Echo m. Bartlett & Leola m. Church; Barnum Bros. owned a tract next to Barnum’s Addition to Moro & next to SE corner of Moro at the lower end of Bidwell Street, 1913; died 29 June 1948 [SCJ, 2 July 1948; Giles & Lela (Barnum) French]
A.H. Barnum & Ell…
Q3 Barnum Maggie M. 1885-1962 Maggie Farra, daughter of Elizabeth Porter Farra Dunn; wife of Artimus H. Barnum
Q4 Ruggles Walter A. 1890-1960 Son of P.M. & L.S. Ruggles; m. Ola May Hulse; proprietor of confectionary store in Moro 1939
Q5 Powell William S. 1872-1950 Son of Joab Marion & Eliza Jane (Barr); to Sherman County from Prineville about 1880; farmed W of Moro, owned wheat land in Gilliam County; m. Frankie Landry 1 January 1895; father of Opal m. Parkins & Dutton and Velma m. J.K. McKean; brother of Roy, Charles, Anna m. Ernie Moore and Mary m. Cochran [1900VR: W.S. Powell, 28, farmer, Moro Precinct; SCJ, 7 April 1950]
Q5 Powell Frankie 1878-1945 Frankie Landry, born near Pullman, WA; to Sherman County as a small girl; m. William Syras Powell 1 January 1896; mother of Opal & Velma m. McKean; sister of Clara m. Barnum) & Jess Landry [SCJ, 2 November 1945]
Q6 Busse Ann J. 13 November 1887-14 June 1950 Mother of Ralph; recent arrival from Brooklyn, NY [SCJ, 16 June 1950]
Ralph Busse
Q7 Coe Minnie L. -21 April 1903, 36y 8m 10d nee Johnston, born OH c. 1866; m1 DeLoss W. Crowther 1885 & he died a year later; m2 Coker F. Coe, mother of William, Jennie, Vern and Mildred
Q7 Coe Coker Fairfield  -18 May 1935 m1 Minnie Johnston, father of William, Jennie m. Hill, Vern & Mildred m. Burris; m2 Etta (Martin) Benson Young 1907 (she is buried next to her son Wilbert); step-father of Harry, Roy, Clara, Wilbert, James & Delbert Benson [SC:FTR 16-2]
Q8 Ruggles P.M. 1856-1908 Phillip McCabe Ruggles, born 9 October 1856 Butte County, CA; to Sherman County about 1888; m. Lucy Sara Nelson 1881 CA; father of Alfred, Oscar Nelson, Charles, Lois m. Olds, Elijah Starr, Walter A., Laura, Eva m. Landry & Garlick, Lucy m. Brown & Sara m. Rasmussen; farm called “Sunny Garden” on John Day River with pumping station, Section 31, T1S, R19E, adjacent to similar tract owned by O.N. Ruggles in 1913; died 13 October 1908 [GVJ, 16 October 1908; 1900VR: E.W. Garlick, 47, farmer, Moro Precinct]
Q8 Ruggles Alfred 1881-1882 Eldest child of P.M. & L.S.; possibly buried in California
Q8 Ruggles Charles 1887-1899 Son of P.M. & L.S.; died Rutledge, Sherman County, OR; died 13 September 1899, Moro Presbyterian funeral [ML, 20 September 1899; SCO, 15, September 1899]
Q8 Ruggles Laura 1892-1899 Daughter of P.M. & L.S.; lived Rutledge district [ML, 28 June 1899; SCO, 30 June 1899;]
Q8 Ruggles Lucy S. 1857-1948 Lucy Sara Nelson; to California 1859; m. Phillip McCabe Ruggles; lived Sherman County 66 years; mother of Alfred, Oscar, Charles, Lois, Elijah S., Walter, Laura, Eva, Lucy & Sara [SCO, 30 January 1925]
Q9 ______ _____ [Illegible temporary metal funeral home grave marker in 1965.]
