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Kent IOOF Cemetery

Compiled by Sherry (Woods) Kaseberg
Kent IOOF Cemetery, 1965 Survey with Notes

Located one mile north of Kent near Highway 97, the five acre cemetery in the NW corner of the NW ¼ of Section 27, T4S, R17E, Kent Cemetery was surveyed in February 1911 by J. B. Goit of The Dalles, Oregon and dedicated by the IOOF on February 20, 1911. Grave stone inscriptions were recorded in 1965 by Sherry Kaseberg. Pat Helyer, Chris Sanders (Sherman County newspaper obituaries) and Emma Jean Smith contributed additional information. The Kent Community owns the Kent Cemetery and the Kent Baptist Church is in charge of the upkeep.

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1870-14 July 1954

Grain warehouseman & laborer at Kent; unmarried; died Sherman County, OR [ODI#8438 – Richard Abelli]



27 September 1917-29 January 1919

Daughter of Oscar H. & Mary; died flu epidemic [Shaniko People by Helen Guyton Rees, 1983; Eakin family records; GVJ, 31 January 1919]



18 January 1920-13 March 1932

12 year old son of Oscar H. & Mary of Hood River & Sherman County, OR; killed in a rock slide near Mosier Tunnel, Columbia River Highway west of The Dalles during a Boy Scout field trip. [Shaniko People by Rees, 1983; SCJ, 18 March 1932]


Nora E.

11 May 1880-19 July 1949

Lanora “Nora” Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of George & Martha (Cress) Wilson; wife of Walter Adams; mother of Ruth m. Kaser and Walter m. Josephine Hill; died Tacoma, WA [SCJ, 22 & 29 July 1949]



23 July 1879

Born Corn Creek, Johnson County, TN; m. Lanora Elizabeth Wilson in Mountain City, TN; to KS 1898; to Fossil, OR 1899; to Sherman County; father of Virginia Ruth m. R. Theodore Kaser and Walter m. Josephine [1910 US Census, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA; 1920 US Census, Kent Pct., Sherman County, OR: Walter R. Adams 40 TN, Nora L. Adams 39 TN, Ruth Adams 14 WA, Walter W. Adams 11 WA, Walter Wilson 18 cousin TN, Ruth Wilson 23 single sister-in-law TN, Jacob H. Wilson 42 TN, Mary A. Wilson 42 TN, Joseph G. Wilson 14 OR, Martha H. Wilson 12 OR & John K. Wilson 10 OR]


Anton [Richard Antonio]

-3 January 1928

Born Italy; N of Kent; lived at Pluemke’s Kent Hotel after his house burned about 1916, where Mrs. Pluemke cared for him in his later years. He owned SW ¼, Section 10, T4S, R17E in 1913. [TO, 11 January 1929; GVJ 4 & 11 January 1929]


Norman L.


Son of Roy Phillip & Lola E. (Young); brother of Lee, Leland d. 1945, Willard & Levina (Jefferies, Schadewitz) [TO, 22 April 1921; SCJ, 4 May 1945; SC:FTR 2-1]


Clarice E.


nee Mitchell, wife of Allan Melville Bekkedahl; sister of Marguerite Decker; mother of Kenneth, Deanna (Zaniker) and Barbara (Richwine)


Infant Female

-2 May 1914, 4d

Child of Walter H. & Ella (Craig) [ODI#1390]



-11 May 1911

Child of Walter H. & Ella (Craig) [ODI#-none]




Daughter of Walter E. & Faye M. (Howell); sister of Thelda  [TO, 18 January 1929, 23 December 1921; SCN, 24 January 1929]



-2 September 1935, 56y

To Sherman County from Portland, OR to homestead about 1933, E of the MacInnes ranch; died at the old Archie Chisholm homestead cabin E of Kent. [SCJ, 13 September 1935; ODI#9: 3 September 1935]


Benjamin Minett

5 February 1837-23 February 1929, 92y 13d

Born NY; Co. C. 7th Indiana Vol. Cavalry, Civil War, including Custer’s regiment in Texas; Oregon Mounted Volunteers, Indian Wars; to OR 1871 by boat from CA; lived NY, MO; to Sherman Co. 1890 and homesteaded on what became the Wilbur Haggerty place; pioneer merchant & postmaster at Kent, OR; m. Mary Jane (Spoonemoore) 1858 Nodaway County, MO & she died 1878 at Oregon City; father of Sarah A., Mary Frances m. Fowler, Benjamin Carr,  George, Charles A., Anderson L., Andrew, John H. & Ellen Isabelle m. Rider; brother of  Fred Brown of Kent and D.D. Brown of Milford, KS; lived Kent 35 years; Masonic lodge in MO and Sherman County. Not related to the Brown family buried at Grass Valley that farmed at Kent.  [TO, 1 March 1929; GVJ, 1 March 1929; 1900SCVR, Kent Precinct; ODI#5]



-6 April 1987

nee Elna Matilda Zahlen; m1 Arthur J. Decker; m2 ___ Burkhart; mother of John J. & Hazel Decker; died CA


Charles W.

