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Sherman County Courthouse Birth Records
Transcribed by Sherry Kaseberg
Spelling as found. Notes in parentheses.

Name Date Names of Parents
John Patrick McDonald 26 November 1904 P.W. McDonald and Bertha Saunders
Female 1 January 1905 George Van Gasbeck and Valeda Dunlap
Bert P. Mersinger 2 January 1905 John Mersinger and Mary Pape
Male 2 January 1905 J.G. Medler and Jennie Brock
Male (Homer B.) 3 January 1905 Henry DeMoss and A. Hall (Julia Hall)
Sydney Julian King 13 January 1905 Almer G. King and Alma B. Norton
Bernard Eugene Wilcox 4 February 1905 Hollis Wilcox and Loie S. Stanton
Corwin Hoyt Barnett 13 February 1905 Corwin H. Barnett and Pearl (Hoyt)
Anna Fairfield 20 February 1905 W.H. Fairfield and Minnie M. Smith
Fred Harold Goetjen 21 February 1905 Fred Goetjen and Luretta J. Eakin
Raymond Black 1 March 1905 Addison J. Black and Loretta Newsham
Thomas Alvin Van Winkle 10 March 1905 James L. Van Winkle and Myrtle E. Heinman
Female 19 March 1905 Ebert Northridge and Mable Dadson (sic)
Rena Barnett 23 March 1905 Homer Barnett and Rena Andrews
Male 25 March 1905 I. Jewell______
Ines Pearl Weigand 27 March 1905 William F. Weigand and Francis J. McDonald
Claudina Pearl Brock 14 April 1905 Samuel Brock and Lena Spoon
Eleanor Virginia Lyon 14 May 1905 L. Lyon_____
Leland L. Wallan 16 May 1905 William Wallan and Grace -0-
Bernice Reine Coon 30 May 1905 Frank L. Coon and Ida Jones
Clayton Walter Black 11 June 1905 Clive P. Black and Anna V.Rashford
Warren Olds 14 June 1905 Lewis Olds and Ida May Walker
Male 17 June 1905 J.F. Guinther_____
Female 27 June 1905 A. Wayne McFarland and Effie Kingsbury
Helen Harper 30 June 1905 Ernest Howard Harper and Stella Howell
Ruth Hansen 1 July 1905 Martin Hansen and L. Boardman
Male 8 July 1905 John Rassmussen and _____ Gilbert
Thelma Ladie Day 10 July 1905 Frank E. Day and Harriet May
Bessie Stickland 15 July 1905 Thomas J. Stickland and Sarah Sarayre
Naomi Ruth Millering 20 July 1905 Edward C. Millering and Ida May
John James Richie 29 July 1905 Charles T. Richie and Nancy K. Gates
Male 4 August 1905 Francis C. Ireland and Abbie Illingsworth
Zella May Ottman 5 August 1905 Fred S. Ottman and Stella B. Buker
Male 12 August 1905 Neill McDonald and Anna Thompson
John Franklin Fulton 12 August 1905 David Fulton and Lulu Bertha Bussey
James Henry Matteson 14 August 1905 George K. Matteson and Nellie May Watkins
Bulah May Rebman 18 August 1905 George H. Rebman and Alvena Matthias
Esther Leonora Peugh 23 August 1905 H.T. Peugh and Gertie Huls
Thomas Frank Carson 31 August 1905 Frank O. Corson and Bertha Brown
Walter Scott Schwartz 5 September 1905 George W. Schwartz and Anna B. Scott
Jack Meyer 15 September 1905 William H. Meyer and Minnie Bell Wade
Zeta Lorene Heath 16 September 1905 Lester A. Heath and Cassie Mary Bailey
Guernsey Glade Guyton 24 September 1905 William C. Guyton and Ada Bell
Elsie Grace Bourhill 10 October 1905 George B. Bourhill and Grace Buker
Waldo Hulse 19 October 1905 Guy Hulse and Eathel Davis
Female 12 October 1905 A.O. Thomas and _____
Ernest Manuel Chapin 24 October 1905 James H. Chapin and Maud Ogle