Q10 Rogers Rogers John H.  -1898, 59y 1m Typhoid fever in the Rogers family near Monkland, 2 died in one week; Mr. Rogers, father of L.D. & Irene, died at home near Monkland; left wife, 7 children, including a son very ill in Polk County, OR; funeral at Monkland, burial at Moro [WN, 1 September 1898; TPR, 15 September 1898; ML, 14 & 21 September 1898; 1880 US Census, Polk County, WI]
Q10 Rogers Rogers L.D.  -25 August 1898, 26y Two deaths from typhoid fever in the Rogers family: L.D., son of John H., 26y, 25 August, & daughter (Irene) 13y 10m 2d 26 August 1898, both funerals at Monkland, burials at Moro; member W of W, Camp # 351, Moro [TPR, 1 September 1898]
Q10 Rogers Rogers Laura -1 November 1898, 28y Fifth death in a family of nine in two months (father, two sons, two daughters); mother and one child very ill; died Portland hospital; funeral and burial Moro [TPR, 3 November 1898]
Q10 Rogers Rogers Irene -26 August 1898, 13y 10m 2d Sister of L.D.; 13y 10m 2d, d. Monkland district, funeral at Monkland, burial Moro IOOF Cemetery [ML, 26 August 1898]
Q10 Rogers Rogers Son -1898 Infant child of J.B. (sic) Rogers, about 3 weeks, near Monkland 23 October, [TPR, 3 November 1898; ML, 16 October 1898]
Q10 Rogers Rogers Sarah Jane – February 1920 [SCO, 27 May 1921: “Mrs. Sarah Jane Rogers, who died at Condon last February was reburied at Moro May 22d, 1921, by the side of her husband and children who were buried in Moro cemetery in 1898, following their deaths from typhoid fever while living in the old stone Monkland store building. One daughter lives near the John Day river, in this county, and another married daughter lives in Condon…”; 1920 US Census, Condon Pct., Gilliam County, OR” Lester M. Cummings 26, wife Edith 27 and widowed mother-in-law Jane Rogers 70 born WI]
E. Rogers?
R3 Barzee Barzee Elmer E. 1869-1956 Son of Clark & Mary Ann (Stewart) Barzee of IL, IA, KS & Turner, OR who came to OR 1861; to Sherman County 1903; m. Nanna J. Silver; father of Elmer Ralston Barzee
R3 Barzee Barzee Nanna J. 1869-1952 Nancy, daughter of N.W. Silver; m. Elmer Barzee 30 August 1891
R4 Ruggles Ruggles Oscar Nelson 1882-1955 Oscar Nelson, son of Phillip M. & Lucy S. (Nelson) Ruggles, born Moro December 1882; m. Allie Sabina Huls; father of Zela m. Earl McKinney, Orville m. Juanita Boyce & Charlotte m. Willard Barnett; owned land in Section 31, T1S, R19E, on John day river with pumping station in 1913; died Portland hospital 3 January 1955 [TO, 18 May 1917: C.R. Belshee & O.N. Ruggles bought the Finnegan Ranch for $75,000; TDC, 29 June 1982, Grass Valley Class of 1932 50th reunion; ODI]
R4 Ruggles Allie 1888- Allie Sabina, daughter of Charles Grant and Mary Lenora (Newport) Huls; wife of Oscar Nelson Ruggles; mother of Zela m. McKinney, Orville & Charlotte m. Barnett; sister of Gertrude m. Thomas Peugh, James m. Grace Thompson, Ola m. Walter Ruggles and Clarance Paul m. Ruth Newbill; died 13 October1969 Wasco County [ODI]
R5 Baker Otis 1882-1942 Born KS; lived in Oregon most of his 59 years; to Moro 1922, employed by Farmer’s Elevator Company, later courthouse janitor; husband of Pauline; father of Melvin, Gladys m. Leach & Audrey; brother of L.D. Baker; Moro Presbyterian funeral [SCJ, 27 February 1942]
Otis Baker
R5 Baker Amanda J. 1851-1929 [TO, 6 December 1929: Funeral services were held from the Moro Methodist church Friday afternoon in memory of Mrs. Amanda Jane Hoyt, mother of Otis Baker and Dennis Baker… Her sister arrived here from Portland last Saturday and was at the family home when death came.”][Transcribed in 1965 as Amanda J. Baker.]
Otis Baker
R6 Syron Violet L. 1906-1913 Violet Leona, eldest daughter of A.J. & Lyman G. Syron. J.M. [TO, 1913]
Lyman Syron
R7 Loveall Abraham B. 1856-1902 A.B. Loveall, formerly of Weston, OR, died near Kent; buried in Moro, Woodmen in charge of Methodist funeral, Rev. Frank Lanphear, preacher; born MO July 1856; d. April 1902; in Sherman County 6 years; brother of John E., Jonathan and Cleveland Loveall; m. Amanda Melissa (Marlin) Shriver, mother of Clarence P. Shriver; wife not named in obituary; step-father of Clarence Shriver. [GVJ, 11 April 1902; SCO, 11 April 1902; East Oregonian, Pendleton, Oregon, 11 April 1902; 1900 US Census, Kent Pct., Sherman County, OR]
J.E. Loveall
R8 Ruggles Henry C. 1861-1939 Son of Elijah Starr & Laura (England) Ruggles, born Mountain House, Butte County, CA 8 January 1861; to Sherman County with brother Phillip McCabe Ruggles & wife Lucy & the Rutledge family 1882; lived AK 2 years, Grants Pass & Klamath Falls, OR a few years; operated the L.L. Peetz steam stationary threshing outfit for many years & Moro electric light & water plants; died 7 March 1939, Moro Presbyterian funeral [SCJ, 10 December 1937; SCJ, 10 March 1939; SC:FTR 4-1; TO, 21 September 1917]
Ruggles &
R8 Russell cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001Amos E. -26 November 1910, age 79 Died at Moro, aged 79-81years old, unmarried relative of Mr. Dunn; born April 1831 OH, son of John and Remembrance (Eastman) Russell; long time resident of Yamhill County; Oregon Mounted Volunteers, Indian War; died on John Day River farm [TO, 2 December 1910; ODI]
Ruggles &
R9 Dunn Eliza A. 6 April 1860-19 August 1922 Elizabeth Porter, born IL; to Linn County, OR age 4 with parents; m1 Thomas Jefferson Farra 1880, mother of Alva E. m. Stanton, John, Samuel P., Harley T., Maude m. Phillips & Wisekman & Huff, Maggie May m. Barnum, Frankie m. Dunn, David Ormond, _____, & George E.; m2 1901 John Wesley Dunn [TO, July 1910, July 1901, 3 August 1893, 22 September 1922; 1900VR: T.J. Farra, 35, farmer, Section 3, 2S 16E,Moro Precinct]
R9 Farra David Ormond -19 August 1900, 9m 23d Youngest son of T.J. & E.A. [TO, 24 August 1900]
R9 Farra George E. 15 April 1887-1 October 1894 Son of T.J. & E.A.