1898-6 December 1953

Second husband of Guernsey Glade (Guyton) McCulloch of Shaniko [ODI#13382]


Francis Maxine

-12/16 May 1927

Daughter of Arthur & Emma May (McKay) Cratty; Arthur was a painter & paper hanger. [ODI#6; Sherman County Births: Frances Maxine Cratty, born 18 April 1927]


Hider C.

5 April 1868-17 April 1917

Suicide; husband of Ida (Wills); father of Luther W., Margaret Pearl m. Wilson, Grace m. Smith  & Pauline Marie m. Douma [TO, 20 April 1917; SC:FTR, Vol. 2, #2, 1984; GVJ, 20 April 1917]



22 June 1873-16 October 1955

Born Shelbyville, TN, nee Wills; married Hider C. Davis in TN; to OR 1913 [ODI#12568, Wasco County]


Jerie Lea

15 February 1953-25 May 1988

[ODI#10591, Washington County]


Arthur J.

1874-14 January 1938, 62y

Son of Cecil Edwin Decker, born Michigan 31 January 1874; m1 Rosella Bowerman, father of ___ H. (m), Reva Henrietta & Iva Leona; m2 Elna (Zahlen), father of John J. & Hazel; brother of John E., Ada May & Alva Newton Decker; lived Wisconsin, Saskatchewan and farm near  Kent; raised wheat & livestock; funeral Kent Grange Hall, Catholic rites by Father Murphy. [SC:FTR, Vol. 2. #2, 1984; SCJ, 21 January 1938; 1888 US Census, Ionia County, MI; 1900 US Census, Gratiot County, MI; 1910 US Census, Crook County, OR; 1911 Canada Census, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; 1930 US Census, Kent Pct., Sherman County, OR; ODI#9, Wasco County]



-10 February 1921

Twin daughter of J.S. & E.G.



-10 February 1921

Twin daughter of J.S. & E.G.


Joseph Shelton

8 December 1896-23 September 1979

Born Mountain City, Johnson County, TN; husband of Edna Genevieve (Schadewitz); father of Lewis, Edwin Robert, Joseph, Doran E. & Vivian L. m. Todd; to Oregon 1918, to Grass Valley 1919 [ODI#15372, Wasco County]


Edna Genevieve

6 October 1897-21 March 1989

[ODI#05901, Wasco County]


Carl B.

1893-6 July 1938

Married Grace Holt; father of Delores, Frances & Carl; related to Joseph, Kenneth & Earl Gregg; funeral Kent Grange Hall. [SCJ, 15 July 1938; ODI#6, died Multnomah County, OR]


Grace Ellen

19 December 1894-12 August 1989

Wife of Carl B. Gregg; mother of Delores, Frances & Carl; died Deschutes County, OR


Joseph H.

1892-11 August 1948

Joseph Harrison Gregg; father of Eileen, Leason &
Norman; died Deschutes County, OR  [SCJ, 20 August 1948; ODI#8939]


___ ___

Unmarked graves on Gregg lot in 1965.


Olga May

10 April 1912-5 July 1912

Daughter of L.R. who lived E of Wilcox Station. [GVJ, 12 July 1912; ODI#-none]


Ada B.

1880-25 November 1958

Wife of William C.; mother of Glade m. McCulloch, Carrigan & Steinmetz, Virgil Volna m. Pearl Lucille Mitchell, Ora Lee &  Helen Josephine m. Reese; daughter of Josiah D. Bell of Kent who d. 21 August 1930 and was buried at his former home, Boyd, OR, 74y; died Umatilla County, OR [TO, 20 January 1922: Mrs. W. C. Guyton went to Colorado for the service for her mother, Mrs. J. D. Bell, who formerly lived at Kent; ODI#15177]


Will C.

15 June 1871-18 May 1958

Born McMinnville, OR, son of William F. & Ellen; brother of Charles F. m. Cora B. Moore, Maude m. Guy Walton, Dora, Albert H., John L., Adran M., Lola Daisy, LeRoy, Claud T. & Ida  m. Douthit & Helyer; husband of Ada Bell; father of Ora Lee, Volna Virgil, Guernsey Glade & Helen Josephine; homesteaded near Wilcox Station S of Kent; farmed in R5S, R17E, Section 21, E ½ Section 28, and Section 15 at Wilcox Station on the Columbia Southern Railroad in 1913; died Multnomah County, OR [SCJ, 25 April 1941: Mrs. Anna Guyton died Oakland, CA 18 April; widow of the late William F. Guyton, pioneer of Sherman & Wasco counties.]