Donald Stuart Haynes 24 October 1905 Fred Haynes and Augusta “Gussie” Lamb
James Decator Gates 25 October 1905 James F. Gates and Grace Allen
Roy Johnson Silvey 3 December 1905 Frank W. Silvey and Hattie A. Johnson
Joseph Gregg Wilson 6 December 1905 Jacob H. Wilson and Mary Alice Gregg
Male 7 December 1905 John F. Shreeve and Ella Spoonemore
Wilma Frances Boardman 16 December 1905 Charles E. Boardman and Emma Hansen
Male 19 January 1906 Louis Smith and Harr(i)et Dugger
Male 25 January 1906 Judd Hines and Emma McMillan
Male 29 January 1906 William Ellis and Annie Morrow
Female 29 January 1906 Harry Sammon and _____
Female 29 January 1906 O. G. Smith and Catherine M. Coon
Joseph Alonzo Mee 2 February 1906 Walter Mee and Daisy Young
Male 2 February 1906 Lesly Ashly and _____
Willard Wall Harper 5 February 1906 William Harper and Ellen Wall
Herbert Richard Shute 6 February 1906 Herbert T. Shute and Nellie M. Whitney
Male 11 February 1906 Charles D. Crocker and Amelia Fry
Female – unnamed, died 8 days 16 February 1906 Charles Northrup and Elizabeth McDonald
Andrew William Tillson 17 February 1906 Andrew Tillson and Mary Davis
Female 22 February 1906 Willis M. Dugger and _____Murphy
Female 1 March 1906 Harvey Wallis and Rose Leavens
Female 10 March 1906 Ned Florer and M. Combs
Male 24 March 1906 C. Cook and _____
Male 27 March 1906 Aubrey Wolfard and Ella Strong
Orval A. Thompson 30 March 1906 Claude Thompson and A. (Roxy) Kessinger
Elzoro Odell French 31 March 1906 Arthur L. French and Lucy McFarland
Frank McCune 31 March 1906 John McCune and _____McCall
Idellah May Hull 2 April 1906 Charles Hull and Anna Gray
Lester Octave Barnum 13 April 1906 E.E. Barnum and Mary E. Medler
Ilah Rose Young 16 April 1906 William A. Young and Sarah J. Howell
Male 19 April 1906 Sherman Huff and _____
Male 27 April 1906 Arthur K. Hall and Cora C. Elkin
Male 30 April 1906 A.C. Kelsay and Alice Bell
George Boyd Craig 3 May 1906 George Craig and C. Ethel Clock
Melville Bell 10 May 1906 Alfred Bell and _____Suckey
Male 30 May 1906 Cornelius J. Bright and Mildred L.(arson)
Gleason Sias 2 June 1906 Charles A. Sias and Grace Gleason
Maybrey June Strong 16 June 1906 Horace Strong and Ida M. _____
Male 17 June 1906 Harry Benson and _____
Hollis Max Bull 19 June 1906 M.A. Bull and Leilla Elliott
Roy Justesen 19 June 1906 Fred Justesen and Thora Boesen
Female 20 June 1906 Harvey H. Duckworth and Bertha Allison
Orville Grant Barnum 24 June 1906 Artimus Henry Barnum and Maggie Farra
Selma Viola Richelderfer 30 July 1906 Henry Nathan Richelderfer and Gerda Kuhnhausen
Male 16 October 1906 E.L. Davis and _____
Male 31 October 1906 H.O. Shugart and A. Lyon
Lowell George Burres 22 November 1906 William Henry Burres and Mary Hatleck (Hoflich)
Katheryn Hennagin 5 December 1906 Fred Hennagin and Nina Phillips
Audrey Spencer 13 April 1921 Arthur Walter Spencer and Pearl Johnson
Margarett McDermid 18 April 1921 Donald McDermid, and b Canada Grace Pinkerton
Byron Halloway Van Metre 22 March 1921 Cyril H. Van Metre and Iva VanLandingham
Kenneth Warren Christianson 23 April 1921 Herman Christianson and Carrie Casperson
George William Martin 30 April 1921 William John Martin and Florence Eunice Babbitt