R10 Rawson Alta Davis -20 January 1890, 23y 5m 24d MOTHER Alta was related to the DeMoss-Davis families at DeMoss Springs. [The Dalles Times-Mountaineer, 1 February 1890: “Mrs. H.A. Rawson died, wife of our popular postmaster at DeMoss Springs, died a few days ago.”]
S3 Dyar James 1882-1955 Husband of Zella E. Knighton, m. 11 Feb 1903 Crook County, OR; father of James Alden and Mary Orilu; in Bear Creek Pct., Crook County, OR 1900 with his brothers, Farro and Andrew and Andrew’s wife Della; 1910 James, Zella and James A. Dyar were in Crook County; in 1920 James, Zella, Alden and Orilu were in Thompson Pct., Wasco County, OR; in E. Dalles Pct., 1930 James, Zella and Orilu Dyar were in E. Dalles Pct. and James was a lock man at the government canal; in 1940 James and Zella were living in Celilo Fishing Village where he was a lock man for the army engineers/government;
S3 Dyar Zella E. 1884-1969 Born near Prineville, Crook County, OR, Zella E. Knighten was the daughter of Alden C. and Mary (Hereford) Knighten, lived Crook and Wasco counties, and in Moro 20 years; mother of James Alden and Mary Orilu m. James Willard Coons
S3 Dyar James Alden 1904-1962  Son of James and Zella; musician, singer, dancer, historian; [Ellensburg Daily Record, 11 August 1942 & The Dalles Optimist, 7 August 1942 reported his forthcoming marriage to Sally Sicade at Tacoma, WA]
S4 Nish David W. 1859-1952 David William Nish, son of William & Grace (McKean), born IL; lived Elgin, IL & Moro, OR; m. Hulda; father of Louise m. Lloyd Grimes.
Nish &
S4 Nish Hulda Natalia 1874-20 July 1950 Hulda Natalia, born Goteborg, Sweden; to America age 18; to Sherman County 1912; m. David W. Nish; mother of Louise m. Lloyd Grimes; grandmother of Lloydena Grimes; Moro Community church [SCJ, 28 July 1950; 1900VR: J.D. Grimes, 22, Moro Precinct]
Nish &
S4 Axtell Maude 1885-1949 Daughter of Etta (___) Brown; m1 ___ Gregg, mother of Cecil Gregg; m2 Aden Kerr Axtell, no children; sister of Floyd Brown, Wallace Brown and Nora Brown m. ___ Jack; died 17 June 1949 [ODI]
Nish &
S4 Axtell Aden 19 July 1885-27 December 1967 Aden Kerr Axtell, born Page County, IA, son of James Murray and Fannie (Black) Axtell; lived Moro 61 years, city marshal 1941-1947; farmer; m. Maude L. (Brown) Gregg; step-father of Cecil Gregg; brother of Franklin Roy, Clare Reuben, Ira Knox & Clifford Axtell [SCJ, 5 January 1967; ODI]
Nish &
S5 Montgomery Charles L. 1870-1945 Son of William and Sarah (Dunmire) Montgomery of Menard County, IL; brother of Samuel D., Ellen E. m. Charles B. Parkhurst, Mary Catherine m. Charles Tom, Harvey, Alfred, Joseph, Thomas, James and Matilda Jane; died 16 March 1945 Portland, OR [TO, 28 January, 3 March, 10 November, 24 November, 1916; 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR; ODI]
C.L. Montgomery
S5 (Schlaise) cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001(William) (14 July 1921, Sherman County, OR) [SCO, 21 July 1921: Wm. Schlaise died July 1921/14 July 1922 smothered, epileptic attack; carpenter, leaves mother, 4 sisters, 3 brothers in WI, and his wife, Lillian Viola Kessinger; ME church funeral, American Legion rites; father of Lester Dale 1918 WI-1989 CA]]
William R. Schlais