 [SC:FTR  #2-2; 1880 Census, 15-Mile Precinct, Wasco County, OR: the William F. & Mary E. Guyton family had three children: Albert H., 10, William C., 8 and Charles F., 3; 1900SCVR: W.C. & Charles F. Guyton were registered voters in the Kent Precinct in 1900; ODI#6102]


Ora Lee

30 May 1904-30 December 1945

Son of Will C. & Ada (Bell) [ODI#8431 Marion County]


William S.

29 October 1862-26 May 1937

Born Logan, IA, brother of A.K. & Marshall Hall; uncle of John Bayliss; married in 1881, wife and daughters predeceased him; to Sherman County 1894 from Logan, IA; farmer near Kent; died The Dalles [SCJ, 4 June 1937; 1900SCVR, Kent Precinct; ODI#79] [TO, 16 February 1912: Sarah J. Hall died at the home of her son at age nearly 82 years, burial at Vancouver beside her daughter; leaving sons W. S. and A. K. Hall. She owned SW ¼ of Section 8, T4S, R17E, NW of Kent.]


Beulah V.

25 April 1882-1 April 1958

Born Johnson County, TN, daughter of George S. & Martha (Cress) Wilson; m. Roy J. Harbin 1908 Sherman County; mother of Earl W. Harbin m. Edith Hollenbeck [ODI#4316]


Robert Wilson

14 May 1919-1 November 1969

Married Hazel Clemens; father of Linda & Larry [ODI#17584 Wasco County]


Hazel Margaret

21 October 1916-25 May 2000

Married Bob Helyer 25 December 1940; mother of Linda m. Mitchell and Larry Helyer; cook and school bus driver for Kent School; lived on the family ranch near Kent until1969; died Eugene, OR.


Isabelle A.

9 October 1870-5 March 1955

Daughter of Craig & Isabelle (Comstock) Bennett; to OR 1883; m. Ormond C. Hogue 15 October 1891 Sherman County home of Isabelle Bennett; sister of Abel Comstock Bennett, Ralph Craig Bennett, Jennie C. (Bennett) Patterson, Milton H. Bennett, Walter H. Bennett who m. Ella A. Craig & Frank Leech Bennett [ODI#3570, Wasco County; Leanna J. Bennett 1984; Cecil Bennett; Luretta Bennett, The Dalles, OR]


Rose Alice

24 November 1901-5 December 1938

Daughter of Lawrence Amick, born at Kent; m. Wren Hogue 9 September 1920; mother of Marian Eilene m. Eslinger & Roy Wade Hogue; sister of Jo Bauer [SCJ, 8 & 16 December 1938;ODI#11, Sherman County; Eilene Eslinger; SC:FTR.]


Wren O.

19 May 1900-26 December 1961

Wren Ormond Hogue, brother of Jennie m. Clair Simler, Minnie m. Elmer Swett, Gertrude Isabelle Hogue and Lyle V. Hogue; m1 Rose Amick 1920 The Dalles, OR; father of Marian Eilene Eslinger and Roy Hogue; m2 Jo Amick who m3 Bernard McNeely who was m. to Mary Brown as her 2nd husband. [ODI#16626, Umatilla County]


Infant Twin Sons

3 September 1915-3 September 1915

Sons of Harry R. Horner; related to Elsie Stephens of Stanfield, OR.



18 August 1920-17 May 1921, 8m 29d

Daughter of Harry R. Horner; died on the E.E. Barzee farm. [TO, 20 May 1921]


Dale Washington

23 February 1913-10 November 1990

Son of G.W. & R.M.; father of Phillip, Jim, Mark, Kathryn & Linda [ODI#21069, Hood River County]


George W.

1870-18 January 1965, 94y

Husband of Rachel Millicent McKay; father of Harry, Harold, Dale, Millard, George Marvin, Faye Millicent m. Beyer, Bernice/Ruth m. J.B. Woods & Thelma; lived south of Kent; leased NE ¼ Section 8, T5S, R17E, in 1913. [ODI#1356, Wasco County]


Rachel Millicent

2 March 1881-1931

Nee McKay, born NE; lived Sherman County almost 30 years; wife of George W.; mother of Harry, Harold, Dale, Millard, George Marvin, Faye, Bernice & Thelma; sister of George, James, Paul,  Addie m. Augee, Gertrude m. Holliworth, May, Myrtle m. Cratty & Stella m Logan; funeral from Kent Christian church [SCJ, 5 June 1931; ODI#7 Kent, Sherman County]


Thelma May

1912-30 July 1930, 18y

Daughter of G.W. & R.M; two sisters & five brothers; funeral Kent Christian Church [GVJ, 1 August 1930; ODI#127]




Child of _______Howell died near Kent Sunday morning. [GVJ, 3 September 1909]


William P.

