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World War II

World War II

World War II stories written by veterans and their families include accounts of action in the Pacific, Europe and Africa, the Merchant Marine and Home Front support activities. Second generation Isami Tsubota and his family, uprooted from their Maryhill farm during the war and then displaced by the waters behind The Dalles Dam, established businesses in Biggs Junction. Sherman County exceeded per capita support in bond drives. See their stories in Sherman County: For The Record: Carlson, Coats, Conlee, Benson, Boynton, Eslinger, Fraser, French, Harvey, Henrichs, Kaseberg, Macnab, Melzer, McClure, McCoy, McDermid, O’Meara, Sayrs, Stark, Thomas, Tsubota, Virtue, von Borstel, Young and Ziegler. Please visit the Sherman County Historical Museum’s exhibit, Patriotism: Pride and Anguish.

Camp RufusOfficial List: Sherman County CasualtiesWW II Casualties not on the official Sherman County list.Stories: For The Record

World War II – Camp Rufus

Camp Rufus

By Sherry Woods Kaseberg

On December 22, 1944, the Sherman County Journal reported that about 1,000 men of the 1687 Combat Engineers Battalion, the 558 Heavy Pontoon Engineers and the 1490 Engineer Maintenance Company were encamped west of Rufus along the Columbia River highway.

Tents were set up and trucks, jeeps, tanks and pontoon bridging sections arrived for testing upriver from Rufus and the nearby Deschutes River.

The community opened the grange hall, school, church and homes. The Red Cross chapter asked residents to provide cookies, newspapers, magazines and books, and urged families to invite soldiers to their homes. The Journal reported on cookie deliveries and paper, blood and war bond drives. Local resident, Curtis A. Tom, was camp instructor for first aid and water safety.

The camp population grew to 2,500 men.

On April 13, the Journal reported the soldiers’ departure leaving the site bare with sand and dust blowing in the wind.

Significantly, on April 20, the Journal reported the connection between the army engineers stationed at Rufus experimenting with pontoon bridges and the proposed bridging of the Rhine River with specifications for the pontoons at the Kaiser yards in Portland. However, their expertise was not needed because the key Rhine bridge was saved.

Fast forward to 2012 when the WWII Veterans Historic Highway Committee, under the leadership of Dick Tobiason, installed WORLD WAR II VETERANS HISTORIC HIGHWAY signs along US 97 and SR 126. These honor World War II troops and trainers who prepared for battle at former training sites in central Oregon communities: Camp Rufus (sign at Biggs), Madras Army Airfield, Redmond Army Airfield, Civilian Pilot Training at Bend and Prineville, Camp Abbot at Sunriver, and Marine Barracks and Naval Air Station at Klamath Falls. All military service branches were involved and these airfields are still in use as civilian airfields.

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World War II 1941-1945 – Official List: Sherman County Casualties

Donald R. Burnet T Sgt Army Air Corps 2 years, stationed Mississippi, died September 1, 1943 plane accident; casualty DNB; son of Edith Burnet, brother of Mrs. W.C. Schilling and Charles Burnet of Moro; wife Ruth, step-daughter Bonnie; military funeral Moro, Oregon.  ~ Sherman County Journal, September 3 & 10, 1943
R.K. Christianson Enlisted Portland, Oregon April 23, 1942, Army
Wyman John French Son of Giles & Lela (Barnum) French, born near Grass Valley September 30, 1922, brother of Jane and Patty; enlisted Eugene, Oregon, Army Pvt. 1st Class, 58th Infantry Battalion, 8th Armored Division, machine gunner, KIA February 27, 1945, buried American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands; Purple Heart. ~ Sherman County Journal, March 16, 1945
Donald J. Howell Born 1919 Washington, enlisted Fort Lewis, Washington, Army Medical Administrative Corps
George J. Kerr Cpl. Army Air Force, KIA
William G. Macnab 1st Lt. U.S. Air Force, pilot, buried American Cemetery, Netherlands.
Romie Ortega Pvt. Army Air Force, casualty DOW
Carl F. Peetz Son of Otto and Margaret Peetz, born Moro, Oregon, April 12, 1920, U of O graduate, volunteered for enlisted reserves, called up summer 1943, officer’s school at Fort Benning, Georgia; Staff Sgt., KIA age 24, March 7, 1945 Germany. ~ Sherman County Journal, March 23 and June 1, 1945
Carsten A. von Borstel Son of Amandus, brother of Fred, Phil, Helen & Mary, born Kent, Oregon December 3, 1924; inducted January 12, 1944, KIA Italy. ~ Sherman County Journal, November 10, 1944
Chester Donovan Watkins Son of W.D. Watkins, born near Wasco, Oregon April 8, 1914, brother of Vinton and Arthur in the service and Leo near Wasco; married Danajean McMillan December 14, 1941; Army, KIA Germany. ~ Sherman County Journal, May 11, 1945
Earl C. Williams 1935 Rufus High School graduate, 1939 U of O graduate, stationed Fort Ord & Fort Lewis, 1st Lt. & Capt., transferred to Manila April 1940; KIA January 20, 1942 Philippines. ~ Sherman County Journal, Feb. 13 1942
Prentice E. Yeomans. Lt. Col. Army Air Force, KIA


Sherman County Connections: WW II Casualties not on the official Sherman County list.
Ernest Perrin Brother of Mrs. Max Brown, son of Charles Perrin of Redmond, Oregon; KIA aboard ship in the Pacific. ~ Sherman County Journal, September 20, 1942
Donald Barnes Formerly of Sherman County, killed in the service 1943. ~ Sherman County Journal, July 16, 1943
Earl Dutton Son of Harley Dutton, born Idaho, brother of Captain Harold Dutton and Mrs. James Dunn; 1st Lt. died plane crash South Pacific February 8, 1944. ~ Sherman County Journal, February 18, 1944
Harlow Parkins KIA Italian front April 8, 1944. ~ Sherman County Journal, April 28, 1944
Kenneth Emmett Barnett Son of George Thomas Barnett, born March 17, 1920 Grass Valley, brother of  Ethel and Margaret; married Anita Dunlap June 27, 1941 Grass Valley, Oregon; pharmacist’s mate 2nd class U.S. Naval Reserve, died September 18, 1944 heat exhaustion in the South Pacific. ~ Sherman County Journal, September 29, 1944
Leonard Winnett Son of Ira Winnett of The Dalles, nephew of Mrs. Howard Spencer, KIA Palau, South Pacific. ~ Sherman County Journal, December 29, 1944
Verne/Verle J. Baker Son of Mrs. L.M. Baker formerly of Grass Valley, brother of sister Cleo and brother Frank, born February 6, 1923, grandson of Mr. & Mrs. I.D. Pike, Grass Valley; inducted June 1940 Fort Lewis, Staff Sgt. Signal Corps, shipped out to Australia June 1941, New Guinea campaign, KIA Leyte. ~ Sherman County Journal, January 12 & 19, 1945


World War II stories
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WWII Merchant Marine Experiences of Ted Carlson by Susan R. Smith

#31-2  2013

World War II Veterans Historic Highway by Dick Tobiason

#33-2   2015

Fort Lewis, New Guinea, Philippines & Japan by Robert Ziegler

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