S6 Wright George H. 1898-1916 Son of Dell H. Wright; died age 19 in threshing accident at the Wolfard Belshe farm near Spaulding Chapel in upper Hay Canyon E of Moro [GVJ, 22 September 1916]
S6 Wright Cecil M. 1899-1919 Eldest daughter of Dell and Bertha (Gore) Wright; died of burns in a gasoline explosion at home in Hay Canyon, 19y 8m 25d; 3 brothers, 1 sister [TO, 26 September 1919; GVJ, 26 September 1919]
S6 Wright Bertha W. 1879-1950 Bertha W. Gore, born PA 20 February 1879; in Sherman County 40 years, mostly near Hay Canyon; m. Dell Wright at Salkum, Lewis County, WA; survived by sons Lester, Perle & Alvin, daughter Gladys m. Barnes; died Wasco December 1950; Wasco Methodist church funeral [SCJ, 15 December 1950]
S6 Wright Dell H. 1875-1957 Credella Wright, son of George and Mary, born Webster County, IA; m1 Bertha W. Gore at Salkum, Lewis County, WA; father of George Hollis, Cecil M., Leston Ernest, Perle (m), Gladys, Howard & Alvin; 1920 Homestead Entry #015053; brother of Alta m. Gore, Olive m. Hayner, George, Ulysses, Minette and Walter; m2 Sally (McKinley) Amick; father of Cecil, Gladys, George H., Alvin, Howard, Perle E (m) & Leston.
S7 Tomlin William T. 28 October 1880-3 August 1904 William Thomas, son of James A. [WN, 19 August 1904; TO, 19 August 1904; GVJ, 19 August 1904]
S7 Tomlin James A. 17 February 1848-5 February 1935 To Moro from Stockton, Cedar County, MO 1887; well driller; m. Laura Ellen Thornton 1879 at Stockton; a baseball playing family; built two two-horse Roman chariots for racing at the fair; patented the Tomlin Weeder 1916; father of Edward L. m. I. McMillin, Rose B. m. Harry Kunsman, Sadie m. William Y. Shearer, Carl m. Georgia Fuller, Ben, George D., Peter, James A., Jr., Dewey, William T., Jack & Laurel Lee m. Grace Phillips 1931. [1900VR: James Tomlin, 48, laborer, Lot 1, Block 10, City of Moro; 1900 US Census, Moro, Sherman County: James Tomlin 50 MO, wife Laura 39 MO, Peter 19, Rose 18, Sally 15, James 13 all b. MO, Edward 8, Charles 6, Benjamin 4 & George 1 b. OR]
S7  Tomlin Helen Loraine Tomlin born 25 November 1920, Moro, OR; died19 February 1922, 1y 2m 25died at Wasco, OR; daughter of Edward L. [ODI; TO, 10 March 1922]
S7 Tomlin Laura Ellen 9 February 1861-6 April 1919 Born Stockton, Cedar County, MO, nee Thornton; m.James A. Tomlin 1879 Stockton, MO; 8 living children: Edward L., Rose B., Sadie, Carl, Ben, George D., James A. Jr. & Laurel Lee; son William died 1904 [TO, 11 April 1919; GVJ, 11 April 1919]
S7 Tomlin James A. 1886- 1928 James Arthur Tomlin Jr., born 12 November 1886 Cedar County, MO, son of James A. & Laura Ellen; m. Caroline Eilers 1913; father of Arthur, Richard, Robert & Marie; brother of Laurel, Edward, Carl, Ben, George, Sadie m. Shearer & Rose m. Kunsman; died auto accident, Boise, ID 23 February 1928 [TO, 2 March 1928]
S8 Johnson James E. 22 November 1874-29 August 1903, Son of J.W. Johnson; member Woodman of the World; died Grass Valley; Grass Valley Methodist funeral; burial at Moro [TO & GVJ, 4 September 1903]
Powell & 28y 9m 7d
S8 Johnson Maude -26 March 1901, 2m
Powell &
S9 Moore Henry A. -13 June 1894, 76y Son of Hugh and Eliza (Orr), born about 1818 NH; to IL 1836; to California 1850s; to Sherman County, OR; m. Catharine McDanel, no children; brother of James, Jane, Rufus A., Martha, Susan Orr, Sylvester, John A., Lucy, Julie and Marion Eliza [1900VR: H.A. Moore, 43, banker, Lots 6 & 7, City of Moro; Doris (Morrison) Coelsch; SCO, 1901]
