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Kent Christian Church & Kent Conservative Baptist Church

The Kent Baptist Church, Kent, Oregon.
The Kent Baptist Church, Kent, Oregon.

Existing records indicate that the church was first organized in November, 1913 as the Kent Christian Church.

Charter members included Beulah Harbin, B.M. and Maud Sias, George & Martha Wilson, Jacob Wilson, Jerry and Leatitia Wilson, Essie Wilson and Anna Kelly Wilson. Walter Givens was the pastor in 1918, his first salary check being issued on June 10th for $302.  Pastor Givens’ wife was Grace.

The church continued until it reorganized as the Kent Community Church on March 25, 1956.  Paul Bayles, who assumed the pastorate in May of 1950, served through the transition and continued to minister in that capacity as the church underwent name and affiliation changes.  Within a short time the church joined the Conservative Baptists of America and was renamed Kent Conservative Baptist Church and ministers under that name today. Richard Keeney came as pastor in March of 2004.

~ J. Richard Keeney, 2009.