Vernon Revella McCarver 3 May 1921 Nathan McCarver and Ada Short
Barbara May Kunsman 8 May 1921 Roy L. Kunsman and Ina E. Hansen
Mary Helene Piersol 13 May 1921 Russell H. Piersol and Clara R. Nickel
Delbert Raymond Barnett 19 May 1921 Thomas Cleveland and Barnett Annie Oeker
Frances Irene Knapp 26 May 1921 Ole R. Knapp and Margaret Carlisle
June McClellan 2 June 1921 Grant McClellan and Rachel Gant
Clifford A. Kenny 13 June 1921 James Kenny and Lotis Hennegan
Marjorie Meloy 25 June 1921 George Everett Meloy and Esther Nusbaum
Billie Francis Axtell 8 July 1921 Clare Ruben Axtell and Emma Frances Sayrs
Thomas Dean Pinkerton 2 August 1921 Harry Bennett Pinkerton and Nina Searcy
Catherine Fridley 7 August 1921 Clyde L. Fridley and Daisy M. Hill
Florence Maxine Brady 9 August 1921 James Thomas Brady and Roxana Florence Hobson
George Rolla Proudfoot 21 August 1921 Harry Dean Proudfoot and Esther MayhPieplow
Marilyn Smith 7 September 1921 Lynde C. Smith and Mary J. Packwood
Jack Gordon Kuks 9 September 1921 Lester John Kuks and Florence Maude Muller
George Wallace “Billy” Thompson 11 September 1921 Harvey C. Thompson and Bessie Bourhill
Mary Maxine Richelderfer 5 October 1921 Asa D. Richelderfer and Leah Riker
Female 11 October 1921 John Henry Medler and Helen L. Rose
Male 11 October 1921 John Henry Medler and Helen L. Rose
Emma Jean Everett 19 October 1921 Ernest S. Everett and Mary A. Elliott
Male 21 October 1921 Verne R. Coe and Bernice Holley
Clara Jeannette Mathieson 29 October 1921 John Mathieson and Gertrude Clara Coote
Joseph Francis Glennie 8 November 1921 Francis Evelyn Glennie and Francis Wood
Ida Marie Jones 12 November 1921 Wallace Nelson Jones and Pearl Wytol Hulery
Howard Eugene Cushman 17 November 1921 Virgil Eugene Cushman and Alvena Howard
Max Martin McKinney 20 November 1921 Charles McKinney and Nita Martin
Bettie Jeane Dissmore 1 December 1921 Harold Orion Dissmore and Alta Walker
Max Leighton Miller 13 December 1921 Albert Luther Miller and Minnie Johnson
Lois Edna Melzer 14 December 1921 Martin George Melzer and Edna May Thompson
Mabel Caroline Wall 16 December 1921 Homer S. Wall and Mabel Simler
Carl Fredrick Winebarger 22 December 1921 Frederick Titus Winebarger and Annie Marie Pierson
Theo Beletski (f) 22 December 1921 Theodore Beletski and Esther Stone
Joseph Eldon Holly 25 December 1921 Joseph Holly and Edith May Abbie
Edward Nelson Millard 29 December 1921 Bruce Millard and Edith Wilkerson
Isla Gene Brisbine (f) 2 January 1922 Ralph Brisbine and Havie Hansen
Phyllis Loraine Guilford 2 January 1922 Ross Newcomb Guilford and Marie Speckels
Harold Wade Hull 9 January 1922 Wade Hull and Nell Loraine Andrews
Vernon Carl Melzer 10 January 1922 Carl Lewis Melzer and Abbie C. Mortensen
Max Elmer Barzee 17 January 1922 Elmer R. Barzee and Lois Schaeffer
Albert Joseph Trueax 28 January 1922 John William Trueax and Margaret E. Murray
Betty Jean Mathias 29 January 1922 John Clifton Mathias and Vesta Ruth Hilderbrand
Robert Westley Morris 2 February 1922 Walter Audley Morris and Minnie Louise ________
Gale Cunningham (f) 6 February 1921 Charles Cunningham and Alta Hastings