S9 Moore Catharine  -30 March 1894, 80y Catharine McDanel born NY; wife of Henry; died at Moro [H.S. McDanel purchased a lot at Moro IOOF Cemetery, Deed Book D-72, 29 October 1895; 1900VR: H.S. McDanel, 42, deputy clerk, Lot 6, Block 17, Moro]
S10 Holman Holman Johnnie A. 23 October 1891-17 November 189_ Son of John B. & M.E. who lived SE of Moro in Section 4, T2S, R17E; wooden marker on grave in 1965 [SCO, 26 November 1909: Martha, 2nd daughter of John Holman, died at family home in Portland 11 November 1909, burial at Rose City; 1900VR: J.B. Holman, 43, born Sweden, homestead T2S, R17E, residing Section 4, 2S, 17E & M.L. Holman, 48, Sweden, naturalized 6 July 1892, Sherman County, OR, Moro Precinct]
S11 Belknap Mrs.  (-1950) First wife of Clifford V. Belknap who died at Forest Grove & was the Moro barber for many years and who m2 Mrs. Mary McCormick [SCN, 29 August 1930: Mrs. C.V. Belknap funeral at Presbyterian church in Moro; SCJ, 18 August 1950; 1910 US Census, Stevens County, WA: Clifford Belknap 38, Edith 36 and son George 3; 1920 US Census, Ione, Morrow County, OR: Clifford, Edith and son George 14; 1930 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR: Clifford L. Belknap 58 barber, barber shop; wife Edith C. 58 operator, beauty shop; 1940 Clifford V. Belknap 68 was a widower, operating his own barber shop in Moro.]
T4 Stillwell Con L. 1891-1918 Con Stillwell died of tuberculosis at family home E of Moro [1900 US Census, Boring, Clackamas Co., OR: Con A. Stillwell, 9 nephew born ID, living in the household of John Henderson 37 horse trader & wife Mary 35 & children Sidney E. 14, Marvin E. 13, James R. 11 & Ruby M. 8.]
 ___ & O.T. Burnett  Burnett OUR BOY [Sidney E. Henderson, 16 & Claud Henderson age 3 days, died on the Stewart Farm, Ferry Canyon, Sherman Co OR in 1902; TO, 15 February 1918]
___ & O.T. Burnett
Burnett cem_emigrantsprings_clip_image001O.T. Burnett -30 June 1916 O.T. Burnett, born 11 November 1877 MO-30 June 1916 in flash flood at four-way bridge in Hay Canyon E of Moro; to Moro 1913; wife; children Ralph W. & Marieta Louise; parents, 2 brothers, 2 sisters survived him.] [SCO, 7 July 1916] [GAR insignia was on his grave at one time: Sgt. O. T. Burnett; too young for Civil War.]
T5 Bryant W.C. 18 June 1875-1931 William Cullen Bryant, born NE, son of Abner & Susan C.; to Buena Vista, OR age 13; Falls City, OR to Moro 1907 as a teacher, then county school superintendent 1906; obtained law degree; m. Elva Adelle Whealdon; father of Ruth, Helen, Harold & Lois; suicide; his mother Susan Bryant died at home of her daughter Mamie B. Hogue in Portland, OR 1918 [SC:FTR]
W.C. Bryant
T5 Bryant Elva A. 1882-19__ Wife of W.C. Bryant; daughter of Lambert Whealdon; died 1971 [CONFIRM:buried Sand Ridge Cemetery or Moro]~ [SC:FTR]
W.C. Bryant
T6 Clark Ella 2 July 1913-4 May 1918, 4y 10m 2d Myrtle Ella, daughter of Jerome E. Clark; niece of Mrs. John Thompson of Grass Valley; died of injuries sustained in a blow from falling construction materials [TO, 3 May 1918; GVJ, 10 May 1918]
Clark &
T6  Bogart Baby [SCO, 19 February 1917: Bogart, Child 10m; child of E.L. Bogart; M.E. church funeral, Rev. Robertson.]
