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Grass Valley Methodist Church

Grass Valley Methodists in 1916 included: Bayer, Bennett, Rorrick, Wilson, Messenger, Bucholtz, Swartz, Cannon, Miller, Wilcox, Eslinger, Vanlandingham, Leonard, Matthias, Gables, Hiles, Watkins, VanMetre, Walker, Vinton and Mitchell families. Families received into membership 1919 to 1942 included Gorman, Baker, Douglas, Craig, Eakin, Eslinger, Eaton, Hall, Hiles, Lemley, May, Mitchell, Peterson, Rolfe, Swartz, Searcy, Stow, Todd, Vinton, Wilcox and Walker. Church services were held in the church up until 1946 or ‘47.

~ Sherry Kaseberg, Gleanings of the History of Sherman County Methodists, 1977; Dan Earl; Emma Jean (Eakin) Smith; Methodist Circuit Records, Wasco Methodist Church.