Helen O. Sather 15 February 1921 Louis Sather and Laura Strader
Stuart Murdock Macnab 16 February 1922 Ronald Stuart Macnab and Wilhelmena E. Beechey
Wilhelmena Anna Macnab 16 February 1922 Ronald Stuart Macnab and Wilhelmena E. Beechey
Bonnie Blanche Peters 17 February 1922 Joseph Peters and Marie Douma
Robert Emory Gillmore 20 February 1921 Clyde C. Gilmore and Helen Gertrude Unger
Robert Floyd Guy 22 February 1922 John C. Guy and Grace E. Brown
Hazel Marie Watkins 28 February 1921 Everett H. Watkins and Marie R. Venable
Betty Jane Powell 15 March 1921 Roy Powell and Alice Hansen
Elner Thomas Douma 18 March 1921 Jacob Douma and Elmira Elizabeth Edwards
Gayle Garnet Guyton 22 March 1921 Claude Guyton and Bessie Whealy
Lloyd Bennie Noonan 29 January 1921 John Francis Noonan and Violet Messinger
Female 28 January 1921 Ronald S. Macnab and Wilhelmena Edith Beechey
Francis Maxwell Van Hutton 27 January 1921 Carl Herman Van Hutton and Olive Esther Louise Armsworthy
Edgar Phillip Cline 10 January 1921 Benjamin Franklin Cline and Lydia Amanda Hammerman
Lawrence Louis Peters 3 January 1921 Joseph Peters and Marie Douma
Donna Rae Knox 8 April 1922 Frank Ray Knox and Velma Elizabeth Byers
Dorothy Mae Knox 8 April 1922 Frank Ray Knox and Velma Elizabeth Byers
Russell Joseph Ellsworth 11 March 1922 McKinley Ellsworth and Thresa Marie Provoost
Male 22 April 1922 James Arthur Boozer and Annie Florence Flemming
Edward Donald Yancey 25 April 1922 Isaac Yancey and Laura Peugh
Jennie Belshee 26 April 1922 Homer D. Belshee and Jennie M. Bowersox
Kenneth Walter Blau 20 May 1922 Walter Blau and Fay Pound
Margaret Eleanor Reed 1 July 1922 Lewis Eldon Reed and Minnie Anderson
Graydon Moorehouse 22 July 1922 Raymond Bertrand Moorehouse and Mayme Potter
Delbert Carlyle DeMoss 21 May 1922 John M. DeMoss and Etha Dugger
Anoora Ginnett Barnes 28 May 1922 William Henry Barnes and Cora Short
Vernon Rich Agee 13 June 1922 Vernon Lyle Agee and Welcome Ruby Rich
Gordon Leslie Boice 22 June 1922 Samuel Presco Boice and Fay Ida Morgan
Mary Kathrine Hatley 27 June 1922 Marian Bert Hatley and Ilene Mary Johnson
Lloyd Richard Starks 7 August 1922 Lloyd L. Starks and Ellen B. Kellar
Female 11 August 1922 Joseph S. Spellman and Elizabeth Gosson
Edward Erman Bozarth 7 August 1922 Roy E. Bozarth and Virginia Pruett
Male 11 August 1922 Markus Stephen Alexander Alley and Katie Julina Trout
Janet Maxine Johnson 22 August 1922 Curtis Everett Johnson and Edna Peterson
Dorothy Eildien Johnson 29 September 1922 William K. Johnson and Carrie Wall
Helma Lillian Hill 16 September 1922 Charles L. Hill and June Dick
Damon Cecil Fields 22 September 1922 Cecil Fields and Nellie Whealy
Frank Morton Scott 22 May 1922 Frank Morton Scott and Carmen Allison
Sherod Blackburn 5 October  1922 George W. Blackburn and Alma Harper
Niflin Moyer (m) 23 October 1922 George N. Moyer and Edith Docherty
Cleda Nell Carpenter 26 November 1922 Walter S. Carpenter and Mary Laneta Deniston
Vera Jean Henrichs 29 December 1922 Walter Dayton Henrichs and Francis Eliza Thompson
Donald Wayne Shaw 13 November 1922 Lee Ren Shaw and Nettie Maude Cooke
Richard Emmett Sprague 21 November 1922 Ray Wade Sprague and Ginevea Esher Helms