28 July 1917-2 July 1977

Born Dickinson, ND; to CCC Camp in Sherman County; met and married Lavina here; father of Patrick, Timothy, June m. McAfee, Colleen Lola m. Day & Cole & Susan m. Page; brother of Jack, Don, Jim, Jane & Jean [ODI#11547, Sherman County]



Lavina Barnett 4 July 1922 – 22 April 1998; m1 William Jefferies; m2 John Schadewitz [ODI#11207]



27 February 1865-13 July 1948

Born TN; lived in Oregon over 20 years; mother of Frank, Mrs. J.M. Wilson & Mrs. I.E. Wilson; died Pullman, WA; funeral from Kent Christian Church [SCJ, 16 July 1948]


Earnest L.

10 May 1898-5 July 1906


Chyra Gay

12 March 1930-18 May 1930, 2m

Daughter of Clarence Ivan & Irma Crystal (Sommer) Lafoon; grave moved to Grass Valley Cemetery after death of Clarence Lafoon.



Unmarked grave between Lafoon & Sweetmire in 1965.


Carl N.

1921- October 1936

Tennessee to Oregon; lived at Kent 8 – 10 years; son of Alfred & Edith Marie (Gregg) Lyons of Kent; self-inflicted gunshot [SCJ, 16 & 23 October 1936]



– February 1975

Husband of Edith (Gregg); father of Edna m. Schilling & Fraley, Hester m. Wilson, Carl N. Lyons, Phoebe m. McKay, Earl Lyons, Jack Lyons, Mary Lou m. Earl & Sammie m. Watkins


Earl J.

19 September 1923-1 February 1957

OR TEC 3618 QM Truck Co., WW II, PH; husband of Jacquel [ODI#2323, Sherman County]


Edith Marie

13 August 1895-15 May 1987

Nee Gregg, born Johnson County, TN; to Sherman County, OR 1928; wife of Alfred; mother of  Edna m. Schilling & Fraley, Hester m. Wilson, Carl N. Lyons, Phoebe m. McKay, Earl Lyons, Jack Lyons, Mary Lou m. Earl & Sammie m. Watkins [ODI#9583, The Dalles]




Billy J. Lyons d. 23 February 1964, Wasco County, OR 37y  [ODI#2954]








County grave. [GVJ, 13 February 1914, buried IOOF Cemetery at Kent.] Dave McKelvey lived E. of Kent near Jackknife Canyon, had children Guy & Evert. He died April 1945, 91y, The Dalles, OR; b. 24 August 1853 PA; homestead above Jackknife Canyon, raised horses; moved into Kent in old age; survivors included his long-separated wife living in Fossil, son Floyd of Redmond [SCJ, 20 April 1945] – GVJ, 10 October 1913, reported fatal injury of Everett McKelvey at the Hoover Creek bridge, died at home of his mother, Mrs. O.V. Helms in Fossil.


Emma Ophelia

8 August 1885-2 February 1975

Wife of George F. [ODI#2000; Deschutes County]


George F.


Husband of Emma; father of Jay Franklin, Maude, Harley “Hod,” Emma May m. Cratty, Edna m. Koepke & Avery and Nellie Belle m. Smith [ODI#10753]


Jay Franklin

2 November 1910-1987

Son of George & Emma; wife of Phoebe B. Lyons; father of Frank, Douglas, Kay & Peggy



-19 May 1920, 9y

Unmarked grave; thrown from a horse; son of William & May (Howell) Mitchell [TO, 21 May 1920]



-17 September 1913

Unmarked grave; daughter of William & May (Howell) [GVJ, 26 September 1913]



-20 April 1928

Unmarked grave 1965.



-1 September 1913, 3y

Unmarked grave; daughter of William & May (Howell) [GVJ, 5 September 1913]


May C.

1888-3 July 1957

nee Howell; wife of William [ODI#8265, Portland]



18 June 1888-6 July 1950

Born MI; husband of May C. (Howell); lived at Kent 25 years, Hermiston & Portland; father of Clarence, Lewella, Clarice m. Bekkedahl, Eldiva, Robert, Juanita m. Johnson, Pearl Lucille m. Guyton, Marguerite m. Decker & Lois; brother of Del, Fred, George, Arthur & Alta, all of Michigan; road contractor, CCC foreman, farmer [SCJ, 14 July 1950; ODI#7058, Portland]


Clarice E.