Clark & Bogart
T7 Hardin I.P. 1845-1927 Iredell Perry Hardin, born Rutherford, NC 24 August 1845; m. Mary Ella McGahey; to Sand Mountain, AL, to Hood River, OR 1893; to Sherman County 1898 E of Moro; rancher, miller, grocer; father of Sylvester V. m. “Vena” Scott, George Perry, Hester Elizabeth m. Everett Sink, Mary Alice m. William Taylor, James Weldon m. Jessie Lamont, Romulus “Mel” N., John Aaron m. Helen Clara Hansen, Minnie Jane m. Roy Rich, Calendar Susanna m. Ira Earl Fields & Ida May m. Walter Ginn; died 1 August 1927 [1880 US Census, Logan’s Store, Rutherford County, NC; 1910 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR; TO, 7 October 1927; William Hardin Freeman 2008; Mary Ellen (Ginn) Hattenhauer 1983; Karen (Hardin) Elwood 1983 Pullman, WA; Leota (Sink) Farrar, Seattle, WA; ODI; Margaret (McLachlan) Woods; Julia (Woods) Hansen]
T7 Hardin Mary Ella 1860-1906 Born NC, daughter of Elizabeth McGaha; m. I.P. Hardin; to AL 1890-1896; to Hood River, OR 1896; to Sherman County 1900; mother of Sylvester V., George Perry, Hester Elizabeth, James Weldon, Romulus “Mel” N., Mary Alice, John Aaron, Minnie Jane, Calendar Susanna, Ida May & Romulus; died 31 October 1906 Monkland settlement, Sherman County, OR [tombstone; WN, 2 & 9 November 1906; SCO, 9 November 1906]
T7  _____ _____ George Perry Hardin, 1877-1899, died Hood River; buried Moro cemetery [ML, 26 April 1899; SCO, 28 April 1899: buried Moro IOOF Cemetery]
T7 Hardin Baby  -1919 Probably a child of Sylvester Hardin. [William Hardin Freeman; Moro Cemetery]
T7 Ginn Baby  -1919  Probably a daughter of Walter Elwood & Ida May (Hardin) Ginn. [William Hardin Freeman; Moro Cemetery]
T7 McGaha E. 1835- 1928 Elizabeth McGaha/McGheyhey, born NC; 30 years in Sherman County; to Portland about 1918; mother of Mary Ella m. I.P. Hardin; died Portland, OR 26 November 1928 [SCN, 13 December 1928; TO, 30 November 1928; Moro Cemetery]
T8 Vaughan Leola L. 1894-1896 Daughter of J.H. & N.E. [Small wooden marker on this part of the lot in 1965.]
____ &
J.L. Mussell
T8  Mussell Mrs. J.L. Mrs. J.L. Mussell died 7 February 1897, The Dalles, buried beside her babe in Moro cemetery. [SCO, 11 February 1897]
____ &
J.L. Mussell
T8  Mussell Baby
____ &
J.L. Mussell
T9 _______ _____ [One small wooden marker found in 1965.]
Louella Harris
T9 Birks Luella Harris -23 April 1897, Daughter of John & Eliza (Smith) Harris who settled at Free Bridge/Harris Canyon 1873; m. John C. Birks / Burkes; “…Thus ends one of the saddest events recorded in the annals of Sherman County…”; died at the home of her parents, the Harris place W of Moro on the Deschutes River; Moro Presbyterian Church funeral; mother of Kenneth Clair Burkes who m. Gladys M. King (1901-1989), daughter of Oliver and Addie King of Grass Valley [SCO, 1897]
Louella Harris, purchased 29 October 1895, Sherman County Deed C-639 [Burke] 20y 10m 16d
T9 Harris _____ [Moro Bulletin, 13 November 1902: death of Lee Harris, 8y, at home of his parents on the Deschutes River; unknown source: Lee Harris, son of John E. & E.M., 8y 5m, of injuries sustained in a fall from a barn beam at the Harris Place on the Deschutes River W of Moro; Guytons Galore by Rees: Lee Harris d age 10, son of John & Eliza; brother of Jessie m. Clark, Wesley, Abe, Frank, Leona m. Foster, Will H., Beatrice m. Brackley, George, & Clara who m. Roy Vinton & A. Meyers, m3___ Dougherty.]
Louella Harris, purchased 29 October 1895, Sherman County Deed C-639
T9 Harris John E. 3 July 1847-4 April 1907 Born on the Oregon Trail 1847 to Yamhill County; to Freebridge on the Deschutes River 1873; truck & fruit farmer, stockman at the Harris Place W of Moro; homestead 1901 several hundred yards downstream from Harris Canyon; reportedly 1st white man to build a functional toll bridge at Freebridge site, later purchased from Harris by Wasco County and made toll free; m. Eliza M. Smith; father of John Wesley m. Nellie Williams; William H. m. Mamie Patterson; Jessie E. m. John Clarke; Walter R.; Luella m. John C. Birks / Burkes; Leona “Ona” m. Thomas Henry Foster; Beatrice Dora m. Lee Brackley; Clarinda “Clara;” Frank; George; and Lee; died Mesa, WA, funeral there 6 April; Harris Canyon named for him. [1880 Census, Wasco County, Fifteen Mile Pct.: HARRIS – John E. 33, Eliza 29, John W. 12, William H. 10, Jessie E. 8, Walter R. 5, Luella 4, Leona 2 & Dora B. 4 months; 1900 Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR: Harris, John E. 62, Eliza 49, Clarinda 16, Frank 12, George 10, Lee 6, and grandson Kenith Burk 3; 1900VR: J.E. Harris, 53, farmer, Section 5, 1S, 16E & J.W. Harris, 30, same place, Moro Precinct; GVJ, 12 April 1907; SCO, 19 April & 24 May 1907]
Louella Harris, purchased 29 October 1895, Sherman County Deed C-639
T9 Harris Eliza M. -1916 Eliza M. (Smith) Harris, born IL; m. John E. Harris; died Seattle home of son Wesley; buried Moro; Sherman County pioneer, kept tollgate at foot of Harris grade; mother of John Wesley, William H., Jessie E., Walter R., Luella, Leona, Beatrice Dora, Clarinda, Frank, George and Lee. [GVJ, 16 June 1916: Mrs. Eliza Harris buried Moro 8 June, d. Seattle at home of son; SCO, 9 June 1916:]
Louella Harris
T10 Bergin Fulweiler W.H. 4 July 1853-10 October 1891  [1870 US Census, Rough & Ready Twp., Nevada County, CA: Abraham Fulweiler 67, Lovinia 44 William H. 17, Charles H. 15, Minta, and Albert 8; 1878 California Voters’ Register: William Hamlin Fulweiler 25 born CA, resident of Nevada County]
T11 Burro Henry Henry Burro sold his farm to R.M. Starns. [TO, 2 November 1893]
V5 N of the road outside and near the E entrance to the cemetery was a wooden marker in 1965 with no visible name. Using the cemetery plot plan, it would be V5 if the boundary were extended.