Geraldine Ann Lucas 1 December 1922 Lyndon J. Lucas and Nell I./J. Doane
James Dewey Cline 11 December 1922 Benjamin Franklin Cline and Lydia Amanda Hanaman
Eleanor Ann Fortner 18 January 1923 Frank Fortner and _____ _____
William Otis Messinger 4 January 1923 Victor Otis Messinger and Violet Ruth Wing
Marshall Carlton Cram 2 January 1923 Harold Z. Cram and Edna May
Mearle Marion Miller 28 February 1923 Marvin Earle Miller and Thelma Margaret Buxton
Dewey Elden Thompson 16 February 1923 Dewey Thompson and Inez Mae Peek
Helen Lucile Morrison 11 February 1923 Clarence Morrison and Gladys Moore
Joecile Marie Peters 10 February 1923 Joseph Peters and Marie Douma
Henry Niles Richelderfer 19 March 1923 Asa David Richelderfer and S. Leah Riker
Vivian Maxine Wilson 19 March 1923 Stacy Atlee Wilson and Lulu Belle Appelgate
Margaret Ann Schafer 10 July 1923 William Gottleib Schafer and Pansy Grimm
Dorothy Marie Winebarger 15 July 1923 Fred Winebarger and Anna Marie Pierson
Male 21 July 1923 Donald Earl Clark and Florence Evelyn Pope
Eunice Idalia Lichtenstern 9 July 1922 John H. Lichtenstern and Bertha E. Davis
Robert Wayne Manning 13 December 1922 Ernest A. Manning and Mildred McDowell
_______________ 19 June 1926 Claud Young and Elizabeth McDade
Norma Jeanne Helyer 16 January 1926 Elmer (Elner) Helyer Oliver  and Lillian Adams
Male 12 March 1926 Anthony __ Schmidt and Magdelene Catharine Goldade
Ernest Maynard Christiansen 24 April 1926 Arne Egebak Christiansen and Alma Arn Hall
Donald Dean Thompson 4 June 1926 Dewey Marcus Thompson and Indez May Peake
Herman Robert Schilling 10 June 1926 Herman Schilling and Etha May Smith
Mary Ann Mitchell 18 June 1926 George Adamson Mitchell and Gwendolyn L. Reese
Leeland Andrew Barnett 25 June 1926 Roy Phillip Barnett and Lola Elizabeth Young
Lee George Barnett 25 June 1926 Roy Phillip Barnett and Lola Elizabeth Young
George Marvin Howell, Jr. 26 July 1926 George Marvin Howell and Violet Malverna Leininger
Loita Ellen Smith 26 April 1921 William J. Smith and Gladys M. Gibson
David Edmund Bayer 1 August 1926 Frank Thomas Bayer and Mayme Elizabeth Vintin
Jackie Morris Alsup 5 August 1926 William McKinley Alsup and Dorothy Tiller
Dorothy Mae Miller 5 August 1926 Marvin E. Miller and Thelma Margaret Buiton
Clair Leon Balzer 21 August 1926 Albin Frank Balzer and Anna Caroline Bruckert
Elizabeth Georgia Stone 4 August 1926 Murvel Stone and Daily D. Warren
Geraldine Anne Gore 9 September 1926 Charles Gore and Gertrude Pickard
Elsie Lucile Farrester 9 September 1926 Charles Scott Farrester and Edna Minnie Christine Hoffmeister
Glenn Ray Fairchild 15 September 1926 Glenn Casino (Cashens?) Fairchild and Bessie Whitlock
Frances Junette (Jeanette) Holmes 26 September 1926 William S. Holmes and Edina H. Venator
Leland Joseph Schwendel 4 November 1926 M.J. Schwendel and Annie Cecelia Frank
Gerald Eugene Nisbet 4 November 1926 William Nisbet and Gladys Nell Royce
Kenneth LeRoy Stout 4 November 1926 Paul Thomas Stout and Thelma Verdetta Dillinger
Samuel Glen Boice 7 November 1926 Samuel Fresco Boice and Fay Ida Morgan
Bessie Deane Bowersox 11 November 1926 Leo Lynn Bowersox and Helen Mabel Nelson
