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Spaulding Chapel

Spaulding Chapel was at the center of section 30, T1S, R18E near the head of Hay Canyon.

Methodist missionary Rev. Frank R. Spaulding established the church in Upper Hay Canyon. Rev. Wright and Rev. Morrison were among early preachers. A beloved historic landmark for many years, it was burned in 2005. Rev.

Spaulding married Catherine J. McDonald, a cousin of Robert J. Ginn of Umatilla and Sherman counties, in Umatilla County in 1885. They had 12 children: Rollin who married Adelia Cannon, Merrill who died in infancy in Umatilla County, Earl who married Bess Youell of Hood River, Frank, Olin B., Angus A. who drowned in 1909 with his brother Robert and their mother in Granite Lake, ID, D. Leland, Mary Katherine who married Aubrey L. Fletcher, Fay who married Charles Swan, and M. Bruce Spaulding, a Salem, OR attorney. Rev. Spaulding served the mission field in Brazil for four years, and the family lived in Prineville, Salem, Hood River, Sherman County, Portland, OR; Ellensburg and Pleasant Prairie near Spokane, WA and Manaus, Brazil.  Harmony School was one-half mile S.

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