6 November 1914-22 July 1964

Born Sherman County, daughter of James C. & Margaret Pearl (Davis) Wilson; m1___ Sacre; m2 Henry Nelson; mother of George Sacre Nelson [ODI#9478, Deschutes County]


Mary Frances

1 September 1866-21 November 1920

Born St. Paul, OR, nee Pichetle; m1Joseph LaChance 1882 Oakland, OR, ten children, four survived her; m2 5 May 1902 William Nelson of Adams, OR & moved to DeMoss Springs & Kent, OR; survived by her husband William of Kent, sons Alfred  & B.H. LaChance of  Philomath, daughters Grace Gregg & Eva Gregg of  Kent and 6 grand-children; William Nelson farmed T4S, R18E, SW ¼ of Section 30, & part of Sections 17 & 20 on Adobe Point.  [TO, 29 October 1920, Portland]


Cecil Russell

27 December 1918/1920 – 3 June 1941

Son of James E. & Violet (Wilson) Norton; killed in a farm accident near Kent; Kent High School graduate; brother of Eugene, Ross, Alta, Geraldine & Carol; funeral Kent Christian Church [SCJ, 6 June 1941; ODI#4, Sherman County]


Eugene Lyle

28 May 1923-22 January 1948, 24y

TEC 5 Field Artillery, WWII; son of James E. & Violet; employed in his father’s store at Kent, OR; [SCJ, 30 January 1948; ODI#1085, Wasco County]


James E.

29 July 1891-4 October 1960

To Sherman County as an OSU Extension agent 1917; graduate of Oregon Agricultural College; business teacher in Salem; Sgt. Co. M, 3rd Infantry WWI; m1 Violet Wilson who died 1927; m2 Mildred Ross 1929, Albany, OR; purchased Kent general store from Mr. Irby 1921; son of Wiley; brother of Warren; father of Alta m. Shanahan, Geraldine m. Tatum, Carole m. Putnam, Ross, Warren Wiley, Cecil & Eugene. [ODI#13796, Wasco County]


Violet Viola

23 January 1891-7 October 1927

Daughter of C.E. Wilson, born near Custer City, SD; to OR 1903; 1st wife of James E. Norton, m. 16 August 1914 at home of her parents at Airlie, OR; mother of Alta, Cecil, Eugene & Geraldine; sister of Irene Schadewitz of Kent, Loyal Wilson of Summit, OR, Rex & Willard Wilson of Airlie & Floyd Wilson of Dexter, OR. [SCN,14 October 1927; GVJ, 14 October 1927; ODI#10]


Mildred B.

12 June 1903-23 June 1974

Wife of James E. Norton [ODI#10091]


Alvin M.

1841-26 October 1915

A.M. Orcutt died of tuberculosis at his home SW of Grass Valley. [Orcutts are shown in the cemetery records but graves are unmarked; Sue Langus; GVJ, 29 October 1915; see Observer Cemetery.]


Daniel Dolph

-15 December 1903, 87y

Died near Kent; funeral by Rev. Henderson at the Presbyterian church in Kent; burial at “Kent burial ground,” lived Section 27, T4S, R16E in 1900 [GVJ, 18 & 25 December 1903; Sue Langus re: Daniel Dolph Orcutt; 1900SCVR, Kent Precinct; see Observer Cemetery]


Letha Jane

13 May 1920-6 April 1921, 10m 4d

Infant daughter of W.S. Orcutt [TO, 15 April 1921]


William S.

1885-24 September 1923
38y 12d

Funeral from Methodist church in Moro; buried Kent IOOF Cemetery. [TO, 28 September 1923; GVJ, 28 September 1923; ODI#11 Moro, Sherman County]




Born Sweden c. 1877; died on the Decker ranch near Kent; brother of Hilma, Anna m. Andahl & __ m. Lindquist [SCJ, 28 January 1944]



Child of Max & Emma (Moers) who operated the Kent Hotel; sibling of Albert, Karl & Maxcine [SC:FTR, Vol. 3, #2]


Pollie Mae

30 November 1910-23 August 1941

Born Tacoma, WA, daughter of James C. & Pearl (Davis) Wilson; 1st wife of Dietrich “Dick” Reckmann, married 1931 & lived on Reckmann farm SW of Grass Valley; funeral Kent Christian Church; mother of Ida Margaret m. Hammond & Snider, Katherine Jane m. Christiansen & Peggy Marie m. Nash; sister of Nellie Grace Wilson & Mrs. H.C. Nelson; granddaughter  of Mrs. Ida Davis of Moro [SCJ, 29 August 1941; ODI#140]



-14 January 1904

[GVJ, 15 January 1904: William Robertson in serious accident, leg amputated by Drs. Taylor, Goffin & Beers, lived about 8 hours after surgery; GVJ, 22 January 1904: William Robertson died 14 January of injuries sustained in helping John Reckmann move his house; funeral Kent church, burial Kent burying ground. Rev. Henderson conducted service; TO, 22 January 1904: William Robertson died at Kent. He lived in Wasco County 1864-1901 when he moved to Kent at age 55; left six children.]