Robert Lee Schmidt 17 November 1926 Otto Albert Schmidt and Esther Egeback? Christensen
Robert Dean Brisbine 18 November 1926 Ralph Porter Brisbine and Havie Stella Hansen
Francis Wayne Venable 3 December 1926 Max Jay Venable and Beulah May Rebman
Clara Sarah Rader 22 December 1926 Will Frank Rader adn Letha (Elepha) Adela McDonald
Guy Walter Campbell 26 December 1926 Richmond Lee Campbell and Annie Laura Vintin
Alma Ruth Russell 30 January 1927 Arch Louis Russell and Cora Pearl Daugherty
Irene Beth Russell 30 January 1927 Arch Louis Russell and Cora Pearl Daugherty
Eugene DuWayne Gosson 11 January 1927 Elmer Vernon Gosson and Selma Viola Richelderfer
Robert Vernon Flatt 14 January 1927 Vernon Joseph Flatt and Lillian Catherine Grage
Harold Martin Melzer 28 January 1927 Carl Melzer and Abbie Mortenson
Gerald William Noyes 2 March 1927 Aaron Sylvester Noyes and Lena Agnes Davis
Frances Maxine Cratty 18 April 1927 Arthur Edward Cratty and Emma May McKay
Veda Marguerite Belshee 30 April 1927 Robert Belshee and Coila Kessinger
Forrest Stark 15 March 1926 Samuel P. Stark and Julia Catherine Hackleman
Patricia Joan Pinkerton 3 May 1927 Harry Bennett Pinkerton and Nina Searcy
Joseph Walter Mee 11 May 1927 Joseph Alonzo Mee and Gertrude Mae Huck
Norman Leland Minks 3 October 1921 Leland Stanford Minks and Nora Emma Leonard
Dorothy Mae Compton 20 February 1921 Guy Compton and Sylvesta Inez McEwen
William Murray Lamborn 5 September 1927 Frank Lamborn and Pearl Phyllis _________
Earl Bruce Russell 22 September 1927 Homer A. Russell and Venita Doris McKinney
Edgar Franklin Howell 2 November 1927 George Marvin Howell and Violet Malvina Leininger
Helen Ruth Matthias 7 October 1927 John C. Matthias and Vesta Ruth Hilderbrand
Phoebe Eloise Gregg 2 December 1927 Joseph Harrison Gregg and Grace Ellen Holt
Gervais Gaylord Guy 18 December 1927 Bernis Weld Guy and Frances Lamborn
Earnest Eugene Barnett 19 December 1927 George L. Barnett and Lola Schadewitz
Clifton Carroll Noonan 26 December 1927 John Francis Noonan and Viola Edna Messinger
Male 27 December 1927 Truman Adelbert Cross and Winifred Thrasher
Carol Jane Mitchel 30 December 1927 George Adamson Mitchell and Gwendolin Lucile Reese
Ila Lee Rickels 10 February 1928 Nolan B. Rickels and Ellen Mathieson
William Maurice Starling 18 February 1928 Ralph Victor Starling and Dorothy Marion Chase
Betty Jean McKay 5 January 1928 George Claude McKay and Doloris Bernice Fenwick
Mary Louise Von Borstel 15 January 1928 Amandus Dick von Borstel and Emily Loeffel
George Whitlock 20 March 1928 Elmer Elijah Whitlock and Georgeina Leonard
David Eugene McGaughey 14 May 1928 John Tyler McGaughey and Kathryn Blanche Chase
Charles Donald Sanford 18 May 1928 Winfield Henry Sanford and Edna Scleff
Henry Eugene Farrister 16 May 1928 Charles Scott Farrister and Edna Minnie Hoffmeister
Robert Jene Russell 10 June 1928 Arch L. Russell and Cora Dougherty
Benjamin Dean Russell 10 June 1928 Arch L. Russell and Cora Dougherty
William Karl Eaton 3 February 1924 Oscar Karl Eaton and Louisa Janet Hamilton (sic)
Elmer Everett Downing, Jr. 12 May 1922 Elmer Everett Downing and Louise Sophia Happold
Idella Pearl Hatley 12 August 1928 Marion Bert Hatley and Irene May Johnson