 Moro area deaths – graves not found
Surname Name   Death Date Notes
Ashler Mrs. Edith E. 31-Mar-20 Mrs. Edith E. Ashler, nee Florer; died Portland 31 March, former resident of Moro; daughter of J.M. Florer; died Portland, OR; buried at Moro Cemetery 3 April. [SCO, 9 April 1920]
Barnes Cora M. 1924, The Dalles [SCO, 7 November 1924: Mrs. Barnes, wife of ____Barnes.]
Bland Laura May 1905 Infant daughter of M/M T.W. Bland of Prineville buried in “this city” on the 10th, Rev. Cook officiating at the grave; died as parents were traveling from the coast. [SCO, 17 November 1905]
Burmester Herman F. 21 March 1867-3 February 1948 The Dalles To USA from Germany 1890; husband of Ida; widower; father of Cora m. ___ Johnson who said he was buried in Moro; brother of Helen m. ___ Deyo; a tailor in Moro; [Smith Callaway Funeral Home: burial at Wasco; Sunrise Cemetery: grave not found]
Clark Nettie December 1899 Youngest daughter of Mrs. Clark of Moro; buried in Moro; one sister [ML, 20 December 1899]
Efiding August 14 September 1889 The Wasco Observer, 20 September 1889: Died. Efiding. Near DeMoss Springs Sept. 14, 1889, Mr. August Efiding, aged about 68 years. Mr. Efiding’s sufferings were short so far as sickness was concerned. He had been about the house during the early morning hours of Saturday apparently as well as usual, with no signs of sickness. We have heard different reports concerning his death so are unable to give the full particulars, suffice to say that his death was sudden. He had gone to some part of the house or farm alone, when some member of the family discovered him lying dead. Mr. Efiding leaves a number of relatives to mourn his sad departure, among whom may be mentioned our once fellow townsman, Thos. Calvert, who was a son-in-law of the deceased. [spelled as found] ~ Maria Sophia Effoding m. Thomas Calvert as his 3rd wife about 1885 at Helix, Umatilla County, OR. [spelled as found on Ancestry.com family tree]; Mary Everding Calvert (1851-1932) buried Fairview Cemetery, Cheney, WA with Thomas Calvert (1829-1919) [spelled as found on cemetery records]
Foster Lloyd 30 April 1898 [ML, 4 May 1898: Infant son of M/M Lee Foster; funeral from Presbyterian Church.]
Gilkenson Child [TO, 15 September 1897: Child of Mr. Gilkenson buried from Moro Presbyterian church, 9 September.]
Gow Infant [SCO, 8 March 1901: Infant son of Leroy Gow buried Moro cemetery; 1900VR: L.C. Gow, 33, farmer, Moro Precinct; 1900 US Census, Moro Pct., Sherman County, OR: Leroy Gow 33 farmer, Flora 29, Foster 7, Percie (f) 5, Baronet 3 & William 2; 1910 US Census, Blalock Pct., Gilliam County, OR: LeRoy C. Gow 43 fruit farmer, Flora M. 39, Percie E. (f) 15, James B. 13, John W. 12 & Bessie V. 5; Arkansas Marriage Index: Leroy C. Gow 23 of Pueblo City & Co., CO m. Flora M. Copelin 20 of Hot Spring, Garland Co., AR 1 May 1891.]
