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Quadrangle Maps

Quadrangle Maps, U.S. Geological Survey

A quadrangle map shows a tract of the country and is one of a series of map sheets produced by the U.S. Geological Survey. Sherman County quadrangle maps may be purchased through specialty outlets, Powell’s books and USGS.

If one were to look at all the USGS quadrangles that cover some portion of Sherman County, the following maps, roughly in geographical order below, would be included among others. The number shown is the percentage of Sherman County shown on the map.

Wishram Quadrangle shows the mouth of the Deschutes River, for example. Summit Ridge has less than 5%, a small part of Deschutes River. Maupin quad shows the lower end of Buck Hollow, Sundale NW has a portion of the John Day River, and Turner Butte quad has part of the eastern-most section of the John Day River.

Explore the U.S. Geological Survey maps of your area through the USGS National Map Viewer.

Wishram 5%  Biggs Jct. Rufus Quinton Sundale NW 5%
Emerson 15% Locust Grove Wasco Klondike McDonald 80%
Turner Butte 5% Summit Ridge 5% Erskine  Moro Harmony
Esau Canyon 10% Sherar’s Bridge Sinamox 80% Grass Valley Rosebush
Indian Cove Maupin 5% Dead Dog Canyon 30 Bronx Canyon Kent
Horseshoe Bend 80% Shoestring Ridge 15% Macken Canyon Bath Canyon 25% Chimney Spr 5%

The good cartographer is both a scientist and an artist. He must have a thorough knowledge of his subject and model, the Earth…. He must have the ability to generalize intelligently and to make a right selection of the features to show. These are represented by means of lines or colors; and the effective use of lines or colors requires more than knowledge of the subject – it requires artistic judgement. – Erwin Josephus Raisz