James Delbert Ziegler 20 August 1928 Herman Ziegler and Beryl Eslinger
Edwin Robert Fritts 27 August 1928 Joseph Shelton Fritts and Edna Genevieve Schadewitz
Betty Jean Vintin 8 September 1923 George C. Vintin and Echo RoberthaBuker
Louise Ellen Walton 22 September 1928 Garth Adelma Walton and Ethel Louise Cotton
Joseph Lee Hines 30 September 1928 Howard Clinton Hines and Elva Vesta Allen
Male 10 October 1928 Keith Milton Reynolds and Florence Leona Colby
Male 10 October 1928 Keith Milton Reynolds and Florence Leona Colby
Mary Lou Lyons 16 October 1928 Alfred Lyons and Edith Marie Gregg
Carl Von Borstel 17 October 1928 Theodore Carsten von Borstel and Mildred Elisabeth Holmes
Audeen Loree Alsup 16 December 1928 William McKinley Alsup and Dorothy S. Tiller
Norma Jean Schmidt 25 March 1929 Anthony Steve Schmidt and Magdelena Catherine Goldale
Billie Lloyd Flatt 26 April 1929 Vernon Flatt and Lillian Catherine Grage
Charles Wayne Douglas 23 May 1929 Floyd Markham Douglas and Leona Elizabeth Ensley
Mary Louise Edwards 23 July 1929 William Melvin Edwards and Marguerite Vivian Dickinson
Female 22 August 1929 William Henry Barnes and Katherine Calkins
Dollie Mae Howell 4 April 1929 George Marvin Howell and Violet Malvina Leininger
Ruth Maxine Spencer 12 September 1929 Wilfred Arthur Spencer and Marie June Harding
Sharon Ardeane Martin 2 October 1929 Kenneth Erwin Martin and Elsie Marie Sommer
Rodger Ernest Schmidt 3 October 1929 Otto A. Schmidt and Esther Christenson
Allan Robert Pinkerton 7 October 1929 Harry B. Pinkerton and Nina Searcy
George William Von Borstel 19 November 1929 Theodore Carsten von Borstel and Mildred Elizabeth Holmes
Alma May Stone 22 September 1929 Murvel Stuart Stone and Daisy Violet Warren
Jerry Earl Taylor 7 February 1930 Malcolm Harvey Taylor and Vera Vogel
Vern Scott Henkle 9 February 1930 Mark Forrest Henkle and Florance Elizabeth Scott
Chyra Gay Laffoon 12 March 1930 Clarence Ivan Laffoon and Irma Crystal Sommer
Male, first twin 14 March 1930 Lester Harold Binder and Golda May Pence
Male, second twin 14 March 1930 Lester Harold Binder and Golda May Pence
Betty Lou Venable 31 March 1930 Max Jay Venable and Beulah May Rebman
Lela Leone Reynolds 26 March 1930 Keith Melton Reynolds and Florance Leone Colby
Marian Eilene Hogue 14 June 1921 Ormand Wren Hogue and Rosa Alice Amick
Herman Albert Peters 12 April 1930 Herman Dick Peters and Clara Christine Folda
Janet Malissa Eaton 17 April 1930 Oscar Karl Eaton and Louise Janet Hamilton
Phillip Theodore Von Borstel 27 April 1930 Amandus Dick von Borstel and Emily Loeffel
Leila Joan McLachlan 7 May 1930 Glenn Harold McLachlan and Leona Mae Payne
Carl Ivan Ziegler 21 June 1930 Herman Ziegler and Beryl Engstrom
Dorothy Ann Curtis 10 July 1930 Delbert Arthur Curtis and Anna Louise Kelly
Frederick Ole Lutje 11 July 1930 Elmer John Lutje and Isabel Olena Temol
Janise Lamborn 19 July 1930 Frank Lamborn and Pearle Murry
Janet Lamborn 19 July 1930 Frank Lamborn and Pearle Murry
Sammie Gene Lyons 19 July 1930 Alfred Lyons and Edith Gregg
Donald Wayne Mee 17 August 1930 Joseph Alonzo Mee and Gertrude Mae Huck