Gusten Charles 1922 [COUNTY GRAVE] Employed on construction of Sherman Highway S of Moro; suicide by dynamite in his mouth; buried by the County in Moro Cemetery. Coroner Myers determined he had no known Oregon relatives, but a sister in Sweden, & that his trunk & personal effects were held for him in Helena, MT. [SCO, 2 June 1922]
Hill Luther B. -1908 Moro recluse. Luther B. Hill, born Dec 1830 Delaware County, OH, son of Avery & Lavina (McVey) Hill; m. 6 December 1852 in Steuben County, IN, Harriet P. LaRue, father of Eugene, Ruth, Louisa Love, Silvenus, Clara Jane & Emma; [1898 Wasco & Sherman County Directory; 1900 US Census, Grass Valley Pct., Sherman County, OR; TO, 27 March 1903 & 3 April 1908; ODI]
Hill ______ _____ Theodore S. Hill, born OH February 1825; son of Avery & Lavina Hill; older brother of Luther B. Hill, physician & surgeon in Grass Valley 1900. [1900 US Census, Grass Valley Pct., Sherman County, OR]
Meloy Child [SCO, 10 March 1905: Mr. Peoples sent off a coffin for Mr. Malay’s (?Meloy)18-months-old child in the Sink neighborhood whose mother recently died.]
O’Kane Unknown Nov. 1906 “A terrible fatality befell three telegraph linemen who were discharged in Dalles city Saturday and started in to beat their way east by riding brake beams. One of them was killed before reaching Deschutes, name unknown; another, supposed to be named O’Kane, was killed crossing this county, and fragments of his body were strung along the track all the way to Arlington and back, by trains passing both ways until daylight. The 3rd man reached Umatilla junction alive. Dr. Goffin was notified and proceeded to Grant Sunday morning, on reports that a man had been killed, expecting to have to hold an inquest, but found it impossible and quite unnecessary so all the remains that could be gathered together were collected and given Christian burial by Undertaker Axtell in Moro on arrival of the evening train. ~ The Observer, 16 November 1906
Reed J.H. COUNTY GRAVE [SCO, 21 August 1903: J.H. Reed of Wasco County, OR, buried at Moro at public expense; once lived here.]
Rust Chester Arnold 1920, 2m [SCO, 21 May 1920: Chester Arnold Rust, 2m, d. family home near Sherar; funeral Moro ME church, interment in Moro Cemetery.]
Shiel William 17 April 1845-13 May 1933, 87y 11m 27 d [ODI: William Shiel died in Wasco, buried in Moro; informant Mrs. Ella Thompson; 1900 US Census, Stanley Twp., Barron County, WI: Wm. Shiel 54 widowed farmer, his widowed sister Jennett Shiel 65, both born CAN, parents born Scotland; 1920 & 1930 US Census, Moro City, Sherman County, OR: William Shiel, born Canada, both parents born Scotland; naturalized 1895]
Smith Tamar  1904 Tamar (Thomas) Smith born August 1872 near Mt. Brydges, Ontario, Canada; died at Dufur, OR home; m. William D. Smith 2 July 1892 Little Falls, MN; Moro M.E. Church funeral 17 November; mother of Oliver Leslie, Clinton Arthur, Lucille S. and Floyd G.; daughter of Samuel and Mary Thomas; sister of Mrs. Charles Anderson, Mrs. Laura Ireland of Moro, Emily & Frank Thomas. [SCO, 18 & 24 November 1904; 1880, 1900 & 1910 US Census, Morrison County, MN]
Stokes Mrs. C.W. [SCO, 2 February 1900: Mrs. C.W. Stokes died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Slater, and brothers in Moro last week; ML, 31 January 1900: Emeline Arrilla Stokes d. 26 January 1900, 36y, consumption; buried Moro, funeral by Rev. U.S. Drake]
Unknown Male Adult 1906 COUNTY GRAVE [WN, 7 September 1906: Murdered, found near mouth of Deschutes River; a pocket-book on the body contained the name O.H. Schnaubelt and songs in the German language; buried in the “pauper corner” of the Moro cemetery]
Unknown Man -November 1906 Fell from a train near Grant; remains sent to Moro for burial by Undertaker Axtell [TO, 16 November 1906]
Unknown Adult Male 1913 [GVJ, 4 April 1913: Unknown, remains of man found under railroad bridge near DeMoss. No mention of disposition.]
Wheat Ralph 1922 [SCO, 24 February 1922: Ralph Wheat drowned between Moro & DeMoss Springs near Strong farm home; 7y; lived with his uncle, Don Wheat, in Moro since the death of his parents about 1921; brother of Myrtle & Daniel]

The Baptist cemetery and the Odd Fellows Cemetery were joined in one ownership this week when a quit claim deed from the Baptist cemetery association was placed on record giving the title to the Odd Fellows association of this city. The management of the property intends to move the tool house from its present location to the end of the driveway, build a turn-around for autos at the end of the driveway, and enclose both properties with an iron fence. Water to be piped to all sections of the ground is also part of the new work to be done. – Moro Town Talk