NOTE: Burial could be in The Observer Cemetery OR Kent IOOF Cemetery.




[See next below]



[Possibly the same as Alfred, above? GVJ, 6 January 1911, reported death of Robinson child near Kent.]



-31 January 1939, 67y

Wife of John R. Rucker; mother of Paul Smith by a previous marriage; two grandchildren in Puerto Rico [TO, 21 July 1922; SCJ, 7 September 1934 & 10 February 1939; ODI#25, Umatilla County]


John R. “Jack”

-7 January 1970, 79y

[ODI#1571, Wasco County]


Carl Henry

28 January 1828-10 December 1893

To USA about 1846; carriage maker in NY; married 1855 Rochester, NY Maria Washer who died Lodi, CA; father of Louis, Charles & Henry; to CA 1850s; to OR 1887; to Sherman County about 1892. [History of the Columbia River Valley, The Dalles to the Sea by Fred Lockley]


Carl Henry

15 September 1892-14 February 1973

Husband of Polly Susan; son of Henry & Emma (Parks); father of John who m. Lavina (Barnett) Jeffries [ODI#3502, Wasco County]


Polly Susan

20 August 1900-8 January 1979

Born Johnson County, TN; wife of Carl Henry Schadewitz; mother of John; died Sherman County



10 August 1859/1860-18 February 1951

Born Lodi, CA, son of Carl & Maria; unmarried; to Kent ca. 1884; farmed E ½ Section 26, T4S, R16E & a fraction of Section 34 [1913 Sherman County Atlas; SCJ, 2 March 1951; 1900VR: Chas. Schadewitz, 40, stockman, Kent Precinct, Section 26, T4S, R16E; ODI#2291, Umatilla County]


Emma May

13 February 1867-19 March 1939

Born California, daughter of John & Olive Parks; m.  Henry 1891 (obit) in San Joaquin Co., CA; mother of Carl, Melvin, Louis, Olive, Lola, Theodore &  John; sister of Mrs. Louis Schadewitz, Nellie m. Johnson, Mrs. Ralph Thaxter & Delbert Parks [SCJ, 24 March 1939; ODI#46, The Dalles]



1856/1857- 2 August 1929, 71y

Born NY; son of Carl; NY to CA as an infant; married Emma May Parks 1892 Jackson, Amador County, CA; to Sherman County 1884 with brothers, Louis &  Charles; pre-emption & timber culture claims, wheat farmer 3 miles from Kent, farmed T4S, R17E, W ½ Section 32,  part of 31; operated store in Kent 1901-1919; father of Carl H., John W., Lola, Olive, Melvin, Louis H. & Theodore Lee; 9 grandchildren; funeral Kent American Legion hall, Rev. John Seethoff of Moro Methodist church; 50 cars in funeral procession.

[SCN, 1 August 1929; TO, 9 August 1929; GVJ, 9 August 1929; 1900SCVR, Kent Precinct Section 30, T4S, R17E; ODI#118, Wasco County]


John William

1896-26 April 1898

Son of Henry & Emma [TPR, 26 May 1898; ML, 27 April 1898]



12 April 1863-26 February 1932

Born near Liberty, CA, son of Carl & Maria; m. 13 February 1895 Mary Ann Parks; to Sherman County 1884; farmed & raised sheep T4S, R16E, W1/2 Section 26 & W ½ Section 25; operated a market in Kent; father of Oliver E., Virgil, Edna m. Fritts & Marie m. Hendricks [SCJ, 4 March 1932; 1900SCVR,, Kent Precinct, Section 26, T4S, R16E; ODI#1, Sherman County]


Mary Ann

1868/1869-28 June 1942

nee Parks, wife of Louis Schadewitz; mother of Oliver, Virgil, Edna & Marie [SCJ, 3 July 1942]


Theodore L.


Son of Henry & Emma


Mildred M.

-4 January 1968

Born about 1907 NE, son of Benjamin and Myrtle Layton of Washington County, OR; died of gunshot wound at her farm E of Kent; sister of Gordon, Marvin, Vernon and Audra.  [ODI#1437; SCJ, 5 August 1955: Died. Marvin H. Layton, Beaverton, brother of Mrs. Mildred Smith, Kent; fullback on the NE football team, earned a berth on the 1924 Olympic squad; killed in logging accident at Tillamook]



-11 May 1932, 36y


Pamela Sue

1952-14 July 1974, Multnomah County, OR






26 April 1896-1 May 1932

Nee Hogue, m. Elmer J. Swett, 12 June 1927 at Hogue home, Kent; twin sister of Wren Hogue [TO, 1927; ODI#55]


William Eugene

4 July 1922-1 August 1977

Husband of Vivian (Fritts) [ODI#17266]


David S.