Ina Irene Rickels 28 August 1930 Nolan Rickels and Ellen Mathieson
William Fredrick Hatley 14 September 1930 Marian Bert Hatley and Ilene ________
Samuel Brookman Holmes 30 September 1930 William S. Holmes and Edina Henrietta Venator
Female 9 October 1930 James Walter Blagg and Maggie Myrtle Eslinger
Dean Allen Rader 1 November 1930 Will Frank Rader and Elepha Adella McDonald
Dorlene Ann Weld 23 December 1930 Weyland Claire Weld and Laura Caroline Newcombe
Keith Clayton Bayer 13 January 1931 Frank Thomas Bayer and Mayme Elisabeth Vinton
Eunice Lavon Howell 1 January 1931 Harold Rex Howell and Nona Beatrice Morrow
Edward Joseph Miller 30 January 1931 Joseph James Miller Jr. and Goldie Sides
Robert Napier Haynes 26 February 1931 Frank Willis Haynes and Violet Jane Doward Napier
Marie Teresa von Borstel 14 March 1931 Theodore Carsten von Borstel and Mildred Elizabeth Holmes
Keith Whitman Thompson 25 April 1931 Dewey Marcus Whitman Thompson and Inez Mae _____
Jack Lewis Flatt 15 April 1931 Joseph Vernon Flatt and Lillian Katharine Grage
James Richard Ransier 4 May 1931 David James Ransier and Rene Iva Morgan
Norma Gene Pier 5 July 1931 Norma_ Gene Pier and Olive Witchey
Marian Lucile Yocom 4 July 1931 Ercel Marion Yocom and Barbara Lucile Griffiths
Orren Avery Schadewitz 21 July 1931 Melvin Raymond Schadewitz and Lanora May Ramsey
Stanley Gene Henkle 21 August 1931 Mark Forrest Henkle and Florence Elizabeth Scott
Joseph Scott Fritts 22 December 1931 Joseph Shelton Fritts and Edna Genevieve Schadewitz
William Nelson Eaton 26 December 1931 Claude Harland Eaton and Audrey Maxine Stevenson
Nell Lorraine Coats 31 December 1931 Claude E. Coats and Ellen M. Clark
Kenneth Verl Mullin 20 January 1932 Forrest D. Mullin and Beulah V. Miller
Ina May Ziegler 22 February 1932 Herman Ziegler and Beryl Engstrom
Virginia Alice Smith 18 March 1932 Ernest Clyde Smith and Nellie Belle McKay
Female 22 March 1932 George W. Blackburn and Alma Harper
Donald Dean Elliott 29 March 1932 Owen William Elliott and Roberta Ione Reese
Darrel Dean McLachlan 9 April 1932 Glenn Harold McLachlan and Leona Mae Payne
Joan Marie Clodfelter 18 April 1932 Donald Lemley Clodfelter and Ethel Marie Adams
Rose-Anna Lillian Brooke 30 May 1932 Benjamin Franklin Brooke and Viola Thompson
Gwendolyn Louise Nisbet 11 May 1932 William A. Nisbet and Louise Anna Shaw
Male 21 June 1932 Laurel Lee Tomlin and Grace Phillips
Florence May Barnum 8 July 1932 Theodore Roosevelt Barnum and Josephine Lenore Kuski
Maxine Celia Winchester 9 July 1932 Artie B. Winchester and Edna Beatrice Hearing
Wesley Earnest Andrews 20 July 1932 Leroy Wesley Andrews and Estella Blanche Stewart
Betty Lou Peterson 6 September 1932 Leslie Dewey Peterson and Edna Mae Parker
Martha Joan Oveson 1 October 1932 Merrill M. Oveson and Mal Berg
Herschel Herold Todd 25 October 1932 William Herold Todd and Mourna Flora Mobley
Loraine Marie Pierson 9 December 1932 Purl Nicholas Pierson and Coila Marie Belshee
William Virgil Guyton 14 December 1932 Volna Virgil Guyton and Pearl Lucille Mitchell
Kenneth John Wilson 28 December 1932 John King Wilson and Mary Lucille Smith
Louis Rollins Schadewitz 9 January 1933 Louis Virgil Schadewitz and Doris Ida Rollins