27 June 1877-15 January 1938

Remains brought from Vancouver, WA [SCJ, 28 December 1937]




Farmer in Jackknife-Dobie
Point district E of Kent [TO, 11 November 1921, 8 May 1925, 23 December 1921.][TO, 8 May 1925: Mrs. Nancy Walter, 88y, died at Kent May 1925; burial Panora, IA; mother of son & daughter at Kent.]


Susanna N.

20 June 1857-24 January 1941

[SCJ, 31, January 1941: Walters in obituary, d. Vancouver, WA]


George Scott

28 November 1845-21 September 1919

Born Johnson County, TN, son of Richard Luck & Elizabeth Wilson; m. Martha E. Cress; father of  Jacob Hayes, Jeremiah Miller, Lanora Elizabeth m. Adams, Beulah m. Harbin, Essie m. Wilson, Maude G. m. Sias, James C., Trula Brooks m. Wilbur C. Helyer, Mary E., Isaac Errett m. Anna T. Kelly, and Ruth m. Hurner & Canright; Co. D, 13th Tennessee Cavalry, Union Army, 1865; to Kent 1905 [GVJ, 26 September 1919; ODI#20, Sherman County]


Martha E.

18 October 1855-13 April 1916

nee Cress, born Johnson County, TN; married 10 February 1876 George Scott Wilson; lived Johnson County, TN; mother of Jacob H., Jerry M., Lanora, Beulah V., Essie S., Maude G., James C., Trula Brooks, Isaac Erratt, Georgia Ruth & Mary E. Wilson; 16 grandchildren [GVJ, 21 April 1916; ODI#7, Sherman County]


Jacob Hayes

17 February 1877-26 March 1952

Born Johnson County, TN; married Mary Alice Gregg; father of Joseph G., Martha H. m. Rambo & Robinson, John K. & Mary; farmed T4S, R18E, Section 18, 19, part of 31 [ODI#3644, The Dalles]


Mary Alice

4 November 1877-28 July 1941

Born Johnson County, TN,  nee Gregg; To Kent with her husband Jacob Hayes Wilson in 1905; joined Kent church in 1917; mother of Dr. Joseph G., Martha, John K. & Mary; sister of Mrs. Catherine McCoy, Mrs. Grant Resse & J.H. Gregg; funeral Kent Christian Church [SCJ, 1 August 1941; ODI#5, Sherman County]



-10 April 1917

Infant of Jacob Hayes & Mary A. Wilson


Jeremiah “Jerry” Miller

1 July 1878-12 February 1955

Born Johnson County, TN; married Letitia (Kelly); father of George William, Paul K., Lester, Helen m. Bothwell & Davis), Jeremiah Miller & Richard H. Wilson; served as Sherman County Judge [ODI#2268]

Wilson, III

Jerry M. III “Skippy”

24 February 1944-3 June 1948

Son of Jeremiah Miller, Jr. & Doris (Stiles); died Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon  [SCJ, 2 July 1948]


Sandra Kay

4 November 1946-11 June 1961

Daughter of Jeremiah M. & Doris [ODI#6871]


James C.

17 May 1888-13 December 1965

Married Pearl M. Davis 1909; father of Clarice m. Nelson & Sacre, Pollie m. Reckmann, Nellie m. Meade & Charles Cofer Wilson; farmed T4S, R17E, Sections 19, 29.


Margaret Pearl

28 January 1890-23 December 1961

Daughter of Hider C. & Ida (Wills) Davis; born Johnson County, TN; wife of James C.; mother of Clarice, Pollie, Nellie & Charles Cofer Wilson [ODI#16383, Multnomah County]


Charles Cofer

October 1916-15 January 1936

Son of James C. & Margaret Pearl (Davis); brother of Polly m. Reckmann, Clarice m. Sacre, Nellie Grace; Rev. Adrian Sias of Dufur officiated at Kent Christian church funeral [SCJ, 17 & 24 January 1936; ODI#184, Portland]


Mary Edd

18 January 1892-22 January 1892

Daughter of George & Martha



1918-19 March 1918

Infant of Isaac Errett & Anna


James Errett

-4 June 1932

Infant of Isaac Errett Wilson of Pullman, WA [SCJ, 10 & 17 1932]



-28 March 1902, 3y, 3m, 16d

Daughter of William A. & Sarah; sister of Mabel m. Horner, Lottie m. Alsup & Hampton, Ila, Lola m. Barnett, Vivian, Lorene m. Smith, Willie & Lloyd; died of burns on the Young homestead about 6 miles SW of Kent; services in the schoolhouse. [GVJ, 28 March & 4 April 1902; TO, 4 April 1902—death 26 March, services conducted by Mr. Craig; 1913 Sherman County Atlas; 1900SCVR; SC:FTR 2-1] William A. Young, Homestead Entry No. 5467, 8 May 1895, SW1/4 Section 21, T4S, R17E, no final proof made. Married Sarah J. 1895, left claim October 1900 with all improvements, made a second homestead entry #8391 for SW1/4 Section 8, T5S, R17E in 1900. W.A. Young was registered to vote in Kent Precinct in 1900 and lived Section 21, T4S, R17E. W.A. Young died Oregon City hospital 83y 6m 16d, May 1954, homesteaded near Kent 1890, lived there until about 1934, moved to near Portland; survived by widow Sarah, children: Mrs. Harry Horner, Mrs. Roy Barnett, Mrs. Lottie Hampton, Mrs. Otho Smith, Willie & Lloyd Young.




Infant of Grover C. Young; grandson of Alonzo & Mary Jane (Carmical) Young [GVJ, 19 October 1917]



Daughter of William & Sarah (Howell) Young; died on the Young homestead near Kent [Sherman County Births: Ilah Rose Young, 16 April 1906 to William A. Young & Sarah J. Howell.]



Daughter of William A. & Sarah, died young; may be buried here.




[GVJ, 13 June 1919: Six-year-old child of Mr. & Mrs. Young of Kent died; interment in IOOF cemetery at Kent.]




[GVJ, 2 June 1911: six-year-old daughter of W.A. Young of about 6 miles SW of Kent died of diphtheria; ODI #1774 (Female) Young, Sherman County, 28 May 1911]


Kent Area Deaths, Burial Site Unknown





Elliott Joseph “Sailor Joe” March 1897, 48y [TO, Moro, OR 18 March 1897]
Hartley [TO, 5 November 1920: Daughter of J. C. Hartley of Kent, aged 2, died of burns at the family home near Kent.]
Howell Baby 1909 [GVJ, 3 September 1909: Howell baby died near Kent Sunday morning.]
Shreeves Infant 1898 [TPR: 5 May 1898: Shreeves, Infant of John & Ellen of Kent district, aged 2 weeks, funeral conducted by Rev. Hinton; 1900SCVR, Kent Precinct, J.F. Shreeve lived Section 22, T4S, R17E]
Unknown Male May 1902 [GVJ & TO, 9 May 1902: Buried on the spot, an unknown man who was killed by the Columbia Southern train about a half-mile north of Kent.]
O’Sullivan TO, 12 August 1921: Sisters, Marie and Priscilla O’Sullivan, 20 and 18 year old daughters of Mike O’Sullivan of Kent, drowned in the John Day River near their home while crossing on horses.
  • [SCFTR 9-2-7: Marie, Priscilla, Guerin & Raphael O’Sullivan attended Garfield School on Adobe Point E of Kent.]
  • [In 1913 Mary O’Sullivan owned ¼ Section 32, T3S, R18E, 160 acres.]
  • [Lawrence, Martha, Priscilla & Guerin, children of Michael & Mary O’Sullivan, went to school at Kent.]
  • [Source: Dwight Scheer: The 13 children of Michael Patrick & Mary Elizabeth O’Sullivan, with year of birth: Lawrence Rees 1896, Marie Martha 1901-1921, Priscilla 1903-1921, Guerin 1905, Raphael Johnson 1909, Margaret Helen 1911, Robert 1912, Leo 1912-1912, Eleanor Irene 1914, Francis 1914-1914, Adrean Joseph 1915, Lucille Winifred 1917, Frederick Norville 1919. Guerin was hit by lightning and died 1920. The family left Sherman County in1922.]
  • Members of the O’Sullivan family are buried in the Grass Valley Cemetery. See Sherman County: For The Record, O’Sullivan by Dwight Scheer, #32-1. 2014.

Walton Joseph 1923, The Dalles, OR [TO, 12 October 1923: Joseph Walton, 74, formerly of the Kent area, died in The Dalles at his home. Leaves widow, sons G.R. of Los Angeles and L. V. of Kent. He was a great-uncle to S. Johnson of Moro.] [L.V. Walton owned land in Sections 29, 20, 21 & 29, T4S, R18E in 1913.]

Smith Child GVJ, 28 October 1904: Fourteen-months-old daughter of M/M Millerene/Millerence R. Smith residence 23 October 1904; recent arrivals in the Kent neighborhood from the East, cash on hand just one cent.]

Klum Mart 1904 [GVJ, 19 August 1904: Inquest by Dr. Ray Logan, coroner, over the remains of Mart Klum, who committed suicide at Kent Sunday evening; Klum was under bond to appear before circuit court for robbing Wiley & Hannafin’s saloon.]

Robertson Katie 1914 [GVJ, 24 April 1914: Katie Robertson who lived for a time with Mrs. Chisholm and went to school, was thrown from a horse and killed between Shaniko and her home. Funeral at Shaniko.]

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